Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/30 - 9:20pm

Dinah Border sent this message this afternoon: "One of Gary's classmates, Goldie (Boaz) Walraven, has asbestos lung cancer and had surgery last week. She is still in surgical ICU. I just learned that one lung was removed and part of the heart sack. She will be in the hospital and rehab about three months. (She went to Central School at Sumner and graduated in1962 with Gary. Goldie is the "funnest" girl in the class and a joy to know.)"

Debra Usry took her granddaughter, Shawna Simpson, to the ER last night. Shawna was having pains in her leg. She has a small fracture in her leg, between the knee and shin, and she has a syndrome that causes her bones to grow faster than her muscles are.

A elderly friend of Mark & Gina Barnett's, Modgie Farr, was helping her husband work cows late this afternoon and ended with Modgie being trampled. She was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma, then to Parkland in Dallas with very serious injuries.

Mikyla Pickering (the North Lamar student with leukemia) is back in Children's Medical Center/Dallas. Her Mom, Kenda, expects her to be there at least two weeks.

Prayer Request Update - 9/30 - 10:06am

Please keep Tracy and Kenneth McDonald in your prayers. (Many of you know Tracy as "Fitness Tracy".) Her husband Kenneth, 45, is in PRMC South ICU with double pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator early Monday morning and the doctors have said it may be 2-3 weeks before he can come off of it. They do not know the cause of the pneumonia yet. The cultures are not growing anything, so it is possibly chemical. He was tested for the flu and that was negative. Tracy said Kenneth’s oxygen saturation levels stayed up all day yesterday and his white cell count was better. Yesterday, his lungs were not absorbing the oxygen, his S.A.T. levels were not as high as they wanted them. So, some better news but, still on the vent with sedation. The doctor just said it will be a long road. (The McDonald's are friends of the Bulls.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/29 - 12:10pm

Robert Henson's Mom passed away this morning. Services are pending in Childress. Please Keep the Henson family in your prayers during this time and as they travel.

Prayer Request Update - 9/29 - 8:47am

Bill & Jean Kings daughter-in-law has created a "CaringBridge" page and will post daily updates about them. Bill is out of the hospital. Jean is doing a little better. A church there in Savannah has provided a trailer for the family to stay in while there.
Click on this link to go to the update:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/28 - 11:35am

Dianna Welch sent this message: "A friend has asked that her mom, Peggy Sparks, be put on our prayer list. She has been having some health issues and had appointments with doctors tomorrow to have some tests run. But, this past Friday, she passed out at the school where she teaches and hit her head and broke her ankle. She had an emergency pacemaker put in on Friday evening at the hospital in Denton where she lives, but she remains in ICU on a ventilator. They cannot do surgery to repair her ankle until her other issues have been resolved. Her family is very concerned about her. Please keep her, as well as her family, in your prayers."

Robyn Figgins' brother, Bradley Smith, went back to the Dr. today about the side effects of the meds he was taking. The Dr. said that 1 in 10,000 have the effects that he, she took him off, and going to start him on another one.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/27 - 10pm

What a GREAT day! So much going on and so much to take in! Patrick is really getting us into Ecclesiastes...I'm really enjoying it - Thank you Patrick!
If you weren't at church tonight, you missed the "Shepherd Clusters". We were split into groups with 2 elders. We discussed, we prayed, and we listened to lots of good ideas. Wonderful ideas!
Also, I don't know who is responsible for the beautiful flowers at the front of the church, but they are so pretty....the fall colors are incredible! I love this change in seasons. Thank you Lord for all the changes.

PRAISE: This afternoon, at Paris Aquatics Center, Jerry Pearce was baptized. What a beautiful answer to many years of prayers! Jerry is continuing to recover from a stroke and is at PRMC/South in the Re-Hab unit.

There are LOTS of prayer requests today:
  • Bill & Jean King as they are recovering from a serious car accident in Savannah, Georgia.
  • June Preston - at home with hospice.
  • Gerald Jack - congestive heart failure
  • John Welch Jr. as he is battling cancer.
  • Mary Sharber has ONLY 2 more treatments to go! She's undergone chemo and radiation and is doing great!
  • Becky Inman is having difficulties with her 2nd kidney transplant. She's in Baylor/Dallas.
  • Chris Anthony's mother-in-law, Cindy Stockton, will be having surgery tomorrow for brain cancer.
  • Greg Wilson will be heading out of town soon with the Special Olympics team.
  • Amanda Berry (11 yr old with cancer) has been having some other medical problems. Her Mom was fired from her job, this week, because she's been out with Amanda so much. (She's a neighbor of the Richard's.)
  • Bob Terry will be having heart surgery in Plano within the next month.
  • Ken Smith - Health
  • Ken Love - Health
  • Jaymie (Spencer) Phillips was admitted to Baylor last night with contractions. (Their baby is due in December.) She's doing better today. Kory & Jaymie's little boy, Kanyon, is at an "Eating Camp" at a hospital in Dallas and needs our continued prayers.
  • Jewell Fisher (Renee Peace's grandmother) has 3 cancers in her face. One has affected the sight in her left eye. She will now have plastic surgery to repair these areas.
  • Juanita Fisher (Renee's Mom) has had both of her knees replaced. The left one didn't heal as expected and will have to under-go orthoscopic surgery.
  • John Thomson (friend of Derald Bulls) is recovering from brain surgery and is now applying for long term disability.
  • Randall Cox was recently diagnosed with renal cancer. (Friend of Tammy Huffman.)
  • Bradley Smith is taking some new medication and is having side side effects. He also stepped on a nail earlier in the week, and then had another run-in with a nail today!
  • Emmit (John Williams' 2 yr old nephew) with cancer.
  • Johnny Bassett - Health
  • Savannah Riley (Glenn Lee's 4 month old niece) heart problems.
  • Belinda Dunstein (the Icenhower's daughter, lives in California) has cancer.
  • Haley Harroff (McClain's granddaughter) was baptized today.
  • Missionaries
  • Our church
  • Benevolence Committee
  • Latch Key

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Spaghetti & Meatballs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Cornbread Mix - Dish Soap - Toothpaste

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Oct 1: Men’s “42” Night
Oct 4: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/26 - 4:40pm

Sherry Welch sent this message last night about former member John Welch Sr.: "John Welch Jr. was baptized last night. Needless to say, John Sr. was thrilled to witness his baptism. John Jr. is out of the hospital and awaiting a team of oncologists' decision as to what kind of treatment, if any, is called for to deal with his various cancers."

Bonnie King (Bill & Jean King's daughter-in-law) called this afternoon with this message: "Bill is doing better, but will still be in the hospital for at least another week. Jean will be in ICU for another 4 weeks and then will be transferred to Dallas for re-hab. Please let everyone know how much we appreciate the prayers...we feel the prayers and please continue."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/24 - 4:45pm

Sherry Dickson's grandmother, Opal Madewell, passed away today.
Visitation is from 5-7p on Sunday at Bright-Holland Funeral Home.
Funeral services will be at 11am on Monday also at BHFH.
Burial will be at 3:30p in Denton on Monday.

Prayer Request Update - 9/24 - 12:40pm

Martha Crockett called today and updated me on Bill & Jean King. Jean has a punctured lung and they are now worried about bloodclots. Bill is out of the intermediary room of ICU and in a regular room, but they are letting him be with Jean, while in a wheelchair.

Robyn Figgins and Cari Johnson's Mom, Peggy Smith, had her day surgery in Dallas today. Kari was on the way back to Paris with her and they had to stop at Presbyterian/Greenville ER because Peggy's tongue was swelling up. They think she's allergic to the pain meds....but as of right now they are still in the ER.

Mike Middleton, my co-workers Dad, is continuing to recover from by-pass surgery at PRMC/North. He did develop pneumonia, but is doing much better. The Dr. has said he may go home either tomorrow or Saturday!

Jay & Gay Spencer's grandson, Kanyon Phillips, is at an "eating camp" at a Dallas hospital Little Kanyon has a blog with pictures ... just click on this link:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/23 - 12:15pm

Bill and Jean King were in a serious accident in Savannah GA. late yesterday afternoon. They are both in a Savannah hospital.
Bill "says" he's ok. His defibulator keeps going off. He'll be in the hospital a few days.
Jean is in ICU and on a ventilator. She has LOTS of broken bones. All the ribs on one side and 6 on other side. Broken collar bone. Broken bone in her neck (C-1). Broken pelvis. She will be in hospital at least 3 weeks.
Their children were on their way to Georgia last night.
Please keep Bill & Jean and their family in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/22 - 12:06p

John Welch, Jr., 46 year old son of John Welch (former member of LACOC) is in critical condition in an Alabama hospital. He has lung cancer that has spread to his spine and his brain and possibly other organs as well. John is with his son. He requests no phone calls. (His address & phone number will be available at the Welcome Center on Wednesday night, that is where I place the prayer requests each week.)

Little Tucker Hamilton, the new baby who we added to our list last week, had his heart surgery yesterday and is doing much better. The doctor did reinforce the fact that the next 48 hours is the most critical time for him because his heart and blood vessels will be swelling a lot, but they expect him to do well. They will be in the NICU for approximately 3-4 weeks. You can see pictures and read Tucker's story by clicking on this link:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/20 - 6:20pm

PRAISE: Phyllis Giguere, and Kenneth Lancaster went forward this morning. They want to be recognized as members at LACOC and study further to be baptized.

PRAISE: Kyle Hutchings was baptized last Sunday by his cousin, Joel McGee. Kyle is serving in the Marine Corps.

Nathan & Amber RyserBold to LACOC.

The following are prayer requests:

Aileen Carroll is in PRMC/S – Room 325.

John Williams’ nephew, Emmitt, is 2 years old and had stage 4 cancer. He has a mass in his throat and stomach. They are starting chemo on him.

Betty Toland, a friend of Curt Poore, has liver cancer and only has about a year to live.

Jim & Colleen Trammel, lost their only child this past Sunday. They are awaiting autopsy results.

Leslie Keele's grand-pa, Bill Loyd, has kidney problems and is going to a specialist. Her cousin, James Shaw, will be having a lung biopsy.

Mark & Dianna Welch and Barbara Dean are all sick.

Zander Peace will be going to Dr. this week to possibly have his meds adjusted.

Janet Christ asks that we prayer for our economy and those that are out of work.

Misty Gage asks for prayers for many of her family members who are traveling this week.

Dinah Border says that her grandson, Coby has a staph infection in his ankle and it’s gotten really bad.

Charles & Stella Lovell (Phyllis Giguere's parents) are both going through health problems. And she also had a PRAISE...her son David Cherry got a job!

Sharon Sain is having family issues and Maranda Mahon is having health problems. These ladies are both co-workers of Charlotte Grooms.

Jerry Pearce continues to be in PRMC/North – Room 711.

Travis Trussell will have knee surgery next Tuesday (9/22) at Medical City/Dallas.Glen Reeder is in PRMC/South - Room 733.

Continue to remember, June Preston, as she is at home on hospice. Please pray for comfort.

Cari Johnson & Robyn Figgins' Mom, Peggy Smith, is having health problems.Bold

Kim Hanley’s step-dad, David Power, will have hip replacement.

John Urbano continues to be in the ICU at Presbyterian/Dallas. He is able to recognize friends and family membersBold.

This weeks' entree will be Enchilada Casserole. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!


Keep The Date
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Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/18 - 7:30pm

Dorothy Pearce sent this sweet message tonight: "Jerry remains at Paris Skilled Nursing Facility on 7th floor of PRMC South, Room 711. He's doing well and making some gradual progress. God blesses us each day with a little sign of hope and encouragement - a little movement in his left hand, a little better balance with his left leg, a beautiful smile that's a little straighter, a better appetite (and looking forward to getting on a regular diet plan instead of the "mechanical soft" he's been on for several weeks now). He continues to maintain a positive attitude and is willing to try whatever the therapists challenge him with. He knows there's a long road ahead of us, but with God's helping hand and your continued love, concern and prayers on his behalf, we'll continue to achieve these daily little bits of forward progress. It's so wonderful to be a part of such a caring, loving church family!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/16 - 10pm

Peggy Wright has asked that if anyone finds her bible, please let her know. It's a NIV study bible, burgandy cover, and has her name on the front. She said it has all types of notes in it.

Gerald Jack is in PRMC/North in ICU.

Travis Trussell will have knee surgery next Tuesday (9/22) at Medical City/Dallas.

Glen Reeder is in PRMC/South - Room 733.

Ruth Lough (Roger's Mom) had a pacemaker inserted today and is doing well.

Emmit, the 2 year old nephew of John & Cynthia Williams, will have a biopsy tomorrow morning (Thursday). He has 2 masses, 1 that is 6 inches in his abdomen, 1 that is in his throat.

Amy Owens sent this message: "My coworker, Susan Ensley, got a call today that they found a spot/shadow on her mammogram. I told her hat I was putting her on the prayer list!!"

Lesa Bulls asked that we add Mike Middleton to our list. He will have open heart surgery on Thursday morning.

JoAnn Wood asked that we include these 3 in our prayers: Their neighbor, Kathy Milam, has liver cancer. Jo Blackburn's (owner of Mulberry Creek Nursery) daughter, Kay Andersen, has breast cancer and is now going through reconstructive surgery. Tom's son, Matt Wood, is undergoing training for the Black Hawk and another possible trip back to Iraq.

Prayer Request Upate - 9/16 - 9:42am

Mary Jones' grandson, Alex Ramirez, has sustained a serious knee injury playing football. He is a senior in high school in Texarkana. He will have surgery and is out for the rest of the season. Keep Alex and his family in your prayers as they are so disappointed he won't be able to play his senior year.

Jan Jenkot is in Midwest City Regional Hospital and the doctors have decided to go ahead and do her back surgery today. They will then do the heart surgery at a later time. If anyone would like to talk to Hank, his cell number is: 580-775-1057.

Derald Bulls asked that we pray for Tucker Levi Hamilton. He was born 9/9/09 and was thought to be perfectly healthy. Within a few short hours he was moved from one hospital to another to another. He has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Little Tucker will most likely have heart surgery on Monday (9/21). Please click on this link to read his story and see his pictures.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/15 - 10am

Lesa Bulls' cousin, Sheryl Ground, is awaiting test results for breast cancer.

June Preston, continue to remember her as she is at home on hospice. Please pray for comfort.

Cari Johnson asked for prayers for her Mom, Peggy Smith, as she is having health problems.

Tanya Welch asked for these prayers: That she can get over an annoying cough, she says she is "too busy to not feel well."
Prayers for Sherry Welch..."she has lost her job and for her search for a new one."
Prayers for the college students..."as they adjust to being away from home."

Misty Gage asked that we remember Bob Merritt. He had a heart attack and open heart surgery on 9/10.

Please keep Jim and Colleen Trammell in your prayers. Their only son, Blake (19 years old), was found dead yesterday morning at their home. Services are pending at this time with the Clarksville Funeral Home. They are members of the Clarksville CofC. Jim is a retired Highway Patrolman and Colleen is a elementary school teacher at Detroit.

Jenny (Fox) Murphy's little 2 year old son, Adrienne, passed away this morning. They had kept him on life support until her family from Paris could to Georgia, where she lives now. Jenny was a graduate of North Lamar High School and a former co-worker at First Federal.

Former LACOC member, Jan Jenkot, was having pre-surgery evaluations to be cleared for major back surgery. They were checking her heart, and she had to end up having a heart cath and they found 80% blockage. They have sent her on to the hospital in Oklahoma City. The doctors will decide if they are going to try to fix this problem or go ahead and do her back surgery.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/14 - 12:40pm

John Urbano had a massive stroke this weekend. He was taken to Presbyterian yesterday. They did surgery on him last night and he's still in serious condition at this time. The dr's told the family that he'll be in ICU for 2 weeks and then will have to have re-hab. (John was the only child of our sister Pam Urbano, who died last winter.)

A former co-worker at First Federal, Jennie Fox, had her family call us today and has asked for our prayers: "Jennie's little boy, Adrienne, is in the hospital on life support. Jenny found him in the pool, when she went to get him out, he was not breathing. They have a pulse but he can not breath on his own, He is in ICU on life support and they are saying that it does not look good. Please keep Jenny and her family in your prayers and I will let you know more as soon as I hear more."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/11 - 9:15pm

Patrick's class party, that was scheduled for Saturday night at the Woodall's, has been CANCELLED.

Trinia Dean asked that we pray for Patsy Luper and her family...her sister that has cancer.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/9 - 8:25pm

Sherry Dickson's grandmother, Opal Madewell, was brought, from a hospital in Tyler, back to Paris yesterday and was placed on hospice. Sherry's uncle, Lee Madewell, was to have heart surgery today at PRMC/North.

Jessica Daniels asked that we continue to pray for her great-granddad, Billy Keys, as his cancer has returned.

Our sister, Charlene Holmes, is now in Springlake Assisted Living.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/7 - 8:50pm

III John 2: "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are stong in spirit."
Kristi Garrett went forward on Sunday morning asking that we keep her in prayer as she needs to keep her heart "stirring" for the Lord! Also, Kristi and Curtis heard from Landon on Saturday night. He's made platoon leader! He will be on leave in October, they plan on being there!

June Preston continues to be at home with hospice. She is now bedfast, but welcomes visits, cards and phone calls. Also, keep her daughters Kimi & Geri and their families in your prayers also.

Jerry Pearce continues his rehab in PRMC/North.

John Williams' son was killed on Friday night in Las Vegas. His funeral services will be later this week in Nevada.

Gary McDowra's Dad, also Cherry Walker's brother, Kenneth McDowra's funeral service will be tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10am at Bright Holland Funeral Home.

Charlie Martin (Asst. Superintendent @ Clarksville) continues to be in a Dallas hospital recovering from encephalitis. His Dad, Charles Martin, passed away yesterday. His visitation and services will be at Bright Holland Funeral Home. Please keep their family on your heart as they are dealing with so much in a few days time.

Sherry Welch asked for prayers for the family of Jerry Carl Shannon. He passed away last week from a rare and fast moving type of lung cancer.

Debra Usry asked for these prayers...for her friend, Phyllis Giguere, as she will be moving into an apartment soon....for Mark Giguere as he will have surgery on Sept. 16 at Parkland...and for her daughter Jillian, that she can find her path back to God.

Tina Ruby, daughter of Joe Moore and Doris Moore, is having health problems.

DON'T FORGET: New classes start this Wednesday night. Also, Wednesday Night For The Master will also begin again! (We meet in the classroom under the basketball goal!)

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Chicken Fajitas. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

CLOTHES CLOSET: In need of men's clothing for all seasons.

PANTRY NEEDS: Toothpaste, Hand Soap, Bathroom Tissue. The pantry is still in need of EVERYTHING.

Keep The Date
Sept 9: Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Sept 9: Fall session of bible classes begin
Sept 12-13: Teen Fall Retreat at CDR
Sept 20: Family LIFE Groups
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Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
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Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/5 - 6:11pm

Gary McDowra's Dad and Cherry Walker's brother, Kenneth McDowra, passed away today. Visitation & services will be at Bright Holland Funeral Home. Visitation will be 7-8p on Monday night. Funeral service will be Tuesday morning at 10am.

According to Charlie Martin's daughter, Paige, he has been diagnosed with Encephalitis from a mosquito bite! He continues to recover in a hospital in Dallas. (Put on that repellent before you go outside!!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/4 - 3:52pm

Randi McFadden Hyatt (Wayne & Ruth's granddaughter) has gestational diabetes. She is at 7 months in her pregnancy and the little boy already weighs 7 pounds. She is Eddie's daughter.

Prayer Request Update - 9/4 - 3:10pm

Charlie Martin, the Assistant Superintendent at the Clarksville I.S.D., has been CareFlighted to Dallas this afternoon. His daughter Paige, works with the Daniels' at The T-Shirt Shoppe.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/1 - 8pm

Please keep Daniel & Heather Hamm and family, from Bagwell, in your prayers. Their 11 year old son, Josh, died this morning, at a hospital in Dallas, from burns sustained in a freak accident last night at a family cookout. He attended Prairiland Jr. High.

My friend Kaci Crawford was sent home from the hospital today. She'll see Dr. Hashmi on Thursday and then will see a specialist in Dallas.

John McGee sent this message today: "Joel is now patrolling the street's of Paris with his training officer as of yesterday. Please keep him and his training officer in your prayers. He will be with a training officer for the next 4 months and then on his own. He is on the day shift 6:00am till 6:00pm for now." Please Lord, keep all those, that protect us and keep us safe, in your arms!