Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/31 - 9:32pm

Please keep Tim Keele and Curtis Garrett and all law enforcement agencies in your prayers.  They are working the kidnapping/hostage situation that is going on here in Lamar County.  The lady that was kidnapped escaped - but the man is still in the vehicle and is armed.  (Please watch the Dallas/Sherman news stations tonight for more information.)

Prayer Request Update - 1/31 - 8:45pm

What a tremendous morning we had!  Good lesson by Patrick...Good singing by Keith...Blessings from everyone for the special contribution for Haiti! Almost $11,000 was raised! 

PRAISE:  Ashley Washington went forward this morning...she wants to baptized!   Ashley told Patrick that she's "ready to get her life right".  She goes to PJC and plays on the Lady Dragon basketball team - which means her family is out of state.  Ashley wants to wait for them to be here hopefully this next week we'll get to see this happen!  Thanks so much to Coach Sean LeBeauf for the example you set daily for these girls!  We're so blessed by this group of young people!

  • Michelle Anderson will have gallbladder surgery on Feb. 9th.  She'll also be having a nuclear stress test and echocardiogram soon.
  • Charlie Parkman is feeling good.  He's wanting to come to church soon!  WoooHOOO!
  • Richard Logan is on the road today taking his son daughter-in-law and daughter to Wichita, Kansas to the airport for them to go back to England and Germany to their military bases.  Please keep them all on your hearts!
  • Leslie Keele asked that we pray for her friend, Jennifer Avant.  She fell on the ice and broke both bones in her leg.  She had surgery yesterday and is in a lot of pain.
  • Danny & Mindy Bulls are traveling - please pray for their safe return.
  • Derald Bulls' friend George Kimbrough is continuing his cancer treatment.
  • Gina Barnett asked for prayers for her co-worker, Joe Bryant.  He had a massive heart attack and has been given a very short time to live.  80% of his heart is damaged.
  • Langdon & Lexie Barnett's dad, Chad Chancellor, had open heart surgery with a defibulator and pacemaker.
  • Mark Barnett asked for prayers for Clancy Davis.  He's a young man that has had to have his ankle bones fused together and is in a lot of pain.  He lost his Mom to cancer this past year and is still struggling with that loss.
  • Jim Hyatt is in ICU at Medical City/Dallas with a tear in his esophagus.  He is hopefully coming to Paris on Tuesday.
  • Misty Gage asked for prayers for her friend, Kim Kozel and her family.  They are mourning the sudden death of her sister last week.  She had a brain aneurysm.
  • Keely Kennedy asked for prayers for her friend that will be going to court, testifying against her ex-husband, and asks for prayers and strength.
  • Jill Faires' uncle, Luke Cammack, was unable to take his cancer treatments last week.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY:  If you are willing to pick-up folks on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings, please see Shane Welch or Jimmy Thielman.

LADIES BOOK REVIEW:  A group is in the forming stage.  More details to follow.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Cornbread Mix & Cereal

CLOTHES CLOSET: The only need is for children's clothes. Please bring only clean clothes that are in good shape.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Tex-Mex Casserole. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Feb 4: Men's "42" Night
Feb 5: Men Only - Wild Game Feast - Men Only.  If you aren't a hunter, bring a dessert or vegetable.
Feb 7:  Family LIFE Groups
Mar 17:  Blood Drive
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas

Friday, January 29, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/29 - 5:40pm

Carole Anderson sent this message today:  "Michelle is scheduled for gall bladder surgery on Tuesday, Feb. 9th.  She is also going to have a nuclear stress test and echocardiogram done to check for the chest discomfort she is having. No date is set for that yet."

I received this message from a friend today.  "As many were aware, when Jay Hoskins was killed in Afghanistan, he left behind a child and his wife who was expecting their second child.  I received word today that she delivered her son, Jay Wyatt Hoskins, yesterday, January 26, which happens to be the same birthday of his fallen father, Jay. Both mother and son are doing well. Congratulations to the family as they continue their journey onward."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/28 - 11:50am

Audie & Vickie Neisler's new grandson's name is Kellen Paul.  He was born yesterday at 2:16pm.  His proud Mom & Dad are Jesse & Stephanie Neisler.

Kristi Lee is happily expecting a new baby!  Please pray for her health AND a healthy baby!

Sandra Leath is back in PRMC/South - Room 301 with pneumonia again.

Mitchell Hicks' mom, Hazel Hicks, is still in PRMC/North - Room 302 and probably will go to a nursing home next Wednesday.

Dot Campbell's nephew, Troy Smith 51, has terminal cancer and a short life expectancy.

Anna Zant's mother, Christine Mashburn, is a home recouperating from surgery/broken hip.

Amy Owens ask that we add Matt Wood (Tom's son) to the prayer list. "Matt has left for Haiti a few days ago for six months and maybe leaving for Afghanistan in August. He is up in the Black Hawks and we just pray for his safety!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayer Rrequest Update - 1/27 - 9:21 pm

Jonathan Cannon was baptized last Friday night by his "Big Daddy" John Cannon.

Debbie Smith is in PRMC/South - Room 516, recovering from colon surgery.

Payden Daniels has had some health issues recently.  He's had a virus and the croup.  Kimberly was concerned that this would harm the tonsillectomy from 3 weeks ago.  Dr. said that all is good.

Phyllis Giguere has started physical therapy for her back pain.

Gina Barnett asked that we pray for her co-worker Joe Bryant.  He is 60 yrs old and had a heart attack this past weekend.  60% of his heart is "dead" and 30% is damaged.  This means that he's living on 10%.  Drs. told him he could live for 20 minutes or 3 years.  Gina said he's in great health, chlosterol is good and works out.  It's totally stress related!

Audie & Vickie Neisler have a new grandbaby.  Don't know any other details.

Jim & Janet Morgan (former members) had a new granddaughter this week too!

Mark your calendars....the next Blood Drive is March 17th.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/26 - 9:55pm

Derald Bulls sent these 2 messages tonight:  "Please add Cameron Hartsell, Mission Lazarus, on the prayer list. He has been working in Honduras in the project and has gone Haiti to deliver medicine as they had an abundance at Project Lazarus.

Also, Dr. David Vanderpool, son-in-law of Ruth Ann and Gene Stallings has been in Haiti for the majority of the relief efforts performing much needed surgery and doing more than his part to save lives or provide whatever care he can."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/25 - 7:25pm

Robyn Figgins and Paul Gene Roden both went forward on Sunday morning.  Please keep these 2 in your prayers.

Richard Logan's dad, Dick Logan's funeral will be on Thursday at the Forest Grove School Gymnasium, in the Forest Grove community in Oklahoma.  Visitation will be Wednesday night at the White Family Funeral Home in Idabel from 5-7pm.  (Richard's 2 oldest children, Sarah & Ben, are in the military in England and Germany.)  Click here for the funeral home info in case there are any changes.

Jean Gibson's sister, Mary Hodges, passed away on Saturday. A Mass will be held at 11am, Wednesday, at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church. Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6:00-7:00 PM Tuesday evening with a Rosary beginning at 7:00 PM.

Our sweet brother, Charlie Parkman, was released from the hospital today to go home with hospice.  God bless our sweet Mr. Charlie.

Gene Stallings had surgery on his wrist this afternoon, after re-injuring it.  Ruth Ann said he'd broken it 25 years ago and that they had to insert pins and remove a bone.

My cousin, LaRue Lawson, is till in the hospital in Sulphur Springs.  She's not doing as well as they'd hoped today.  Her right carotid artery is 100% blocked and they can't do surgery...said that it would either kill her or cause her to have another stroke, which might kill her.  Please keep her husband and daughter in your prayers.

Jessica Maynard was seriously injured in a car wreck early Sunday morning around Novice.  She is in Parkland/ICU and has had 2 surgeries today.  (I work with her aunt, Dara Milam, at FFCB.)

CLOTHES CLOSET: The only need is for children's clothes. Please bring only clean clothes that are in good shape.

PANTRY NEEDS:  EVERYTHING....There is always a need for canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, hot/cold cereals, crackers, etc.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Chicken Spaghetti. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Jan 27: Ladies Bible Class
Jan 31: Fifth Sunday Pot Luck (bring enough food for your family and a little more for any guests who may join us.
Jan 31: 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Dailas & Oleta Dickson @ Jackson St. Church of Christ in Hugo
Feb 4: Men's "42" Night
Feb 5: Men Only - Wild Game Feast
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/24 - 10pm

Our sympathy goes to Richard Logan and his family as his dad passed away tonight.  No other details are known at this time.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/23 - 4:35pm

Cledith Ray's mother, Annie Young, passed away Friday morning. She was 88 years young and had been ill since December.

Family Visitation: Saturday, 6-8pm Mullican-Little Funeral Home between Bonham and Sherman
Funeral: Sunday, 2pm at the Church of Christ in Savoy

One of my cousins, LaRue Lawson, had a stroke last night.  The left side of her body is affected and so is her speech.  Please keep their family in your prayers, her youngest brother just passed away this past summer.

Lindsay McCarter sent this message:  "There is a family in Ladonia who lost their house and all their belongings in a fire on Jan. 5th. I do not personally know this family, but have gotten some information through a lady in the Ladonia community that is working very hard to try and help them! I have volunteered to be the "collector" for donated items and funds in Paris. There is an auction tomorrow night (Saturday) at Ladonia High School. There is a silent auction from 5-7pm and a live auction from 7-8pm. There will also be a stew dinner there. The family had just paid off their home, which meant that they didn't have to have insurance on their home. They paid it off in December and had not gotten insurance on all the things inside the house (this is my understanding). Therefore, they literally do not have ANYTHING! They are currently staying with another family of 4, which means there are 9 people living in one house. They have 3 daughters and their sizes and toy interests are listed below (since the fire was right after Christmas, the kids lost all the toys too). If any of you want to help out in any way or have other questions, just let me know."

Oldest girl - Age 13
Clothes size: Child size 14-16 or she can also wear a Misses size. 8 and Med. shirt; they did not give me any toy ideas for her, but I'm sure she is into whatever a typical 13 yr. old would be.

Middle girl - Age 9
Clothes: size 10-12 pants; shirts Youth Large
Shoes: size. 2
Toy interest: anything Barbie

Youngest girl - Age 4
Clothes: size 6-6X
Shoes: size. 12
Toys: Baby dolls & accessories

I don't have any sizes for the parents, but I can find out if anyone wants to know. They also need kitchen items, etc. Thanks and God bless!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prayer Request - 1/21 - 7:55pm

Mitchell Hicks' Mom, Hazel, is now in PRMC/North - Room 302.

Barbara Hill's brother, Stuart Shew, is in ICU in SanAngelo.  He has cancer. 

My son, Larry's grand-dad, R.D. Sprinkle, does have cancer in his throat.  It is localized to that one area and it's a small area.  The doctor feels really certain that a few radiation treatments will get rid of it.  (He had cancer in his lung last year and they had gotten all of that.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/21 - 8:16pm

* We have a new sister in Christ!  Bethany Hyatt was baptized tonight after church! 

* Anna Zant's mom, Christine Mashburn, fell yesterday and broke her hip.  She is at PRMC/S - Room 625. Surgery was planned for this afternoon.

* Karen Johnson's mom, Callie/Zach/ Addy's grandmother, Lilliah Pitchford passed away yesterday.  Please click here to read her obituary.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/19/10 - 11:20am

Services for Gregory Liston Maggard are as follows:

Thursday, January 21 - 10:00am Funeral Service
Beaty Funeral Home, Winnsboro

Red Hill Cemetery (Powderly community)
2:00pm graveside service

Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/18/10 - 10:05pm

Lesa Bulls sent this message today:  "Wesley Williams will be having surgery Tuesday 1-19-10.  He is having bladder issues, his transplanted kidney is ok."  We had Wesley on the prayer list for a long time,  please keep him in your prayers.

Prayer Request Update - 1/18/10 - 4:35pm

Our sympathy goes to Leston & Lareece Maggard as their 56 year old son, Gregory Liston Maggard, passed away last night, or this morning, from lung cancer.  He had just been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and didn't live but a day after entering the hospital in Tyler.  Beaty Funeral Home in Winnsboro will take care of him. No details at this time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/17/10 - 10:53pm

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful lesson today from Daniel.  "Lord use me for your glory!"  We need to ask ourselves this daily and look carefully...there's always something we can do for the Lord or someone we can help.  Remember also that God is in control and there are NO "do-overs".

And thanks also to Paul Vinson and his story about his Uncle Marty.  We all need to remember to live each day with "A Clean Conscience and Holy Living"!

We had 38 youth group members and sponsors away today at WinterFest in Arlington.  We are so blessed to have 2 that were baptized while there.  Jaidelle Ray and Kassandra Miller are our new sisters in Christ.

Please keep these in your prayers:
  • All the victims of the Haiti earthquake.  Please pray for the safety of everyone involved.  We will have a special contribution in the coming weeks.
  • Phyllis Giguere has an appointment, on Tuesday, with a scoliosis specialist at Baylor/Plano.
  • Debra Usry asked for prayers for her grandson Lucas Simpson.
  • Sherry Welch will go back to Dallas for appointment with cataract spcialist this next week.
  • David Nelson (Charlotte Groom's brother) has a spot on his lung and will be having a biopsy.
  • Dinah Border's friend, Tyler Graham, is in the USMC and has been told he will be going to either Haiti or Afghanistan this week.
  • Louise McMillan (my Mommy) is in the nursing home in Cooper, they have an awful virus that is going around over there.  It's so bad, they've asked us family members not to visit until they can get it under control.
  • Vickie Vinson's step-dad, Norman Godfrey, was notified this week that his sister, Penny King, had died suddenly.  Penny's son, Kenny King, was the one that found his Mom, he has since attempted suicide and is now in the hospital in South Carolina where they lived.
  • Sandra Leath and Hazel Hicks both continue to be in PRMC/South
  • Charlie Parkman still can only have limited visitors while he is in DuBuis on the North Campus.
  • Please continue to remember our sisters, June Preston & Dolores Parker.  These 2 sweet ladies are dealing with cancer.
  • It was great to see sweet little Payden Daniels at church this morning.  Such a blessed little boy...he's had such a rough time of it in the last few months.
CHURCH CALENDAR:  Did you get your copy Sunday morning?  If not, there are copies at the Welcome Center.  This is a great way to keep up with what's going on ALL year.

CLOTHES CLOSET: The only need is for children's clothes. Please bring only clean clothes that are in good shape.

PANTRY NEEDS: 1 lb. packages of Dry Beans or Peas
There is always a need for canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, hot/cold cereals, crackers, etc. 

SIMPLE SUPPER: Smoked Sausage and Scalloped Potatoes.  If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.
Jan 20: Ladies Bible Class
Jan 23-24: Churches of Christ Heritage and Destiny Seminar w/Dr. Doug Foster of ACU
Jan 24:  Area Wide Church Service @5pm at the College Church of Christ.
Jan 31: Fifth Sunday Pot Luck (bring enough food for your family and a little more for any guests who may join us.
Jan 31:  50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Dailas & Oleta Dickson @ Jackson St. Church of Christ in Hugo
Feb 4:  Men's "42" Night
Feb 5:  Men Only - Wild Game Feast
April 2-3:  LTC Convention/Dallas

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayer Request Updates - 1/14/10 - 12:25pm

DON'T FORGET:  January 23-24...Doug Foster will be here doing a seminar on the Heritage and Destiny of the Church of Christ.  Child care will be provided.

WINTERFEST IS THIS WEEKEND!  Please keep our families in your prayers for safety and success on their travels to Arlington on Friday and back home on Sunday.

Our sister Hazel Hicks, fell yesterday and broke her hip.  She's in PRMC/South - Room 603.  She was to have surgery today.  (She is Mitchell Hicks' Mom.)

Our brother Robert Wilson, has been in PRMC/South - Room 532 for a few days.  He's having blood pressure problems.

Sandra Leath has been moved to room 534 at PRMC/South.  She's doing lots better.

Payden Daniels had a follow-up visit with the Dr. yesterday.  He wants him to continue to take it easy for a few more days.

Louis Exum (Jessica Daniels' great-grand-dad) just turned 96, 2 weeks ago.  He is in PRMC/South - Room 308 with pnemonia.

R.D. Sprinkle (my Larry's grand-dad) is having a biopsy on his throat today...they are looking for cancer.  Just this past year he had spots on his lungs, that were not malignant.   Please pray that the doctor's will find nothing!

Jered Benedick sent this plea for help today:  "I wanted to let you know about a special opportunity we have to help in our community next month. I was looking for a service project for our group to do in February and I think we have a good family service project. Habitat for Humanity has been delayed in getting their building going on their house but should be in full swing by next month. I signed us up to deliver a meal to all the workers including any of us that participate on Saturday @ noon on February 20. Let me tell you where you come in. We will need people to manage getting the meal ready. We will also need workers. The rules for workers are this. Anyone 18 and up can work unsupervised. Teens 16-17 can work unsupervised with a singed release form. All teens or children younger than 16 can not be on the work site but can be in the lunch area and watch or clean up our meal. I think we have a good opportunity to help our community and make a difference. I need men and women on this one. So e-mail me back if you think you can help us with this project and help me get the word out. Thanks."
Here's Jered's e-mail address:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/11/10 - 2:11pm

Cari Johnson asked that we pray for her husband, Lance, for the strength to make it through this soccer session.

Sandra Leath continues to be in PRMC/South-ICU.

Amber Morin, a 10 yr old Justiss Student, continues to be in Children's Medical/Dallas.

Sherry Welch asks that we pray for her as she will be going to the Dr. on Thursday to determine whether her retina is strong enough to withstand another surgery for cataract.

Please keep the family of Virginia Jessee in your prayers.  Mrs. Jessee passed away on Saturday.  She was a long time PISD school teacher.

Also keep the Smallwood family in your prayers as they mourn the death of Porter.

College Students would like prayers for safety, a successful semester and continued direction.

CLOTHES CLOSET:  The only need is for children's clothes.  Please bring only clean clothes that are in good shape.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Dish Soap & Toilet Paper

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Beans & Cornbread!  If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Jan 13:  Ladies Bible Class resumes
Jan 15-17:  WinterFest in Arlington
Jan 17:  LIFE Groups
Jan 23-24:  Churches of Christ Heritage and Destiny Seminar w/Dr. Doug Foster of ACU
Jan 31:  Fifth Sunday Pot Luck

Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/8/10 - 7:15pm

Little Payden Daniels was taken back into surgery this morning around 5am.  He had his tonsils removed last week and started bleeding early this morning.  After cauterization, they were able to bring him home and he is doing well.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/7/10 - 8:43am

Our sympathy goes to Don Lawrence and his family.  His brother passed away.  His services will be today in Wolfe City.

Sandra Leath (Robbie Padgett's Mom) is in PRMC/South.

Debra Usry asked for prayers for their family.

CONGRATULATIONS:  Carole Anderson retired on Dec. 31st.

Tony Slagle, 42, passed away yesterday from a heart attack.  He's worked at Domino's Pizza for years.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/6/10 - 4:15pm

Yvonne Gentry sent this message today: "Bobby John Floyd, native Parisian and barber at Center Barber Shop, is starting treatment for cancer in his rib cage area. He has said the doctors think they have caught it early enough for the treatment to take care of it.  He would appreciate prayers."

Charlotte Grooms sent this message:  "Lorena Munoz, 1st grade teacher at Justiss, lost her infant daughter on Sunday.  She was around 5 months. Services were held yesterday."

Prayer Request Update - 1/6/10 -

Rita Pringle wants to let everyone know that there will be having an organizational meeting for LTC Sunday morning immediately following church services. This will be a very short meeting to let people know the dates and rules. We will also be handing out enrollment packets. We will meet in room 6.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/5/10 - 5:10pm

I received this message from Margaret this afternoon:  "Allen Jumper's surgery was put off until today between 10:00-10:30am. A heavy metal gate fell on him when he went to put out a salt block for his cows yesterday morning, pinning him to the frozen ground. He had his cell phone on him and called his son as the gate was too heavy for him to lift off. Thank the good Lord for cell phones!"

Rita Pringle sent this message today:  "Rachel Wallis to the prayer list. She is the 9 year old grand daughter of a co-worker. She had spinal surgery at Christmas and then ended up with a serious infection."

Prayer Request Update - 1/05 - 2:32pm

On behalf of the elders, Richard Peace spoke to everyone on Sunday morning about the 2010 church budget.  There are copies available if you would like to look at it.

Our sister, Kasey Johnson, was baptized on Sunday morning by her Dad.

Congratulations:  Matt Hanley & Allison Boyd were engaged over the Christmas holidays.  They will be getting married in August of this year.

Please remember these in your prayers:
  • Charlie Parkman is in PRMC/North.  He can have visitors - but please limit your visits to just a few minutes.  (Wife JoAnn said that he just tires out really quick.)
  • Allen Jumper is in PRMC/South - broke his hip on Monday.
  • Kevin Keele (Tim's brother) - health.
  • Payden Daniels - recovering from having tonsils removed.
  • Juanita Samford ( Tammy Huffman's aunt) suffered a stroke on Sunday.
  • Tyler Graham & his brother Colby Andrews are grieving the loss of their mother, Rhonda McCleary.
  • Our sister Pearl Holmes is having health problems.
  • June Preston is continuing to be at home - she welcomes guests - preferably in the afternoons.
  • Kevin & Stacey Wood's daughter, Mallory, is going to be attending Boles Home.
  • Marcel Cooke is continuing to have problems with his foot injury.
CLOTHES CLOSET:  In need of children's winter clothing.  (Please bring only clean clothes, that are in good shape.)

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Meat


Jan 7:  Men's "42" Night
Jan 15-17:  WinterFest
Jan 13:  Ladies Bible Class Resumes

Prayer Requests Update - 1/5/10 - 10:07am

Ruth Welch, John Welch's Mom & Kristi Anthony's grandmother, passed away on Sunday.  Her services will be on Wednesday at the Fry-Gibbs Chapel at 11am.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/4/10 - 6:12pm

Allen Jumper broke a hip this morning. He is in PRMC-South, Room 608 awaiting surgery this afternoon.  No other details are known at this time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/2/10 - 2:15pm

Please add Jane Strawn (friend and neighbor of Pete and Lillian Taylor) to your prayer list.  She is in PRMC South with liver failure and 3 infections and not doing well at all.