Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prayer Request - 6 / 30

Please keep Johnny Lamberson in your prayers.  He had successful open heart surgery today at PRMC.   His wife Becky is our co-worker at First Federal.

Our Sympathy. . .

Laci Coker's grandfather, Elmer Allen, passed away earlier this evening.  Please keep their family in your prayers.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekly Update - 6/29

Thank you Patrick for the message "The Discipline of Meditation".  
We need to listen to God's word, a reflection of God's works, a rehearsing of God's deeds.
Patrick told us that the Old Testament has 58 references to "meditation".  All of these times refers to a listening of God's works, a rehearsing of God's deeds.

Meditate means to consider something, to remember, to rehearse something in your mind.
Meditation allows us to connect ourselves to God:

~with our minds (what we're thinking about)
~our hearts (what we're feeling) and...
~our souls (what we're concerned about).

We had so many visitors on Sunday!!!!  It was GREAT to see everyone!  Our prayer is that you travel safely home.

  • Donna Mosley - heart cath this Wednesday
  • Kimberly Daniels - at home for the next week, under quarantine, after taking radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism/graves disease.  
  • Laurie Beckmon - recovering from surgery last week.
  • Lynn Lowrey - will have heart procedure on 7/6.
  • Webber Woodall - will see cardiologist in Dallas this Thursday (7/2)
  • Kristi Anthony - Mental and physical health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mark Jones - cancer
  • Chris Brunson - In the hospital in Colorado (Jessica Harris-Brunson's husband)
  • Suzanne Owens - cancer (Friend of the Garrett family)
  • Cathy King Rogers - Aneurysm (friend of Daisy Redding).
  • We have many of our members who are traveling during the summer months.  Please keep them all in your prayers.Keep the campers and staff members at Camp Deer Run in your prayers for safety and for God to work in their hearts.Police officers are being targeted and we need to pray for safety for all of them.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT:  This Wednesday night, at 6:30 p.m., after praise and worship we will have a watermelon feast!  Watermelon tastes better when eaten with family!

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Meat and Toothpaste


July 2:  Watermelon Feast after worship
July 7:  Men's breakfast
July 16:  Summer Fling at the Woodall's Ranch.  Invitations to come.
July 18:  Area Wide Youth Devotional

Love you - Mean it!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Be Kind - 6/26

Update on Chris Brunson - 6/26

Jessica Brunson just let me know that Chris will NOT have to have surgery on his foot.  The antibiotics are working!  Thank the Lord for that!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request 6/25

Daisy Redding asked that we pray for her friend Kathy King-Rogers.  She just had an auersym this afternoon.  She lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky and they are flying her to Vanderbilt University.

Wednesday Night Faith - 6/25

Thank you Tim Young for coming to LACOC and delivering a wonderful message about our FAITH!
It's amazing how we can look at one verse, all our lives, and one person brings another thought to it and turns it all around!
Hope to hear from you again soon Tim!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Prayer Request - 6/24

Kimberly Daniels posted this update on her health:  "I just wanted to update everyone on my hyperthyroidism/graves. I have been taking medication to help for 6 months and it wasn't helping..so I had to take the next step. Which is to have radioactive iodine ablation done. I took the medicine this morning and hopefully this will help and do the trick. 😊 I will be home for the next week so I don't "contaminate" others. I think the hardest part will be that I can't be around Payden for a little bit, no hugs, no kisses, no cuddles. He is in great hands and I know he will have a blast! Just say an extra prayer for him because we have never been away from each other more then a day."


Russell & Robyn Figgins and Mark & Marianne Whitehouse are the thrilled grandparents of a new grandson, Owen Reid Whitehouse!  He was born at 6:15 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces and was 20 inches long.
Proud parents are Andrew and Amy Whitehouse!!!  And even prouder big brother is Ian!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prayer Request 6/23

Jessica Brunson sent this prayer request:  My husband Chris is in Colorado in the hospital. He had been started on IV antibiotics due to an infection in the tendons of his foot.  They are doing xrays and calling in a surgeon. They may do surgery tonight. He is up there alone (because of his job).

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Lord is close....

Lunch Fundraiser

Cari Johnson works at Stillhouse Rehab and one of her co-worker's little girl was just diagnosed with cancer.  This is a fundraiser they are doing this week.:
“Stillhouse Rehab and Healthcare will be delivering a Baked Potato Lunch on June 25th.  We are raising money for McKenzie Reese, she is a 2 year old just diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  The family is at Children’s Hospital awaiting chemotherapy next week. (Her dad works at Stillhouse Rehab.)
They will also have a dance and dinner that evening at Stillhouse Rehab.  You will be able to purchase t-shirts and baked potatoes.  Please call Cari Johnson or Terri Webster to put in your order.  We would sure appreciate all the orders.

Weekly Update - 6/21

  • Horace and Sue Johnson's oldest son, Jay Johnson, passed away on Thursday.  This is also Lance Johnson's brother.
  • Karen Harvey's brother, Donald Harvey, passed away on Saturday.  Services are pending, but will be held in Mt. Pleasant.

CONGRATULATIONS:  Chris and Jessica Brunson are the proud parents of a new baby boy, Noah Christopher Brunson.  Noah weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces and was 21 inches long.  VERY proud sisters are Arie and Sophia.


  • Laurie Beckmon - recovering from surgery this week.
  • Lynn Lowrey - will have heart procedure on 7/6.
  • Webber Woodall - will see cardiologist in Dallas on 7/2
  • Kristi Anthony - Mental and physical health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mark Jones - cancer
  • Suzanne Owens - cancer (Friend of the Garrett family)
  • We have many of our members who are traveling during the summer months.  Please keep them all in your prayers.Keep the campers and staff members at Camp Deer Run in your prayers for safety and for God to work in their hearts.Police officers are being targeted and we need to pray for safety for all of them.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT:  This Wednesday night, at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Tim Young of Dallas will be speaking to us.  He is the son-in-law of Gene and Ruth Ann Stallings.  Tim has had a private practice in Marriage and Family Counseling for over 28 years.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Fruit and Grape Jelly


June 24:  Tim Young to speak
July 7:  Men's breakfast
July 16:  Summer Fling at the Woodall's Ranch.  Invitations to come.
July 18:  Area Wide Youth Devotional

Love you - Mean it!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request -6/18


Prayer Request - 6/18

Michael Reese is the administrator at Stillhouse Rehab.
This is their 2 year old daughter Kenzie. They found out today that she has neuroblastoma that has spread to her lymph nodes. She will start aggressive chemotherapy next week.
Her Mommy posted this on their gofundme page:  "Kenzie just got out of surgery. Unfortunately it is not a Wilms' tumor but is neuroblastoma. The doctors determined that the cancer started on her adrenal gland. They removed a lymph node to test it, and found that the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. 
They removed some bone marrow to test that as well, but we won't have the pathology report on that until next week. Kenzie also starts aggressive chemo treatments next week, consisting of 5 days of chemo for 6 hours each day. They were hoping to surgically remove the tumor after 4-6 weeks but now think it will more likely be 4 months before they can remove it, as it has engulfed multiple organs.Please continue your prayers and sweet thoughts for this sweet angel. It is going to be an extremely long road and one we all hope will end favorably."

Prayer Request - 6/18

Curtis Garrett sent this message:  "Please add my aunt's sister, Suzanne Owens, to the prayer list.  After 16 years of being cancer free, her breast cancer is back.  She doesn't have a treatment plan yet."

For Today...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Update on Laurie Beckmon 6/17

Linda Erwin sent this message from Greg:  "The doctor just came out and said the surgery was a success.  Laurie is in recovery now."


Congratulation Chris & Jessica (Harris) Brunson!
Noah Christopher was born yesterday (Tuesday) at 1:52 pm weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Prayer Request - 6/17

Please pray for Laurie Beckmon and her family.  Laurie is having surgery today at Baylor-Johnson Hospital at 2pm.  Specific prayers for surgery success and the road to recovery ahead of her!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly Update - 6/14

Thank you Patrick for the message "Here I Am Send Me" taken from Isaiah 6:8.

Thank you to the CDR staff for leading our worship!  The singing was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Barbara Dean -  had heart cath this week.  Dr said she has the heart of a 40 year old.
  • Grayson Gage (son of Clint and Misty) dislocated his shoulder 3 times last week.  (Yes, THREE times.)  
  • Webber Woodall - will be going to Dallas on July 2nd to see cardiologist.
  • Lyn Lowery - will have another pacemaker on July 6.
  • Robert Wilson - Was at church on Sunday.  Has a heart monitor and vest that he's having to wear now.
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mark Jones - Cancer
  • Kristi Anthony - prayers for mental and physical 
  • We have many of our members who are traveling during the summer months.  Please keep them all in your prayers.
  • Keep the campers and staff members at Camp Deer Run in your prayers for safety and for God to work in their hearts.
  • Police officers are being targeted and we need to pray for safety for all of them.
  • Please keep the family of Mendy Williams in your prayers as they mourn her tragic passing.  Her funeral will be on Wednesday (6/17) at the Love Civic Center at 2pm.
    Her son Preston remains in Parkland Hospital at this time with many injuries.

    PANTRY NEEDS:  Vienna Sausages and Spaghetti Sauce
June 17:  Panel Night
June 24:  Tim Young will speak

Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Update on Barbara Dean 6/13

Barbara's heart cath well.  Minimal blockage.  The doctor told her she had the heart of a 40 year old!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayer Request - 6/10

Barbra Dean is having a heart cath tomorrow at 2:30 to check for problems. She has not been feeling well lately


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Sympathy. . .

Please keep the Williams family in your prayers. Mendy was killed in a automobile accident this afternoon.  Her husband Patrick, her son and 2 other boys were in the car with them.  Patrick and 2 of the boys have bumps and bruises...Her son has been CareFlighted to Dallas.
Her parents are Bud and Paulette Dobbs.
No other details are known at this time.
(Photo by Tony Corso Photography)

Monday, June 8, 2015


Prayer Request - 6/8

Tate Bivens will be having some tests run, due to issues with his kidneys.

Weekly Update - 6/5


  • Hugh Anthony -  had heart procedure this week.  He's at home doing well.
  • Webber Woodall - will be going to Dallas to see cardiologist.
  • Robert Wilson - Health
  • Jennifer Blount's grandmother, Reba Stanley, passed away this past week.
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mark Jones - Cancer
  • Kristi Anthony - prayers for mental and physical health
  • Sharon Fendley (former member) - health
  • Jerry Tackett (former member) - health

CHURCH IN THE PARK:  We will have fellowship time together at Wade Park, this Wednesday night at 6pm.  Hamburgers will be served.  Cost of meal is $3/plate.  Please sign up today if you plan on attending.  Also...please bring dessert to share.  P.S. Bring your lawn chairs too!

PINK BABY SHOWER:  You are invited to attend the baby shower for Carly Short on Sunday, June 14th, from 1:30-3:00.  Selections at Itsy Bitsy Spider, Paris Baby and Walmart.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Soup with meat and 1 pound bags of rice.

June 7-10:  Blossom CoC - VBS
June 10:  Church in the Park @6pm (Wade Park w/Hamburger Supper)
June 13:  College CoC - VBS
June 14:  Faithful Readers
June 14:  Baby Girl Shower for Carly Short
June 17:  Panel Night
June 24:  Tim Young will speak

Love you - MEAN IT!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Starts June 10th....NEXT WEEK!



On December 9th, 2013 when Webber and I got carbon monoxide poisoning (and his heart attack at the same time) we have both been fighting to get our health back to a normal level.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is not only scary, but the residual effects from it will haunt us for years to come.
My blood sugar levels were through the roof…my kidney and liver functions were out of whack….my potassium was off the chart!  (The potassium deficiency caused me to lose some of my hair, my eyelashes, my eyebrows, my nails peeled down to the skin.)  
After having routine blood work last week, I went to see Dr.Chira (endocrinologist) this morning, all of my stats are NORMAL!
My levels have been life threatening, for the last year and a half, and it’s been a scary time for me, but with Dr. Chira juggling meds, prayers and faith in God I can say that we have overcome this huge hurdle!
Now Webber.....that's another story.  He will see Dr. Hashmi in the morning again for more results.  I'll get back to you with more details, as they become available!
Thanks to all of you who have continued to pray for us!
And by the way….make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home!

Our Sympathy....

Please keep the Blount family in your prayers.  Jennifer's grandmother, Reba Stanley, passed away this morning.  No other details are known at this time.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Stop it!

Weekly Update - 6/1

Patrick's message was "Submit To One Another", with the text taken from Eph. 5:15-21.

RESPONSE:  Ricky Westbrook


  • Robert Wilson became ill at the end of church and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.
  • Webber Woodall had more tests run on Friday, will find out results on Thursday.
  • Harley and Lucy Staley - Health
  • Donna Mosley - had a sleep study this past week, will know results this week.
  • Cari Johnson - continues to recover from surgery.
  • Adrian Casey - Cancer
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Kristi Anthony - prayers for returned mental and physical health.
  • Ken Love - Still at his home with hospice.
  • Former member, Jerry Tackett, is in the hospital at this time.
  • Please remember all those who are affected by the flooding.  
  • This week will be the last for the public school students.  Pray for their safety this summer.

MEN'S BREAKFAST: This Tuesday morning!  Keith Bollman will be the speaker.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Boxed Cereal and Crackers

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Taking a much needed break for the Summer!

June 2:  Men's Breakfast
June 14th:  Faithful Readers
July 26-31:  Dallas Life Mission Trip for Jr. and Sr. High.

Love you - MEAN IT!