Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/31 - 9:51am

Kristi Garrett said that Landon had a really good rehab day yesterday.  He's getting more strength daily.  Please continue to pray specifically for his fine motor skills to return.

Vicki Shuping asked for prayers for Patty McNeal who has breast cancer

Ruth Ann Stallings asked for prayers for JoAnn Parkman's impending back surgery

Gary Border's cousin, Joe Slagle, is having his leg removed this morning at 11:00 at Doctor's Hospital/Dallas.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/30 - 1:02pm

One of the inmates, at the Lamar County Jail, stabbed a jailer 17 times yesterday! Another jailer was able to stop the attack.  The jailer's name is Adam Carmack.  He flatlined, but they were able to bring him back.  Adam was in surgery for HOURS yesterday afternoon.   Please keep this young man in your prayers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/28 - 10:36pm

Petra Cooke sent this message tonight:  "Marcel is having his 5th surgery on his ankle tomorrow morning around 9.30..lets pray that this one will at least fix the problem that is causing all this constant excruciating pain!!"  Amanda had all 4 wisdom teeth removed just last week.  They are having a rough time right now.

Prayer Request Update - 3/28 - 8:30pm

Thanks Patrick for the wonderful message of the Cross this morning!  And thanks Mark for the beautiful songs...lots of good ol' hymns! AWESOME was it, to get to SEE Brent & Jill Nichols, via SKYPE!  I love technology! 
On a personal Patrick's class, on Sunday mornings, we have been studying Spiritual Warfare.  It's VERY interesting. 
This next Sunday is Easter.  Patrick reminded us that this will be the ONLY church service that some people attend ALL YEAR LONG!  So, take this opportunity to invite a friend or relative or LOTS of them to come with you!

PRAISE:  Kristi Garrett came back home to Texas yesterday!  She did say that she left her heart in Alaska though.  Curtis flew out yesterday and will be up there at least a week.  I got a message from Curtis that said that the Dr. was in with Landon at the time, he was treating his muscle strength and is VERY optismistic about his progress.  Continue to pray specifically for the fine motor skills with his hands and feet, and for total healing! Please keep Curtis and Kristi in your prayers as they are traveling so much and leaving their "baby" so far away.

John Williams asked that we continue to remember his brother James Williams and their family.  James' 2 year old son, Emmitt, has cancer.  They are in Cincinnati receiving treatment.  James is running out of paid leave.  He's going to have to come back to work to keep his insurance going.  His wife will remain in Cincinnati with Emmitt.

Cynthia Williams' dad, Lanny Riggs, will have a heart procedure on Monday that could shut his kidneys down completely.  He will get stints or possibly open heart surgery.  Kidneys are the biggest concern.

Jill Faires asked that we remember the LTC participants and attendees for safe travel and an uplifting time at the convention.  May it be a blessing for everyone involved.

Continue to remember the Hanley family as they mourn the death of their uncle, Weldon Locke.

PRAISE:  Marolyn Woodall is thankful for prayers for the safe trip that Bruce, Dale & the girls, made to Thailand.

PRAISE: Peggy Robinson's friend, Gary Callaway, had stints placed in an artery of his heart this past Thursday. He is doing great. She said they can already tell a HUGE difference.

Mark Barnett asked for continued prayers for his young friend, Ty Van Meter.  He broke his pelvis 2 years ago.  Please pray specifically for bone growth.

Mark also asked for prayers for his friends, Alan & Joni Chilcoat, that doors will open for a good job and that Joni's health to improve.

Janet Christ asked for prayers for their nephew, Joshua Christ, that he heals from the burns he received in an accident, without scars.

Laura Janes will have a heart cath this Thursday and other medical decisions that are having to be made.

Reggie McDowra son and Becky Webb's grandson, Nick McDowra, was traveling from Ft. Leonardwood, to Ft. Hood and had a car accident.  He's ok, just scared the folks at home.

Christine Mashburn, Anna Zant's Mom, will have to have her hip surgery all over again.  Please keep this precious little woman in your prayers.

Debra Usry asked for prayers for her friend, Ron Brothers, and his health.

Debra also said that this Thursday will be the 1st group meeting for grandson Lucas.  They will get to go see him!

Phyllis Giguere is having to make several health decisions right now.  She's working toward having back surgery.

Dinah Border asked that we remember her granddaughter, Malorie Whitaker, this time last week we were praying for her, as she had been rear-ended in a car accident on her way back to TSU.  At the time, the Dr. didn't think she was hurt. 
This is a message from Dinah:  "Better Xrays & Drs revealed fractured C6 in her neck & L5 in low back. Mottling on her back may indicate internal damage to organs, not getting enough blood. She has been fitted with a neck brace & had MRIs done on Thursday. What we had hoped was soreness is more. Continued prayers, please."

Tammy Huffman has these requests today:  Sam Warren, her step-dad, just finished 2nd round of chemo.  Her Mom, Linda Warren, recovering from foot surgery.  Her husband, Robert Huffman, is in need of a job.  Her aunt, Thelma Welch, is 84 years old, is in the hospital in Sherman not doing well.  Also, keep Tammy on your heart, as the care-giver.

Dee Lyons has these prayer requests:  Her son, Jeremy Ray, that he find his way back to God and gets a job.  Also, Dee is thankful for improvement in her health.  She is ready and needs to get back to work.

Diane McFadden asked for prayers for her nephew, Darren Ausmus.  He's only 35 years old and has had triple by-pass heart surgery.  She also asked for prayers for her Mom, Lillian Welch, she has pneumonia.

CHANGE FOR CHILDREN:  KFC is collecting change for Boles & Medina Children's Homes with the can drive.  You can pick up a can at the Welcome Center or ask Tanya for one.

ANNUAL DIAPER DRIVE:  KFC is also helping Lubbock Children's Home by collecting size 2 & 3 Pull-Ups.

KIDDIE KOLLEGE ENROLLMENT:  Began March 23rd for the Fall Semester.  See Tammy Benedick for questions.

DON'T FORGET to bring your food this Wednesday night for the LTC group.  This keeps them from having to buy food at the hotel (which is VERY expensive) and also keeps them from having to leave the hotel.  Thanks in advance for your help on this.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is CHILI DOGS!  If you didn't get the chance to sign-up at church this morning, and want to join us on Wednesday night for dinner, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Jam or Jelly

April 1:  Men's "42" Night
April 2-3:  LTC Convention in Dallas
April 4:  Easter
April 4:  LTC Celebration Service at 6pm
April 11:  Book Club/Review - 4pm in Room 17
April 18:  Family LIFE Groups
April 18:  Boyd/Briscoe Wedding Shower
April 23-25:  Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat
April 25:  Brianna Slawson Wedding Shower
May 16:  Senior Sunday
May 26:  Blood Drive

Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/26 - 4:52pm

Elda Rodriguez has been in PRMC/North since last night with some health issues.  Hopefully she will be going home tonight.

Prayer Request Update - 3/26 - 1:58pm

Weldon Locke, uncle of Perry Hanley & Linda Hostetler and great uncle of James Hanley passed away this morning.  Visitation will be Sunday at Bright Holland 2-4pm.  Graveside services will be Monday at 10am at Evergreen Cemetary.

Prayer Request Update - 3/26 - 1:13pm

Kristi texted me to say that Landon is being moved the the 5th floor rehab unit at Providence Hospital in Anchorage.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/25 - 1:26pm

Kristi sent this message this morning.  Her first statement was..."It's one step forward and two steps back today"   Landon woke up very confused this morning.  They think it's the new meds they are giving him for spasms.  He had to have morphine IN the shower.  But he's back sleeping again now.

Peggy Robinson's friend, Gary Calloway, had a heart cath done this morning.  He had 2 blockages, 1 was 90% blocked.  They did put in a stent in the one that was so badly blocked.  He has to stay overnight at PRMC/S.

Prayer Request Update - 3/25 - 8:58am

I got a text message from Kristi late last night, Landon had lots going on yesterday.  They are so touched by all the care and prayers that everyone has expressed to them. God has already given him strength to move. He walked a little better yesterday, he's using a walker, but can't do it by himself. The surgeon is very pleased with his progress.  He has his gross motor skills, but a long way to go on his fine motor skills. He's determined to be returned to duty and maybe jumping out of planes again.  They will find out today where he'll be doing his rehab.

There were over 400 people at North Lamar yesterday being swabbed to see if they willl be a donor for MiKyla Pickering.  Her Mom wrote on her carepage last night that MiKyla had a really bad day yesterday.  They had to give her more blood and platelets.  Her ANC is 0!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/24 - 12:11pm

Floyd Embry had her knee replacement surgery early this morning at PRMC-S,  She's expected to be in hospital for 3 days.

Lucy Staley asked us to pray for Kathy Grigsby. She is having back surgery next Monday again.  Please keep Kathy on your hearts...this is the 2nd back surgery for her and you know how weak her heart is.

Lucy Staley said that she is getting stronger, after her fall a couple of weeks ago.

Prayer Request Update - 3/24 - 9am

Joe Slagle (Gary Border's cousin) continues to be in Doctor's Hospital/Dallas.  He is doing some better.  They operated on his leg this week and removed the infection that was causing so much trouble.  His muscle is severely damaged and the leg may have to be amputated.  His vitals are good.  He lost a lot of blood during surgery, and a transfusion was needed.  Because of infection, no visitors, except immediate family.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/23 - 5:47pm

Talked with Curtis this afternoon...he said that Landon used his right hand to put bacon in his mouth this morning!  AND...he walked...YES, I said WALKED (with a walker) in the rehab area.  God is SO good!  Thank you Lord for providing movement!  
UPDATE @ 9:45pm:  I got this message from Curtis tonight: "Just to let you know...Landon has walked some today...with a walker...but walked. He is making himself use his right hand. He is in good spirits. Please keep praying. He has a long way to go but he says he is gonna do it."

There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the Jr. Jam kids, this Sunday at 2:00 at Curt & Melissa Poore's house 7983 CR 42500.  Bring your baskets angot a message from Curtis tonight: "Just to let you know...Landon has walked some today...with a walker...but walked. He is making himself use his right hand. He is in good spirits. Please keep praying. He has a long way to go but he says he is gonna do it."d be ready to have lots of fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/22 - 9:16pm

If you look closely, you will be able to see where the surgeon went in through the front of Landon's neck to repair the vertabrae. 
Kristi has been unable to hug Landon because he is having alot of pain in his arms. Please pray that the pain subsides and she can hug and touch him. 
As a Mom, this breaks my heart!  Tonight, along with healing, specifically pray for the pain to subside ... there's nothing more healing than a Mother's touch! 

Prayer Request Update - 3/22 - 12:17pm

PRAISE:  Kristi Garrett just texted and said that Landon is resting and MOVED HIS LEG this morning!

Syble Ferguson, cousin of Sara Dene Goree, passed away last Thursday, March 18th, in Garland.  Please keep Sara in your prayers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/21 - 10:32pm

PRAISE Update on Dinah Border's granddaughter, Malorie"X-rays clear. She will be sore for a while. No cheerleading anytime soon. THANK GOD for His protection & you folks for prayers, calls, texts & facebook posts. God bless you."

Prayer Request Update - 3/21 - 7:42pm

Dinah Border sent this message:  "My granddaughter, Malorie, was rear-ended on way back to Tarleton University. Was able to call home.  Ambulance taking her to the Stephenville hospital. If able to make phone call, hopefully she's not badly hurt. Prayers please. Thanks & God bless."

Kristi Garrett has made it to Seattle, where there is a lay-over.  She will be in Anchorage 12mid our time.  She did talk to the nurse who said that there is no change in Landon since yesterday.  (No movements in right hand or foot.)  He is able to move his arm...but not his hand.

Prayer Request Update - 3/21 - 1:55pm

What a day!  SNOW?  Everthing looks so clean and fresh.  But seriously....SNOW?
The elders made the decision, since the snow is continuing, there will be NO services tonight.

Beautiful service this morning ... it's good to change things up!
"God can use anyone who's dependent on HIM since the responsibility for the work is HIS - HE just wants our availability."

Kristi talked with Landon this morning.  He's still in the Adult Critical Care unit.  He has moved his arm, but there's still no movement in his foot.  She said he's not as "up" as he was yesterday...which is understandable....he's going to have many days like that.

Derald & Lesa Bulls asked for continued prayers for their granddaughter Mackenzie.  She's been really sick this week and hope she will be well soon.

Louie & Marolyn Woodall's son, Bruce, his wife Dale and their 2 daughters are in Thailand on a medical mission trip.  Please keep them in prayer for safe travel and success on their trip.

There will be bone marrow testing for donors for MiKyla Pickering this Wednesday at North Lamar.  I'll get more details and post later.

LTC is coming quickly!  There's a table in the foyer for donations of food.  It's very expensive to eat there at the hotel and donations are GREATLY appreciated.  Check with Leslie Keele, she has a sign up sheet for items that are needed.  Thank you in advance for your help!
Speaking of LTC...there will be a meeting next Sunday morning (after services) for anyone that will be attending.  Please plan on attending.
Also, there is a need for pictures, for the scrapbooking team, of the Benefit Luncheon for Boles Home, delivery of food baskets, See You at the Pole, 42 nights, Wild Game dinner night, and LIFE groups.  Please give to Leslie Keele or Dannie Weeks ASAP.

KFC:  Change for Children for Boles & Medina Children's Homes.  You can pick up a can at the Welcome Center or ask Tanya Welch for one.
Also, Diaper Drive, for Lubbock Children's Home, needing size 2/3 Pull-Ups.  Place the diapers by the children's wing.

Anna Bolton's diamond ring is still missing.  A reward is offered for its return if you can find it.

Katie Keele's purple Bible is missing.  It's very important to her.

Former member, Jamilyn (Garrett) Campbell is expecting a little girl in May.  Her girlfrieds are going to have a "Pink" baby shower for her on Saturday, April 10th @ 2:00 p.m.  It will be at Melissa Poore's home 7983 CR 42500 (Sugar Hill Rd.)  Registered @ Walmart and Target.  (If you have any questions, check with Melissa or Lindsay McCarter.)

BLOOD DRIVE:  There were 20 credits towards our account!  There were so many gone on Spring Break vacations and those of us that have been sick...I honestly didn't think there would be that many!  That is so awesome that there were this many!  Thank you and bless those that donated.  This is such a wonderful ministry...because of this, any member of LACOC may receive credits for blood!
Our next blood drive will be May 26th!

BENEVOLENCE CLOSET:  Now accepting summer clothes.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned vegetables

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entree is Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches.  The cost is STILL only $2.  If you didn't get the chance to sign up this morning, and would like to join us, call the church office before noon on Tuesday morning.

Mar 23:  Kiddie Kollege Enrollment begins for Fall semester
April 1:  Men's "42" night
April 2-3:  LTC Convention
April 4:  LTC Celebration on Sunday night
April 11: Book Club/Review
April 18:  Wedding Shower for Shannon Boyd & Kristin Briscoe
April 23-25:  Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat
April 25:  Brianna Slawson Wedding Shower
May 26:  Blood Drive 4:00-8:00pm

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update on Landon Garrett - 3/20 - 10:10pm

Kristi Garrett heard from the surgeon tonight and passed this along:  "Now we have the recovery prayers to send up. The doctor told me that his spinal cord was severly bruised and it is still too early to say if he will make a complete recovery. He said that even with rehab he might still have a deficit in his right hand and foot. Please pray that Landon's recovery is 100 percent and speedy."


Landon is still in surgery as of now.  Things are in the works to get Kristi to Anchorage.

Update on Landon Garrett - 3/20 - 3:12pm

Kristi posted this on facebook:  "I talked to a nurse at the hospital and Landon did not go into surgery until around 12:30 today. We are waiting on the word from the surgery before we make plans to go to Alaska. Keep the prayers going up! I am so amazed with the outpouring of love and prayers for Landon and for us. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Prayer Request Update - 3/20 - 11:25am

Please pray for Landon Garrett...RIGHT NOW!
He is in the Army and is stationed in Alaska.  He went snowboarding with friends last night, had an accident and broke 2 vertebrae in his neck (C5 & C6).  He does not have full movement on his right side.
He is a high priority surgery and was the first one the surgeons operated on this morning.  They started the surgery at 11am (our time).  No idea how long this will take.
Please pray for the doctors as they do the surgery and that Landon will make a full recovery. 
Please also pray for Curtis and Kristi during this time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/18 - 8:40am

Johnny Bassett is in PRMC/North - Room 517.  He is alert and doing well.

Robbie Padgett's brother, Jeff Keen, is having serious problems with his heart.  Doctors have said they've done all they can.  Robbie's Mom, Sandra Leath, finally got to go home from the hospital.

Derald & Lesa Bulls' granddaughter, MacKenzie, is doing better.  It was discovered that she has pneumonia in one lung.

Joe Slagle (Gary Border's cousin about 46 yrs old) has a serious infection, his kidneys are shutting down, he's on a ventilator. He's in ICU at Doctor's Hospital/Dallas.

Darren Ausmus (Jerry McFadden's nephew about 35 yrs old) is diabetic from childhood, was in surgery yesterday afternoon having 5 heart bypasses.

Leston Maggard's sister, Joyce Condor, had surgery yesterday at PRMC-S. She is resting well today.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/15 - 7pm

Derald & Lesa Bulls' granddaughter, Mackenzie, had a febrile seizure last night, due to rapid rise in her temperature.  She had to be taken to the ER here in Paris.  DJ and Meghan, Mackenzie's parents, took her this afternoon to see her peditrician in Arlington. 

Leslie Keele sent this message today:  "My Dad's MRI showed nothing abnormal. Will undergo more tests this week and next."

If you are a Prayer Chain leader would you please add me to your list of people to call?  That way I can add them to the blog also.  Please and thank you!

Prayer Request Update - 3/15 - 12:25pm

Thank you Jered for your wonderful lesson!  I loved the stories about Tammy and her father traveling in the jungle to take the message of God to those that would normally never hear of him.  And thanks also for reminding us that Jesus "steps in" and takes care of us.

Keep the following in your prayers:
  • Those traveling during Spring Break.
  • Johnny Bassett was taken to the ER yesterday morning.
  • Ed Bullard was taken to the hospital with low blood pressure.
  • Tirzah Brown (a friend of the Usry's) is having problems with her pregnancy.
  • Louie & Marolyn Woodall's son Bruce and wife Dale and the girls are traveling to Thailand and Burma. Please pray for their safety.
  • Derald Bulls asked that we continue to pray for Kimi & Geri Preston for strength and understanding  while dealing with the death of their Mom, June.

DON'T FORGET:  Blood Drive this Wednesday, March 17th, from 3:30pm - 8:30pm in the OutReach Building.


Change for Children Drive - This will benefit Boles Home and Medina Children's Home.
Diaper Drive - Lubbock Children's Home is in need of size 2-3 Pull-Ups. Please place the packages by the children's wing.

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entree' will be Irish Stew. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat with us on Wednesday night, please call the church office at 903-785-0387 to reserve your spot. Still only $2.


Benevolence Closet can start taking summer clothing at this time.

Mar 17: Blood Drive
Mar 21: Family LIFE Groups
Mar 23: Kiddie Kollege Enrollment for Fall
April 1: Men's "42" Night
April 1:  "I Move My Youth Group" the entire month of April....look out for those flamingos!
April. 2-3: LTC Convention
April 23-25: Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat

Friday, March 12, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/12 - 11pm

Leslie Keele sent this message tonight:  "Can you add my daddy to the prayer list?  He is having an MRI tomorrow at 7 am. He has some symptoms and trying to get it figured out. Praying for answers and comfort. He is very aprehensive about this."

Prayer Request Update - 3/12 - 4:42pm

Johnny Nabors' brother, Phillip, was about to come home yesterday and took a turn for the worse. He "coded" twice and was bleeding out really bad because of all the blood thinners he's taken lately. They've now given him 2 pints of blood, platelets and he's stable now. He's in a "regular" room at Baylor/Dallas.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/10 - 8:40pm

Ruth McFadden is in Presbyterian/Dallas.  The doctors are regulating her meds and hopefully she'll be home by Friday.

Sandra Leath has been in the hospital for 19 days.  Pneumonia is gone but blood clots are still in her lungs.  PRMC/S - Room 306.

Lucy Staley is continuing to recover after her fall at home.  She took FOUR steps today!!

David Johnson had gall bladder surgery and is having some other tests run.

Roy Jones had gall bladder surgery and is recuperating at home.

Jean O'Neal is having some health problems. 

Dinah & Gary Border's longtime friend, Sue Woodard, passed away this past week. 

Jean McCuin (friend of the Border's) is having radiation therapy on cancer in her head.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Congratulations! 3/9 - 12:38pm

Congratulations to LACOC Youth Group Seniors!  These 4 were listed in the Paris News today as the 2009-2010 Texas Scholars!  Way to go kids!
  • Stephanie Janes
  • Adam Skidmore
  • Zach Wickes
  • Zach Zant

Monday, March 8, 2010

Prayer Request - 3/8 - 6:56pm

Lucas Simpson and Mallory Wood are both at Boles Home.  Their addresses will be on the Prayer Request sheets at the Welcome Center on Wednesday night and in the bulletin at church on Sunday.  I'm sure they'd love to hear a little encouragement from everyone!

Prayer Request Update - 3/8 - 4:48pm

  • Please keep Lewis & Carole Anderson & Clint & Rachel Spencer in your prayers for safety as they are traveling to Brazil.
  • Sherry Welch had cataract removal surgery this morning in Dallas.
  • Marie Figgins is continuing to recover from her fall.
  • Sam Warren, Tammy Huffman's step-dad, started chemo this week.  He's very weak and nauseated.
  • Ora Henderson for her health issues she's been having and for her son, Gerald's health as well.
  • Jo Ann Parkman asked for prayers for her friend who has breast cancer.
  • Vicki Shupping's husband is recovering from surgery.
  • Cynthia Williams asked that we keep her son, Derek, on our hearts.  That he stays faithful to God and that he resists temptations.
  • Emmitt Williams, John's nephew, got great results from his tests in Cinncinati.  Although, he may have to go through 2 more months there.
  • Jean McCuin, a friend of Dinah Border, has started radiation treatments on her head.
  • Jennifer Avant, Leslie Keele's friend, broke her leg during the ice/snow a few weeks ago. Her leg is not healing properly.  She's also having marital issues.
  • James Vinson, Paul's Dad, had a mini-stroke.
  • Pearl Holmes asked for prayers for the Avant family as they are having personal problems.
  • Please remember the Preston, Strawn and Cantrell families and Janet Fouse's family as they deal with the loss of these loved ones.
  • Mark Barnett's friend, Shawn Scott, lost his Dad this past week.  We've had Curry Scott on our prayer lists for many months.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friends, the Davis family, are mourning the loss of their 7 yr old son, Newt this past week.  He was killed in an ATV accident.
We have many families that will be traveling next week during Spring Break.  Please keep them all in your prayers.

Prayer Request Update - 3/8 - 3:32pm

Ed Bullard went to the ER this afternoon with some heart issues They changed his meds and sent him home.  He'll follow up with Dr. Hashmi later this week.

Amy Owens sent this request:  "I wanted to add my coworker's grandson, Tristan 12 yr old to the prayer list. Tristan, is having some heart problems and is having a heart cath done this morning at Children's. I know Tristan is scared and needs our prayers!! Thank you!! "

BLOOD DRIVE:  March 17th the Carter Blood Center Van will be here from 3:30p-8:00p.

  • Change for Children Drive  - This will benefit Boles Home and Medina Children's Home.
  • Diaper Drive - Lubbock Children's Home is in need of size 2-3 Pull-Ups.  Please place the packages by the children's wing.
SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entree' will be Taco Soup.  If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat with us on Wednesday night, please call the church office at 903-785-0387 to reserve your spot.  Still only $2.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Boxes of crackers

Mar 14:  Book Club/Review
Mar 17:  Blood Drive
April 1:   Men's "42" Night
April. 2-3:  LTC  Convention
April 23-25:  Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/7 - 9pm

Please forgive the lack of updates these past few days.  I've not been out of the house in 5 days...but I am feeling better.  I plan on going back to work tomorrow and I'll get the requests from classes and send out an update tomorrow night!

Joy Barnett sent this message tonight:  "Praise the Lord. Marlee Christine Speer arrived on Sunday March 7, 2010 at 12:09pm. She weighed in at 7pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long. Mom and Baby both are doing great. Parents are George and Valerie Speer. Proud Grandparents are Glen and Joy Barnett. First little girl!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/4 - 10:03pm

Homer Sawyer, brother-in-law of Brooks Harlan, passed away yesterday. His service will be Sunday afternoon in Austin.  (He was the husband of Jenny Harlan, son-in-law of Maxine Harlan (deceased) former members of Lamar Avenue.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/3 - 5:05pm

Our sympathy goes to our sister, Evelyn Perry.  Her brother, Taylor Kirkham, passed away this week.  There will be a graveside service on Thursday @2pm in Burleson.

June Preston's daughters have asked for volunteers to sit at her home on Thursday night (5:30-7:30) and Friday (10a-6p).  Contact Dinah at the church office (903-785-0387) if you can help.

Sandra Leath continues to be in PRMC/S - Room 306.  The pneumonia is better, but she has bloodclots.

Ann Huffman has been released from the hospital.

Sarah Smith's brother, Tommy Clem, has been transferred to Legends - Room 503.

Joe Hayes' friend, Donna Phelps, is seriously ill.  She is in Legends - Room 102.

Debra Usry just called.  She is on her way home from taking Lucas to Boles Home today.  He'll start school tomorrow.

Prayer Request Update - 3/3 - 11:47am

June Preston's visitation will be Thursday night, from 6-7pm, at Starrett Funeral Home.  Her funeral services will be Friday morning (3/5) at 10:30am also at Starrett.   You can click here to read her information.

The Habitat For Humanity community service project that was scheduled for this Saturday (3/6) has been postponed, due to the fact that we've had so much rain and can't do what needs to be done.  Jered will get back with us when he finds out more information.

On a personal note....I am at home today with swollen tonsils!  (I know, how do you know when a fat girl is swollen? haha)  They did a strep test and it came back negative!  (Thank you Lord!)  So, I'm taking antibiotics and keeping my mouth, seriously I am!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prayer Request Updates - 3/2 - 11:40am

Trinia Dean sent these requests this morning:   "Please add Courtney Relford to prayer list, and Nelly Davis both for health.  You may have heard Dennis Malone, which is Jeremy's father, has bone cancer.  Sara Lee friends are having a Spaghetti supper March 13th at Mt Olive Baptist Church at 6pm.  They need all the help they can get."

Prayer Request Update - 3/2 - 9:15am

Our sister, June Preston, went home to the Lord this morning at 3:30am. Starrett Funeral Home will take care of her arrangements.  No other details are known at this time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/1 - 12:50pm

  • Lucy Staley had a bad fall but did not break any bones. She is very bruised and in a lot of pain.
  • Buck Ramsey passed away on Friday (28th). His service will be at the Methodist church in Bogata on Wednesday at 11:00am. (No other details are known at this time.)
  • Bill Partin's aunt, "Cotten" Anable, passed away on the 26th. She lived out of state, so they will not be making the trip.

Prayer Request Update - 3/1 - 12:07pm

Janet Fouse's Dad passed away this morning.  Please keep Janet, Royce & Scott in your prayers.  No other details are known at this time.