Monday, October 18, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/18 - 8:18pm

Ed Bullard has been in PRMC/South, since right after church yesterday morning.  He will be having  a colonoscopy on Wednesday and gallbladder surgery on Thursday.

Michelle Anderson posted this on facebook earlier, regarding the medical tests she's had this past week:  "Spinal sclerosis from T4 down, scoliosis above T4. Learning exercises to help with pain & slow advancement. MRI of brain tomorrow (yes, to see if I have one) looking for possible tumor on pituitary gland. Appoitment with Dr. Dickey next Tuesday, then endocrinologist next Wednesday, Dr. Zimmerman appointment for hormone treatments cancelled since it can cause auto immune disorders. Since I already have rheumatoid, probably not a good idea."

LADIES...Don't forget...H.A.L.O. meets tomorrow night at 6pm.  Our project this month is our LACOC Benevolent Food Pantry.  Bring finger foods and games to play.

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