Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prayer Request - 2/24

Lucy Offutt sent this message: 
"I need to ask for William to be put back on the prayer list. He has had a very bad few days. He was driving to Dallas alone for his eye doctor appt. and apparently his BP completely crashed during the trip. He (later) told me that he lost color vision around Honey Grove - everything was B&W. Instead of trying to get help he drove on (without passing out or killing anyone) and finally pulled in at the Walmart in Bonham yesterday. I called to talk to him about the time he got near there and he was barely coherent. He managed to get to the pharmacy and was helped by the pharmacist after getting a BP of 70/35...not good. He wandered off, stopped answering calls and I was able to get a pharmacy tech to find him and call 911. I threw on my clothes and flew to Bonham praying all the while. EMT's could not hear his BP in the store and he was refusing to go to hosp but finally agreed to let them take him to their ambulance to assess the situation. His BP was in the 30's systolic! By all rights he should have been unconscious and nearing death, but he was still talking and stubborn. By the time I got to him, his BP had rebounded enough that I could drive him home, but he is very unstable. I can't leave him alone and I can't let him drive...our truck is still at the Bonham WalMart. I don't know what I will do while I am working next week if this continues. His last echocardiogram a couple of weeks ago was very bad and he is sleeping almost around the clock. His doctors are aware of this, but no new treatments, except that I can "handle it" since I am a nurse. I would ask for prayers for us both due to his declining cardiac status. I do not believe we will be able to come to worship tomorrow, because he is in his fourth decline today alone and is sleeping. We just need prayers desperately. I know what the facts and the tests and the symptoms are leading rapidly toward, but I just can't think about that right now. His massive MI was almost 17 years ago and he is the only surviving member of his family. He outlived the oldest by 9 years so far."

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