Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/30 - 11:46pm

Don't forget tomorrow is FIFTH SUNDAY FORMAT!  Potluck lunch after morning worship services.

TRUNK OR TREAT is also tomorrow night!  Starts at 7pm.   

Robert Henson sent this message tonight:  "Wayne Tolbert is scheduled to be dismissed from the hospital on Monday.  Please pray for his continued progress."

Roxanne Raper asked that we add Carson Townes to our prayer list.  "He is the 3 year old son of Charlie & Timberlee Townes from the Clarksville area.  He was taken to Children's Hospital last night with what looks like A.L.L. leukemia."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Glynn Lowe's Funeral Service

Glynn Lowe's funeral service will be 10:00am Tuesday morning at the League Street Church of Christ in Sulphur Springs with John & Patrick Cannon officiating.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Request - 10/28 - 8:05pm

Please keep Webber Woodall in your prayers as he is making very difficult decisions regarding his Dad.  And specifically pray that he makes the right decision.

Ed Bullard has been moved to PRMC/S-Room 316.

I received this wonderful message from a family member of Dalton Young:  He is awake.  He was asked to move his left thumb and he did.  His Dad told him that he loved him and he said "I love you Daddy.".

Prayer Request - 10/28 - 12:17pm

One of our former elders, Glynn Lowe, passed away in Tyler this morning. The currently live in Sulphur Springs. He is survived by his wife, Frances, and children Mark and Sharon. He was preceded by a son, Paul.   No other details are known at this time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/27 - 9:22pm

DON'T FORGET.....5th Sunday Format with Potluck Lunch and Trunk or Treat at 7pm!
  • Ed Bullard is not doing well.  He now has pneumonia and had to have 2 pints of blood.  He is in PRMC/South-Room 310.
  • Payden Daniels was released from the hospital this afternoon.  No tests results yet.  Kimberly says "prayers needed and greatly appreciated".
  • Michelle Anderson has lower back spinal sclerosis, middle back is scoliosis.  They measured her today and has lost 2 inches in height.  (She says she doesn't feel shorter!)  Endocrinologist said she is healthy and he wants to take her off of lots of the meds she's been taking. 
  • Bethany Skinner-Holland's gallbladder is not functioning correctly.  Looks like surgery will be needed.
  • Dee Lyons is in need of our prayers for peace and for the pain that she experiences daily.
  • Lesa Bulls' aunt, Ann Arie (in Kentucky) will be having back surgery.
  • Please continue to keep Dalton Young in your prayers.  He continues to be at Children's Medical/Dallas in ICU and is still on the vent.  He is taking 8 of 13 breaths on his own...which is great progress!  Also keep the faculty and students of Parker Elementary in your prayers as they are dealing with the tragedy that has happened this week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer Request - 10/26 - 8:09pm

Payden Daniels was admitted to PRMC/North this afternoon.  He had some abnormal lab results, but, Kimberly says that he's acting more like himself tonight.  She's not sure if they will perform more tests in the morning.  He is receiving IV fluids.
Wayne Tolbert has been released from the ICU at Medical City & is in a regular room!  He is in room 606 East.  If things go well he should be home in three or four days.

Prayer Request - 10/26 - 12:24pm

Little Payden Daniels had another seizure last night, last 4 minutes.  Woke up this morning with a headache, but seemed to be ok enough to go to school.  The nurse called Kimberly around 9am and said that he was lethargic and his speech was slurred.  She has him at the PRMC/North/ER right now.  He is in a very deep sleep, but will stir around and knows who they are.  They are observing him and have an IV hooked up. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/25 - 10:45pm

Webber's Dad, W.L. "Red" Woodall, is still needing your prayers!  He is still is so very sick. Two different nurses tried to find veins this afternoon couldn't find one.  Had to put IV into groin area. He has 5 bags of meds going into him now. His white blood count is too high and still no kidney function.  Specifically pray for NO pain, an uneventful transition and peace.

There's been a terrible tragedy in Lamar County tonight.  A little boy, Dalton Young, has been CareFlighted to Dallas with gunshot wounds and 2 women haven died from gunshot wounds.  Please keep these families in your prayers.

A friend has asked that we keep the Swain family in prayer. 

Weekly Update - 10/25 - 10:32am

MILLION DOLLAR SUNDAY:  This next Sunday - October 31st - we will have a special contribution for the Eastern European Missions for the purchase of bibles.  There are many churches throughout the U.S. that are participating in this and they hope to raise a million dollars.

5th Sunday Format THIS Sunday after worship services!  Bring a covered dish and a little extra in case we have guests.  Sunday evening will be our TRUNK OR TREAT!

Our sympathy goes to Butch Munday and his family in the death of his Dad, E.V. Munday.  Mr. Munday was 101 years old.  Visitation is tonight at Scott's Funeral Home in Gatesville from 6-8pm.  Services will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am at the funeral home.
  • Webber Woodall's Dad, W.L. Woodall, is in serious condition in the ICU at Red River Regional Hospital in Bonham.  He's in serious condition, his kidneys are shutting down, his white blood count is too high, fever too high and blood pressure WAY low. He has Parkinson's Disease and this is making it worse.  Please pray specifically that they can keep him pain free and that God's will be done.
  • Sherry Welch's Mom, Hazel Cross, is improving and asks for prayers for continued improvement.
  • Ed Bullard is recovering from his surgery this past week and is still in PRMC/S.
  • Angela Heath has been moved to ICU with a staph infection.  (She's the young Mom with cancer.)  She's been in the hospital for 6 weeks.  The family has no insurance.
  • Bryce Mills (daughter of Keith & Kacey Mills) will be having surgery on November 1st to insert a tube in her ear.  She's having lots of trouble with her hearing and they're hoping this will alleviate the problem.
  • Cynthia Williams asked for prayers for her husband John, for continued patience, faith, strength and a return to his coaching duties soon.
  • Malik Stevenson, is recovering from knee surgery.  (She's one of the PJC Lady Dragons.)  She is from Lexington, Kentucky and needless to say, she’s a long way from home. She hopes to be back in 6-8 weeks if rehab goes well.

  • Shi'rrell Williams, another PJC Lady Dragon, from Detroit, Michigan, had an MRI on her left knee, and will likely require surgery.
  • Lisa Denman asked for continued prayers for her cousin, Julie Matthews of Crandell, that she will have healing and strength.  She's had ovarian cancer and is taking chemo treatments now.
CONGRATULATIONS to the North Lamar High School Band!  They placed 1st at the Area marching contest on Saturday.  They will be performing for the State contest on Tuesday, November 2nd.  Several youth group members are in the NLHS band.

Thank you to Annetta Thomas for the beautiful transformation that you are making to the library. We know there's lots of hard work that is going on in there!

H.A.L.O.:   We'll meet Tuesday, November 16th, at 6pm. This month's community project is the LACOC Latch Key Program.  (Ideas for this would be snacks, games, movies, etc.) Also, bring finger foods and your favorite games to play.

TRUNK OR TREAT:  Wednesday night, after classes, there will be a short meeting of everyone involved with T or T, Room 6.  T or T Is THIS Sunday night @ 7pm!  This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too! 

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Cavatini. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Is FULL at this time. Thank you all for your donations!

PANTRY NEEDS: Spaghetti Pasta and/or Cereal

Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 7:  Family LIFE Groups
Nov 14:  Singles Group going to Ta'Molly's for lunch (See Annetta Thomas for info)
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21: Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer Request - 10/23 - 10pm

Angela Heath, the young Mom of 2, (who has Burkitt's Lymphoma, a rapid growth type of cancer), has Merca, which is a staph infection in her blood as well as a urinary tract infection.  The family says she needs your prayers MORE than ever!  They can't give her chemo treatments till they get this under control or gone.  Please keep the prayers going!! God can still bring her out of this.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Be listening this Sunday for a special announcement that Patrick will be making regarding a new Singles Group.

Prayer Requests - 10/22 - 9:39am

Ed Bullard's gallbladder surgery went well yesterday afternoon, however, the colon surgery didn't quite go as planned.  He will require further surgery in a few months. 

There will be a graveside service for Frances Hope Brazile at Evergreen Cemetary at 11:00.  She is survived by one son, Robert "Bob" Brazile of Denton, three grandsons, one brother, several nieces and nephews, including Charles "Chuck" Brazile and John Brazile of Paris.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/21 - 9:07am

Wayne Tolbert pathology report showed NO cancer cells! Hopefully he will get out of ICU in a couple days. Thank you for the prayers & please continue praying for him.

Ed Bullard is having surgery this morning to have his gallbladder removed and a large section of his colon removed. 

Johnny Bassett was taken back to the nursing home yesterday afternoon after being in the ER yesterday.

Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, is awaiting more test results.

Mike Erwin is have a sonogram on his kidneys this morning.

Dr. Bob Yeakley passed away recently.  There will be a memorial service next week.  Please keep his wife Terrie in your prayers.

Annetta Thomas' son, Sgt. William Thomas, is in the Army and is asking for a specific prayer.  When he was younger he was in a Boy's Home.  It was a small school with only 2 people in administration.  Billy needs the transcript from this school to get his next promotion, in the Army, and is having problems getting this one piece of paper.  Please pray specifically that this will happen so he can advance in his career!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/20 - 3:39pm

Derald Bulls sent this message today regarding some of our PJC basketball players:  "I just visited with Coach Sean LeBeauf. He shared with me one of his players, Malik Stevenson, is having surgery tomorrow, on her right knee, at PRMC/South. She is from Lexington, Kentucky and needless to say, she’s a long way from home.  He said her mother is coming in tonight to be with her for a few days.  She hopes to be back in 6-8 weeks if rehab goes well. 
He also said another student-athlete, Shi'rrell Williams from Detroit, Michigan, is going in to have an MRI, Friday on her left knee, and will likely require surgery. 
Coach Sean appreciates the thoughts and prayers for his young ladies…many come from varied backgrounds and any and all positive influences are appreciated!"

Prayer Request - 10/20 - 12:50pm

Ed Bullard is waking up from the colonoscopy and doing ok. However, the colon is infected and has holes in it. He is scheduled for surgery @ 7:30 in the morning. The doctor plans to remove his colon and gall bladder.  Ed and Cheryl both to be handling this ok but need prayers.

Prayer Request - 10/20 - 9:55am

Jean O'Neal's granddaughter, Elsa Wahl, has had a brain tumor.  Tests were done this week and it's been determined that it's growing.

Elmer "Butch" McNeal is still in Medical City/Dallas-ICU.  They continue to have him in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.  He will have an open lung biopsy today.

Prayer Request - 10/20 - 9:30am

Johnny Bassett was taken to PRMC/ER a short while ago with vomiting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Request - 10/19 - 9:41pm

Mindy Bulls' friend, Tim Tabangcora, passed away earlier tonight. There are no other details at this time.

Becky Webb sent this message today:  "Little Bentley McDowra got to go home today. Everything checked out OK. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him."

Kristie Nutt's co-worker asked for prayers for her Mom, Naomi Simmons.  She is waiting for the outcome of tests. 

Cynthia Williams asked for some specific prayers for her husband, John.  That he stay positive, faithful, and strong.  And, she stated:  "We can't thank everybody enough for the prayers and support!!!!"

Prayer Request - 10/19 - 3:17pm

Susan Figgins, Russell & Robyn's sister in law, asked if we would add her Dad, Roland Wyatt, to the prayer list and sent this message:  "He isn't doing well at all really. He had a brain hemorrhage, stroke and double pneumonia a week ago. Don't know how much longer I will have him and I'm having a hard time coping with it. Mom (Billie) is too, she won't leave his side. Its very sad seeing him in the condition that he is in. He is still in hospital and it looks like he will be moved back to VA as a hospice patient, but no idea when that will happen."

Prayer Request - 10/19 - 12:57pm

Dichele Parson was in an auto accident on Saturday.  She is in surgery today to repair a broken jaw.  Dichelle is Dwayne & Glenda's daughter and the Tribbey's granddaughter. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/18 - 8:18pm

Ed Bullard has been in PRMC/South, since right after church yesterday morning.  He will be having  a colonoscopy on Wednesday and gallbladder surgery on Thursday.

Michelle Anderson posted this on facebook earlier, regarding the medical tests she's had this past week:  "Spinal sclerosis from T4 down, scoliosis above T4. Learning exercises to help with pain & slow advancement. MRI of brain tomorrow (yes, to see if I have one) looking for possible tumor on pituitary gland. Appoitment with Dr. Dickey next Tuesday, then endocrinologist next Wednesday, Dr. Zimmerman appointment for hormone treatments cancelled since it can cause auto immune disorders. Since I already have rheumatoid, probably not a good idea."

LADIES...Don't forget...H.A.L.O. meets tomorrow night at 6pm.  Our project this month is our LACOC Benevolent Food Pantry.  Bring finger foods and games to play.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Update - 10/17 - 8:50pm

WOW...What a wonderful Sunday this was!!!  Patrick, the lesson on "A Light In The Darkness" was a great way to get our week started!  We have to remember that we are a light to the matter where we are!  Are YOU living a "life from above lifestyle"?
Thank you Richard for the wonderfully upbeat song service!  (And, by the way, don't give up your day job to be a stand-up comedian!)

  • Kathy Ballard asked for prayers for the patience to wait on test results.
  • Louie and Marolyn Woodall will be traveling, these next 2 weeks, to Greece.  Please pray for safe travel and their safety while in a foreign country.
  • Laura Cannon will also be traveling this week.  Prayers for safety!!
  • Mike Kennedy had angioplasty this week, on his legs, and is doing great.  He will be having hernia surgery soon.  Mike and Gail's great-grandson, Logan, had another full body cast put on this week.  He seems to be doing better!
  • Wayne Tolbert is continuing to recuperate from lung surgery, and he is doing well.
  • Lisa Denman's cousin, Julie Matthews, had surgery to remove ovarian cancer and is now taking chemo.  Please pray for Julie's strength and that she will be healed.
  • Nick and Kim McDowra's son, Bentley, is still in an Austin children's hospital, and seems to be some better.
  • Edwin Pickle's mom, Sally Ann Pickle is doing better!  Not as bad as first thought!  Thank you Lord!
  • Debra Usry would like prayers for her sister, Julie Kay Smith.   For finding a job, finding a place of her own and that she come to know the Lord.
  • Lloyd Usry's sister, Donna Moseley, is recovering from recent knee replacement surgery.
  • Lyn Ray Graham is once again fighting cancer.  Please keep him and his family in prayer.
  • Please pray that Angela Heath, a young Mom with cancer, will be comforted with her pain and get to come home soon from the hospital in Tyler.  (She's been there 4 weeks.)
  • Tammy Huffman's aunt, Wanda Russell, passed away this past week.  Please keep her uncle, Nolan, on your hearts.
H.A.L.O.:  Ladies this Tuesday, October 19th, at 6pm. This month's community project is the LACOC pantry. Bring items for stocking our benevolent pantry for the upcoming months. Also, bring finger foods and your favorite games to share.

TRUNK OR TREAT: Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways. This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Baked Potatoes and Fixings. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Is FULL at this time.  Thank you all for your donations! 

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Fruit

Oct 19: H.A.L.O. @6pm (Project: Pantry items)
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21: Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

URGENT Prayer Request - 10/15 - 9:39pm

Reggie McDowra sent this message:  "Nick and Kim McDowra's newborn son, Bentley McDowra (2 weeks old), is being taken by ambulance from Darnell Army Hospital in Ft. Hood to a children's hospital somewhere north of Austin at this time.  Bentley had some fever earlier in the week and was sent home. Tests reveled some pressure in the top of his head, when taken back to the ER a little while ago.  They are really nervous about this situation."
Reggie is Bentley's grand-dad and Melvin & Becky Webb are the great-grandparents.

Prayer Request 10/15 12:40p.m.

Edwin Pickle's mom, Sally Ann Pickle is in the Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler in ICU with heart problems.  They are going to do a procedure today or tomorrow.

Sherry Welch's mom, Hazel Cross is getting a little stronger each day.  She has been taken from hospice to home health.  They are doing physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Weak but much better.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/14 - 8:48pm

I received this message from Michelle Anderson today regarding her tests:  "So far here's what I know...Dr. Chadwick ruled out hysterectomy and is working on increasing hormones with other means. Bone density ruled out osteoporosis. I've been diagnosed with spinal sclerosis...waiting to find out more about that and what to do about it. I am waiting for an appointment with Dr. Zimmerman for possible hormone treatments. More tests to come for some other issues."

Wayne Tolbert had surgery on his lung @ Medical City/Dallas today.  It was a 5 hour procedure and they believe that they got all of the tumor.  He is in ICU now and will be there for 5-7 days.

Sandra Leath is at PRMC-S 506.  Marolyn Woodall said that she has pneumonia again and is very swollen.

Dorothy Snodgrass' daughter, Angie Ross, (Debra Usry's friend) has sent this message regarding her Mom just finding out that Leukemia has reappeared:  "We are at Baylor/Dallas - Roberts Bldg. - Room 902, with a team of docs that are taking very good care of us.  Mom has luekemia.  She was in remission for a little over 2 years from stage 4 breast cancer.  We found out Monday that it's back and came to Baylor on Tuesday.  We need lots of prayers.  The past 3 years have not been very nice to us between the breast cancer, Dad passing away and now leukemia.  She will be here for at least a month recovering and hoping for remission so we can have a bone marrow transplant. 
She's made it through 24 hours of chemo only 144 more hours to go.  Everything is going great.  It is making mom really tired.  No sickness and no fever which is our biggest fears right now."

Kristie Lee sent this message:  "Marty and Kayla Pruett, from Bogata, had their little girl Makalyn on 9/22, she had surgery for Spina Bifida on 9/24. They have had several ups and downs and Kayla is staying in Dallas with the baby while her 6 year old is here with his grandparents. She's feeling very stressed right now because she wants to be 2 places at once and can't be. Also, Makalyn was supposed to be able to come home this weekend and she has started running a fever so now they are doing all sorts of tests on her to find the infection! Any and all prayers would be appreciated so that they can bring her home and quit being quite so stressed out!"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Update - 10/10 - 9:25pm

Thank you Patrick for the challege of new beginnings this morning.  "Starting All Over" was a great way to start a new week. 
Thank you Kyle for stepping in and doing a beautiful job on the song service.

John Williams went forward this morning asking for prayers for he and his family.  Specifically pray for strength in his life and keep him strong during the coming weeks.
  • Ed Bullard has been in the hospital over the weekend for some tests, but was released this morning. 
  • Michelle Anderson asked for prayers as she is receivimg some test results that will have solutions to some issues that she is having.  She is continuing to have more tests performed.
  • Dianna Welch is continuing to have major problems with her foot.  It is not healing. 
  • Dot Campbell fell yesterday and broke some ribs.
  • Former member, Glynn Lowe, has been hospitalized in Tyler.  He is in ICU in critical condition with double pneumonia and a heart condition.  Please keep Frances and the family in your prayers.
  • Sherry Welch's Mom, Hazel Cross, is recuperating from a mild stroke this week.  They aren't sure of her prognosis...but, the family is praying for God's will.
  • Angela Heath (young Mom with cancer) is still in ETMC/Tyler.  Specifically pray that she will be well enough to go home for a few days.
  • Tanya Welch asked for prayers for Jordan, as she travels back to Harding University today.
  • Tanya also asked for prayers for her sister, Tammi, as she recovers from surgery.
  • Please keep David & Kristi Cochran and their family in your prayers.  There were complications with her pregnancy (7 months) and the baby passed away.
  • Elmer "Butch" McNeal is still in Medical City/ICU.  He continues to be on a vent, still sedated...just trying to let his body heal.  He has Legionnaires Disease.
  • Elijah Friesen, the 5 yr old that had heart transplant last Sunday, is doing great and has been moved to a regular room at Children's Medical Center/Dallas.
HONORED: John Mark Stallings Field is the name given to the football field at Faulkner University, this past Friday. Coach Gene & Ruth Ann Stallings were in Montgomery, Alabama this past Friday for the honors.
The field could have been named for any number of famous players or coaches, but John Mark’s qualities made his choice a natural for the Christian university.
“With his death, we became more determined that our program would endeavor to uphold the highest standards of character and sportsmanship because our field would bear the name of John Mark Stallings,” Billy Hilyer (Faulkner University President) said. “Because you’ve given Faulkner a great gift, the name of your son, we pledge to honor that gift, we promise that the John Mark Stallings Field will stand as a symbol of character and effort in the highest standard of sportsmanship,”

We have the opportunity to be a part of a Medical Evangelism for the Mexico flood victims. They are in need of these items: Vitamins, Aspirin, Tylenol, Glasses and School Supplies.  There are boxes in the foyer for these items.  Next Sunday, Oct. 17th, is the last day to donate.

H.A.L.O.:  We'll meet on Tuesday, October 19th, at 6pm.  This month's community project is the LACOC pantry.  Bring items for stocking our benevolent pantry for the upcoming months.  Also, bring finger foods and your favorite games to share.

TRUNK OR TREAT: Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways. This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Tater Tot Casserole. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Oct 14: Youth Group to meet at the Journey Coffeehouse from 7-9pm
Oct 17: LIFE Groups
Oct 19: H.A.L.O. @6pm (Project: Pantry items)
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21: Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/7 - 7:55pm

Kacy Mills took daughter Bryce to the Ear Dr. today.  They have determined that she has mild hearing loss and will havce another appointment on the 21st for another appointment.

Kristi Lee posted on facebook today that little MaKayla is doing GREAT!  She's up to 6 pounds 12 ounces!

We visited with Corey & Carol Kay Gray tonight.  Corey is feeling well and his head is healing.  He's very limited on what he can do, but is so very thankful to be at home.

Prayer Request - 10/7 - 3:43pm

Rene Crews sent this message this afternoon:  "Mike's uncle Corky Basinger was released from the hospital yesterday, and then this morning Corky's mom passed away. Her name is Zella Basinger she was 99 years old.  Please keep Corky and the family in prayers. He will need alot of prayers as he heals from his surgery and the loss of his mother."

Prayer Request Updates - 10/7 - 10am

I received this message from Sherry Welch this morning, regarding her Mom, Hazel Cross:  "My little mama  had a mild stroke sometime Sunday night. I found her Monday at 5, incoherent.  (It was God's hand that led me over there, because I usually go on Friday, not Monday.)  Got her to the hospital where she continued, unresponsive for the most part until yesterday (Wed.)  afternoon. Around 2 PM, after a rough night and day, she suddenly "woke up" and started talking again (slurred, but we can now figure out what she's trying to say). She kept touching her lips, so my brother asked if she needed chapstick, and she said "No, red lipstick!" then gave us a cheeky grin. She's a long way from "well", but is so much better.  Apparently her speech is the only affect of the stroke--she is able to move all limbs on demand, but is just weak overall.  And her right arm is a little weaker than the left; however, they had it strapped to a board to keep her from bending it and cutting off the IV.  Doc sent her home with hospice care but said she could progress past the need for it. Our prayer is for God's best for her--if that means going Home soon, she is ready and we accept that. If this is not her time, we intend to just enjoy every minute we have with her.  A major change for her is that she will NOT be allowed to live alone any more.  Pray for me, my brother and sister as we make arrangements for her care."

Martha Lenoir has been released from the hospital, following cancer surgery, and is back at The Sterling House.

Prayer Request Updates - 10/7 - 9:18am

Hazel Cross, Sherry Welch's Mom, had a stroke this week.  They now have hospice with her.

Mike Erwin is having more tests on his heart this week to see if he can get off of some of his medicines!

Billy Kee, Jessica Daniels' great-grandfather, will be released from the hospital today!\

Please keep Terry & Gina Ervin in your prayers.  The company that Terry has worked for all these years, Phillips Lighting, will be closing the first of December.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prayer Request Updates - 10/6 - 4:44pm

PRAISE: Sandy Keith (former LACOC member) got a good report from her Dr. today...NO CANCER!!!!

Ed Bullard's brother-in-law, Ralph Auldridge, is in PRMC/ICU-N in serious condition.

Elmer "Butch" McNeal is some better today. He remains in Medical City/Dallas.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Prayer Request Updates - 10/4 - 9:20pm

Elmer "Butch" McNeal is still in ICU, stable condition, still on 80% oxygen with 100% saturation. The nurse said he has had an uneventful day and is still sedated.

PRAISE!!! Corey Gray came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Update - 10/3 - 9:58pm

Thank you Patrick for the great lesson today, "Jesus the Great Purifier"!  We NEED to be purified DAILY!   He told us that "Jesus came to transform, purify, change and cleanse us!"
And...thank you Keith for the beautiful song service.  I loved hearing "I Am Mine No More"!  (It always reminds me of our sweet brother Dub Bassett.)

We have the opportunity to be a part of a Medical Evangelism for the Mexico flood victims.  They are in need of these items:  Vitamins, Aspirin, Tylenol, Glasses and School Supplies.
  • Michelle Anderson went forward this morning asking for prayers.  She's been having some health issues and stated that the "worries about my health have taken away my zeal".  Please keep Michelle on your heart, she's going through some medical testing and awaiting the test results.
  • Sarah Smith's brother, Tommy Clem's, graveside services are at 11:00am tomorrow (Monday) at Evergreen Cemetery
  • Elijah Friesen, a local 5 year old, received a new heart today at Children's Medical Center.  He's been on the transplant list for quite some time.  Praise God for this miracle!
  • Paul Cook, a Senior at Paris High School, was in a very serious accident on Thursday night, out on the Loop.  His SUV was trapped beneath an 18 wheeler and Paul came out with only minor injuries!  God was definitely with Paul that night!
  • Corey Gray was released from the hospital today and is home!  The family thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes!
  • Kari Ann Cannon asked for prayers for her parents as they are dealing with their elderly parents, who are in declining health.
  • Continue to remember Naomi and Johnny Bassett.  Johnny has not been feeling well lately.
  • Shane & Tanya Welch and their kids were ALL ill today.
  • Valerie (Preston) DiBello passed away on Friday.  She is the daughter of Bobby & Jimmy Preston.
  • Dinah Border's friend, Lynn Ray Graham, has cancer and is not doing well at this time.
  • Angela Heath (Tammy Huffman's friend) has started her cancer treatments and is in pain.  She specifically needs prayers for comfort.
  • The Huffman family also had a PRAISE report...Robert got the job at Kimberly Clark that he'd been hoping for.
  • Derald Bulls sent this message:  "Please add Dickie Porche to the prayer list. He is in the hospital in an Abilene hospital. Dickie had a ruptured mitral valve and had to have emergency open heart surgery. Dickie’s son, Ryan, was DJ’s roommate at ACU and they were in each other’s weddings.  Dickie is the minister of administration for the Highland Church of Christ, Abilene."
  • Mazie Brockinton (Lesa Bulls' Mom) is having health issues.
  • Jerry Smallwood will have cancer surgery on his ear this Thursday.  Jerry is the nephew of Sue Munday.
  • Sandy Keith (former LACOC member) has been suffering from the shingles.
  • Linda Erwin asked for prayers for Casey & Renae Bryans and their children, Luke, Jordon & Molly.  They serve as missionaries at a boy's home in Quito, Ecuador.  Please keep them in your prayers as there is unrest between the military and police.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friend, Dustin Harris, is going through some health issues at this time and a possibility of MS.
  • Mark Barnett's Mom, Janet Barnett, has shingles for the third time.
  • Mark also asked for prayers for his friend, Kyle Lane, that he will follow God's will.
LIBRARY: Annetta Thomas has volunteered to catalog and maintain the church library. If you would like to donate a computer for the library (that isn't antiquated), please contact Annetta or Margaret.

TRUNK OR TREAT: Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways. This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Beans & Cornbread. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: Toothpaste

Oct 10: Faithful Readers @4pm
Oct 10: Deacon's Meeting - Room 6 @ 4:30pm
Oct 17:  LIFE Groups
Oct 19: H.A.L.O. @6pm (Project:  Pantry items)
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21: Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Prayer Request - 10/1 - 9pm

Elmer "Butch" McNeal took a turn for the worse this afternoon and was CareFlighted to Medical City/Dallas about 4:30 this afternoon. He is in ICU and is on a vent. They are trying to let his body rest while the figure out what is wrong.

Funeral Services for Tommy Clem

Tommy Clem's arrangements are as follows:
Visitation at Fry-Gibbs from 4:00-5:00pm on Sunday afternoon.
Graveside Service, 11:00am on Monday at Evergreen Cemetery

Just A Reminder!

If you are not in a group, please contact one of the Elders or the Ministry Staff and they will get you hooked up!

Prayer Request - 10/1 - 11:21am

I received this message from Carol Kay Gray:  "Corey got the drain out of his back and bandages off his head this morning.  We will be going to another room in a little while.  He still has a way to go, but we're on the way!  God is SO good.  Thanks for all the prayers!"

Prayer Request - 10/1 - 11:15am

Sarah Smith's brother, Tommy Clem, passed away around 10:00am this morning. Services are pending.