Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

This has been a tough week for Kristi (and all of us). Her short term memory problem is really keeping her upset but through it all she is still more concerned about how it is affecting us! Her sweet, kind, and considerate personality is still shining through all of this adversity. God is definitely in Control of my wonderful wife! - In Christ - Jay

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prayer Requests - 2/27

Joyce Allen is in PRMC/Room 302 and is doing better.   She may get to come home Saturday!

Anna Zant has been released from the hospital and is at home.  She is still very weak.

William Offutt has had another set-back with his health and not doing well at this time.

Margaret's Retirement Luncheon


See that smile on her face?  She knows she has only 2 more days BEFORE retirement!

Lots of good food and good friends!

And then there's Patrick... Paddy Whack... Preacher Man... PCannon.

Can you help?

ATTENTION we need help for a soldier and his family:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
SFC Velazquez, Eduardo who is deployed to Afghanistan with HHC, 136th MEB lost his house to a fire this weekend. All seven family members were able to get out of the house in time with only minor injuries, but the house and everything in it were a total loss. SFC Velazquez is on his way back from Afghanistan on emergency leave. The family's immediate needs are taken care of, however they are in need of clothing. Below is information on how to donate.

Thank you,
Stephen "Adam" Houck
HHC, 136th MEB Rear Detachment OIC

The Lockhart Fire Department Chief has established a fund in the Velazquez family name at Omni Bank in Lockhart.
Here is some pertinent family information for all residents of the home:

Female -  Age 5
Shirt - 5T
Pant - 5T
Shoe - 11
Underwear - 5T

Male -  Age 13
Shirt - L
Pant - 34x30
Shoe - 9
Underwear - M

Female -  Age 17
Shirt - S
Pant - 0/Small
Shoe - 6.5 - 7
Underwear - XS/32A

Female - Age 18
Shirt - M
Pant - 3/Small
Shoe - 7.5 - 8
Underwear - 4/Small, 34B

Mother -  Age 42
Shirt - M
Pant - 5
Shoe - 8.5
Underwear - 7 / 34A

Female -  Age 69
Shirt - L
Pant - 12-14
Shoe - 6
Underwear - M/38A

Male -  Age 70
Shirt - XL
Pant - 38x29 / L
Shoe - 9.5 - 10
Underwear - XL

Father (currently deployed) -  Age 42
Shirt - L
Pant - 32x30 / L
Shoe - 9.5
Underwear - M

My friend, Amber Gibson, is in the Army Reserve and will be going to her monthly drill this weekend, in the metroplex.  She will pick up all items on Friday. If you don't have these sizes and wish to donate a WalMart gift card, that's great also. Any donations in Paris can be taken to Melody Figueroa at First Federal Community Bank (on Clarksville Street). 
Thanks for the help!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don't Forget.....

Retirement Luncheon for Margaret Lough
Wednesday - February 27, 2013
11:30 am -1:00 pm
Lamar Avenue Church of Christ OutReach Bldg.

Update on Tom Wood - 2/26

Tom and Joanne are coming home from Houston today.  He will have 6-8 weeks of chemo and radiation (1 chemo and 5 radiation per week) and those treatments will be done in Paris.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Update on William Offutt - 2/25

Lucy sent this message this afternoon:  "Late Sunday evening, William's BP started normalizing, his mind started clearing; he understood everything and was able to speak clearly and rationally  for the first time since Thursday. It is only through God's grace through prayer that be came through this life threatening episode. He has little or no memory of the time from he got out of bed Friday morning until Sunday night. His BP is now stable, but very, very labile (brittle). I am monitoring him very closely and we still ask for the continued prayers of our family in Christ."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 2/24

Posted by Austin at 8:30pm:  "We all had a good day with mom. She is doing good! Her short term memory is still pretty rough but it has progressed a lot here lately. She gets frustrated and sad with herself and that's really hard to watch but she has improved so much lately. I think everyone including US forgets sometimes just what has happened. God has taken a hopeless situation and turned it into a miracle. We hear it all the time but God's time is nothing like our time. We live in a society where we are used to getting everything fast. The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years and eventually reached the promised land. That 40 years to God was nothing. Now one reason they wandered was because they lost faith in God. Dad continually tells us that their situation is just like ours. They were shown miracles all the time and yet they still lost faith. We have been shown a miracle and when we forget that or start to doubt then I believe it slows down the progress. That's not a selfish God, that's a selfless God! All He asks is that we love Him and Trust Him everyday of our lives and He will give us The Promise Land! -Austin"

Weekly Update - 2/24

* Kristi Anthony as she continues her rehab at the Pate Rehab Center in Anna, TX. Please call first (Jay or Sandy) before visiting.  Also remember Austin, Tyler and Cody, as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
* Tom and Joanne Wood have been in Houston, at M.D. Anderson, this past week for head to toe testing.  He will see the main cancer doctor on Tuesday morning.
* Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
* Anna Zant is in Wilson Jones Hospital/Sherman for 5 days of steroid treatments.
* William Offutt - Health
* Cherry Walker - Pneumonia
* Marie Figgins - Health - Confined at home.
* Jessica Harris - Health - she is doing better!!
* Joyce Allen - Health
* Jeanie Lamb - Cancer
* Kristi Anthony's brother, Matt Welch, emergency gallbladder surgery today.
* Misty (Bills) Halcomb - Health
* Carole Anderson's cousins, Curbe Goolsby and his wife, Pat - health.
* Kathy Marshall's daughter, Mindy Miller - personal issues.
* Derald Bulls' cousin, Mike LeFan - recovering from upper respiratory infection.
* Gloria Richter (friend of the Bulls') - grieving the loss of her husband and is going through radiation/chemo treatments.
* Kathy Ballard's Mom, Linda Ray, lives in South Carolina and is having health issues.
* Kathy Marshall asked for prayers for Cindy Wooten and Mindy Miller.  They are both needing prayers for the trials in their lives.
* Butch Munday's sister, Valeria Donahoo - breast cancer.
* Tyler Sherwood (grandson of Vickie Humphrey's co-worker Kay Queen) whose wife was in a serious accident last week. 
* Jason Steffey (step-son of Mark Welch's co-worker Jackie McQueen) has serious heart issues.

RETIREMENT LUNCHEON....There is a retirement luncheon planned for Margaret Lough this Wednesday (2/27) from 11:30-1pm, in the OutReach Bldg.  She has served LACOC as secretary for the past 16 years.  Her last day at work will be this Friday, March 1st.

Simple Supper:  Still only $2 per person. This weeks' entree is Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.  If weren't able to sign-up, this morning, and would like to join us, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  Soup and Size 4 Diapers

Wedding Shower: Jordan Welch and Nathan Wilhelm will be honored with a wedding shower on Sunday, March 3rd, 1:30-3:30pm. Selections are at: Gene the Jeweler, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Feb 27:  Ladies Bible Class
Feb 27:  Retirement Luncheon for Margaret Lough
Mar 3:   Chapter 7 of "The Story" - The Battle Begins
Mar 3:    Life Groups
Mar 3: Jordan Welch/Nathan Wilhelm Wedding Shower
Mar 6: Blood Drive
Mar 10: Faithful Readers
Mar 13: Money due for LTC (this is the last day)
Mar 29-30: LTC


Love you - MEAN IT!

Welch/Anthony Prayer Request - 2/24

Please keep Sandy (Kristi's Mom) on your heart today.  She came home for some much needed rest this weekend and then Kristi's brother, Matt was taken by ambulance to the hospital this morning and had emergency gallbladder surgery. He's out of surgery and doing well at this time.  
Austin posted earlier that "This is a tough situation on Dad and Nana because Nana has been staying with Mom, and Dad is trying to get our house built for when Mom gets to finally come home. Hopefully this routine will stay but with Matt's surgery I'm not sure what's going to happen."

Prayer Request - 2/24

Lucy Offutt sent this message: 
"I need to ask for William to be put back on the prayer list. He has had a very bad few days. He was driving to Dallas alone for his eye doctor appt. and apparently his BP completely crashed during the trip. He (later) told me that he lost color vision around Honey Grove - everything was B&W. Instead of trying to get help he drove on (without passing out or killing anyone) and finally pulled in at the Walmart in Bonham yesterday. I called to talk to him about the time he got near there and he was barely coherent. He managed to get to the pharmacy and was helped by the pharmacist after getting a BP of 70/35...not good. He wandered off, stopped answering calls and I was able to get a pharmacy tech to find him and call 911. I threw on my clothes and flew to Bonham praying all the while. EMT's could not hear his BP in the store and he was refusing to go to hosp but finally agreed to let them take him to their ambulance to assess the situation. His BP was in the 30's systolic! By all rights he should have been unconscious and nearing death, but he was still talking and stubborn. By the time I got to him, his BP had rebounded enough that I could drive him home, but he is very unstable. I can't leave him alone and I can't let him drive...our truck is still at the Bonham WalMart. I don't know what I will do while I am working next week if this continues. His last echocardiogram a couple of weeks ago was very bad and he is sleeping almost around the clock. His doctors are aware of this, but no new treatments, except that I can "handle it" since I am a nurse. I would ask for prayers for us both due to his declining cardiac status. I do not believe we will be able to come to worship tomorrow, because he is in his fourth decline today alone and is sleeping. We just need prayers desperately. I know what the facts and the tests and the symptoms are leading rapidly toward, but I just can't think about that right now. His massive MI was almost 17 years ago and he is the only surviving member of his family. He outlived the oldest by 9 years so far."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/23

Misty (Bills) Halcomb is experiencing serious health issues at this time and requests our prayers.

Update Kristi Anthony

Posted today by Kristi's brother Mike Welch:  "Had a great visit with Kristi today. We also had great visit with my brother Matt! Kristi was in a great mood and she laughed more I'm 2 1/2 hours than I have seen in 3 1/2 months. She still struggles with some short term memory issues but there is an obvious difference from just 3 weeks ago. Please continue to pray for Kristi, her boys and Jay. Also pray for our mom. She has been an earthly angel during this time doing what any mom would do. Pray for rest and rejuvenation as she is at home each weekend then back with Kristi during the week.   Remember, it's a marathon not a sprint .. but I'm ready to see Kristi sprint to the finish line!"

Prayer Request - 2/23

Butch Munday's sister, Valeria Donahoo, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery soon

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/20

Cherry Walker has pneumonia.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 3:30pm by Jay:  "Since we know that Kristi has an electrical issue with her heart but now she is hopefully protected from further events due to the AICD the doctors hope that HER tests for Long QT come back positive so they know exactly which gene to look for in our boys.
Next we would want the boys tests to come back NEGATIVE for any of the Long QT genes. 
I just learned also that even though the boys tests should arrive within the week WE WON"T KNOW ANYTHING until Kristi's testing arrives in 6 - 8 more weeks!!!! More PATIENCE is required. This is extremely difficult on Austin, Tyler, and Cody not to mention the whole family. Pray specifically, often, and with tenacity, PLEASE - because God is in Control, no one else! - Jay"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 9pm by Austin:  "I have been praying for God to show me a sign that He is going to completely heal our mom and tonight He showed me that sign. I just got off the phone with mom. We have been reading Psalms together every night. Tonight we read Psalm 28,29,30. It talks about David feeling like God left him, but then restored his faith and power afterwards. I feel like he means he was being tested. After we read those three chapters mom said, "Austin, you know before too long it won't be like this anymore". She really hasn't grasped this whole subject totally (though she understands completely what happened with her "accident") so I said what do you mean? She said, "Well I won't be away from y'all for too much longer, soon It'll be back to normal and we won't have to worry about this stuff and we can just live a normal life again". Normally this would have made me and her cry but I felt joy like never before because I knew this was the sign I asked God to show me. He has brought our mom from death to complete healing. Don't ever forget what He can do and never lose faith because he isn't human and He will do what is good. I have messed up as much as anyone in my life but don't forget that you can always come back to God and He will always accept you back with open arms. Don't wait to return to His Love because when you are in His Love your life will be amazing. -Austin"
Posted at 6pm by Jay:  "God is in Control! This is so hard on Kristi and the boys but we will make it. Prayers are being heard thank you for faithfullness in asking God for them. Jay"

Update on Tom Wood

Tom had tests yesterday, will rest today and further tests on Thursday and Friday.  He will be able to see the main doctor on Tuesday.  They are not staying at the hospital, but are in a hotel.

Prayer Request - 2/20

Dinah Border just messaged saying that Anna Zant's MS doctor is admitting her Wilson Jones Hospital in Sherman for 5 days of steroid treatments.  She's fallen numerous times recently.  No broken bones, but injured her knee.  She's almost to the point now of being wheelchair bound.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/19

Vicki Humphrey sent this message this afternoon:  "An instructor here at PJC, Dr. Kay Queen, asked if we would pray for her grandson, Tyler Sherwood. His wife was involved in a serious car accident near McKinney last week. She is in Parkland ICU and was taken off life support last night. They have a 3 year old daughter. (We prayed for Tyler last fall after he was seriously injured in a car accident. The driver of the other car was killed. He is still struggling with this and now has to deal with his wife’s accident.)"

Prayer Request - 2/19

Mark Welch  asked that we pray for Jason Steffey.  He is in PRMC-ICU with serious heart issues.  He is the step-son of Mark's co-worker Jackie McQueen.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Kristi has been having problems with her blood pressure and was taken to a cardiologist today.Jay posted earlier this evening that "the low blood pressure is thought to be caused by medications so the meds will be adjusted immediately. Thanks for praying continually for my sweet wife as she is in the midst of a huge battle BUT God is faithfully fighting as we observe...Jay"

Also...The genetic test results for Long QT Syndrome are expected to return on Austin, Tyler, and Cody this week. Please PRAY hard for good results.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Update - 2/17

Welcome:  Lorraine Erickson, Kathy Marshall's mother, asked to be identified with LACOC this morning.

Our Sympathy: 
* Rene Crews' uncle, Kenneth George
(from Cooper), passed away this morning.  He was diagnosed with cancer last week and sent home on hospice.
* Nora White's sister, Barbara Parhem Maffett, of Atlanta, GA passed away after battling cancer.
* Lora Arnold's grandfather, Calvin Anderson, was buried yesterday.

* Kristi Anthony as she continues her rehab at the Pate Rehab Center in Anna, TX.  Please call first (Jay or Sandy) before visiting.
* Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
* Tom Wood will be going to M.D. Anderson for an appointment on Tuesday morning.  Prayers for safe travel to Houston.
* Continue to remember Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
* Lilla Buchanan - In PRMC-Room 563
* Marie Figgins - Confined at home.
* Barbara Campbell - health
* Jessica Harris - health
* Joyce Allen - health
* Jeanie Lamb - cancer
* Carole Anderson's cousins, Curbe Goolsby and his wife, Pat - health.
* Kathy Marshall's daughter, Mindy Miller - personal issues.
* Derald Bulls' cousin, Mike LeFan, - health

LTC: It's time to start planning for Leadership Training for Christ. There are sign-up sheets on the Youth Board in the hallway of the Outreach Center. (You will turn them in there also.)

Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is. $2 per person. If you Chili Cheese Dogs.  If weren't able to sign-up, this morning, to reserve your spot, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  Peanut Butter, Jelly and Spaghetti Sauce

Wedding Shower:  Jordan Welch and Nathan Wilhelm will be honored with a wedding shower on Sunday, March 3rd, 1:30-3:30pm.  Selections are at:  Gene the Jeweler, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Feb 18: Church office Closed
Feb 20: Ladies Bible Class
Feb 24: Chapter 5 of "The Story" - Wandering
Feb 24: Life Groups
Mar 3:  Jordan Welch/Nathan Wilhelm Wedding Shower
Mar 6: Blood Drive
Mar 10:  Faithful Readers
Mar 13: Money due for LTC (this is the last day)
Mar 29-30:  LTC


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/16

Derald Bulls' cousin, Mike LeFan, has an upper respiratory infection, which is very dangerous because of his medical history of polio.  He's been staying in an iron lung constantly, since Wednesday.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this morning:  "Nice Valentines Day...Kristi stood by herself. This is huge progress! God continues to work miracles. Please give praise to our Father for this and ask Him to bless her rehab process continually.  Please also pray for me as I parent my boys alone right now. I feel like a failure many days. I forgot to send lunch for Cody to school today and I am continually having to ask others to help me keep my boys overnight and have people give them transportation to and from events and school. I'm trying but my efforts come up short and my patience with them is too short many times. I know that I need to do better.  Pray for their test results too, its getting close to time for them to return and we ask God for a good outcome. In Him - Jay"

Update on Tom Wood

Tom and Joanne Wood stopped by the church office today to pass the word that they will be leaving for M.D. Anderson Hospital on Monday.  Tom has an appointment on Tuesday.  They thank everyone for prayers for safe travel, guidance for the doctors, healing, peace and comfort.   Joanne said the healing began, with the first prayer that went up!

Our Sympathy...

Calvin Anderson, Lora Arnold's grandfather, passed away on Wednesday.  His graveside service is set for 11am, Saturday, at Prairie Ridge Cemetery out FM79 near Sumner.  No visitation hour has been set.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prayer Requests - 2/14

Lilla Buchanan is in PRMC-Room 563 with a flare up of divraticulosis.

Marie Figgins has been under the weather for the last 7 weeks with her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and her arthritis.  They've given her steroids for that and it's given her really bad side affects.  She is very tired and hasn't gotten out in the last few weeks.  She's confined to her chair most of the time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prayer Requests - 2/13

Barbara Campbell has been very ill this week.  Her family took her to Baylor/Plano ER on Sunday night, with a fever over 103 degrees.  They did treat and release her and she's doing LOTS better!

Jessica Harris has a neurologist appointment tomorrow in McKinney for a MS work-up.  She also asked for prayers for her sister Tiffany Parker as she is dealing with personal issues.

Lucas Simpson is recovering well from his facial surgery last week.  The stitches came out today and he's been released to go back to school tomorrow.

Tom Wood is home from the hospital and is feeling better.

Debra Usry's friend, Ruth Ann Alsobrook (teaches Texas Government at PJC) is in Baylor/Dallas at this time recovering from surgery.  She had a 15 inch growth and a mass on her ovary.  They had to remove part of her colon and they also found cancer of her appendix.  Thankfully not malignant.

Margaret Lough's friend, Doretha Thompson, had a cancerous tumor removed from her stomach and has started radiation.  They also found spots on her liver and lungs.

Jason Landers lives in Austin, is married and is the Dad to 3 year old triplets.  He has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  His parents are former members, Paul and Judy Landers.  Please keep this young family in your prayers.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 8pm:  "I apologize for the lack of updates but neuro-rehab has been a slow process which involves a lot of work and many tiny baby steps. This week has been such. Kristi continues to be extremely depressed and emotional and we don't see her SMILE nearly as often even though she truly tries. This is difficult because you all know that her smile is her trademark and she has always been the most optomistic and happy person that I have ever known. She has rarely ever been seen without that smile and she has never been one to cry much either so you can all imagine how hard this is on her and those who are with her; Sandy, Austin, Tyler, Cody, Matt, and myself. We're still waiting on test results for our boys and Kristi so please keep praying for a GOOD outcome for them all and for continued, rapid progress for Kristi's rehab. God is STILL in Control - Jay"

And the angels are singing......

Zeke Wood, son of Kevin and Stacey Wood, was baptized on Sunday morning after church by his grandfather William Campbell.

Prayer Requests - 2/13

Butch Munday expects to go home from hospital today.
Joyce Allen is in PRMC and is very ill.  No visitors at this time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prayer Requests - 2/12

PRAYER REQUESTS:Kristi Anthony - is continuing her rehab at the Pate Rehab Center in Anna, TX.  Please call first and check with Jay or Sandy about visiting.
* Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
* Tom Wood as he fights his battle with cancer and begins treatment.
* Continue to remember Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
* Donna McGee's Mom, Jeanie Lamb, prayers for renewed strength.
* Carole Anderson asked for continued prayers for her cousin, Curbe Goolsby.   He is paralyzed on his right side and is having many difficulties with the nursing home.  His wife, Pat, fell and fractured her leg and can't go take care of her husband now.
* Lewis Anderson's aunt, Wilman Goolsby, passed away last week.  Her services were on Saturday.
* Linda Easton asked for prayers for her friend, Mona Drake, as she is battling lung cancer and chemo and radiation.
* Rylan Walker (Renee Crews' grandson) that they receive good results when he goes to Dr. to make sure that he is growing like he needs to be.
* Also, Renee asked for prayers for the Puentes family upon the passing of the Mom and Renee's best friend.
* Renee's uncle, Kenneth George, is going home on hospice.  He's been diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for him and his children, Carmen and Larry.
* Richard and Dawn Adams, Jenifer Cooper's friends, were in a car accident that killed their 2 year old daughter and left Dawn paralyzed.
* Derald Bulls asked for prayers for the family of Ed Richter who passed away this week.  There is family coming from Taiwan and all over the states.  Funeral will be Wednesday.  Safety for all those traveling.
* Lesa Bulls' friend, Carolyn Hiner, as she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She will have surgery in March.
* Kathy Marshall asked for prayers for her sister, Cindy Wooten, who lives in Arlington.  She has lost her job, her son is in jail and the loss of their mother, who was living with Cindy.

LTC: It's time to start planning for Leadership Training for Christ. There are sign-up sheets on the Youth Board in the hallway of the Outreach Center. (You will turn them in there also.)

Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is Chicken Cordon Bleu. $2 per person. If you weren't able to sign-up to reserve your spot, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  Soup and Cereal

Feb 13: Ladies Bible Class
Feb 17: Chapter 5 of "The Story" - New Commandments and a New Covenant
Feb 17: Life Groups
Feb 10: Faithful Readers
Mar 6: Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 2/9

Posted by Jay at 11am:  "The professionals say that Kristi's memory is going through a process called "clearing" which means that she is putting things together and her brain is making new pathways for her memory. This process causes severe depression and emotional swings. This is a very difficult time for her and is hard on all of us who are with her. It is part of the miraculous healing that God is working in her life and for that we are THANKFUL! Kristi cannot have visitors this Sunday, Feb 10th and I wanted to get this word out so that no one would make a wasted trip over to see her. Regular visiting hours will resume on Monday. Please call or text Sandy or myself before visiting to see how Kristi's day is going before you make the drive. Thank you all for your faithful prayers during this trial. God is in Control! - Jay"

Prayer Request - 2/9

Derald Bulls sent this message regarding his friends:  "Please add Gwen Huggins and her son Mike to the prayer list...her health continues to decline."Prayer

Friday, February 8, 2013

Update on Tom Wood - 2/8

Joanne Wood says they received good news from the PET scan. No other cancer was revealed in the body. Tom's cancer is stage 3-B. They will be going home from the hospital this afternoon and will follow up with the oncologist regarding chemo and radiation treatments in the near future.

Update on Molly Woodall

Molly just called and said her surgery went well.  Even tho everything is black now, by 6 or 7 this afternoon she should be able to see much better. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this evening:  "Kristi is still in a lot of pain from her fall and she misses home severely...her memory is slightly better each day as God is in Control!   Last night we read Psalm 34 again, it is amazing how God comforts and rescues His children. PLEASE Pray for Kristi's rapid and continual recovery and QUICK return home. We are praying for the ability for her to become an outpatient at Pate sooner than expected. - In Christ - Jay"

Prayer Request - 2/7

Gail Clark asked for prayers for her friend Carolyn Hiner.  She had a biopsy on Monday and found that it is breast cancer.  She will have a mastectomy on March 4th in Dallas.  (This is Carol Kay (Hilliard) Gray's aunt.)

Prayer Requests - 2/7

Richard Peace sent this message:  "Joanne Wood called this morning and said the biopsy shows Tom has Stage 3-4 cancer (non-aggressive) in his right lung which is too far advanced for surgery.  Chemo and radiation are options but this type of cancer does to react well to chemo and radiation.  They have yet to talk to an oncologist.  He'll be on anti-coagulants and blood thinner for 9 months because of the blood clot in his left lung and will be more susceptible to blood clots, pneumonia, internal bleeding, etc.  He likely has a blockage in his bronchial tube with an infection behind it but is on antibiotics.  He is in Texoma Medical Center/Denison-Room 431. They don't know when he will be released."

Debra Usry sent this message about her grandson Lucas:  "He was taken into surgery at 6:45pm and came out of surgery at 10pm.  He had more damage than was thought...more shattered bone....more fractures."  She said that he should get to come home this morning.

Karen Cato sent this message about her friend Sherry Risinger.  "Sherry had breast cancer 14 years ago and it has returned.  It is a spot that is in the same place as her original cancer and about the size of half of a little finger nail, but it is Stage 2 and is the aggressive type.  It's been a shock to all of us.  She will have a double mastectomy on the 14th.  We are so glad they could take care of it quick, but are very upset for her as well...two edged sword."

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/6

Tom Wood needs our prayers. Joanne just called from Texoma Medical Center/Denison and the pulmonary doctor had been in. Tom has a blood clot in his left lung and two cavities in his right lung. He’s been put on blood thinners for the clot. Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., he’ll have a biopsy through his bronchial tube of the two cavities in the right lung. If a pathologist is available then, they’ll find out right away whether there is cancer. Otherwise, they will have to wait 2 days. The pulmonary doctor indicated a high chance of cancer. Joanne requests that everyone pray diligently because we all “know who the Great Physician is”.

Prayer Request - 2/6

Debra Usry sent this message regarding her grandson, Lucas Simpson:  "Lucas will be having surgery today at 5:30pm. Dr. Erickson will be putting metal plates in his face under and around his right eye. This is to stabilize the fractures and some shattered areas that he was concerned would not heal correctly, if this is not done. He was also concerned with the appearance of Lucas's face later, after healing. He was worried that the outside area of his eye would be a little droopy and sometimes when these things happen, some of the fat pad goes into the fractures or air bubbles, causing an indention in his face. I want Lucas to look the same, so we went with surgery. If all things go well, and he is not in very much pain, he should go back to school on Monday. And yes, from what Officer Boaz has told me, the young man that hit Lucas, WILL be charged and arrested sometime this week.
Also, Dr. Erickson got Lucas in the same day to see Dr. Lin, one of the eye Doctors, to check out his eye. Dr. Lin said his eye was fine and that it would take another 3 days to a week for all the blood inside the white of his eye to be re-absorbed by his body....but it actually looks much better today!!" 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prayer Requests - 2/5

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, breast cancer surgery went well today.  They think they got it all.  Radiation will start in 3 weeks.  They are already back at home and she's doing good.

Update on Kristi Anthony

"Kristi had a fall today and gave us quite a scare. She is okay but bruised up. She went to the emergency room and was checked out and everything was okay."

Prayer Request - 2/5

Linda Hostetler has been moved from PRMC to Brentwood Terrace for rehab.  She will probably be there for the next 2 weeks.  (And remember, she is Perry Hanley's sister...this is a very tough time for her.)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/4

Please keep Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, in your prayers tonight, she is going to have surgery tomorrow in Dallas to have a lumpectomy.  Please pray for her as she starts this battle with breast cancer.

Weekly Update - 2/4

* Keep the Hanley family in your prayers as they are mourning the death of James' father, Perry.
* Kristi Anthony - is continuing her rehab at the Pate Rehab Center in Anna, TX.
* Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
* Continue to remember Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
* Linda Hostetler suffered a heart attack last week and is in PRMC.

LTC: It's time to start planning for Leadership Training for Christ. There are sign-up sheets on the Youth Board in the hallway of the Outreach Center. (You will turn them in there also.)

Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is Tater Tot Casserole. $2 per person. If you weren't able to sign-up to reserve your spot, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  Canned Meat and Size 5 Diapers

There is a group meeting in the the far end of the gym...every Sunday morning at 8:30 we’re having “Pantry Prayer” time.
You can come and go between 8:30 and 9:00.
We are specifically praying on behalf of “The Story”.
Yes – we actually meet in the pantry at the far end of the gym, amongst the canned goods and paper plates.

Feb 6:  Ladies Bible Class
Feb 10: Chapter 4 of "The Story" - Deliverance
Feb 10: Life Groups
Feb 10: Faithful Readers
Mar 6: Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

Services for Perry Hanley

Services for Perry Hanley are scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 7th, at Bright-Holland Funeral Home.  The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service. Burial will follow in Union Grove Cemetery.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Sympathy.....

Our brother Perry Hanley passed away tonight.  Please keep James and the family in your prayers. 
No other details are known at this time.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/2

Betsy Mills sent this message:  "Please add my cousin Suzanne Powell to the prayer list.  We just got back from the funeral for her mother (Mother's baby sister) in Texarkana. Also prayers are needed for her daughter Ashley who is dealing with some major personal issues right now. The whole family needs strength to get through all this."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/1

Debra Usry sent this message:  "I am at the ER with grandson, Lucas Simpson.  Another kid hit him in the face, on the right side, after school.  Knocked him down but not out.  Popped blood vessels in eye, jaw pain, nose pain, black eye coming on and bloody nose.  Doing a CAT scan right now of eye socket and cheek bones."

Prayer Request - 2/1

Herchell McClain's brother, Don McClain, has had a heart attack and stroke.  He's at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They are going to do a CAT scan and then they will have more information on his condition.