Monday, August 31, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/31 - 11:07pm

PRAISE: After receiving a new heart, less than 3 weeks ago, Mitchell Pitcock is back home in Paris. His Mom, Joanna, said he is feeling GREAT! He's even been out and about here in town! God is GOOD!

My friend, Kaci Crawford, was admitted to PRMC/North - Room 467 today. (She's 19 and is the pitcher for the PJC Lady Dragons baseball team.) She's had some chest pains the last few days...went to Minor Emergency today. They did a test and said that she had all the symptoms of someone that had a heart attack. Dr. Hashmi did a sonogram and said that she has an extra chamber in her heart and she is having major arryhthmia. When we left the hospital tonight she was in quite a bit of pain and they had put her on oxygen. It's an awful lot to digest for a young woman who is a runner and has been in excellent shape. (She has an identical twin Kara - they want to get her checked out soon too!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/30 - 8:55pm

III John 2: "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are stong in spirit."
Thanks, once again, Patrick, for the reminder that we all need to slow down and do the will of God. Even the country artists, Alabama, sing about it: "Do you ever feel like you rush and rush until life's no fun? We are all in a hurry and don't know why." This week, make the extra effort to slow down...take time with God.

Thanks to the guys from the Youth Group that led us in the devotional time after our pot-luck today. We are SO very blessed to have such a talented bunch of young men!

PRAISE: It was wonderful too see Ken Smith AND Dolores Parker at church this morning!

PRAISE: Jeremy Malone was baptized this morning! Jeremy is a student at PJC and works at Wal-Mart. He is a precious young man that ALWAYS has a great smile and a big hug ready! Jeremy, we are here for you and love you!

PRAISE: Naomi Bassett is proud to announce the arrival of her new great-grandson, James Preston Queen. He was born last Tuesday and weighed over 8 pounds.

PRAISE: I didn't know until Friday night that Zack Moss, who we've prayed for while he's been in Iraq, is back in the good ol' USA! He appreciates the MANY prayers that have been sent up on his behalf over this past year and is thankful to be home!

June Preston continues to be at home with hospice. She is now bedfast, but welcomes visits, cards and phone calls. Also, keep her daughters Kimi & Geri and their families in your prayers also.

Jerry Pearce continues his rehab in PRMC/North.

Alan & Sherrie Boyd's son, Shannon, will take his Physical Therapist Board Exam this Wednesday morning and Sherrie asks that we pray for Shannon to have a "ready recollection" of all he's learned this last few years.

Linda Erwin asked that we pray for her friend, Judy Mason, as she has surgery for breast cancer.

Lesa Bulls' friend, Stormie Scott's dad, Rick Evans, passed away. She also asked for continued prayers for Wesley Williams as he is contuning to recover from a kidney transplant this past week. Also Gwen Walker, who has been diagnosed with cancer - but has a good prognosis.

Clay & Maureen Spencer and their children are returning tonight from visiting with the Davidson's in Peru.

Charla Bishop asks that we keep Mike in our prayers as he will be traveling this week. And also for their daughter, Lindsey, as she starts new classes this week.

Kristi Garrett broke a bone in her right hand yesterday. She'll see an orthopedic Dr. tomorrow (8/31)....she is right-handed and a teacher - you know this is a big handicap for her.

Keely Kennedy asked for prayers for her Mom, Gwyn Kennedy, as she will be having cataract surgery tomorrow.

Gina Barnett says that her friend, Joyce Wells, needs prayers during this time of adjustment - her daughter is leaving for college.

Mark Barnett's friend, Curry Scott, had a kidney removed on Friday, that had a cancerous tumor on it.

Dinah Border also asked for continued prayers for her nephew, Jason Rowland, as he has multiple problems.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Chili Dogs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up this morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

CLOTHES CLOSET: In need of men's clothing for all seasons.

PANTRY NEEDS: 1 pound packages of dry beans and rice
The pantry is still in need of EVERYTHING. 30 families were served this week with groceries and/or clothing!

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Sept 3: Men's "42" Night
Sept 9: Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Sept 12-13: Teen Fall Retreat at CDR
Sept 20: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/28 - 10pm

Dorothy Pearce sent this update today on Jerry: “After the surgery, that was necessitated by the blood clot in his leg, Jerry is now back at PRMC North, Room 331, and again undergoing intense rehab therapy for the effects of the stroke. He's not quite where they would like him to be at this stage (the surgery set him back and they had to virtually start over), but he's still trying hard. We continue to need and appreciate your prayers.” Please keep Miss Dorothy in your prayers too!

Debra Usry asked that we remember the family of Michael Ballard, who passed away on Wednesday. (He was a cousin of Lloyd’s.) Funeral services are pending with Starrett Funeral Home. Michael was retired from Campbell Soup.

Derald and Lesa Bulls asked that we add their friend, Gwen Walker, to our prayer list. (She is the Mother of Mark Walker and Gwynnita Walker Ponder.) She has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and the prognosis is good.

Martha Crockett asked that we please be sure to keep her Daddy (Glen Reeder) on the prayer list. He is still in PRMC/South 733.

My Mommy, Louise McMillan, is about the same. Her speech is still a little confusing…Today she was sitting down, leaned forward and said “I almost hit my memories!" (She meant her head.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/26 - 9:41pm

Please continue to keep our sister June Preston and her family in your prayers. They are keeping her comfortable at this point. All of the family has been called in.
Laquita Lawrence is coordinating food to be taken over to her…if you would like to help, please check with her first.

Melvin Webb had his eye surgery yesterday and is already at home.

Charlotte Grooms sent these messages today: “My brother David Nelson had his colonoscopy yesterday, and it turned out fine. Also, Dusti Gaither is at home and will have blood work this morning and let's all hope that her counts are up and she can start real Kindergarten. Right now she is going to "granny’s school" but wants to go to real school. Thanks for all the prayers.”

Mitchell Pitcock will have his second biopsy tomorrow (8/26) and if it is okay then he will get to come back to Paris either Thursday or Friday. He will have to go back to Dallas weekly for biopsies for a while, then biweekly, etc. His Mom (Joanna) asks that we keep on praying. God has done a great work in this young man's life and continues to do so.

Lesa Bulls sent this message today: “Wesley Williams is still in ICU but if all goes well, they hope will get into a room either tomorrow afternoon or Friday!! His kidney is not functioning at 100% but she said that is normal at this point due to the trauma of the surgery. His heart stopped twice during surgery but they were able to get it started right back up.”

Our Benevolence Committee helped 30 families this afternoon…and the pantry is once again EMPTY. They are in need of everything!

Prayer Request Update - 8/26 - 9:20am

June Preston's condition has drastically deteriorated over the last couple of days. They have now started her on morphine to keep her comfortable.

Kathy Daniels' brother, Richard (Ricky) Adams, would like for you to add him to our prayer list. He is having surgery about 4:00 this afternoon. It is about a 3-4 hour surgery.

Lesa Bulls' sent these 2 requests: "Please add Wesley Williams, who just received his new kidney. Steve Sparks (principle at Stone MS) his father, Charles Sparks passed away. "

My Mommy, Louise McMillan, fell on Monday night at the nursing home. She has a huge bump and abrasion on the back of her head. (One of the nurses had forgotten to put the alarm back on her bed and turn it on.) She has really had a rough couple of weeks...but continues to just smile and be happy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/23 - 10:10pm

Thank you Patrick for the reminderDon’t dwell on the negative! And what a wonderful way to start the day…Psalms 90:1: “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home.”

Melvin Webb went forward this morning asking that we help him remember to not be critical or negative. (We ARE all guilty of that!) He is having some health issues and is having tests run.

June Preston continues to be at home with hospice. She welcomes visits, cards and phone calls.

Jerry Pearce is in PRMC/South. They found a blood clot on Friday afternoon.

Charlotte Grooms’ granddaughter, Kenzie Proctor, had her Botox injection last week. It has started working and she will see the Dr. again in 2 weeks at Scottish Rite. Also, her brother, David Nelson, will have a colonoscopy on Monday in Sherman.

Michael McCarter’s friend, Paul Benoit, is continuing his struggle with cancer.

Dusti Gaither, 5 year old with leukemia, is now in her maintenance stage…her counts are low and can’t get rid of an infection. She’s at Children’s Medical/Dallas for at least 3 weeks. Her Mom is a teacher at Justiss Elementary.

Chuck Brazile asks for prayers for his daughter, Savannah and her children. Specifically, he would like guidance for her life and continued blessings for his grandchildren.

Renee Peace asked for prayers for David. He’s getting close to ending the Police Academy and she’s asking for specific prayers for his graduation and finding a job.

Jerry Barnes had his hernia surgery on Friday. He is in PRMC/South – Room 530. Surgery went well – but he now has a kidney infection.

Anna Zant asks that we keep Madeline Bohreer and Camilla Cox in our prayers. Madeline’s husband Jack passed away and they’d been married for 73 years.

Dinah Border’s friend, Wendell Rains, is on kidney dialysis. She stated that he is going down fast. Dinah also asked for prayers for her nephew, Jason Rowland, as he has multiple problems.

Continue to remember Mitchell Pitcock as he continues to heal from his heart transplant. Please pray specifically for his body to not reject the heart.

DON’T FORGET: Keep the teachers and students in your prayers as they start school on Monday morning.…REMEMBER THE SCHOOL ZONES!

PRAISE: SPC Amber Gibson landed in Dallas this evening from her first tour of duty in Iraq. We've had her on the prayer list for over a year - and she's home - SAFE AND SOUND!

Adult Summer Series will wind-up this week. Our final speaker will be Tom Wood.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches. If you didn't get the chance to sign up this morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

CLOTHES CLOSET: In need of men's clothing for all seasons.

5th SUNDAY: This next Sunday - August 30th! Potluck lunch in the OutReach Building after worship, we'll then have a short devo and then dismissed for the day. Be sure to remember to bring enough of your favorite food for your family, and a guest or two!

PANTRY NEEDS: Crackers and Cornbread Mix

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Aug 30: 5th Sunday Pot Luck
Sept 3: Men's "42" Night
Sept 9: Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Sept 12-13: Teen Fall Retreat at CDR
Sept 20: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Friday, August 21, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/21 - 8:33pm

Dorothy Pearce called the church office this afternoon and said: "Jerry has a blood clot in his leg. They are moving him to the PRMC/South for a procedure to put a filter in his vein to hopefully catch the clot if it breaks free. He cannot take blood thinners at this time due to the stroke. He will probably move back to the north campus on Monday. Please keep him in your prayers. Dorothy did not have a room number for the south campus when she called the office."

Charlotte Grooms sent this message this afternoon: "The luncheon on Thursday for area school personnel was absolutely wonderful. Thanks to all the ladies that prepared food and to the ones that served. It was just wonderful."

My Mom did have a stroke last night. She's having a big problem communicating with us now. She is a VERY big talker, and right now, it's just gibberish.

Love you - MEAN IT!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/20 - 10:35pm

My Mommy, Louise McMillan, had another "episode" today. A CT scan was done tonight. The doctor thinks that she is having "mini-strokes". She just didn't come out of this one as easy today as she did a couple of weeks ago. After looking at her chart, the Dr. said that she is "over-medicated" and has been up for the last 3 days.
Please say a prayer for her....and for all those in nursing homes. It doesn't matter if you are there all the time, things happen.....

Love you - MEAN IT!

Prayer Request Update - 8/20 - 5:32pm

Dorothy Pearce sent this message this afternoon: "Jerry has made some progress with his therapy, and we are encouraged. We have been told he'll be in rehab until after Labor Day, and then his status at that point will determine our next step. We only request no phone calls to the room, but he enjoys visits. However, he's busy most of the day with the intense therapy and not really available for visits until around 5:00 p.m. or so. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We really appreciate the out-pouring of love, care, support and prayers he's received. I would also request your prayers for my strength." Jerry is at PRMC/North.

Barbara Dean sent this message today: "Just wanted to let you know that Thelma & Louise (aka/Barbara Dean & Jean O'Neal) are off again. This time on a trip to Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mts. We request once more your prayers for our safety as we travel and while we are there. We will leave on the 21st and expect to return on the 30th. We always miss our church family; excited about going away but glad to get back to our loved ones. Thank you for your prayers. " ~~~Ok Girls, this time - do NOT keep the pedal to the metal!

Love you - MEAN IT!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/19 - 10:30pm

Jerry Barnes will have hernia surgery on Friday, at PRMC/South.

Rita Pringle sent this message today: “My father, Murlin Payne, was taken to the hospital today. He is extremely dehydrated and the doctor was afraid he had a stroke. All the tests came back that he didn’t have a stroke, YEAH!! They are keeping him overnight and going to run an MRI tomorrow hopefully to see if they can find out what is going on. His blood pressure is extremely low and he has very little strength in his hand. That is all I know for now but please keep him in your prayers. Also, my Mom, Louise, will be seeing the surgeon on the 27th to see if her gallbladder needs to be removed also.”

Lindsay McCarter sent this message today: “Please keep Dusti Gaither (5 yr. old with leukemia from Honey Grove) on your prayers! Her numbers are down and she can't stop getting little infections and fevers...they just got back from Dallas after being in the hospital for 5 days and may have to go back indefinitely.”

I do hope everyone has had a great Summer...these hot days will be coming to an end soon (PLEASE) ... and Fall will not be far behind! Keep the students and teachers in your prayers as they start a new year.....and don't forget those school zones!

Since I've not been doing the regular e-mails I haven't said "Love you – MEAN IT!" But, I hope you all KNOW that I do love you and I do MEAN IT! I love this church family! We're so blessed! God is GOOD!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/17 - 9:04pm

Martha Crockett’s Dad, Glen Reeder, is in PRMC-South – Room 733. She said he sleeps so much now that he wouldn’t know if anyone visits, but she would love your prayers for him.

Please keep the families of Wayne Myers and his Mom Jodi Daniels in your prayers, as they deal with their deaths yesterday, in a tragic motorcycle accident. Services are pending at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home.

Former member, Amber Offutt, sent this message: "I just thought I would give you and update on my condition. I went to the doctor for my monthly appointment and found out that I will be starting a chemo pill shortly after the interferon treatments are over, of course with a short break in between to recoup. After chemo there is a possibility that he might want to do radiation treatments on my neck where the cancer was originally found. After my treatment last Friday, I will have completed 34 of the 40 treatments of interferon. 6 more to go...yeehaaaw! I am not sure when I will be going back to work as for the side effects will be rough. Speaking of side effects, the ones that I experienced last round have been a lot more tolerable, but new ones have occurred. I now have no hair, I am tired all the time during the week of treatments, and I become irritable real easy (when the girls notice that one, things seem to get done...quickly). So please keep the prayers going they really do help. We love and miss everyone."

Prayer Request Updates - 8/17 - 9:15am

Mitchell Hicks' Mom was taken to PRMC-ER last night with a possible broken hip.

I forgot to remind everyone about the Wednesday Night Adult Series this week. Our speaker will be Keith Bollman.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/16 - 9:28pm

Thank you Patrick for 2 great messages today! Tonight's lesson really touched me! Thank you for encouraging us to go out and BE THE LIGHT! If God puts it on your heart to talk to someone this it! In your OUT LOUD VOICE! (Actually Patrick didn't say that, but I can paraphrase it can't I?)

Laura Janes asked that we remember her as she is starting a new medication. She wants us to pray specifically for NO SIDE EFFECTS! Laura also asked that we keep John's brother, Alex and his wife Diana as they are having difficult times.

June Preston is now at home...hospice is with her now. Please keep June and her daughters Geri and Kimi in your prayers.

Lesa Bulls was at home this morning experiencing abdominal pain.

Clay Spencer asked that we keep Stephanie Moore in our prayers as she is having health problems associated with MS.

Paul Benoit, Michael McCarter's friend, is continuing to have complications from cancer.

Wayne & Ruth McFadden celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary today! Congratulations you 2! What an inspiration you are to ALL of us!

There were quite a few prayer requests this morning for Josh McNabb. He has been sick and was sent to Children's Medical/Dallas. They are not sure what is going on with him.

Dale Maberry, the Paris fireman that has been in Baylor/Dallas, is now at home.

Harley Staley's back is doing better....they don't think it has anything to do with his cancer. The Staley's are in Oklahoma, with their daughter, Kathy Grigsby. Kathy will have back surgery this week, when she's healed from that, she will be having another heart surgery.

Jerry Pearce is now in PRMC/North - Room 331, but requests no visitors at this time.

Judy Trammell's aunt, Wanda Brockway, has just found out that she has lung cancer.

Dolores Parker is at home...please keep her and Jim in your prayers.

Charlotte Grooms grand-daughter, Kinzie Proctor, will be going to have BoTox injections in her legs this week. She's growing so fast and it's causing many problems.

Please continue to remember the Hoskins family, as they continue to mourn the death of Jay. Give them strength in the days ahead.

Diane McFadden's friend, Jerry Shannon, has lung cancer.

Anna Zant's friend, Jack Bohreer, is 96 years old. He's having lots of health problems. Anna also asked for prayers for June Zant as she is also having lots of health issues.

I received this message from Joanna Pitcock today: Mitch is doing wonderful. He has one more day of the rough medicine, that knocks his immune system out, and then he should start to feel better. This medication is given for the first 5 days after a transplant so the body does not reject the new heart. His new heart is doing great. He's walking around the ICU hallway, with rehab assistance of course, but is managing fine. The nurses tell him to slow down so they can keep up. He is moving to a regular room today but has to be very cautious of hand washing and wearing a mask if he leaves his room to walk. The doctors will gradually build his immune system back up so he won’t be so susceptible to infection. Even the common cold could be the worst for him right now. We have been handed down a miracle from God. God bless you all.”

This Thursday, there will be a Teacher Appreciation luncheon at LACOC. The meat and sides have been taken care of, but they need desserts. Please bring your dessert by Wednesday night.

AND....while we are on the subject....please keep the teachers and students on your hearts as they begin a new school year. The college students will be traveling to their respective schools soon also. Keep them safe on the road!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is Fajita Chicken Salad! (That sounds REALLY good!) If you didn't get the chance to sign up this morning, and would like to join us, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday so they will have enough food prepared!

PANTRY NEEDS: Dry cereals and jars of jelly

Aug 30: 5th Sunday format
Sept 3: Men's "42" Night
Sept 9: Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Sept 20: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt, No Sweat Seminar
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/15 - 9:37pm

Payden Daniels had the first seizure in 4 months on Friday night. He's doing better today.

Loretta Nabors is on the way to Dallas tonight to take her brother-in-law, Phillip Nabors, back to Baylor. He started running a high fever again last night, went to ER, they sent him home. Fever came back up again tonight and ER was they started to Dallas. His PIC line is coming out and is VERY ill.

Charlotte Grooms sent this PRAISE: "Let everyone know that the response for the backpacks have been wonderful. The money donations and the ones that brought backpacks I will be able to help out 50 students at Justiss this year. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/14 - 10:30pm

Please click below to see the video of the procession bringing Sgt. Jay Hoskins back to Paris.

God Bless the Hoskins Family.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/13 - 10:35pm

Joel McGee graduates from the Police Academy tomorrow (Friday) in Killeen. I talked to John tonight, he and the family had already arrived in Killeen. Joel will start full-time with the Paris Police Department on Monday! Joel, we are so proud of you!

This message is from Joanna Pitcock: "Mitch is doing good. Still pretty groggy but he can tell them if he hurts or not. He has already sat in a chair and paddled a stationary bicycle for a few minutes. He had some fluid around his old heart that was kinda cloudy and they are testing that for any infection and hopefully that will come back ok and it will not affect his new heart. They are giving him antibiotics just in case. He has some drainage tubes in his belly right now and he still has the central line in his neck but he was able to come off the respirator as soon as he woke up from surgery, which is great. I am finally breathing a little now, and will be glad to know when he is out of the woods and free of any infection. We continue to ask God to protect him from any rejection of his new heart. I am thankful for this chance for Mitchell to have a new healthy heart and hopefully it is in God's wishes that my son lives a long healthy life. God has answered our prayers."

Prayer Request Upate - 8/13 - 11am

Mitchell Pitcock went into heart transplant surgery at 11pm last 4:30 this morning the doctors were already finished! His dad, Jerry, said that Mitch was doing wonderful. His heart is strong and he’s breathing on his own. Jerry wanted me to tell everyone “THANK YOU” for your prayers and please continue to keep them in your prayers as this is a touch and go situation.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/12 - 10:26pm

Wayne Kerby may have been nervous speaking tonight, but we never knew it. He was the speaker for the Adult Summer Series this week. He spoke about "Using The Talents We Have". Once again, I am amazed at the stories, each of our deacons have to tell each week. As I have said before...we all have a "story".
Wayne, and all the other servants that we have at LACOC, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your hard work! Most of it is behind the scenes, but we do appreciate it! (On a personal note...thank you for keeping it "cool" in the auditorium! WooHOOO!)

Sandra Leath is still in PRMC/South. She had surgery tonight.

Lesa Bulls sent this message tonight: "Dale Maberry, a firefighter with the City of Paris, has Pancreatic Cancer. His wife, Lisa, is a teaching assistant at North Lamar. Dale is in Baylor/Dallas Roberts Building Room 111. He has an abscess at the incision site. They will recheck him Friday to see if the area is closing up. If this area does not stop leaking they will have to re-open him. He has lost 30 plus pounds." Please keep this family in your prayers.

Dr. Barbara Simmons-Rains memorial service has been moved to the West Ervin Church of Christ in Tyler this Sunday at 2pm. If you are interested in attending, there will be a van from LACOC available. Please contact Dinah Border or Annetta Cooke for more information.

Prayer Request Update - 8/12 - 5pm

Mitchell Pitcock will be receiving his new heart TONIGHT! His Mom, Joanna, just called to let me know! They are retreiving it right now and the surgery will be later this evening.
Say a prayer for the doctors doing the surgery and for Mitch to be strong enough that his body will accept the heart.

Prayer Request Update - 8/12 - 4:06pm

Evelyn Perry is home from the hospital now. They found that she is anemic!

Johnny Nabors is also home from the hospital.

Jerry Pearce is now in Room 310 at PRMC/South.

Shelia Icenhower and Marlynn Barnes' brother, Billy R. Miller, passed away today. Visitation will be at Bright Holland Funeral Home, Friday night from 7-8pm. His service will also be at the funeral home, Saturday at 2pm.

Rita Pringle sent this message: "My mom, Louise Payne, just found out she has gallstones and blockage in the duct. She sees a surgeon later this month. "

Lesa Bulls sent this message today: "Great News!! I wanted to let everyone know that Coach Jimmie Stripland is out of surgery. It went great. They found no more spots of cancer. Thank you all for the prayers."

Sgt. Jay Hoskins' funeral will be Saturday at 10am at the North Lamar gym, visitation is at 7pm Friday night at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home, with burial at Forest Chapel Funeral Home.

His body will arrive in Paris on Thursday, around noon, at Cox Field. There will be a flag line to honor him and his family from the airport to Fry and Gibbs Funeral Home. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own flags and stand alongside the roadway as the procession proceeds down Clarksville Street to 12th, to Lamar, to 6th and on toward the funeral home.
The Kiwanis Club will be handing out flags at Woodall Field, the Sears parking lot, the parking lot at the Bobby Walters Center at PJC, and the Krogers parking lot for those who can hold one of the Kiwanis large U.S. flags that are on 10-foot poles.
The Kiwanis Club will be doing this again on Saturday after the funeral service on 271 north, from North Lamar, to Forest Chapel Cemetery. (There will more details on this later on in the week.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/11 - 9:38pm

PRAISE: Loretta Nabors just called and said that Johnny just came out of surgery and he did GREAT! She said Dr. Crumpler did the Laparoscopic Surgery, he had no more gall-stones or blockages and would probably go home TOMORROW! WoooHOOOO!

Prayer Request Update - 8/11 - 7:28pm

Johnny Nabors is in surgery at PRMC/S having his gallbladder removed.

Prayer Request Update - 8/11 - 5pm

Tammy Benedick sent this message today: "Thank you for the prayers for Jenna Kate. I took her to the dr today and he said her ear is clearing up nicely! I can stop antibiotics. He also said he is not worried about her reflux since she is gaining weight well (she weighs 10 lbs 10 oz!) and he wants to wait until her 4 month check up to check her blood again. He thinks she is just a healthy colicky baby!"

Anna Bolton's brother, T. B. Mills, of Kemp, Texas passed away last night. Visitation will be 6-8pm Wednesday evening at the Anderson-Clayton Funeral Home in Kemp. Graveside service at Shiloh Cemetery on Thursday morning at 10am.

Jean Gilbert's mother, Betty Sprouse, passed away in the early morning hours of this past Saturday, (08/08/09) in California. Jean didn't make it in time, before her mother died, due to a flight delay. She needs our prayers at this difficult time. (Jean is a former member of LACOC.) If you would like Jean's home address to send cards, please e-mail me and I send it on to you!

Joanna Pitcock sent this message today about her son: Mitchell didn't have a very good night. His heart rate is high and is not coming down. The doctor is putting the tandem heart pump in today to take some of the stress off his heart. It is good for 7 to 10 days. I pray to God we get a transplant soon. His other organs are being stressed too much right now because his heart has to pump so hard. The surgery for the pump takes about 2 hrs. And the doctor says we could get a heart as soon as he has the pump put in but this is the best thing to do right now.
If you know anyone who wants to donate blood in Mitchell's name they can go to Carter Blood Center. They have his information there. They have had to give him 2 units a few days ago and they are going to give him more today before he has the pump put in. Thank you for everything.”

Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/10

Shelia Icenhower's brother, Billy Ray Miller, is in PRMC/South - ICU.

Debra Usry sent this message today: "Vonnie Montgomery, is a 67 year old widow, who attends Westwood Church of Christ. She was admitted to PRMC South about 3am this morning. Possibly will have heart stents."

Prayer Request Update - 8/10 - 9:23am

Johnny Nabors was admitted to PRMC/S - Room 527, yesterday afternoon with gallstones. One of the stones is blocking a duct and is causing some problems. His pancreas is inflamed and he is jaundiced this morning. Dr. Trammell and Dr. Stewart will be discussing what course to take...whether Dr. Stewart will do it or if they send him to Baylor/Dallas (since he's had open heart surgery).

PRAISE: Evelyn Perry did NOT have a heart attack. She said it was only the symptoms of one. They are doing more tests on her this morning.

Evelyn & Johnny are right across the hall from each other!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/9 - 6:20pm

Jerry Pearce continues to be in PRMC/S - ICU #337, continuing his stroke this past week.

Evelyn Perry was admitted to PRMC this morning. She passed out yesterday afternoon, didn't go to the hospital, but continued having problems last night. Iris took her to the hospital this morning and the Drs. are running tests.

Sandra Leath is in PRMC/South and is very ill. She is Robbie Padgett's Mom.

Maureen Gordon is continuing to recover after her surgery this past Thursday.

Gerald Jack is in Baylor/Dallas undergoing treatment.

June Preston is at home and would love to have visitors, but please call before you go. (She's having some bad days.)

Dolores Parker is now at home after breaking her leg this week.

Ken Smith is in the VA hospital recovering from surgery this week. Debbie is up there with him.

Rita Pringle states that her parents, Mierlan & Louise Payne are both having health issues.

Former member here, Dr. Barbara Simmons-Rains passed away this last Thursday in New Mexico. There will be a memorial service in Tyler next Sunday (8/16). If you would like to attend this memorial, there will be a van from the church going. Please check with Dinah Border.
Joanna Pitcock sent this message this afternoon, regarding her son Mitch Pitcock: “We are still hanging in there. We are in the Cardio-Vascular ICU at Medical City Dallas and the nurses are taking good care of him. We could get a heart at anytime now and Mitch is ready as well as all of us. We are all scared, but we know the Lord is going to take care of him. A woman got a heart transplant 2 days ago here and she is doing ok. She happened to be the same blood type as Mitch is which is a very common blood type. We are still asking for your prayers because we know that is what has gotten us this far.”

Anna Zant asked that we remember the family of Margaret Green as they are dealing with her death. Margaret has been a friend of Anna's for many years.

Mark Barnett asks for prayers for his friend, Hondo Huckaby and his family. They are going through hard times.

Please continue to remember the Hoskins & Widner families as they are dealing with the death of Sgt. Jay Hoskins, this week in Afghanistan. (I've not heard of any details of his services as of yet.) Please click on this link to see a video, that is updated weekly, with the names of the soliders who have died in the line of duty. This is a beautiful video, less than 5 minutes long, that is such an awesome tribute to our fallen heroes.

ADULT SUMMER SERIES: This week’s speaker is Wayne Kerby.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entrĂ©e’ is Fried Chicken. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up this morning, and want to join us…please call the church office by noon on Tuesday!

PANTRY NEEDS: The pantry is empty and needs EVERYTHING!

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Still in need of men and children’s summer clothing.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Charlotte Grooms is still taking donations of backpacks, or if you would like to donate money to purchase these.

Aug 30: 5th Sunday
Sept. 3: Men’s “42” Night
Sept. 12-13: Teen Fall Retreat @ Camp Deer Run
Nov. 20-22: Family Retreat

Friday, August 7, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/7 - 10:16pm

I received this message tonight from Tammy Benedick: "Jenna Kate is still trying to get over a bad ear infection (she got her 4th antibiotic shot today). The doctors are still running some tests on her blood because she is anemic and her hemoglobin count is too low. They are going to check it again in a week and then decide what to do."

Prayer Request Update - 8/7 - 8:15pm

Jay Hoskins, 24, was killed in Afghanistan, on Thursday morning, along with 3 other Marines. His Mom, Michelle Widner, is a dispatcher with the police department. Jay is survived by his wife and 1 year old son, his wife is also pregnant with their second child. Jay was a 2003 North Lamar graduate. Services are pending at this time. Please keep the Hoskins family in your prayers.

Jerry Pearce had a stroke last night. He is at PRMC/South, ICU. He does have paralysis on one side. Dorothy is pleased with his progress since last night.

Dianna Welch had surgery on her foot last week, and has had some complications. She is having to stay off the foot and keep it elevated.

Butch Munday's eye surgery was a success, even better than the Dr. expected. Sue asked me to tell everyone "THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS"!! They are now ready for that new great-grand baby!

Vanessa Hilburn Bills (she was in the accident on 82 West on Monday) was taken to Baylor/Dallas yesterday. There is a doctor that is going to try to save her leg and both feet! He wants her to have as much mobility as possible.

A former member at LACOC, Jean Gilbert, wanted us to pray for her Mom in California. Her condition continues to decline. She was taken off the ventilator and put on oxygen. Jean is flying into San Diego Saturday night.

Pvt. Landon Garrett is going through basic training in Ft. Benning, Georgia. Curtis & Kristi have heard from him quite a few times and he's doing great! (Misses his Mom's cooking though!) If anyone would like to send Landon a letter, you can contact Kristi at: AND, by the way....this next Friday is Landon's 18th birthday!

I just read, on facebook, that Petra, the boys AND dogs are ALL safe and sound in Louisiana! Thank you Lord for the protection that you have shown this family!