Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/28 - 10:18pm

We were reminded this morning in Patrick's lesson....One thing that is certain about life is that it is almost always uncertain....but, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!  We've got to apply that to our lives, each and every day!
  • June Preston is in her final days.  Her health is declining very fast at this time.  Her daughters are with her.
  • Cleve Fendley is recovering from by-pass surgery and now has pneumonia.
  • Ann Huffman continues to be in PRMC/S with pneumonia.
  • Vickie Vinson's grandmother passed away this week.  Please keep their family in prayer.
  • Lewis & Carole Anderson and Clint & Rachel Spencer will be traveling to Brazil for the dedication of the church in Niteroi with Brent & Jill Nichols.  Pray for their safety during their travels.
  • Dave Johnson had gallbladder surgery this week and is recovering at home.
  • Laura Janes is continuing to have severe health issues.
  • Marie Figgins is recovering, at home, from her recent fall.
  • Joel McGee requests prayers for his health and job search.
  • Lucas Simpson leaves Wednesday for an extended stay at Boles Home.
  • Janet Fouse's dad is seriously ill in a hospital in Tyler.  Also, they are very happy that Janet's sister had a reunion with their Dad after many years of family issues.
  • Jackie Robertson is in the ER tonight.  His heart had stopped at one point today.  (No other details are known at this time.  Also, Jackie's only brother, Billy Robertson, passed away Saturday.  His services will be at the Fry-Gibbs chapel at 10am on Tuesday morning.
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn, is in rehab.  Anna asks for prayers that she'll be able to do rehab and get home again.
  • John Crittenden, Mark Barnett's friend, has 80% blockage and is having surgery on Tuesday.
  • Connie Ausmus' Mom, Gloria Douglass, will be having surgery tomorrow.  Please pray for safe travel for Connie.
  • Jimmy Howard, Jamie Hyatt's brother, is having health issues and will have gallbladder surgery soon.
  • PRAISE:  Charlotte Grooms' brother, David Nelson, got his biopsy results this week....CLEARWoooHOOO!
CONGRATULATIONS to Bailey Cannon.  She was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society today!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Home School Basketball Team!  They won 2nd at the State tournament.  Kelsey Welch and McKenna Jones were awarded All Tournament players! 

WED. NIGHT FOR THE MASTER:  We are in need of Get Well cards.  If you are at the store and pick up a box for us....we'd really appreciate it!  You can give them to me (Molly) or leave them on the Secret Sister table in the foyer.
Sherrie Boyd asked me to come to her 3 year old class this morning...they each had made cards this morning and presented them to me!  How precious it was to see these little ones working as hard as they could to do something for others!  They were so proud of themselves....and how proud will the person be that gets that work of art!  Thank you to Adrian, Avery, Berenice, Payden, Tyler and Vanessa for the beautiful cards!

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: If you are willing to pick-up folks on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings, please see Shane Welch or Jimmy Thielman.

PANTRY NEEDS: Hot Cereal & 1 lb. pkgs of Rice
SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entree is Homemade Chili. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

DON'T FORGET: KFC is working on the "Change For Children" service challenge for Boles Home and Medina Children's Home. Also, a "Diaper Drive" for Lubbock Children's Home. They are in need of size 2/3 Pull-Ups.

Mar 4: Men's "42" Night
Mar 6: Habitat For Humanity Work Day
Mar 14: Ladies Book Study/Review group - 4pm
Mar 17: Blood Drive
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas
April 23-25: Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat for ALL teens


Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/26 - 7:28pm

Lucy Offutt sent these messages tonight:  "Please add to the prayer list Hannah Jackson, the 5 yr old daughter of Tonya and Kyle Jackson, who has lateral scleroderma, which was thought to be in remission, but the disease has returned and she will have to spend several days every month in Scottish Rite Hospital/Dallas getting IV treatments in addition to her weekly chemo injections for the next 3 months, at a minimum. Her mom is my coworker and friend. Tonya's mother, Ann Adams, who received a liver transplant a few yrs ago is having problems as well and will be undergoing biopsies and other testing to see if she is experiencing rejection of the new liver or not. This family needs all our prayers."  (Ann is Kathy Daniels' sister-in-law, Tonya is her niece.)

"Please also add all my nursing students as most are suffering personal illnesses, caring for parents with incurable cancers, and trying to care for parents, children, themselves, and their loved ones while trying to succeed in school to obtain their nursing licenses to better support their families. It has been a particularly difficult time for most of this class."
"Also please pray for my friend Sue's friend in Indiana. Her friend is the mother of 5 children ages 12 to 20. Early this week, the 18 yr. old was taking the children to school on icy roads and skidded into another vehicle, whicT hit on the passenger side. the 18 and 14 yr. old boys on the driver side were fine. The 16 year old boy on front passenger side suffered a fractured pelvis. The 12 year old daughter was trapped in the back seat between the two cars. Rescue workers were able to cut the 16 year old boy out, but as they did, the car burst into flames, seriously burning the young man, but incinerating his 12-year old sister. The funeral is Saturday. The 18 year-old brother who was driving blames himself and the family is devastated by this. Please pray for them and for my friend Sue as she flies to and from the funeral in bad weather."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/25 - 2:42pm

Sarah Smith's brother, Tommy Clem, was admitted to PRMC/S - ICU - Room 335 early this morning.  Miss Sarah is really worried about him and asks for your prayers.

Prayer Request Update - 2/25 - 12:27pm

Dinah Border sent this message:  "Anna Zant says they FINALLY have her mother, Christine Mashburn, in rehab PRMC/N Room 308. (That is a prayer answered!!)"  Dinah also added that Mr. Mashburn and Anna are worn out. I thank God that she agreed to go and a room came available.

Joy Barnett asked that we  "...keep my son Jerry in their prayers. He is having a hard time finding a job and it is putting pressure on the new marriage. To give him strength and to put his troubles into the hands of God, and that the Lord's will be done."

Linda Erwin sent this message:  "Please add DeeDee Freelen, who works at Chisum, to the prayer requests.  She is undergoing tests for a shadow/possible mass on her heart."

Prayer Request Update - 2/25 - 8:25am

I talked with John & Robyn Figgins this morning.  Marie has MANY stitches in her knee, but the other tests came back ok.  After she got home last night from the ER, she was trying to get up out of a chair and fell again.  Please keep Miss Marie in your prayers for healing.

And speaking of Robyn...she has strep and feels awful!  (That's about the best way to put it!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/24 - 8:51pm

Marie Figgins' fell down the stairs in their home this afternoon.  She was taken to the PRMC/S ER for tests and x-rays.  No other details are known at this time.

Robyn Figgins' has strep throat.

Joe Daniels went back to the Dr. this week.  He has NO histoplasmosis in his lungs!  (WooHOOO!)  His lungs are CLEAR....except for some scar tissue.  But, no more Dr. visits until August!

Lucas Simpson, the Usry's grandson, will be going to Boles Home next Wednesday (3/3) for an extended period of time.

Johnny Nabors' brother, Phillip, is continuing to have health problems.  He still has a staph infection, but it is now a "super bug".

Monica Baeza, Carlos, passed away yesterday.  They are neighbors of Derald & Lesa Bulls.

Ali Brooke Cobb, 2 yr old daughter of Christopher Cobb, passed away this week. Christopher is a former employee of Wayne Kerby.

Sandra Leath continues to be in PRMC/S - Room 306.

Johnny Bassett is in PRMC/N.

Prayer Request Update - 2/24 - 12:17pm

Ann Huffman is in PRMC/S with pneumonia.  There is a possibility that she will come home today.

Please keep Lance Johnson in your prayers.  He has ALS and needs your prayers for strength.  (Lance is Cari Johnson's husband and Dad to Selena & Sophia.)  Lance is continuing to coach soccer and teach for NLHS, as well as being a Dad/Husband.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/23 - 12:06pm

I just talked with Mitchell Hicks.  His Mom, Hazel Hicks, was just moved back to Legends Nursing Home, from PRMC, this morning.

Prayer Request Update - 2/23 - 12pm

Cleve Fendley got home last night, from Baylor/Dallas, around 10:00pm and was exhausted. Sharon is trying to keep him quiet and let him rest.  They are wanting to limit visits for a few days, so he can recuperate.  Meals are taken care of.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/22 - 6:31pm

Jackie Helm's grandmother, Katherine Elizabeth Helm, passed away on Saturday.  She lived in Oklahoma. Jackie was very close to her grandmother...please keep her in prayer.

I just talked with Judy Trammel, she says that Henry had prostate surgery last Wednesday.  After all the tests came back, they found that he has prostate cancer.  He has to heal for 6 weeks from the surgery and then they will start radiation treatments.

Jered sent a reminder this afternoon:  "We will be helping with the Habitat for Humanity house on
Saturday, March 6. We will prepare a meal for lunch and take it to the crew working, which I hope includes some of us. We need help on both. For those teens that are 16-17 they simply need a release form. 18 and up need no release forms. Teens under 16 can help with serving lunch but not on the house. We need adult help too. Sign up on the youth board or send me an e-mail. This is not an all day event probably just a couple of hours. More details coming later. Special thanks to Jason McGee for coming up with this idea to work in the community back in the the summer."

Prayer Request Update - 2/22 - 4:53pm

Jenny Bizaillion, who we've had on our prayer lists for 2 weeks, lost her fight today at 3:38pm.
God bless her husband David, daughter Malaya and her parents Rick & Bev Ross.

Prayer Request Update - 2/22 - 4:36pm

Aaron Christ was re-baptized last night at Harding University.  We rejoice with his Mom & Dad, Larry & Janet!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/21 - 7:42pm

Thanks Patrick for starting our week off right by reminding us that God has us in the palm of his hand.  That's such a calming thought for me!  Knowing that at all times He's watching over us!

I love that every week our VERY talented praise leaders bring us a song service that opens our hearts and minds together!  We all have songs that invoke memories of a time or an event in our lives.  ("Sing and Be Happy" reminds me of those "old school" singing services that we used to have.  I would always request that one!)

Ora Henderson went forward this morning saying that she "feels like the world is closing in on me".  She always would like prayers for her family health and their spiritual life.
  • Please keep Mary Sharber and Charlie Parkman's families in your prayers as they grieve the loss of our sweet friends. Mary's funeral will be at 11am at the Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home chapel.  Visitation will be at 10am.
  • Our sympathy is extended to Jim & Delores Parker in the death of their brother-in-law, Robert Ross.
  • Hazel Hicks has been admitted to PRMC/S.
  • Cleve Fendley is continuing to recover from by-pass surgery.  He's in Baylor.
  • The past couple of weeks, I've asked you to pray for a Sister in Christ, Jenny Bizallion. She is 31, is married and has a little girl, Malaya.  Her dad is Rick Ross, the preacher in Decatur.  Jenny thought she had the flu...then it went into pneumonia...then she got a staph infection...then it turned to sepsis.  They had to cut off both her legs this week and is now having seizures. Please go to this website - fill out a quick form and make up a password.  Then there will be a place where you can put in a name....type in Jenny Bizaillion.   You will then receive e-mails telling you when the family has updates about her...or a special prayer request.  
  • Tyler Benedick has strep throat.
  • John Williams asked that we continue to remember his 2 yr old nephew, Emmitt, as the family travels to Cinncinati for treatments for his cancer.  This will be toughest part, so far, for him. 
  • Cynthia Williams asked that we pray for her friends who are having serious marriage problems.  She also asked for prayers for her aunt, Nancy Stanfill.  She's been admitted to the hospital for psychiatric problems.
  • Janet Christ asked that we remember Aaron, as he travels back to Harding today.  Be careful Aaron!
  • Linda Erwin asked that we pray for the Cox family.  Their little baby was born at 24 weeks.  They are in Plano.
  • Derald Bulls' friend, George Kimbrough, continues to take cancer treatments weekly.
  • Pearl Holmes friend, Debra Whorton, has been admitted to the hospital.  Pearl said "her body is shutting down".
CONGRATULATIONS: Zack Wicks was named a D.A.R. Good Citizen recently!  We are so proud of you Zack!

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: If you are willing to pick-up folks on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings, please see Shane Welch or Jimmy Thielman.

PANTRY NEEDS: Pasta & Peanut Butter

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entree is Mexican Stack-Ups. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

DON'T FORGET:  KFC is working on the "Change For Children" service challenge for Boles Home and Medina Children's Home.  Also, a "Diaper Drive" for Lubbock Children's Home.  They are in need of size 2-3.

Feb 28: Bridal Shower for Ashley Slawson & Bradley Kelley
Mar 4: Men's "42" Night
Mar 6: Habitat For Humanity Work Day
Mar 14: Ladies Book Study/Review group - 4pm
Mar 17: Blood Drive
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas
April 23-25: Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat for ALL teens

Do you know that the phrase "Do not be afraid" is in the bible 88 times? 

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/19 - 9:57am

Cleve Fendley had surgery last evening, three by-passes, and everything went well. PRAISE GOD!!  (He is at the old Baylor Hospital in Dallas).

Our sweet Johnny Bassett has been admitted to PRMC/North for treatment.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/18 - 12:18pm

Our sweet sister, Mary Sharber, went home to be with the Lord this morning at 6:30 a.m.  Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home is in charge of her services.
Family Visitation:  Monday - 10am until service time
Funeral:  11am in the F&G chapel
Burial:  Evergreen Cemetery
Lunch for the family will be @ 12:15-12:30pm at LACOC

Cleve Fendley had a heart cath this morning and is now waiting for a bed at Baylor as soon as they have one available.  He will probably be heading that way later this afternoon.  He is going to need by-pass surgery.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/17 - 9:55pm

Our sweet sister, Mary Sharber, is so close to her homecoming with our Lord!  She was still alert this evening!  God bless our sister and her journey HOME!

Charlie Parkman's friends & family visitation time will be Friday night at the LACOC foyer from 6-8pm.  Funeral services will be at 10am at LACOC with burial at 4pm at Tennessee Colony near Palestine.

Shari Wisham has been diagnosed with breast cancer and the cancer is in her chest wall also.  She will be having surgery after further testing.  She is a single Mom of 2 of our little Latch Key kids.

Roselyn Spencer had an accident at church tonight.  She got a bad cut on her head and was already being stitched up when church was over!

Aubrie McCarter has strep throat.  She was feeling better tonight.

Alexis Daniels' has an ear infection and has started steroids for a terrible cough.

Brody Dyess has an ear infection and RSV.

Phyllis Giguere is at home recovering from her day surgery.  She is doing well.

Lonnie Kennedy had open heart surgery today.  He had 3 arteries that were 98% blocked!  He is in PRMC/North - ICU.

Amber Morin (10 yr old Justiss student) is finally at home!  She's been in Children's Medical Center since before Christmas!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/16 - 8:15pm

Phyllis Giguere will be having day surgery tomorrow at PRMC/S. Dr. Preston is removing the Pain Stimulator and wires from her back. This is one of the steps toward having the major back surgery later. They will now be able to get an updated MRI of her back.

Prayer Request Update - 2/16 - 1:40pm

Our brother, Charlie Parkman's services will be Saturday at LACOC. ( Not sure of time yet.)

I talked with Mary Sharber's daughter today.  She says that Mary is not responding today.  Please know that all visitors are WELCOME to come by!  PRMC/S - Room 319.

Jo Ricketson's daughter-in-law, Diane Moss Ricketson, passed way last week from a heart attack.  Her services were in the Dallas area.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/15 - 11:22am

Our sweet brother, Charlie Parkman, passed away early this morning.  Arrangements are pending at this time.  Please keep JoAnn and the family in your prayers at this time.

John Gentry's friend, O.B. McCuin asked for prayers for his wife, Jean.  She is at PRMC/South with brain cancer.  She will be having some tests run in the next few days.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/14 - 7:25pm

What an amazing worship service we had this morning!  Patrick had a great lesson from Daniel 10 "A Fresh Touch".  When you are praising God, your mind is taken off of the "issue at hand" and Satan can't stand that!
Patrick is part of a newly formed Prayer Group with leaders of our community that will be meeting together to pray for not only our community, but the country.

PRAISE:  Julie Vaughan was baptized by James Hanley on Wed.  Julie's Mom, Jene, is a Kiddie Kollege teacher.  Julie is an assistant with our Latch Key program. 

PRAISE:  Ashley Washington was baptized this morning.  We were so honored to have Ashley's Mom, Velma, here to witness her baptism.  Ashley is a member of the PJC Lady Dragon Basketball team.

Langdon Barnett went forward this morning stating that she needs "a fresh touch" from God. 

Carly Usry went forward this morning asking for prayers for her brother, Lucas Simpson.  Lucas is having issues at home and is awaiting a call, this week, to see if he can attend to Boles Home.  She also asked for prayers for her friend, Ashley Jackson.  Her sister, Stephanie Simer, has been missing from this area since Monday afternoon.  Stephanie is a sophomore at NLHS. (Grandmother is Yvonne Woodall.)  UPDATE:  Debra just called and said that Stephanie was found this afternoon and is at home!  PRAISE! 
  • Mary Sharber's cancer is very agressive.  Medically, she's as far as she can go.  She is in Room 319 in PRMC/South.
  • Charlie Parkman had a really bad day yesterday.  He is very weak.
  • Leslie, Justin, Caleb and Katie Keele were in an accident Saturday on the loop.  Many MANY PRAISES that no one was injured.  The truck was totaled. 
  • James Rodgers' Mom, Mildred, had exploratory surgery on Friday.  She's been in the hospital for the last 9 days.
  • Landon Garrett is now in Anchorage, Alaska for this tour of duty.  (When he left DFW last night they upgraded him, because he was in uniform!)
  • Mindy Bulls asked that we pray for Tim & Vivian Tabangcora as they are at M.D. Anderson for treatments.
  • Michelle Anderson AND Laura Janes are both recovering from gallbladder surgery.
  • Mikyla Pickering's leukemia has come out of remission.  She goes to the hospital tomorrow to start very hard, intensive chemo for the next few months.  Once her leukemia is in remission again, she will have bone marrow treatment.  You can read more about her by clicking on this link.
  • Charlotte Grooms niece had a place on her nose that was cancerous, but the Dr. got all of it.  Also, she is having problems with arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Tammy Huffman asked that we remember her step-dad, Sam Warren.  He has cancer.  Also, Robert (her husband) needs a job. (He was recently laid off at Sara Lee.)
TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: If you are willing to pick-up folks on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings, please see Shane Welch or Jimmy Thielman.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Hot or Cold Cereals

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entree is Spaghetti & Meatballs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Feb 21:  Family LIFE Groups
Feb 21:  Diaper/Misc. Baby Boy Shower for Jami (Shackelford) Farrell
Feb 28:  Bridal Shower for Ashley Slawson & Bradley Kelley
Mar 4:   Men's "42" Night
Mar 6:   Habitat For Humanity Work Day
Mar 14: Ladies Book Study/Review group
Mar 17: Blood Drive
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas
April 23-25:  Camp Deer Run Spring Retreat for ALL teens

Listening to others can change my life.
Listening to God can change my heart!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prayer Request - 2/13 - 8pm

Derald Bulls asked for prayers for one of his friends.  Julia House Blind has recently been diagnosed with cancer and will be having major surgery in the coming weeks. (She is the daughter of the late W.M. House.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/12 - 12:08p

Mildred Rodgers is in PRMC/S about to have surgery this afternoon.  She is having lots of health issues and they are worried about complications.

Mary Sharber continues to be in PRMC/S.  She is not doing well at this time.

Michelle Anderson will have her gallbladder surgery this afternoon at PRMC/S.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/11 - 12:25pm

Ed Bullard asked us to add Jerelene Booth, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, to our prayer list.

Anna Zant's mom, Christine Mashburn, is home. Mrs. Mashburn is not progressing too well.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/10 - 10pm

Please keep the Curtis & Kristi Garrett in your prayers.  Landon leaves Friday night for a stop in Ft. Benning and then on to Anchorage, Alaska where he will be stationed. 

Our sympathy goes to Nathan Ryser and Maeta Lee.   Their uncle, Charles Ryser, passed away late Sunday.  His services were today at Allen’s Chapel church.

Our sweet sister, Mary Sharber, is in PRMC/South.  The cancer has now spread to her liver.

Dee Lyon's brother, Sarland Lyons and his girlfriend Mary Calvin, were seriously injured in a car accident in Dallas and are both in Dallas hospitals.  The driver of the car was DUI and the accident killed his wife and another driver.  Please keep all these families in your prayers.

Little Miss Katie Keele has generously donated many inches of her hair to "Locks of Love".  This organization is for hairpieces for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.  What a wonderful gift!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prayer Requests - 2/7 - 10pm

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful lesson today!  We all need to remember how much we need to rely on God and KNOW that He is there for us at all times.  "God is good all the time.  All the time God is good."

Kyle the song service was AWESOME this morning!  You led songs that I hadn't heard in a while!  (My personal favorite was Days of Elijah!  I love that song!)

Loretta Nabors went forward this morning, in response to Patrick's sermon.  Saying that "God is put back where He needs to be."

Don Thompson (Ethel Leme's husband) asked to be identified with LACOC today.

PRAISE:  It was so good to see our brother Charlie Parkman at worship this morning.  We're so glad that he felt well enough to be with us.  And also, Johnny Bassett was with us this morning also.  It's good to see him and his sweet smile with us again!
  • Mary Sharber became ill during church today and was taken to the hospital.
  • Jack Smith (Robyn Figgins' uncle) passed away Friday morning.  Funeral services are pending.
  • Jane Stawn (Pete & Lillian Taylor's friend) is suffering from a long-term illness.
  • Cari Johnson asked for a specific prayer today for her husband Lance.  He has ALS and Cari stated that "he needs a lot of prayers for his strength".
  • Donna Haile (the Vinson's friend) has the shingles.
  • Charla Bishop asked for prayers for Mike and Lindsey as they are both traveling.
  • Michelle Anderson will have an echocardiogram and a stress test on Monday and Tuesday.  Her gallbladder surgery has been postponed until Thursday or Friday.
  • Tim Tabangcora (friend of Mindy Bulls) is having health issues.
  • Paige Bowden Pearson (former member at LACOC) has a friend, Jenny Bizaillion, who has sepsis and is fighting for her life.  (Jenny attended ACU with Paige.)
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn, fell and broke her hip and is not doing well.
  • Doc Walton (friend of Vera Wilson) has colon cancer and is need of an operation.
  • Sherry Welch will see a cornea/cataract specialist on Tuesday (2/9) to be evaluated.
  • Please keep Debra Usry and her family in your prayers this week as they have decisions to be made about Lucas.  They have an interview at Boles Home this Thursday.
  • Tammy Huffman asked for prayers for her step-dad, Sam Warren.  He's recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Tammy's husband, Robert, was laid off from his job at Sara Lee.  Also, her friend, Dusti Darnell, is having personal problems.
NEW ADDRESS/PHONE LISTS:  We have lots of new members and members who have moved in the last year...we have to keep up with everyone!  So, there is a new list on the Welcome Center.

HAITI CONTRIBUTION:  You may still make a donation.  Please give your gift to one of the Elders or bring it to the church office.  (As of today LACOC had generously given over $11,000.)

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: If you are willing to pick-up folks on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings, please see Shane Welch or Jimmy Thielman.

LADIES BOOK STUDY/REVIEW: If you are a reader and would love to spend some time talking about what you've read, please to show up in the church library at 4:30pm, Sunday, Feb. 14th.  The first meeting will be organizational.  Bring a book you'd like to discuss.  We will choose a book for our first study/review for March 14. The focus will be on the Christian Fiction genre.

PANTRY NEEDS: Pasta & Spaghetti Sauce

CLOTHES CLOSET: The only need is for children's clothes. Please bring only clean clothes that are in good shape.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Hopkins County Chicken Stew. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning and would like to eat Wednesday night, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Feb 14:  Ladies Book Study/Review Organizational Meeting - 4:30 - church library
Feb 21: Family LIFE Groups
Mar 4:  Men's "42" Night
Mar 14:  Ladies Book Study/Review group
Mar 17: Blood Drive
April 2-3: LTC Convention/Dallas

Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you - MEAN IT!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/3 - 3:50pm

Tammy Huffman's step-dad, Sam Warren, diagnosed cancer. Has 40 radiation treatments scheduled.
Also, Tammy's husband, Robert, is being laid off @ Sara Lee. (SL lost a big contract and several were laid off as a result--please pray for the individuals AND the company.)

Hazel Hicks, (Mitchell's mom) moved to Legend Healthcare (Skilled Nursing) today.  Her address is 520 8th SE, Rm. 510-B.
Johnny Bassett is going HOME today.

Prayer Request Update - 2/3 - 3:45pm

Debbie Smith is still in PRMC Room 516-S recovering from colon surgery.  She may be dismissed in a few days. She won't be able to stay alone for a while and will be with her sister, Marsha, and another family member until she is strong enough to go home.

Sandra Leath is still in PRMC Room 307-S w/pneumonia.  She's a little better.
Lee McClain said that Herchell's niece, Stacy Kiplinger 25, has lung cancer and having radiation. She lives in Muskogee OK.  Also, Benny Howard (their longtime military friend) had a stroke Jan 12. He is having his carotid artery surgery Monday 8th at Mother Francis Hosp. in Tyler.
A classmate of Derald Bulls, Bettie Williard, has had breast cancer surgery.
Nancy Partin's grandson's house burned DOWN to the ground Saturday. They live in McAllister, OK. He's married w/2 children. Their immediate needs are being met/ food, clothing, shelter--warm and dry. But they need prayers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/2 - 6:45pm

Kory & Jaymie Phillips' 2 little boys both have RSVLittle Quinn is only 2 months old and Kanyon is almost 3 and has numerous health issues, as well as Chronic Lung Disease.  Please keep this little family in your prayers as they deal with so much sickness.  (Grandparents are Jay and Gay Spencer - Gay is there now helping out.)  You can click here to read their story.

Prayer Request Update - 2/2 - 6pm

Jenifer Cooper asked that we add put Cody Davidson and his mother Annette back on the prayer list.
Cody has Cerebral Palsy, is extremely handicapped, non-verbal, tube fed, vision problems and is in a wheelchair.  (Cody has been this way his entire life.)  But now, his stomach/intestines are not working properly either.
They have given his Mom 3 options for him---2 are very radical and invasive stomach procedures (one is actually removing his stomach) or to bring him home on hospice.
Please pray for strength for Annette's to guide her in making these decisions and comfort for Cody.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 2/1 - 11:28am

Jered & Tammy Benedick's baby girl, Jenna Kate will be getting tubes in her ears on Friday, February 5th.  Please keep this little one in your prayers.