Friday, October 30, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/30 - 10:50am

Wayne Kerby's grandmother, Alieen Carroll, passed away last night. Services will be at Fry-Gibbs chapel on Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm.  (Visitation will be one hour prior to the service.)  Miss Aileen raised Wayne from the time he was 3 until he was grown.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/29 - 6:15pm

Allen Jumper will have bypass surgery on November 3rd @ Presbyterian Hospsital/Dallas.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/28 - 10:05pm

Mike Erwin will have a heart cath in the morning at PRMC.

Lucas (Usry) Simpson was taken to PRMC/ER this afternoon after an accident while practicing football.  He has 2 bulging discs and has been told to steer clear of sports for the next week.

Grace Frances is in Legends Rehab.  She was in the hospital for quite a few days.

Keith & Kenneth Lancaster asked that we keep their family in prayer.  Their 19 yr old cousin, Alexis Rae Lancaster, was found dead this past Saturday.  They were told the cause of death at this time is suspicious circumstances.

Dianna Welch is having health problems and asked that we pray for her and Mark during this time.

Mary Jones asked that we keep her friend Martha Garrett in our prayers.  Martha attends the Walnut Church of Christ in Texarkana.  Martha has numerous health problems.

Karen Johnson's Mom, Lil Pitchford, is in stage 3 cancer.  Karen asked for prayers for not only her Mom, but her Dad (Arnold) who is taking such good care of her. 

The Benevolence Committee helped 32 familes today.  The food pantry is in need of EVERYTHING.


Prayer Request Update - 10/28 - 3:43pm

Lucas (Usry) Simpson has been injured in football practice and has been taken to PRMC by ambulance.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/27 - 6pm

Jamie Hyatt sent this message (edited) today, regarding her trip to OKC, to an eye specialist:  "I thought it might be easier to update everyone at one time about my visit to the eye clinic in OKC yesterday. I had several tests done, including a sonogram on my eye.  I have many things going on:
1. A very thick cataract on my right eye that they said they only see in 85 yr olds! My right eye is the one I have little vision in due to a damaged retina from birth, but if I do not remove the cataract soon, I will not have any vision left.
2. Nystagmus, which is a condition of the eye where my eyes "wonder" and it is hard for me to focus on things in front of me due to the movement of my eyes.
3. My vision to the side is much better than my vision straight ahead and that is why I turn my head to see things along with the fact that holding my head to the side helps slow the muscle movement in my eyes from the nystagmus.
After the cataract is removed (it may take 2 surgeries to get it all) they will start the surgeries to tie down the muscles in the back of my eyes to help hold my eyes in focus.
The right eye will never have normal vision, unless science has a wonderful breakthrough in the treatment, or replacement of the Retina, but at least maybe they are going to be able to help me see better than I am today!
Please keep me in your prayers as I travel back and forth to Oklahoma City and go through the surgeries.
Thanks everyone, you are all so special to me!"

Prayer Request Update - 10/27 - 12:38pm

Gary Martin, the motorcyle escort for Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home, fell this morning and it's thought that he has broken his hip. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prayer Request Updat - 10/25 - 10:42pm

What an AWESOME Sunday this has been!  It was so good to hear Steve Diggs and his No Debt No Sweat series. If you didn't get a chance to hear Steve, please join us on Monday night at 6:30pm-9pm.  He's a great speaker and has so much good info to pass on to us all!  There is child-care available.

WELCOME to Mary Halley.  Mary's just moved to Paris from Clarksville.

PRAISE:  Louise Peace & Naomi Bassett BOTH turn 90 this week!   God bless these 2 Christian women and the lives they have spent in service for the church.

CONGRATULATIONS:  Allen & Nicki Beeler are excited to announce the birth of their FIRST granddarling.  Mr. Wade Hudson Ferrell was born on Thursday (10/22) and weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces.  Clinton & Jenna Beth Farrell are the proud parents.

Yvonne Gentry just sent this message:  "Kathy Belt - 4-wheeler accident in Okla. Careflighted to St. Michael's in Texarkana with internal injuries. Lives here in Paris and is a to neighbor of Mary Jones."

Vera Wilson will have a pacemaker inserted in the morning (10/26).  She's in PRMC/North - Room 459.

Lillian Taylor will have a GI test on Tuesday and a colonscopy on Wednesday. 

Derald Bulls sent this message tonight:  "Just got word tonight one of my classmates, Marsha Marlowe, PHS Class of 1973, had a brain hemorrhage on Friday night and had surgery at Plano Presbyterian hospital. She is in ICU in stable condition but is being sedated to monitor the swelling…don’t know more but would welcome prayers."

Judy Trammell's aunt Wanda Brockway passed away on Friday.  Her services will be at Fry-Gibbs at 11am.

Anna Bolton's nephew, Bill Smith, passed away this weekend.

Carole Anderson asked that we keep Curbe & Pat Goolsby (the Anderson's cousins) in our prayers.  Specifically for family issues.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Chicken Spaghetti. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Hot Cereals & Cornbread Mix

Keep The Date
Oct 26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar - last session.  6:30p-9p
Nov 1: Daylight Savings Time Ends (Clocks go back an hour)
Nov 5: Men’s “42” Night
Nov 8: Bridal shower for Joel McGee & Dori Tye.
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat
Nov 24: Midweek Service
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/24 - 8:56pm

Derald Bulls' sent this update on John Welch Jr. today:  "John is about the same. Chemo was scheduled to start last Wednesday, but after four hours at the chemo center, treatment was delayed until perhaps next week. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance for tests to see why his oxygen level was so low. The tests did not reveal any new developments and that was good news . (No bad news is good news!)  He now has a tank of oxygen at home. He's now at home getting ready to watch Alabama football."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/23 - 10:11pm

Tyler Bowden asked that we keep Philip Caler, from the Panhandle town of Booker, Texas.  He's a 16-year-old boy who was in Indianapolis for a national FFA convention and was critically injured in a three-story fall from a mall escalator.  He was sitting on a railing when he lost his balance and fell 41 feet.  He is still in critical condition at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Methodist Hospital/Indianapolis.

Prayer Request Update - 10/23 - 9:07am

PRAISE:  Dinah Border's grandson, Coby Whitaker, is already at home.  He is in a neckbrace and pain meds.  She said to thank everyone for their prayers!  WooHOOO! 

I received this update from Dinah today:  "I don't know where the game was or how it happened...I DO KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT, God is good and I believe protected him from worse injury.  I did read on Facebook that the boy he collided with was taken to Children's Med. Center few plays after their collision. No details on him."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/22 - 9:18pm

John Welch Jr. was unable to have his chemo treatment today due to his oxygen absorption rate being too low. He was admitted to the hospital immediately and will have his treatment as soon as they get his oxygen level back up to an acceptable level. Please continue to pray for his journey. This new brother needs our encouragement.

Prayer Request Update - 10/22 - 8:15pm

Dinah Border just texted me with this info:  "My grandson, Coby Whitaker, is being CareFlighted to Ft. Worth.  Football accident.  Neck pain & legs tingling. Numb?  Could be nothing.  They are 30 minutes from hospital."  Coby is her daughter Shamane's son and is 16.  I'll update as I get further information.

Prayer Request Update - 10/22 - 7:22pm

Jerry Pearce had a little set-back today.  He was in physical therapy and had problems with vision in his left eye.  (Vision has not come back yet and he says that he's seeing flashing light.)  They've already performed a CT scan with no results yet.  He has been approved for 30 more days in rehab, which is a good thing because they feel that he's really improving!  He was in GREAT spirits.

Prayer Request Update - 10/22 - 12:29pm

Kenneth McDonald passed away early this morning.  (We've had Kenneth on the prayer list for over a month.)  Bright-Holland Funeral Home is in charge of services.

Prayer Request Update - 10/22 - 8:44am

  • Dana Hoog had her hip surgery, she's doing well.  Will probably get to go home on Friday.
  • Kimberly Daniels is having some health issues.
  • Nancy Partin asked for prayers for her daughter, Carol Roman, who will be having surgery this morning in California.
  • Jessica Daniels' great-grandfather, Billy Keys, started his treatment for cancer yesterday.
  • A friend of Gina Barnett's, Michelle Nesbitt, is having exploratory surgery today.
  • The Denman's sister-in-law, Shelia Denman (pregnant with twins) has been released from the hospital.  She is at home and can do nothing!
  • A friend of the Daniels', Judy Potter, has breast cancer and will be having surgery.
  • Robbie Padgett lost a very close friend this week. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/20 - 942pm

PRAISE: Robyn Figgins' cousin, Linda Piper, came out of her coma and is responding to commands. The doctors' say that it had nothing to do with what they were was ALL God...a miracle from God! WoooHOOOO!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 1019 - 7:41pm

Dana Hoog will have hip surgery tomorrow.

Jenifer Cooper sent this update on Destiny Maxfield, the senior from NL: "So far the news is good, so keep praying. She spent a few days at Children's and had several tests, including a 4 hour long MRI. They have not detected anymore cancer, but they still have not found the cause of her bleeding. She has a few more tests to undergo. She returned to school today.
(She had pancreatic cancer when she was 14 and had over 60% of her pancreas removed then.)"

Prayer Request Update - 10/19 - 2pm

Janet Christ asked that we keep their friends, the Greenwood family, from Alabama, in our prayers. They were close friends and their kids spent many weekends spending the night with each other. The husband, John, took his life last Friday night while the family was at a football game. He had CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease), which made his muscles waste away. He was having a hard time with this disease, problems walking, etc. The Christ's had just spent a week with them this past July and had spent many vacations together.

Jerry Wilson, owner of Real Deal BBQ here in Paris, had a stroke last week. He's in PRMC/South, but will be transferred to the North campus, later this week, for re-hab.

Lisa Denman asked that we pray for their sister-in-law, Shelia Denman. She's expecting twins, around the end of Thanksgiving, but the doctors have put her in the hospital in Waco, for the duration.

DON'T FORGET: Blood Drive - Wednesday!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/18 - 8:18pm

Patrick had a wonderful lesson for his this morning, again from book of Ecclesiastes. He made sure we remember that "God has us in the palm of HIS hands".
And thank you Richard for the beautiful song service. (I love the way you lead "Holy Holy Holy". )

PRAISE: Peggy Wright went forward this morning thanking everyone for all they've done for her during her health problems and that she can "do more for others".
PRAISE: Peggy Dotson (Dorothy Pearce's sister) asked to be identified with us.
  • Please remember Laura Janes and the whole Endsley family as they mourn the loss and celebrate the homecoming of our sweet sister, Yvonne Endsley.
  • Debbie Smith and family as they also mourn the loss of our sweet brother Ken.
  • Jansen & Amber Gain, and their family, in the loss of their sweet baby girl, Karlee. Tammy Benedick added this message: "Karlee was a student in the baby class at Kiddie Kollege. She was going to turn 2 next week. Visitation is Monday at Fry-Gibbs 7-8pm. Her funeral will be Tuesday at 10:30am at Pathway Church of God. Kiddie Kollege will be cancelled on Tuesday for her services. Please also add the Kiddie Kollege teachers and students to the prayer list. This is very hard on everyone."
  • Gary & Dinah Border's friend, Goldie Boaz Walraven, passed away this weekend.
  • Gerald Jack continues to be in Baylor/Dallas.
  • Alan Boyd is at home recovering from his surgery this week. Sherrie said that he's sore, weak and "tired of being sick". She asked for specific prayers for Alan to to good health.
  • Sherrie also asked for prayers for her Mom, Lillian Taylor. She's having health problems.
  • Bill & Jean King are back in Texas! Jean is at the Select Specialty Hospital in Carrollton. Bill is staying with one of their daughters.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the Peace family as they celebrate the birth of their newest grandson, Colton William Peace.
  • Pat Houser will be having surgery soon.
  • Kim Hanley's Dad, David Power, will have his hip replacement surgery this Tuesday (10/20).
  • Laquita Lawrence's Mom, Dorothy Day, had a stent put in, at Hopkins Co. Memorial Hospital ... then was taken to Baylor/Plano and had a pacemaker and defibulator put in and was sent home. 45 minutes after arriving home, the defib went off 8 times! She was taken again to HCMH, where she'll stay for 2-3 more days and then will go to the Carriage House Rehab in Sulphur Springs for 20 days. (Miss Dorothy lives in Cooper and is a faithful member of the church.)
  • Curtis & Kristi Garrett asked for prayers for Landon and his safety as he is on his final field training. And also, please pray for the 2nd degree burns that he sustained last week on his neck.
  • Dee & Jaidelle Lyons have both had some health issues this week.
  • Anna Zant asked for prayers for her daughter and grandchildren (Kenda, McKayla & Montana Figueroa.)
  • Sherry Welch's brother, Gary Cross, has flu/pneumonia.
  • Yvonne Gentry asked for prayers for A.J. Stamps from Amarillo. He is 13 yrs old and has the Swine Flu. (A.J. is a relative to the Self's and Norma Gillie.)
  • There are LOTS that have sniffles or the flu. Please take good care of yourself!

DON'T FORGET: The Blood Drive is this Wednesday! 3-8:30p in the Outreach Bldg. Make sure, if you come early, that you have eaten a good meal!

NO DEBT-NO SWEAT: This seminar will be Sunday 10/25 and Monday 10/26.
Childcare will be provided.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Salisbury Steak. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Fruit

Keep The Date

Oct 21: Blood Drive – 3:30p – 8pm in the Outreach Bldg.
Oct 24: KFC Fall Festival at the Woodall Ranch - 5-7:30p
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Nov 1: Daylight Savings Time Ends (Clocks go back an hour)
Nov 5: Men’s “42” Night
Nov 8: Bridal shower for Joel McGee & Dori Tye.
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat
Nov 24: Midweek Service
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/16 - 11:22pm

Gerald Jack was taken back to Baylor Hospital/Dallas today.

Prayer Request Update - 10/16 - 3:45pm

Jansen and Amber (Day) Gains found their little 2 year old daughter, Carly, dead this morning. Amber has also been battling pneumonia and her sister Heather (Day) Avance has been at UT Southwestern for the past week. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Lesa Bulls sent this message today: "Coach Alden George has diabetes and congestive heart failure. Please add him to our prayer list. He is 70 yrs. and has been a long time friend and coach of North Lamar." He is PRMC/South - Room 714.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/15 - 9:24pm

PRAISE: Alan Boyd came through his surgery just fine! The doctors removed adhesions from the previous surgery. He might possibly get to come home tomorrow! WoooHOOO!

Prayer Request Update - 10/15 - 9:05pm

Jenifer Cooper sent this message today: "Destiny Maxfield, a senior student at NLHS, who works here in my office, has been in remission from pancreatic cancer, is in Children's Medical Center. Doctors are running tests to see if her cancer has returned. Please pray for her health that the cancer has not returned. She's a sweet, sweet girl."

Derald Bulls' sent this message about his uncle: "James LeFan’s long awaited hip surgery, ….he cared for his wife, my aunt, 24/7 for over 2 years and literally was to the point he couldn’t walk without assistance…he’s in Scott and White in Temple and probably will be on the rehab unit for a time before he can go home! They evened the hips, and that may alleviate some of his knee pain. All is well for now, thanks for the prayers -- and please keep 'em coming."

Correction of the Charlie Usry Prayer Request: He is not looking for another job...there are no problems with his job here in Paris. He is helping out at the Discount W&T in Sulphur Springs. Please pray as he travels back and forth.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/14 - 8:31pm

Ken Smith's funeral services will be Friday morning at 11 at the Fry-Gibbs chapel. Visitation will be 1 hour prior to the service.

Dianna Welch went to ER this morning with trouble breathing. She is now at home resting.

Alan Boyd is still at East Texas Medical Center/Tyler with abdominal problems (possible hernia). They will be doing a scope tomorrow.

Jean King now has pneumonia and a staph infection.

Lexie Chancellor-Barnett is having some health issues.

Pvt. Landon Garrett (in basic training at Ft. Benning, GA) will leave Friday morning for a 7 day final field training. He has 2nd degree burns on his neck from an accident during a simulated live fire drill.

Debra Usry asked that we pray for her son, Charlie Usry, as he is making decisions regarding his job situation.

Sharon Thielman asked that we pray for her friend, Vannessa Bills. She was injured in a car accident on August 1st and is in a nursing center in Dallas. (Her boyfriend was killed in this same accident.) She will have a skin graft on November 1st. They are hoping she will be able to walk in a year.

There are so many with health issues at this time....please stay well!
Love you - MEAN IT!

Prayer Request Update - 10/14 - 3:30pm

Robyn Figgins sent this message this afternoon: "Please put my cousins Johnny and Linda Piper and their family on the prayer list. Linda is in a coma and the doctors say she will never regain consciousness. They do not know if this was caused by a stroke or her lupus. As soon as they are sure about the cause of the damage the family, per Linda's request, are going to turn off the life support. "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/13 - 7:49pm

Alan Boyd was taken by ambulance to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler tonight. Sherrie had taken him to the ER here in Paris on Sunday and again today, with no relief. PRMC then sent him on to Tyler. Please pray for their safety on the trip to Tyler and many prayers for doctors and nurses as they tend to Alan.

Prayer Request Update - 10/13 - 12:32pm

The funeral service for Ken Smith will be at 11:00 am, Friday, October 16 at the Fry & Gibbs chapel, with a family visitation one hour prior to the service time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/12 - 9:51pm

Yvonne Gentry sent this message tonight: "Please pray for Kathy Bucko. She is the daughter of Sue Graves whom we prayed for last year to overcome a punctured aorta during a heart cath procedure. Sue is doing wonderfully well and is convinced God spared her life due to so many prayers lifted up in her behalf. Now, Kathy is having mini-strokes. Doctors are trying to diagnose the problem. Sue would appreciate Kathy's name being lifted up to God for His help."

Prayer Request Update - 10/12 - 7:26pm

Our brother, Ken Smith, passed away this morning. Services are pending at Fry-Gibbs.

Brody Kace Dyess was born this afternoon at 1:48pm, weighing in a whopping 8 lbs. 12 oz. and is 21 inches long. Proud parents are Jason & Sheridie Dyess...even prouder big brother is Gibson.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/11 - 9:51pm

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself" (Matt. 6:34)
Thanks Patrick for reminding us about the mysteries of the bible. But, as humans, it's so hard to NOT worry...but we aren't privvy to the future...God will take care of it, we just have to trust him.
During Patrick's lesson tonight, he told a story about Colt McCoy (quarterback of the Texas Longhorns football team). The Christian Chronicle did a story on Colt this month - you can read it by clicking here. Colt is the type of young man that our kids can look up to.

PRAISE: Kenneth Lancaster was baptized tonight! Let's encourage Kenneth as he begins his new birth in Christ!

WELCOME: Vickie Schuping and her family have moved to Paris from Lubbock and want to be a part of LACOC! Welcome Shuping family!

Please keep the Endsley/Janes family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of sweet Yvonne. Her services will be tomorrow (Monday) afternoon at 2pm at Fry Gibbs Funeral Home chapel.

  • Jason and Sheridie Dyess will welcome their new baby boy tomorrow (Monday). Please pray that all goes well and Brody will be healthy!
  • Belinda, Ken & Shelia Icenhower's daughter, is battling cancer.
  • June Preston - at home with hospice.
  • John Welch Jr. as he is battling cancer.
  • Leah Dennison is in Baylor/Dallas recovering from a car wreck and the surgery afterwards. She has a damaged liver, pancreas and colon.
  • Susan Hicks, from Bonham (friend of Charlotte Grooms) has cancer of the bone and has broken ribs.
  • Erma Fowler (Heath's Mom) is having health issues and will be undergoing tests.
  • Louie King (Janet Christ's uncle) has colon cancer.
  • Joseph Bomar (Renee Peace's Dad) will be having surgery on both shoulders for the 2nd time.
  • Kimberly Daniels ask that we keep little Payden in our prayers, that he continues to have improved health.

NO DEBT-NO SWEAT: This seminar will be Sunday 10/25 and Monday 10/26. Please sign up at the Welcome Center. There is no cost, but they do need a count of those that will attend so there will be plenty of books available.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Beans & Cornbread. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Meats

Keep The Date
Oct 18: Bridal Shower for Nathan & Amber Ryser 1:30-3:30 @ the bldg.
Oct 18: Family Life Groups
Oct 21: Blood Drive – 3:30p – 8pm in the Outreach Bldg.
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Nov 1: Daylight Savings Time Ends (Clocks go back an hour)
Nov 5: Men’s “42” Night
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat
Nov 24: Midweek Service
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck

Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/9 - 12:21pm

Our dear sister and mother of Laura Janes, Yvonne Endsley, passed away at 12:15am Friday, October 9, 2009.
Visitation: Sunday 4:00-6:00 @ Fry-Gibbs
Funeral: Monday 2:00 at Fry-Gibbs Chapel
Burial: Evergreen Cemetery

Prayer Request Update - 10/9 - 9:44am

After being taken to Baylor/Dallas yesterday Leah Denison was quickly taken into emergency surgery. Her colon is injured, but, the section they are worried about has not died yet, so it's a wait and see on that right now. But her pancreas is ruptured and is leaking into her body. They have placed a tube to drain these fluids for the next few days. The Dr. said it just needs time to see if it'll work. She is listed in serious condition. (Her father-in-law is the owner of David's Meat Market.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/8 - 7pm

Misty Gage sent this request tonight: "I would like to add my mom, Lillian Taylor, to the prayer list. She has been under the weather for some time and just isn’t feeling well."

Prayer Request Update - 10/8 - 2:25pm

Brandon & Leah (Monkhouse) Denison were in a car accident on Hwy 82 in Blossom on Monday night. A lady pulled out in front of them...their car ended up in the middle of the road. (Brandon is a DPS officer out of Clarksville and he knew he had to get Leah out of the car and off the road. About the time they got to the side of the road an 18-wheeler hit their car!!) Leah was admitted to PRMC/South with internal injuries...that have continued to worsen. Today at 1pm, she was taken to Baylor/Dallas by ambulance. Her liver has lacerations and her pancreas is enlarged, her liver enzymes have doubled, from what they should be, and she is running fever..which is not a good sign. Leah is a RN with Millenium Home Health.

Prayer Request Update - 10/8 - 2:13pm

Kenneth McDonald's family has this further update...."Kenneth has been in ICU since 9/25. He has been diagnosed with ARDS (acute respiratory disfunction syndrome) and it does not have a cure. The Dr. says it came from the pneumonia. He is in active kidney failure and is on a ventilator in an induced coma. Traci (his wife) is scared, but has faith in our Lord Jesus. Please pray that God will let his blood sugar stay normal, so his body can heal and allow the toxins in his lungs and body to be removed and his body absorb the fluid in his lungs."

Prayer Request Update - 10/8 - 12noon

Yvonne Endsley is very low at this time...possibly near death. She is at the Paris Nursing Center across from Sears. Please keep Laura and the family in your prayers at this time.

Prayer Request Update - 10/8 - 9:50am

I have placed links to the Brazil missionary team and links to those that having Caring Bridge websites. All you have to do is click on the link and it will take you to their site. If you have another of the websites that I can put on here, please let me know! Thanks ... Molly.

Please keep Joel McGee in your prayers. He went to the doctor yesterday and tested positive for Type A Flu. John said the doctor thinks it may be swine flu.

Ed & Cheryl Bullard's grandson, Trent Bullard, has been confirmed with the H1N1 virus.

Peggy Robinson's brother-in-law, Sonny Daughtrey, had open-heart surgery yesterday (10/7). He had 3 arteries that were 95% blocked. He was in surgery for over 8 hours and the Dr. told the family it was one of the worst cases he had seen. They also found a spot on his lung that is being sent for a biopsy. He is in ICU at PRMC-S.

Norm Davis will be having cataract surgery soon. His wife Patsy told Debra Usry that the Dr. says it looks like he's also had a heart attack.

Annetta Cooke's nephew, Dustin Anderson, will be deploying to Iraq within the next couple of weeks.

Lesa Bulls sent this update on Kenneth McDonald: "He is resting comfortably on his new air bed in ICU....still on the ventilator. He has been diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome....a complication from his lung infection. The recovery will be slow and he will be supported with oxygen for some time while his lungs heal. He has also been diagnosed with diabetes. Keeping his blood sugar under control has been a challenge. First it was too high, yesterday...too low. Diabetes also slows the healing process."

John Urbano has been moved to PRMC/North - 3rd Floor for rehab. He had taken a turn for the worse...and then gotten better! He is VERY happy to be back in Paris.

Dinah Borders' friend, Shirley Jones, is in PRMC/S with many health problems.

Amber Ryser Bridal Shower (Glen & Maeda Lee's sister-in-law). This will be Sunday, October 18th from 1:30-3:00pm at the building. Amber has made no selections made but she loves to cook and loves recipes and cookbooks. (If you have any questions, contact Debra Gage.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/5 - 12:44p

  • Bill & Jean King as they are continue to recover from a serious car accident in Savannah, Georgia. Click on this link for their Caring Bridge blog.
  • June Preston - at home with hospice.
  • Gerald Jack - congestive heart failure
  • John Welch Jr. as he is battling cancer.
  • Payden Daniels is continuing to have seizures. Kimberly was to take him to see Dr. today.
  • Sonny Daughtery (brother-in-law of Peggy Robinson) had a heart cath this morning. He has 3 arteries that are almost 100% blocked. Dr. Hashmi said he didn’t know how he was walking around.
  • MiKyla Pickering (North Lamar student) is having complications with her leukemia and is in Children’s Medical/Dallas at this time. Click on this link for her Caring Bridge blog.
  • Kanyon Phillips (Spencer’s grandson) is continuing to be at his “eating camp” in a Dallas hospital. Click on this link for his blog.
  • Goldie Boaz Walraven (Dinah Border’s friend) is recovering from her lung surgery last week in Scott & White Hospital.
  • Emmitt Williams (John’s nephew) begins his 2nd round of chemo on Tuesday.
  • Jeanne Caldwell (friend of Christ’s) has 2 children with swine flu and another child with health issues.
  • Curry Scott (friend of Mark & Gena Barnett) was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • Mergie Farr (also a friend of the Barnett’s) is a 72 yr old woman that was trampled by a steer this week. She broke her shoulder, left hand and most of her ribs.
  • Judy Mason (friend of Linda Erwin) has breast cancer and in some lymph nodes. She will be having more surgery and chemo & radiation.

    SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Chicken Casserole. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!
    PANTRY NEEDS: Spaghetti Sauce & Pasta

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Oct 21: Blood Drive – 3:30p – 8pm in the Outreach Bldg.
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Nov 5: Men’s “42” Night
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/3 - 12:33am

Kimberly Daniels' son, Payden, has had seizures 2 nights this week. Now that he's seeing a neurologist in Dallas and has an injection to take after the seizure has lasted 3 minutes, she has to call 911. They were in the ER on Wednesday & Thursday nights. The one he had on Thursday night lasted 8 minutes! She gave him his "emergency seizure medicine" and he then had another one about 30-45 minutes later! Kimberly has asked that we "send out some prayers for my little man..they have up-ed all his meds hopefully things will calm down again!!".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 10/1 - 1:35pm

Jimmy Exum was involved in a hay-baler accident this morning. The baler broke and he was pinned between the fender and the round bale of hay. He's at PRMC-South ER now. He has lots of scratches, and is complaining of pain in his chest. He is the dad of my co-worker, Ashley.

Please pray for all those that have the flu. It's really bad this year and SO many are sick.