Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Requests - 5/31 - 11:26am

Langdon Chancellor is at PRMC/S/ER with food poisoning.

Hugh Anthony has been dismissed from the hospital!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prayer Request - 5/29 - 8:41am

Chris and Linda Easton's new grandson, Luke, remains in McKinney Hospital in the NICU and will be there until Thursday.  Stephanie, Luke's Mommy, remains in the hospital.  On Saturday, Luke's Daddy, Kyle, was in the ER and later admitted to the hospital with severe colitis.  Please pray for this little family and that they will all be healed!

Steve Cannon's Services

The friends and family visitation for Steve Cannon will be tonight (Tuesday) from 7-8pm and funeral services will be tomorrow morning at 10am in the Fry Gibbs Funeral Home Chapel.  At all other times, the family will be at Charlotte's home in Powderly.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Update - 5/28 - 12:07am

Jessica Duren went forward this morning, asking for prayers for the family of Zack Springer. He passed away this week from a drug overdose. She also asked for prayers for all those who will be starting Camp Deer Run as counselors. They start their busy summer tomorrow!
Sequoia Brown also went forward asking for prayers. She has a job interview this week and will be getting her license in professional counseling.
NEW MEMBER: Ethan Hall, grandson of Paul Gene and Anita Roden, asked to be identified with us today. Ethan is in the Youth Group.

Our sympathy goes to Charlotte Cannon and family in the loss of Steve today. Funeral arrangements are pending at Fry-Gibbs.

  • Hugh Anthony is in PRMC/South-Room 305.
  • Derald Bulls asked for prayers for the family of his friend, F.G. Farrell. He passed away on Friday in Mt. Pleasant. 
  • Lillian Welch continues to have health issues. (She is the mother of Mark Welch and Diane McFadden.
  • Chris and Linda Easton's new baby grandson, Luke, remains in the NICU.
  • Little baby Aubrie Jade Miller has had her new heart for 5 days and she's doing good. Her Mommy posted this today: "They are planning on taking her intracardiac lines out in the morning & moving her to the floor Tuesday or Wednesday!! Continue to keep sweet Aubs & the donor family in your prayers!! God is GREAT!! Much love to you all!!"
  • Donnie Williams posted a message about his wife Faith today: "Faith had a long hard night. Tremendous pain in chest area and morphine couldn't ease the pain. She was up every 45 min getting rid of IV fluids. She lost 10 lbs. last night. We had a long sleepless night but was glad we had each other." Her husband just got a caringbridge set-up for her. Just click on this link.
  • Danielle Weatherford (a young lady from Paris who has had health issues all her life) is in a hospital in Dallas in serious condition.
 We said goodbye to Larry, Janet, Aaron and Emily Christ today. They are moving to the DFW area, where Larry has already started his new job. We are going to miss this sweet family! God bless you all as you start this new phase of your life.
CHURCH IN THE PARK: Mark your calendars for June 20th. From 5-9pm we will meet at Wade Park. No classe
5th GRADE PROMOTION PARTY: May 30th will be a special night to honor the kids going from KFC to the Youth Group. 5th grade parents are invited to come to class at 6:30pm in the KFC room. The 5th graders will be presented a new Bible. Refreshments will be served afterwards.
This weeks' entree is Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. Please donate at least $2 per person. If you did not sign up this morning and want to join us on Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

June 3: Promotion Sunday
June 10: Faithful Readers
June 12: Terrific Tuesdays Begin
June 18-21: CDR Day Camp
June 20: Church in the Park
July 30-Aug 3: Youth Mission Trip
Love you - MEAN IT!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prayer Request - 5/27 - 7:25pm

Steve Cannon passed away this morning at 3:40am.  Fry-Gibbs will have charge of services.
Continue to keep Charlotte, Stephen and Heather in your prayers.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hugh Anthony Update - 5/26 - 2:49pm

Hugh Anthony has now been transferred to PRMC/South - Room 305.  Will not have the procedure until Sunday morning at 9:30am.

Steve Cannon - 5/26 - 2:31pm

Debra Usry says there is no change in Steve today.  Will probably move him to Paris on Tuesday.

Prayer Requests - 5/26 - 11:03am

Hugh Anthony will be moved to PRMC/South, after lunch today, for a procedure to remove fluid off of a collapsed lung.  He would love to have your visits.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Prayer Request Updates - 5/25 - 8:12pm

April Miller post this update about her baby daughter, Aubrie Jade...3 days after receiving her new heart:  "It has been a long day!!! We have had a couple of transplant meetings about Aubrie's care when we leave the hospital & learning medications!!  Aubs was awake for a good part of the day & is now getting her beauty rest!! Dr. G is really happy with how well Aubs is doing!! She said hopefully tomorrow, getting the intracardiac lines out of her chest & then possibly getting to hold her in the next few days!!!  Please everyone of you that have babies, hold them every chance you get!! I don't have that privilege!! I appreciate so much more in life because I don't get as many chances as everyone else!! Also, continue to pray for the donors family!! Without them, Aubs wouldn't be getting this chance!! I am so thankful for the gift of life that they gave!! I hope you all think about organ donation more seriously!!  Thank you all for the love, support & prayers for our journey!!"

Donnie Williams posted this update regarding his wife, Faith "Faith's in good spirits today, although current events can change in an instant. Dr. Fay said pathology report indicate the cancer has transformed aggressive and has turned into a more threatening disease. The great thing is she's here in Baylor getting the best treatment you can imagine. Your love and prayers are appreciated and we can't wait to give you wonderful folks GOOD NEWS."

Prayer Requests - 5/25 - 7:44pm

Debra Usry sent this update about Steve Cannon tonight:  "Everything has been turned off, except pic line to keep him on morphine and other comfort drugs.  Breathing on his own.  BP is running higher.  With shunt out now, fluid will build up again.  Working on trying to get him in a hospice unit, in the next couple of days."
Please keep Mike Crews and his family in your prayers.  His aunt, who lived in Tulsa, lost her battle with lung cancer last night.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Steve Cannon Update - 5/24 - 9:25pm

Debra Usry just sent this message:  "Tonight, Steve transitioned from an ICU patient, to a Hospice patient. But, he will remain in ICU for monitoring and comfort measures."
Please pray for peace and comfort for Charlotte, Stephen and Heather.

Prayer Request - 5/24 - 2:49pm

Brittany Twitty-Johnson asked for prayers for Mrs. Ellis, from Clarksville.  She suffered a heart attack last night, started having seizures and then slipped into a coma.  She was transferred from Clarksville to Paris and then CareFlighted to Tyler.  Mrs. Ellis is Jaylen Johnson's grandmother.

Prayer Request - 5/24 - 1:55pm

Chris and Linda Easton are proud new grandparents of Luke Dean Easton, born last night at 10:30pm.  He weighed in at 9.6 pounds and 22 inches long.  Parents are Kyle and Stephanie Easton from McKinney.  Luke is in the NICU with fluid on his lungs.  He has a tube and oxygen now and they are observing him closely.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prayer Requests - 5/23 - 8:46pm

  • Christine Henson will be having surgery at PRMC/South tomorrow morning (5/24).
  • Steve Cannon continues to be in critical condition at Baylor/Carrollton.
  • Jenna (Beeler) Farrell's baby son, Luke, was released from the hospital today.  When he was born, he weighed only 2.2 pounds.  When he was released today...he weighed 4.2 pounds! This is Allen and Nikki Beeler's grandson. 
  • Lesa Bulls' cousin, Doug Armstrong, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. 
  • Robyn Figgins sent these updates on Faith Williams:  A PIC line was inserted on Tuesday and the bone marrow biopsy was performed.  Her calcium levels are down to normal and her kidneys are functioning normally.  Yesterday, the Dr. said that lymphoma cells are active.  He plans to give her a new chemo drug and other meds for 2 days, then she will be reassessed.  Chemo was started last night.
  • Little Aubrie Miller's new heart is beating perfectly!  She is doing well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aubrie's Heart - 5/22 - 9:54pm

Baby Aubrie Jade Miller's new heart is beating strong.  Her grandmother, Kim Miller, posted tonight:  "The doctor was pleased with how well everything went! I got to hear Aubrie's new heart beat and it made me more thankful than ever that the donor family chose to give us this precious gift! Thank you all for your prayers and support today! Please continue the prayers! We know that GOD was in complete control in the operating room.  The surgeon said everything was calm and peaceful! Wonder who did that?"

Steve Cannon Update - 5/22 - 9:42pm

Debra Usry has messaged that at 6:20, Steve's blood pressure was finally low enough for Dr. to place the shunt tube.  She just said that shunt has been placed and there are no changes in diagnosis or progrnosis. Keep praying for Steve and keep Charlotte, Stephen and Heather on your hearts. 

Aubrie's Heart - 5/22 - 2:11pm

Aubrie Jade Miller received her new heart today.  They are still in surgery, but the heart is in and it is pumping!

Steve Cannon Update - 5/22 - 2:10pm

Just heard from Debra Usry.  She said they've been trying to go down on the sedative, but Steve's blood pressure goes up.  The doctor has said that the shunt will not change the outcome.
Debra and Sherry Marsters are on their way to DFW to pickup Heather.

Steve Cannon Update - 5/22 - 10am

Debra Usry just called with this update on Steve....They will be putting a shunt in today.  They are taking him off meds a little bit each hour and he is breathing on his own when they take the vent off.  But, he is bleeding into the brain stem, his pupils have already blown and the left side of his body is paralyzed.  Our sister Charlotte has lots of hard decisions to make today.  They are trying to get Heather flown in also.  Please keep Steve and the family on your hearts and pray for Charlotte and the kids.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Steve Cannon Update - 5/21 - 8:46pm

PLEASE PRAY.....Steve is really bad.  They are taking him to Baylor/Carrollton.  Debra Usry (sister-in-law) says that he'd had a headache for a couple of days and had been taking ibuprofen. 

Prayer Request - 5/21 - 6:11pm

Steve Cannon, Charlotte's husband and Heather's dad, had a stroke earlier today. He is at PRMC/South - ICU. The bleed is too close to the brain stem for them to do surgery.  He is being CareFlighted to Dallas within the hour.

Prayer Request - 5/21 - 3:45pm

Robyn Figgins sent this update:  "Faith Williams was able to come home Saturday to visit. Saturday afternoon she and her husband, Donnie, were in a car accident. Someone pulled out in front of Donnie and he didn’t have time to stop. No one was hurt, it just jarred Faith. She was at church yesterday morning, but she was so weak she had to be brought inside in a wheelchair. As the day went on her health continued to deteriorate. She wasn’t due back to Baylor until today, but because of her complications, Brenda took her to the Baylor Cancer center ER yesterday afternoon, where they immediately admitted her into the hospital. She is scheduled for several more scans and blood work today. They will be doing a Pet Scan of her head to see if the lymphoma has spread into her face. If it has, and the lymphoma is active, she will have to have more chemotherapy before they can proceed with the stem cell transplant. She is feeling a bit better today and is more talkative."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prayer Request - 5/20 - 10pm

Baby Aubrie Miller is waiting for a new heart and her Mom, April posted this message tonight:  "When I got to the room tonight, I noticed that her heart rate was in the 180s, which is very high from what it's been... I asked why it was so high & then found out she had a fever of 100.4 =(( Poor baby was warm & kind of fussy!! The fellow came in & looked at her & said that they would watch it close over tonight!! If it stays elevated, then they are going to do cultures on her PICC line & let it grow for 24hrs & see if there is any kind of infection!! Since the PICC line is a foreign object in the body, it's at a higher risk for infection!! So, the scary part is that if she does have a fever or infection at the time with that perfect heart comes along, Aubrie will not be able to get it, because she will be put on hold on the transplant list!! Let's all come together & pray that Aubrie doesn't keep the fever & that there isn't any infection!! All of your prayers are working & have gotten us this far, & they mean soooo much to us!!"

Prayer Request - 5/20 - 7:45pm

Please keep local realtor, Chris Whitaker, in your prayers.  He had surgery on Friday afternoon for a brain tumor.  It was cancer and he will be coming back to Paris for treatments.  I will link his caringbridge site to our links.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

URGENT Prayer Request - 5/17 - 9:19pm

Debra Usry just sent this message:  "Please pass the word that Clint Beezley, Jill's boyfriend, is in the ER.  Had to call ambulance to my house.  Send out for prayers.  Jill is very scared."

Prayer Requests - 5/17 - 6:03pm

Renee Crews grandbaby, Emma, was discharged from the hospital today.  Renee says "Thanks for the prayers."

Webber's little baby cousin, Joleigh Brooke Mauldin, passed away Tuesday.  She was only 2 1/2 weeks old and had neonatal meningitis. 

Update...please contact Debra Gage if you can help with meals for Kelsey and Bethany Holland. 

Prayer Request - 5/17 - 9:18am

Monica Jones sent this email about Mackenna's mission team in Africa:   "Just wanted to give you a brief update on an event that happened last night at the Chimala mission in Tanzania where 10 students and I are doing a mission project for three weeks. There was a fire in the dormitory of the secondary school on the mission. All the Tanzanian students got out safely and no one was hurt, but half the dormitory burned down leaving only the walls. Myself and all the students went down to the dormitory and by the time we got there it was a raging fire. The students did great! Some helped to organize the younger children and keep them calm while others joined the bucket brigade which helped put out the fire after two to three hours of work. There is no fire department where we are, so there were literally hundreds of Tanzanians helping to put out the fire using buckets filled with water from a nearby stream. All the OC students were very safe and I am extremely proud of how they responded and served alongside the Tanzanians. It was a chaotic and somewhat traumatic scene, so I ask that you keep the Tanzanian students, teachers and administrators of the school, and missionaries here in your prayers. Also, pray for our OC students. Everyone is okay but it is a lot to process and they are very tired from a long night of hard work.
Again, all the OC students a doing well. They even went to a village this morning to do a VBS, but prayers would be appreciated."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prayer Request Update - 516 - 8:26pm

Renee Crews sent this message tonight regarding her granddaughter, Emma"She was admitted yesterday, severely dehydrated, high fever and UTI.  They have run more tests today...she has a bacterial infection somewhere, so they are trying to narrow it down.  She is some better...just very cranky and just doesn't feel good."
DON'T FORGET.....Life Groups are this Sunday!!

Prayer Request Updates - 5/16 - 8:22pm

Bethany Holland and Brantley will be going home from the hospital tomorrow.  If you would be interested in providing dinner one evening for them, please contact Laura Cannon at the church office on Thursday morning.

Hugh Anthony continues to be in PRMC/North-Room 306 and would love to have visitors.

Derald Bulls sent this message tonight: "I had a call tonight from Jacey Kerby in Dallas asking that I make sure Dr. James Semple, former 1st Baptist pastor, was on the prayer list.  He continues his struggle with that dreaded disease cancer...please pray for him and his comfort from the pain."

Prayer Request - 5/16 - 7:28am

Renee Crews sent this message:  "My granddaughter, Emma, was admitted to the hospital for dehydration.  Please say special prayers for her...she is a very sick little baby."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's a BOY!!!!

Kelsey and Bethany Holland are proud to announce the arrival of
Brantley Wayne Holland
born this afternoon at 3:19pm
6 pounds 10 ounces and 19.5 inches long
Even prouder grandparents are Gene and Nelda Skinner!!
(GREAT grandmother is Ruth McFadden!!)

Update on Hugh Anthony - 5/15 - 4:39pm

Paula Anthony sent this message this afternoon:  "Hugh Anthony has moved to the 3rd floor (rehab) still at north campus room 306. He can have visitors anytime and enjoys them. Tell people to feel free to visit between 8 am & 3pm  (when grand kids & great grand kids are at school and work!). Thanks for all your prayers, love and support."

Prayer Request - 5/15 - 11:57am

Faith Williams (an employee of Liberty Bank) was in the process of being matched for a stem cell transplant but contracted pneumonia and has other complications.  She is in Baylor Hospital.  Her husband is Donnie Williams and they have 2 children, Donivan and Rylie. 


H.A.L.O. ...will meet in the old kitchen at 6pm tonight.  Be sure to bring fingerfoods and games to play.  Also, coke tabs for "Aubrie's Heart" fundraiser and individually wrapped snacks or drinks for the volunteers at Dylan's Drivers.

YOUNG AT HEART....will meet in the OutReach Bldg at 5:30 for dinner and then at 6:30 a special presentation of "Seuss Odyssey" by the home school group. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prayer Request Update - 5/14 - 1:30pm

Bethany Holland will be admitted to PRMC/North tonight at 7pm for a procedure and then will be induced for labor in the morning.  She specifically asks that we pray for a healthy baby and NO C-section.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Update - 5/12 - 8:39pm

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful message this morning about "Mothers of Faith" from Proverbs 31.

Welcome to new members Bobby, Sue and Brooklyn Salter.

Megan McMillan went forward this morning asking for prayers to have a better relationship with God, be a better daughter, be a better friend... just needs our prayers during this time of her life.

It was so wonderful to see Landon Garrett back here in the USA! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift for your Mom. Thank you Landon for your service and enjoy your 2 weeks of rest!

Congratulations to Matt Duren as the new Summer Intern for LACOC. 

Our sympathy goes to Alvin Buchanan upon the loss of his sister, Alene Newton, this past week.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

  • Hugh Anthony is still in PRMC/North...AND he is ready for visitors!
  • Greg Wilson's Mom, Margaret Wilson, is feeling better.
  • Lesa Bulls' friend, Fay Douglas, is at Baylor Heart Hospital. (Billy Ray Douglas' Mom)
  • Tanya Welch's sister, Tammi, is having complications after surgery.
  • Shelle Fowler's cousin, Kenneth Wahl, has probable throat cancer.
  • Renee' Crews' friend, Myca Whitten, will be going Tuesday for results of biopsy.  Also, her cousin, Tina Neal, was in a head-on collision on Friday.  Lots of broken bones, collapsed lung and is on a vent at this time.
  • Jimmy Thielman's cousin, Rusty Thielman, passed away this week.
  • Dinah Border's friend, Lillian Holderman, has leukemia.
  • Vera Wilson is suffering from the shingles.
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn, is continuing to have health issues.
Please sign up at the Welcome Center for the new KFC T-Shirts.  The shirts will be $8.

H.A.L.O.: We will meet THIS Tuesday night, May 15th at 6pm. Bring finger foods and games. Our community project will be snack foods/drinks for the staff of Dylan's Drivers. (Please make sure the snacks are individually wrapped.) 

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Please donate at least $2 per person.
PANTRY NEEDS: Boxes of Mac and Cheese

EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSIONS:  You may still contribute for one more week.  Please give your check to one of the staff or elders and indicate EEM on the memo.  (So far over $8,800 has been collected toward their goal of one million dollars.)

SENIOR BREAKFAST:  Members (other than graduate's parents) who would like to help prepare food for the Senior Breakfast on May 20th, please contact Carol Anderson at 903-517-0326.  Thanks in advance for helping this be a special day for our graduates and their families.

2012 Senior Class: 
  • Langdon Chancellor
  • Jessica Duren
  • Clay Hanley
  • Bethany Hyatt
  • Spencer Jones
  • Justin McFadden
  • Kayla Prihoda
  • Carle Usry
May 15:  Young At Heart dinner at 5:30 and performance of "Seuss Odyssey"
May 15:  H.A.L.O. at 6pm
May 15-19: Directory Pictures continue
May 18: Senior Trip
May 20: Senior Sunday
May 20: Family LIFE Groups
May 20: Youth Group - Hang out at church - 3:30-5pm
May 23: Shepherd Clusters (All clusters will have a combined meeting in the auditorium) 
May 27: Pot Luck Lunch to honor the Christ family.
May 27: Shower for Aaron Christ and Claire Childress 1-2:30pm
June 3: Promotion Sunday
June 10: Faithful Readers
June 12: Terrific Tuesday
June 18-21: CDR Day Camp
Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prayer Requests - 5/11 - 9:40pm

Derald Bulls sent these requests:  "You may remember several weeks ago I had asked for prayers for Kevan Bennett...He will have a follow-up surgery next Wednesday, 5/16 in Dallas. Please pray for he and his family during this time.
Also please pray for Dakota Richardson, the grandson of Pam Bennett a co-worker ( and Kevan’s mother). Dakota fell at school yesterday and broke the femur bone in his leg and had surgery last night. He is still in the hospital as of today. The family has already told me how much they appreciate the thoughts and prayers."

Joy Barnett sent this prayer request:  "Billy Rogers, works at Campbell Soup, has a brain tumor and is in McKinney Medical Center. Did a biopsy today but do not know much yet at to treatment."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Update - 5/8 - 1:50pm

Derald Bulls sent these 2 prayer requests: Mary Felty, mother of Tommy Felty, passed away on Monday morning. Her service will be at 10am, Thursday at the First Christian Church. Also, Mike Brock, passed away yesterday. His services will be Saturday at 2pm at Kavanaugh United Methodist Church in Greenville.

  • Hugh Anthony: PRMC/N - Room 308 - recovering from heart surgery.
  • Barbara Dean: PRMC/S - Room 527 - recovering from stomach surgery.
  • Lucy Staley: PRMC/N - Room 464 - had chest pains and was admitted last night. They are performing tests on her now.
  • Geraldine Jarrell: PRMC/S - ICU - Suffered a heart attack this morning. (Friend of Molly's)
  • Roxanne Raper: Is at home recovering from foot surgery.
  • Nancy Jones: Is at home recovering from neck surgery.
  • Chris Mashburn: Heritage House - Room 416 (Anna Zant's Mom)
  • Dee Lyons: Family Issues
  • Fran Hamner: Recovering from Colon surgery (friend of Charlotte Grooms)
  • Tanya Welch: Prayers for her sister, Tammi Stokes, on her upcoming surgery. Also, for her nephew, Alex Garcia, had hip surgery, was recovering and then fell.
  • Greg Wilson: His mom, Barbara Williams, has cancer and is undergoing treatments
  • Jill Faires: Prayers for Pauline Burton and Ricky Rushin as they are dealing with raising 3 little ones, after the passing of Jenny Rushin just last month. Also, Tyi Leonard, Roxton student that was paralyzed in car accident back in the fall. He is still recovering.
  • Rusty Cooper: His friend, Rodger Allen - Prostate cancer.
  • Curt Poore: His friend, James Hodge, is fighting cancer.
  • Kristi Nutt: Her friend, Carol Ward, is having problems with her heart. Has had tests and now waiting for results.
  • Linda Erwin: Her brother, Ron Lewallen, is having severe pain from 4 broken ribs after a fall from his horse.

H.A.L.O.: We will meet Tuesday night, May 15th at 6pm. Bring finger foods and games. Our community project will be snack foods/drinks for the staff of Dylan's Drivers. (Please make sure the snacks are individually wrapped.)

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is SLOPPY JOES. Please donate at least $2 per person.

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Vegetables

May 8-12: Directory Pictures
May 15-19: Directory Pictures
May 15: H.A.L.O. 6pm
May 20: Senior Sunday
May 23: Shepherd Clusters
May 27: Pot Luck Lunch to honor the Christ family.
May 27: Shower for Aaron Christ and Claire Childress 1-2:30pm
June 3: Promotion Sunday
June 10: Faithful Readers
June 12: Terrific Tuesday
June 18-21: CDR Day Camp

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Rachel Spencer sent this message today:  "Brett and Jill Nichols are proud parents of a little boy, Titus Hayes Nichols.  He was born on Wednesday night at 11:01 PM.  He weighs 9 pounds and was 21 inches long."

Prayer Request - 5/4 5:52 pm

George Kimbrough passed away today. No other details are known at this time.

Barbara Dean came through her surgery successfully and is recovering in room 527 - south campus.

Hugh Anthony is being transported from Plano by ambulance today to PRMC NORTH CAMPUS to rehab. The doctors believe he will progress faster.The family has requested no visitors until further notice so he can get the rest that his body needs as he is recovering. Please continue to pray for him and the family.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayer Requests - 5/3 - 4:09pm

  • Barbara Dean will be going in to surgery within the hour at PRMC/South.
  • Hugh Anthony is still in The Heart Hospital in Plano.  He had a bad day yesterday, with his blood pressure going very low.  He is better today.
  • Mike Grigsby is at home recovering from his latest stay in the hospital.
  • Lesa Bulls sent this message today:  "Charlie Rhoades is through with his treatment and all his blood work is great.  (Better than planned and 2 weeks ahead of schedule.)  They are on their way home."
  • Derald Bulls asked for prayers for his friend, Jerry Hendrix.  Jerry has cancer and needs prayers of comfort and peace.
  • Have you signed up to have your family's picture taken, for the new photo directory?  Another day has been added to the picture taking options.  Tuesday, May 15th is the date added.  Also, have you updated your information with the volunteers?  For this to be a success, we need your help.

Prayer Request - 5/3 - 10:27 a.m.

Barbara Dean remains in the hospital (South Campus Rm #527).  She will have surgery at 5:00 p.m. today to see what is going on with her stomach and fix it.  Please pray for a successful surgery and for her recovery which her doctor says will be 1-2 weeks in the hospital and atleast 6 weeks at home.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prayer Requests - 5/2 - 12:56pm

Jerry McFadden's Mom, Lorene Butler, passed away yesterday.  Family visitation will be 6:30pm-7:30pm Thursday evening at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home and a graveside service on Friday morning, 10am at Evergreen Cemetery.

Derald Bulls sent this message:  "George Kimbrough is in PRMC/North/ICU with pneumonia and other health complications.  Specifically the family is praying for a miracle and know it can happen.  Presently there are no visitors allowed, as his system is compromised to infection."

On a personal note:  I took a fall off the front porch Monday evening and twisted my ankle and leg.  After a trip to the ER and some x-rays, I have a slight fracture and a VERY bad sprain.  I'll be wearing a "boot" for a while.  (May need to bling it up a bit!)