Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Update - 8/30 - 10:17pm

Don't forget that Wednesday night the Carter Blood Center will be here for our blood drive.  They will start at 3:30pm and continue till 8pm.
  • WELCOME:  Greg and Lori Campbell and their 2 girls.
  • WELCOME:  Mark and Rebecca Cowan and their 3 girls.
  • Kristie Nutt will have surgery this Thursday.
  • Continue to remember all those in our church family that have lost loved ones recently.
  • Jenifer Cooper asked that we pray for her friend, Kerri Posey.  She is 32 yrs old and has colon cancer.
  • April McClour was taken to the hospital today...that little baby boy is getting anxious and wanting to come...just not time yet.  April also asked for prayers for Chuck Fuller, he's in bad health.
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn, continues to be in PRMC.
  • Claude and Mary Jones asked for prayers for their friend, Roger "Cotton" Anderson.  He has a severe infection in back where he had back surgery.  He had surgery on Friday to have a plate and screws removed and was to have more surgery this week. 
  • Karl Louis, former Police Chief for Paris, will have surgery for his cancer on Sept 14.
  • Please continue to keep Gary Border on your hearts.  His health is still not good.  Pray for Dinah also as she takes care of him.
  • My Mom, Louise McMillan, has pneumonia again.
  • Larry Christ asked for prayers for all Sara Lee former employees as they are in need of jobs.
  • Paul Vinson's brother, David Vinson, is having stress tests performed this week.
Brent and Jill Nichols will be here September 4-19. That's THIS WEEK!  WoooHOOO!  They want to make sure they get to visit with everyone while they are here. Rachel Spencer has put a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for those that would like to have them for a meal at lunch or dinner. If the time is taken up, maybe 2-3 families could all meet together with them!
SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be Pancakes. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2.

Sept 1: Blood Drive
Sept 2: Men's "42" Night
Sept 8: Ladies Bible Class starts - Carol James will be teaching - Salad Luncheon after class
Sept 8: New Adult classes begin
Sept 8:  Wednesday Meal will benefit the Hurricane Alex Relief Fund
Sept 12:  Pot Luck w/Nichols
Sept 12: Faithful Readers with Annette Smith
Sept 18-19: Youth Group Fall Retreat at Camp Deer Run
Sept 19:  Family LIFE Groups
Sept 21: H.A.L.O. 6pm (This month bring pantry item and package of Charm's Blow Pops)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


5th Sunday Format is TOMORROW!
After morning worship, we'll meet in the Outreach Bldg for a potluck lunch, have a short devo and then be dismissed for the day!
Please remember to bring extra for our guests!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/27 - 1:50pm

Maurieace "Pete" Robbins, grandfather of co-worker of ours, passed away around noon today.  Please keep their family in prayer.
Family visitation, for Pete, will be from 2-4pm at Bright Holland Funeral Home and funeral services will also be held at B/H on Monday at 10am.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/26 - 10:56am

DON'T FORGET:  5th Sunday Format - THIS SUNDAY!  After morning worship, we'll meet in the Outreach Bldg. for a potluck lunch, a short devo, then be dismissed for the day!  Be sure to bring a little extra for our guests! 

Payden Daniels has been having seizures again.  He's had 6 since last Friday!  They are doing blood tests to see if maybe medication needs to be changed.  He started Pre-K this week and loves school!  Please specifically pray that these seizures will stop and he can enjoy school!

Our brother Wayne Tolbert has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He's been going for treatments EVERYDAY for the last 6 weeks, he finishes these up on Friday.  He'll get to rest for 2-4 weeks then see the Dr. for further testing/treatments/surgery.  Please keep Wayne & Myra in your prayers during this time.

Randi Haggard has been having back problems and has a Dr. appointment on Monday (8/30).  She's having problems getting any relief at all right now.

Margaret Lough sent this message this morning:  "God continues to bless me...I broke out in tears when I received my CA-125 test results today. My number dropped dramatically from last month's reading, which had finally dropped back into the normal range after 19 months of going up, up, up. I was happy last month...I am ecstatic today. I appreciate all of the prayers you have sent up on my behalf.  I praise God from whom all blessings flow! He has been exceedingly, abundantly gracious to me."  (WoooHOOOOO!  God Bless You Margaret!)

Debra Usry has been hired by PJC to teach a Continuing Education course on Beginning Geneology.  WoooHOOO - Way to go Debra!

Garyon Sims & Tiffany Dozier lost everything in a fire, at the duplex they rent, this past Tuesday afternoon.  Tiffany has a little boy Denver (4 yrs old), that will start Pre-K on Sept. 7th.  If you would like to donate furniture, clothes or money (which will go towards the deposit/rent on a new place) please contact me at 903-669-4382 and I will get things picked up and get delivered to them.  They are in need of ALL household items, clothing, just basically ANYTHING.  Listed below are sizes:
Garyon:  Size 36 pants - XL shirts - size 10 shoes
Tiffany:  Size 18 pants - XL shirts - size 8 shoes
Denver - Size 5-6 clothes, size 12 shoes

The Benevolence Clothes Closet is VERY low on everything...especially children's clothing and shoes right now.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Service Information for Dennis Malone

Dennis Malone's funeral service information:
Service:  Friday - August 27
Time:  2pm
Place:  LACOC
Burial: Meadowbrook Cemetary
No formal visitation is planned.

Prayer Request Update - 8/24 - 1:55pm

Paul Gene Roden is having some issues with his blood sugar.  He is in PRMC/South, Room 627. He will see Dr. Stewart tomorrow. Anita said he is feeling good today...and hopefully will go home tomorrow after a test is run.

Prayer Request - 8/24 - 12:07pm

Matthew Stipland is having surgery today to remove more of the tumor.  The pathology report told the Dr. it was NOT cancer.    Please pray for Matthew and the doctors and nurses that are attending to him.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dennis Malone - 6pm - 8/23

Our brother, Dennis Malone, just passed away at about 6pm.  Please keep Kay and the family in your prayers.  Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home will be in charge of services.  No other details are known at this time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Update - 8/22 - 1:30pm

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning about "Life In The Weeds".  Reminding us of the "Parable of the Wheat". 
It was good to see SO many there this morning!  Everyone is ready to get back on a "normal" schedule. 
All of the schools in Lamar County, except Paris I.S.D. starts school tomorrow.  Please keep our teachers & students in your prayers.  Also, please remember the school zones.  Those little ones will be excited about school starting, and it's our job to watch out for them.

And speaking of school starting, Latch Key starts tomorrow also!  And Latch Key needs a van driver for Monday or Tuesdays each week.

Continue to remember Dennis and Kay Malone as he is nearing the end of his earthly life.  Hospice is continuing daily.  There are volunteers from the H.A.L.O. group taking dinner over to their house each evening.  (Kimberly Daniels is in charge of this.)

There are so many of our church family that are grieving loss!  Remember to pray for these families daily.
  • Lillian Taylor, fell on Thursday.  She's banged up and bruised her nose and possibly has a sprained wrist and arm.
  • Roy & Lillian Welch, Diane McFadden & Mark Welch's Dad & Mom, are continuing to have health issues.
  • Tammy Huffman asked for prayers for her husband, Robert, as he has a very important job interview this Thursday (8/26) with K.C.  She also ask that we remember the family of Amanda Harper Knelson.  Mandy (32) was killed on Friday night after a car accident.  She leaves 2 small children. 
  • Diane McFadden's neighbor, Wesley Parker, is not doing well after heart surgery.
  • Dinah Border's mother-in-law, Johnnie Border, is also on hospice and is declining daily.
  • Ed White was cleared to have surgery on his leg this morning.  He was taken back to the ICU shortly there after.
  • Gary Barnes, husband of North Lamar teacher, Sherry Barnes, has blood clots in his lungs.
  • Ty VanMeter, friend of the Barnett's, is finally able to celebrate!  Ty had his pelvis broken and wasn't healing right.  Now he has been released to play low impact sports again!  Thank God for this!
  • Mike Grigsby's Mom, Linda Morgan, is recovering at home from pneumonia and needs some encouragement!
  • Cynthia Williams' friend, Beth Smith, is going through a divorce.
  • Mae Hemingway, one of our co-workers at First Federal, is grieving the loss of her son-in-law, Josef Hausler, who was killed on Friday in a four wheeler accident in Clarksville.
  • Louie Woodall asked for prayers for Marolyn.  She will have a heart cath soon.  He also asked for prayers for Rachel Sylvester.  She had a miscarriage this week. 
  • Please pray for the victims of the Pakistan flood.
Brent and Jill Nichols will finally be here September 4-19. They want to make sure they get to visit with everyone while they are here. Rachel Spencer has put a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for those that would like to have them for a meal at lunch or dinner. If the time is taken up, maybe 2-3 families could all meet together with them!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be Mexican Stack-Ups. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2.


5th Sunday Format:  Next Sunday (8/29) we will have our Potluck and Devo after morning worship.  Bring some extra food for our guests.  After a short devo, we will be dismissed for the day.

Aug 25: Wayne Kerby will speak
Aug 29: 5th Sunday Format & Potluck
Sept 1: Blood Drive
Sept 2: Men's "42" Night
Sept 8:  Ladies Bible Class starts - Carol James will be teaching - Salad Luncheon after class
Sept 8:  New Adult classes
Sept 12: Faithful Readers with Annette Smith
Sept 18-19:  Youth Group Fall Retreat at Camp Deer Run
Sept 21: H.A.L.O. 6pm

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/21 - 10:25pm

Kristie Lee asked that we add a friend's family to your prayer list.  "Amanda (Harper) Knelsen a friend of mine from Bogata was killed in a car wreck late last night/early this morning right outside of Paris. She's leaving behind 2 young children and her boyfriend's child that she has practically raised since birth and they sure do need our prayers right now! Thanks a lot!"

This update is from Ed White's caringbridge:  "He is still in critical condition.  He has remained stable and the pressure on his brain is now at a level of ICP 13, which is a great improvement! Ed is also still responding on command and the swelling on his face has reduced. Please keep praying."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ed White - Caring Bridge Site

A caringbridge site has been established for Ed White. 
Please click on this link to be re-directed to his site.
Please continue to pray for Ed, his family and the doctors and nurses that are tending to him.

Prayer Request Update - 8/20 - 5pm

I just got an update on Ed White:  "He did open his eyes today! They are taking the ICP monitor out and putting in a filter to keep the blood from clotting, in his brain. He is moving his legs around. There is no prognosis ....but things are looking up!"  Continue the prayers!

Renee Crews' sister, Teresa Thompson, did NOT have any blockages!  PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE!!!

Prayer Request - 8/20 - 12:28pm

Renee Crews sister, Teresa Thompson, has just been taken in for the angiogram.  Please continue prayers.

D.J. Bulls' friend, Kevin Bridges, lives in Abilene and is the chaplain at Hendricks' Medical Center, is recovering from abdominal hernia surgery.

Prayer Request Updates - 8/20 - 10:59am

Renee Crews sent this message to me this morning regarding her sister Teresa Thompson, who's having an angiogram this morning:  "I just wanted to let you know she has not had surgery yet.  They were doing the vital signs and checking pulse etc., and they could not find a pulse in her right foot and very faint in her left foot. Please PRAY PRAY PRAY!"

I just talked to Ed White's friend and got this report from him:  "Ed is listed as STABLE right now!  They were going to perform surgery on his broken leg this morning, then discovered that his lower back is broken.  Surgery has been put off for now.  He is responding to touch and feel."  Continue to pray for Ed and for the doctors and nurses who are working on him! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/19 - 10:05pm

Update on Matthew Stripland:  "Matthew has to have a surgery next week, not scheduled yet, but the MRI report after surgery on Tuesday showed there was still about 40% of the mass still there.  This next surgery is an extreme high risk one.  They are going to try to remove more of the mass.  The tumor does seem to be cancer.  Still waiting on the path report to be CERTAIN about the cancer.  Once it reveals the diagnose they will know what treatment to start.  The family needs lots of prayers right now."

Prayer Request Update - 8/19 - 1pm

Ed White (from here in Paris) was critically injured in a motorcycle accident (wearing no helmet) last night. He was CareFlighted to Parkland Hospital.  He has a broken leg, broken wrist, multiple broken facial bones, severed his carotid artery and numerous broken facial bones.  They've drilled a hole in his skull to alleviate the pressure. 


Don't forget tonight at 6pm - H.A.L.O.!
Helping Another Loving Others
Bring finger foods, a pantry item and a canister of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid.
The Kool-Aid is our community service project this month for the children of Boles Home/Quinlan.
Bring your games and prepare to have a good time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer Requests - 8/18 - 9:48pm

Trina Dean sent this message tonight:  "Dennis Malone went to the doctor today and they gave him only 1 to 7 days. Hospice is coming out in the morning."   Please keep sweet Dennis and his family on your hearts and in prayer.

Debra Usry asked for prayers tonight for Martha LaRue, as she mourns the death of her 4 month old grandbaby.

Linda Erwin stated tonight that her cousin, Jeff Scoggins, continues to be in ETMC/Tyler.  They have yet to figure out why he has the brain bleed.  BUT, prayers have been answered....his kidneys have started functioning on their own!  We KNOW how that happened!  Keep those prayers going for Jeff!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayer Requests - 8/17 - 8:27pm

Linda Erwin posted this message tonight:  "I talked wih Janet Stripland tonight. Matthew's surgery took nine hours. She said that the Dr. told them that Matthew was talking to him afterward and could tell him his name. Jimmy and Janet were waiting to get to go in to see him. She said that it was a very long day but the nurse called them every 45 minutes to an hour all day to report on how things were going."

Abby Cannon had an ulcer removed from her lip today.  She said that her lip felt "all swelled up" and she had to have stitches too.  She was eating ice cream earlier and was feeling great!

James Hanley was helping Matt & Allison move this weekend and ended up in the hospital.  Clay posted that "he overworked himself, got dehydrated, and ended up with a kidney stone, he is out of the hospital and chillin' in Matt's apartment right now."

You are invited....

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Skinner of Powderly, Texas proudly announce the engagement of their daughter
Bethany Leigh Skinner
Kelsey Joe Holland

The couple will be married at 7:30 in the evening on Saturday, August 21, 2010, at the Gordon Country Club in Paris, Texas. Rickey McFadden Sr., uncle of the bride, will officiate the ceremony.
The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Wayne and Ruth McFadden, of Paris, Texas, and the late Austin and Margaret Skinner, of Ferris, Texas. She is a 2003 graduate of North Lamar High School and a 2007 graduate of Texas A&M - Commerce, with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. She is employed by the City of Paris in the Planning and Development Department.
Her fiancé is the son of David and Terry Shores, of Honey Grove, Texas. He is the grandson of John and Linda Harris, of Alberton, Montana. He enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2005, was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2007 to 2008, and currently holds the rank of E4 Specialist. He is employed by Camp Maxey Training Center in Powderly, Texas as a Federal Technician.
A reception is to follow the ceremony.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prayer Request - 8/16 - 9:57pm

Renee Crews sent this prayer request tonight:  "My sister, Teresa Thompson, will have an angiogram performed on Friday (8/20).  She has 2 blockages and they are going to see if they can do stents or by-pass.  Her main artery is 75-80% blocked.  Please keep her and our family in your prayers."

Prayer Request Update - 8/16 - 9:26pm

Linda Erwin posted this tonight:  "An update on my cousin, Jeff Scoggins, from his brother Marty: We just got the test results back from the angiogram.The good news is there is no anuryism, but there is bleeding on Jeff's brain of unknown cause.The blood is being drained off and the cause is being explored. Also Jeff's kidneys aren't working properly.I was just with him, he opened his eyes and saw me then raised his hand as if waving."

Prayer Request Update - 8/16 - 1:45pm

Matthew Stripland does have a brain tumor.  They are doing surgery at 7:30am on Tuesday (8/17).  It is a 6-10 hour surgery.  They don't know anything else yet.  There will be a biopsy performed during the surgery and results will then come a few days later.  He is in ETMC/Tyler, where he had been working.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Update - 8/15 - 10:38pm

Thank you Patrick for the very timely message this morning “Sensing God During The Storm”. There have been MANY storms, in just our church family, this week and we all needed to hear that today!

Thank you Mark Welch for the very moving song service. There were lots of visitors this morning and the voices were beautiful.

PRAISE: Jonathan Wicks was baptized this morning. We love you Jonathan!

Melvin Webb went forward this morning asking for forgiveness from his family and his church family.

  •  Steve Shoemake's "CELEBRATION OF LIFE" will be Monday night at the Love Civic Center at 6:30 p.m. Dress will be CASUAL because "Steve never liked to get dressed up!"  Please continue to keep Traci, Mallory, Roxanne, Peggy and their family in prayer.
  • Tim Keele is in PRMC/S - Room 331. He has a staph infection in his ankle (from an insect bite). Leslie posted on facebook that “Tim feels better. The swelling has gone down some. He is able to put some pressure on it now. It is draining on it's own so that is a good sign. Thanks for all your prayers and concern. We have great friends and family.”
  • Please keep the Logan family in your prayers.  Richard's daughter, Sarah, is returning home from the war zone and his son, Ben, will be heading out to the war zone.  Pray for their safety.
  • Jamie Hyatt asked for prayers for the family of Linda Barber.  She passed away suddenly this past week.
  • Linda Erwin's cousin, Jeff Scoggins, has a brain aneurysm and was taken to ETMC/Tyler yesterday. 
  • Janet Stripland’s son, Matt Stripland, has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  • Dean's Kilmer's dad passed away on Friday and the service will be Tuesday in Alva Oklahoma.
CONGRATULATIONS to Wayne and Ruth McFadden. They have been married 63 years.!

CONGRATULATIONS to Joel and Adrian Casey. They have been married 60 years!

The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is Tuesday. We are hoping for 300 this year. Lets show these teachers how much we appreciate their hard work. We need lots of desserts. If you us out by bringing dessert to the church by 10:00 Tuesday morning.

ATTENTION LADIES:  Our 2nd H.A.L.O. meeting will be this Thursday night (8/19) at 6pm in the Outreach Bldg.  Bring finger foods & a pantry item.  This months community outreach will be a canister of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid for Boles Children's Home.

Brent and Jill Nichols will finally be here September 4-19. They want to make sure they get to visit with everyone while they are here. Rachel Spencer has put a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for those that would like to have them for a meal at lunch or dinner. If the time is taken up, maybe 2-3 families could all meet together with them!

SCHOOL BACKPACKS: It's time to start thinking about backpacks for the kiddos at Justiss Elementary. Charlotte Grooms stated that: "I will be glad to take cash if people had rather do that. It makes the kids feel special to get a new backpack. I watch the ads and lot of times you can get 2 for the price of one."

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be Chicken Salad. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2.

 PANTRY NEEDS: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Aug 18: Bud Wampler will speak
Aug 19: H.A.L.O. meets at 6pm - Outreach Bldg.
Aug 21: Skinner/Holland Wedding
Aug 22: April McClour's "Blue" Baby Shower
Aug 25: Wayne Kerby will speak
Aug 29: 5th Sunday Format & Potluck
Sept 1: Blood Drive
Sept 2: Men's "42" Night
Sept 12:  Faithful Readers

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/14 - 9:45pm

Leslie Keele posted this update on Tim tonight:  "Just unwrapped all Tim's bandages to check on it and it is continuing down his foot. They said his vancomycin level is at a 4 and needs to be at a 10-20 to be therapeutic. (whatever that means!)  He is on his 3rd bag of medicine. Hoping that we see a vast improvement by tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers."

Arrangements for Steve Shoemake

Steve's "CELEBRATION OF LIFE" will be Monday night at the Love Civic Center at 6:30 p.m.  Dress will be CASUAL because "Steve never liked to get dressed up!"

Prayer Request - 8/14 - 4:05pm

Doug Faires had his heart cath yesterday.  They didn't get him in until around 5:30pm.  There were no blockages!  (PRAISE & WoooHOOOO!)  He has quite a bit of soreness today and says he's getting around like an "older" man!

Tim Keele is in PRMC/S - Room 331.  He has a staph infection in his ankle (from an insect bite) and hopefully antibiotics will take care of the problem.  I talked to Leslie and she said that the swelling is worse today. Please keep Tim and his family in your prayers.

Jon & Trina Dean's friend, Amanda Cato she took overdose and is in ICU.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Prayer Request 8/13 3:15

Dean's Kilmer's dad passed away today and the service will be Tuesday in Alva Oklahoma.  Please keep the Kilmer family in your prayers.


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is Tuesday.  We are hoping for 300 this year.  Lets show these teachers how much we appreciate their hard work.  We need lots of desserts.  If you us out by bringing dessert to the church by 10:00 Tuesday morning.  There is a sign up sheet at the welcome center. 

Prayer Request Update - 8/13 - 1pm

I just talked with Roxanne, they are on their way back to Paris.  They are worn out, BUT, so appreciative of everything and everyone!  Thank you all for your prayers and your love for the family.
Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home will be in charge of services, no details will be known until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on Shoemake-Raper family 8-12 7:15pm

Steve Shoemake passed away at approximately 6:30.  Please continue to pray for strength for the family and  a safe trip home.  No other details are known at this time. 

Update on Steve Shoemake 8-12 at 5:13pm

Just talked to Roxanne, the family have been in to say their goodbyes.  They are making Steve comfortable.  It is now in God's hands.  Please continue prayers for peace and strength. 

Prayer Request Update - 8/12 - 3:41pm

I have been on the phone twice with Roxanne, in the last hour, and these are the latest updates.
They are giving Steve a sedative that is not even on the books to keep him "easy".
The blood oxygen levels are still not what they should be.
The neurologist said that he's seen people have a miracle.  And that is what Steve needs, a miracle.
Roxanne asked for these specific prayer requests:
  • That Steve have peace.
  • That Steve not be afraid.
  • That Steve is not in pain
  • Peace & Strength for the family

Update on Steve Shoemake - 8/12 - 12:14pm

I talked with Roxanne just a few minutes ago:
  • The procedure is over and it was successful.
  • There was over a LITER of fluid drained from his right side.
  • There was 'some' drained from his left side.
  • Dr. was VERY pleased
  • Lungs should inflate more now - they'll know more in the next 2 hours
  • This should cause the oxygen levels in his blood to even out.
  • And for those who have been asking, yes, Steve is on a ventilator.

Update on Steve - 8/12 - 9:55am

I just talked with Roxanne again.  The doctors are performing surgery on Steve in the ICU room on his bed NOW.  Not only is there fluid on his lungs, there is a lot of fluid outside the chest cavity.  They are going in and inserting a tube in the chest cavity to hopefully get that fluid off of there!  The fluid will not let his lungs expand.  She said it would take about 45 minutes. 

URGENT Prayer Request for Steve Shoemake - 8/12 - 9:03am

I just talked to Roxanne. Steve had a tough night. Blood pressure is VERY low. He's now on 100% oxygen and that's still not enough. It looked like at one point last night they had lost him, but he's still trying to fight. Roxanne said her "heart is heavy". (She's heard that before and never knew exactly what it she does.) She said that when everything started happening last night, Traci laid face down on the floor and was praying to God.  His lungs are full of fluid - they are giving him antibiotics for this now.
Please pray for Steve and for his sweet family.

URGENT Prayer Request for Steve Shoemake - 8/12 - 7:25am

Roxanne just texted me this message:  "We have been at the hospital since 1:00am.  Please PRAY now for Steve.  NOW!"

Traci posted this update on CaringBridge last night at 1:08am:  "Oh Merciful Father in Heaven we bow down to you right now at THIS very moment! Only you can fight for Steve to increase his oxygen! Help him to breath when the doctor says that they are doing all they can do, but we KNOW YOU ARE OUR ULTIMATE HEALER AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DO MORE!!!! IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE READING PLEASE PRAY AND ALLOW MIRACLES TONIGHT! WE ARE HERE ON BENDED KNEES BEFORE YOU GOD! WE CRY HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/11 - 9:44pm

Trina Dean just sent this update on Dennis Malone:  "Dennis did get his Radiation shot today, it is suppose to ease his pain for a couple of months, but they also told him his Liver has been attacked and he is jaundiced already so that's not good, and not really nothing they can do for him, just watch for side effects from the shot, it is suppose to be bad pain, but they have a bed ready for him, if it gets to the point he can't handle it. He is already hurting so bad I just can't imagine how he is handling all of it so well, he's such a good man."
Ok Prayer Warriors....we've got to pray hard tonight for Dennis.  He's only 49.  We've got to pray specifically for the radiation shot to take ease his pain! 

Prayer Request - 8/11 - 1:57pm

Doug Faires sent his message today:  "All my tests with Dr. Hashmi came out good, but he still doesn't like my symptoms.  He's going to do a heart cath on me Saturday."

This is the latest update that Traci posted about Steve Shoemake:  "I can't believe it is already after 12:00! We have been "basking in God's glory" for another good morning. It's given us great peace, and many feel that they can go home and take care of things there, before they return again. I'm so thankful to get to send them home on a good day!
Steve had a pretty good night last night. They decided not to transport him to get a CT scan, so opted to use the portable one. When they laid him flat down, his ICP spiked to 50, but were able to get it back down! When we arrived at the hospital, we went directly to the chapel to praise God and ask for strength and peace. We asked that God continue to heal Steve and work His miracles within.
When we walked in Steve's room, his ICP was at 12 and immediately sent prayers of thanksgiving! The night nurse had also taken time to really clean Steve's wounds on his head and for the first time, he looked like himself again! What great comfort and relief! Through God's grace and mercy, we have been given another beautiful day!

I stand amazed at all the good that's coming from this horrible event in my life, but feel that there are people who are coming to know God. I pray that they will continue to see the miracles and blessings we have been given and will continue to receive!
I also pray that God gives Mallory a small gift from her daddy on her birthday tomorrow! Mallory turns 13 and we plan to hold a small celebration, but she wants nothing more than to have her daddy with her and to see his precious smile again! My love to you all. F.R.O.G."

Prayer Request - 8/11 - 10:35pm

Dinah Border sent this message this morning:  "April (Dryden) Roddy (close friend of Shamane's who also graduated NLHS in 1989) gave birth to twins on Monday in Dallas Presby. The twins were born seven weeks early. April, who will be 40 yrs next April became ill and the twins had to be delivered early by C-section.  The baby girl weighed 3 lb. 13 oz and the baby boy weighed 2 lb. 11 oz.  The babies are doing ok. Mother April needs some healing."

Update on Steve Shoemake 8/11 - 10:33am

PRAISE:  Steve's ICP was down to 10 last night!  I haven't heard from them this morning yet.
Please continue to pray specifically for the pressure to stay down!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prayer Requests - 8/10 - 9:29pm

Dennis Malone, will be going to Tyler tomorrow (8/11) for major radiation treatments.  He will be undergoing these treatments at 12:30pm.  Please pray for Dennis, for the strength to go through these.
Lesa Bulls sent this message tonight:  "Pat Farish is the preacher where my parents go to church.  He had a really bad staff infection in his hip joint (that had already been replaced) and they had to remove the joint itself and break his femur to do that . Will be in the hospital for several weeks."

Prayer Request Update - 8/10 - 3:35pm

Traci posted that Steve's ICP is now at 20.  It really needs to be below 20!  Please pray specifically for the ICP (inter-cranial pressure) to go down!
The family is amazed at all the love, support and prayers that are being sent their way.
God is GOOD!

Good Update on Steve Shoemake - 8/10 - 10:20am

Roxanne just called with good news.....

  • Steve is deep into the paralyzing sleep
  • ICP went down to 8 last night and is staying at 14 this morning.
  • The swelling is down and he looks MUCH better
  • Temperature is down
  • She said he is still the most critically ill patient they have in the unit...but everyone is excited about all the good news!

She also said that when this is over, Steve is really going to want to get ahold of whoever gave him this haircut he's been given!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Prayer Answered! 8/9 - 414pm

PRAISE:  Lloyd Usry has been dismissed from the hospital this afternoon, after his second set of lab work came back good.  He will have a follow-up appointment for a gallbladder scan with Dr. Hashmi & Elda Francis.  He is allowed to go back to work tomorrow.  Debra said:  "Lloyd feels fine now.  Thanks for the prayers."

Prayer Request Update - 8/9 - 12:12pm

I just talked with Roxanne and got this update on Steve:  When they touch him or someone talks to him, his B/P goes up, so can hear them. They did an EEG this morning, numbers weren't good. His ICP spiked to 50 during the night....and has been fluctuating between 30-35 this morning.  The doctors have told them that they are now going to have to put him into a "total paralyzing coma". This will allow him to heal.
She stated once again how much she appreciates all the prayers....but please continue!

Prayer Request Update - 8/9 - 11:20am

Lloyd Usry has been admitted to PRMC/S - Room 301.

Prayer Request Update - 8/9 - 7:05am

Debra Usry sent this message this morning:  "Lloyd in ER.  Light chest,shoulder, upper/lower back pain.  Tests back.  Being admitted to rule out light heart attack.  No room yet."

Traci posted this late last night regarding Steve's condition"I wanted to update before going to bed. Steve is being put on an Ativan drip that will continuously give him the needed doses. Previously they were just giving it to him when his ICP number spiked. We pray this will give Steve more rest in the night and not have those numbers going up and down so much! We also pray for a better day tomorrow and for Steve to start making a turn to the better! F.R.O.G."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Update - 8/8 - 6:27pm

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful message this morning about "When Jesus Invites You To Dinner" (Luke 14:15-24). 
Thank you Kyle for the beautiful song service.  Such beautiful singing this morning.  I love hearing "There's A Stirring" has such moving words!
It's so sad to see our interns leave this year.  Krista Smith & Jimmie Harper have been such a valuable asset to, not only the Youth Group, but to LACOC, this summer.  We're going to miss you guys!
  • Gina Barnett went forward this morning to ask for prayers for her family.  Gina stated that she "wanted to lay her burden's at his feet." 
  • WELCOME: Brian & Jeanette Singleton...They've been working with us already, but now they are officially OURS!
  • WELCOME BACK:  Crystal Offutt has moved back to Paris to attend PJC.  We're so happy to have her back!
  • Our sympathy goes out to the Cherry Walker & family.  James passed away yesterday morning.  Visitation will be Monday night at Bright Holland Funeral Home at 7-9pm and his funeral will be Tuesday morning at 10am at B.H.F.H.  James was also the brother of Martha Tingle.
  • It was wonderful to see Dennis Malone at worship this morning!  We're so glad that he felt good enough to be with us!
  • I will continue to update on Steve ShoemakeSpecifically pray that the Inter-Cranial Pressure (ICP) goes down to under 20 and that there is no more brain bleeds.  The address at the hospital is:  Via Christi Regional Medical Center; 929 North St. Francis Street; Wichita, KS 67214-3882
  • Leola Horton (friend of Smithy & Kay Allen) will be seeing a neurologist tomorrow (8/9).  Kay says "there's something in her head that doesn't belong there".
  • Tammy Huffman asked that we continue to remember her Mom and Step-Dad, Linda & Sam Warren.  They are continuing to have health problems.  And keep her husband Robert on your heart as he is still seeking employment. 
  • Jerry Smith (Robyn Figgins & Cari Johnson's Dad) is continuing to recover from his cancer surgery.  Specifically pray that all the cancer was removed!
  • PRAISE:  Doug Faires' friend, Linda Loftice, had her back surgery this week and it went well. 
Brent & Jill Nichols will finally be here September 4-19.  They want to make sure they get to visit with everyone while they are here.  Rachel Spencer has put a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for those that would like to have them for a meal at lunch or dinner.  If the time is taken up, maybe 2-3 families could all meet together with them!

SCHOOL BACKPACKS: It's time to start thinking about backpacks for the kiddos at Justiss Elementary. Charlotte Grooms stated that: "I will be glad to take cash if people had rather do that. It makes the kids feel special to get a new backpack. I watch the adds and lot of times you can get 2 for the price of one."

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entree will be Pork Loin. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2.
PANTRY NEEDS:  1 lb. bags of dry beans & rice

On a personal note....I have been emailing/blogging prayer requests since March of 2007!  As of yesterday I've blogged almost 400 times this past year....and I sent out over 600 emails in the 2 previous years.  I had envisioned this being a ministry to immediately reach LACOC members, and I believe with my heart, that it has.  Thank you all for your encouragement!  ~~mw

Aug 11: Clint Gage will speak
Aug 15: Bailey Ray's "Blue" Baby Shower
Aug 19: H.A.L.O. meets at 6pm - Outreach Bldg.
Aug 21: Skinner/Holland Wedding
Aug 22: April McClour's "Blue" Baby Shower
Aug 25: Wayne Kerby will speak
Sept 1:  Blood Drive
Sept 2:  Men's "42" Night

Prayer Request Update - 8/8 - 4:37pm

The latest update on Steve Shoemake:  "We met with the doctor and nurse. There was good news and bad news: His ct scan showed really no change, which is good, but his pressure level spiked a couple of times in the night, but they were able to get them back down. However, the up and down pattern isn't good and they may consider putting him into a medically induced coma, so the pressure on his brain will stabilize. Visits are only for immediate family! He needs quiet and rest. We took the news fairly hard, so Lance led a hallway "pow wow" to relay the info and say a prayer for Steve and all of us here. It was a very sweet and difficult moment for everyone."

Information on Steve Shoemake - 8/8 - 1:10pm

This is the message from Traci regarding Steve Shoemake today:  "Good Morning Friends and Family;  This is the Lord's Day, a day of rest, which his nurse says that that is what it will be for Steve! They are not going to move him as much today. They usually try to turn him every two hours, but that causes his pressure level to go up. They are in the 20s and we need them down! They have mentioned bringing him out of sedation to see how he reacts, but I haven't heard if they will do that. I am assuming they probably won't since his numbers are up. That is fine with me, because I feel that when they do that, Steve will try to fight it.
I was feeling a little weepy this morning on the way to the hospital, but looked up in the eastern sky and saw Jesus' face a cloud formation that was covering the sun, but it's rays were spreading out behind Him. It appeared He was looking down on the hospital, so I showed it to Mallory and it made us feel so much better! We are just accepting every day as it is given to us and we praise God for what He is doing for Steve! Thank you for all the prayers and messages being left. They are so uplifting for everyone! God Bless You All!"

Click on the link below and you will be directed to the caringbridge site for Steve:

This is the address to the hospital where Steve is, if you'd like to send a card:
Via Christi Regional Medical Center929 North St Francis Street
Wichita, KS 67214-3882

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update on Steve Shoemake - 8/7 - 10:30pm

I talked with Roxanne Raper tonight.  She extends her thanks to everyone for the prayers, but asks that you continue the vigil.  Steve's ICP (inter-cranial pressure) spiked, but it is maintaining steady right now.  (They specifically need it to be 20 or less.)  One of the nurses said he is "cruising" which is what he should be doing.  He's not out of the woods, but he just needs to "maintain". 
If you know of anyone that is in Wichita and is coming back home to Paris, please have them check with them to see if someone needs a ride home.  There are lots of folks up there without a vehicle and may need a ride home.
There were a group of preachers from Paris, on their way to Sturgis, South Dakota (the Harley-Davidson rally where Steve was headed) and they made a detour to Wichita to see the family.
Roxanne told me that there are so many stories that have come into play during this time...that God has a plan!  For instance...the cyclist that was behind Steve and saw the accident happen, was a former highway patrolman.  By the time he got off his cycle, he had already called 911.  With his formal training, he was able to turn Steve over and get him breathing!  The first car that stopped at the accident was an off-duty registered nurse.  How great is our God to put these people in the right place, at the right time.
Just keep the Shoemake/Raper family in your prayers.  Pray for NO MORE spikes in his ICP.  Pray for NO MORE brain bleeds.  Pray for the doctors and nurses who are attending to him.  Pray for those that are traveling, that they will be safe!

Prayer Requests - 8/7 - 8:40pm

Our brother, James (Sunny) Walker, passed away this morning.
Visitation will be Monday evening from 7p to 9p at Bright Holland Funeral Home.  His service will be Tuesday morning at 10a at the chapel of B.H.F.H.
Please keep Cherry and the family in your prayers during this time.  (He is also the brother of Martha Tingle.)

 Posted by Traci, regarding Steve Shoemake, this afternoon:  "We have had an abundance of people come to be with us and Steve! My heart is overjoyed by the outpouring of love and it brings us great comfort. God has sent us little miracles throughout the day! Mallory just told me she saw 13 on the ICP monitor when she was in there! "Thank you Jesus!" :) The doctor said his CT scan showed a little more brain swelling, which was expected, but the bleeding has stopped! He said we are still not completely out of the woods, but felt we are making small steps in the right direction! YEA! God is so good, and I  So many local ministers and Christian motorcycle groups have stopped by; as well as many more visitors from Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Paris, and I want to visit with them all! I know there are so many that want to be here with us, but please know, that we know you are with us in spirit, and are comforted by your prayers, comments and texts! Much love to everyone."   (This picture is of Mallory placing a frog (Fully Rely On God) in Steve's hand.)

Prayer Request Update - 8/7 - 10:16am

Debra Usry sent this message regarding Debbie Duncan, who was injured on Monday night after hitting a cow:  "Just talked to Debbie Duncan's sister. She told me that the bleed on Debbie's brain stopped bleeding on it's own and she was doing so well, the Doctors released her from the hospital YESTERDAY!! Thanks to everyone for prayers."

Prayer Request Update - 8/7 - 9:07am

Traci posted this message regarding Steve this morning:  "Good morning, God gave us good rest last night and a little good news this morning. They were able to lower the blood pressure medicine, which means it's a small step in the right direction. Our hearts are filled with peace and hope right now... God is so good! Everyone's prayers and encouraging words are so uplifting for us! We love reading each and every message that has been posted in the guestbook. We can't go in to see him until 8:30, but his night nurse just came down as she was going home and gave us an update that his ICP number is down to 17, which is very good! We pray that it continues to go down, and that his CT scan shows improvement. I will post an update after seeing him and getting an update from his scan. F. R. O. G."
(F.R.O.G.:  Fully Rely On God)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 8/6 - 7:10pm

Traci Shoemake just posted this message about Steve:  "We are amazed at how many people have responded to our call for prayer for Steve! We have held is hand and prayed over him so many times today! His ICP (which monitors the pressure on his brain) numbers are fluctuating still. We need them to be 20 or below and they are around 22-26. Continue to pray that this drops and the swelling and bleeding stops! There is a beautiful chapel right here in the middle of a courtyard by our waiting area and we all have found comfort in going in there to lift Steve up in prayer. Mallory enjoys going, and finds peace, so we go as often as she wants. Thank you to everyone who have signed Steve's guestbook! (On CaringBridge) Your sweet words and prayers mean so much to all of us! God will see us through this and we know He will heal Steve! God is so good!"
In the picture above is Traci, Steve & Mallory Shoemake.

Prayer Request Update - 8/6 - 4:07pm

I received this text from Roxanne a few minutes ago: "Thanks so much for all the prayers. We have all been to the chapel to pray. Steve's intracranial pressure is too high so they are giving him more sedation. No one is giving up on him!"
This message is from Steve's uncle, who is at the hospital: "Steve just took a turn for the worse. His intracranial pressure keeps rising. They can't reduce the pressure without cutting off nutrients to his brain, or the brain tissue will be damage or destroyed. We all just went to the chapel to pray."

Prayer Update - 8/6 - 12:11pm

I received this text from Roxanne, just a few minutes ago:  "We just visited with the Dr. The swelling and blood on his brain have increased, which is not uncommon.  I asked for a prognosis, he said he has a serious brain injury.  Steve is in God's hands. Please continue to pray."

Prayer Request Updates - 8/6 - 9:21am

Marshall Dickey had a massive heart attack while at the Nat'l Dixie League tournament this week. There was a cardiac Dr. in the stands that knew what was happening. They had to shock his heart 5 different times, once on the field, once in the ambulance and 3 times in the hospital. This Dr. stayed with him the whole time AND did his surgery. Marshall is doing so well, he will get to come back to Paris this weekend! God is so amazing...he puts people in our paths that NEED to be!

More updates on Steve Shoemake from Roxanne & Tracy this morning:
  • Both lungs are bruised. Several head fractures. Lots of broken bones in his face. BUT, no other injuries at ALL! They are going to do procedures today to relieve the pressure on the brain. 
  • "As Steve would sing in the mornings "Rise & Shine & give God the glory glory". Steve remained stable in the night and the CT scan showed no changed in his "brain bleeds" which is good news! Thank you God for a new day! All praises to You!"

God is good and HE will see Steve and the family through this.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2 Prayer Request Updates - 8/5 - 9:46am

Roxanne just texted this message to me regarding her son Steve Shoemake"We need so many prayers!  They're keeping him in a drup induced coma to let his brain rest.  This hospital is a God send!  He looks so bad, but we know God is in control."

This is the latest update regarding Kenneth Freeman.  He wiggled his toes and followed a few other commands today.  He was trying too hard to breathe, so they put him back on the vent.  The Drs say that will be more comfortable for him.  Surgery for the trach and for a feeding tube went well.  Kenneth is now without any sedation at all.  He squeezed his wife and daughter's hands this evening.  They are all emotionally drained and continue to need your prayers.

Prayer Request Update - 8/5 6:32pm

Roxanne's son, Steve, is in a drug induced coma to keep the swelling down in his brain.  He has MANY broken bones in his face.
There are lots of people from Paris there...and many more on their way.  The pilots are on their way back home.
Please pray that everyone is safe during their travels.

Prayer Update - 8/5 - 5:26pm

The pilots safely delivered Roxanne & Gina to Wichita.  They are on the ground!
Please continue to pray for the doctors and nurses who are tending to Steve.

Update on Prayer - 8/5 - 2:29pm

A pilot was found for Roxanne & her daughter Gina to go to Wichita, where Steve is.

Bubba Coston & Jack Ashton are flying Mark Buster's will take 3 hours to get there.
NOW...PLEASE pray that the storm system going through Oklahoma will let up, so they can get there safely.

URGENT Prayer Request ! 8/5 - 2pm

We've just talked with Roxanne. The chaplin at the hospital, where Steve is, told her that they need to get there ASAP.
Some people at work are trying to get a pilot that can fly them up there.
Please say a little prayer that they find a pilot QUICK!
Do you know a pilot that could fly them....they need to be there NOW!

Prayer Request Update - 8/5 - 12:47pm

I talked to Roxanne Raper a few minutes ago, her son Steve is being taken to Via Christi Regional Medical Center in Wichita.  He has internal head trauma and other injuries too.  They are on their way back to Paris to bring Peggy home and then be on their way.  Please keep them in prayer as they are traveling.

PRAISE:  Mike & Linda Erwin are going to be grandparents again!  Allison & Justin's new baby will be here in March!

Linda Erwin's cousin, Jeff Scoggins, had a colonoscopy last Wednesday, he was back in surgery yesterday because of hemmoraging.

Debra Usry has bronchitis.  She went to Minor ER this past weekend, but is no better.

Payden Daniels has had 2 seizures this week. 

Debbie & Buford Duncan (friends of the Usry's) were injured in an accident on Monday night.  They hit a cow, the impact took the top of the car off!.  Debbie was CareFlighted to Tyler and is in ICU, her husband is doing ok.

Doug & Jill Faires asked for prayers for Jill's dad, W.H. Bequette, will have surgery on his pre-cancerous polyps on his colon, and her grandmother, Virginia Cammack, as she recovers from hip replacement surgery after a fall, Linda Loftice (wife of co-worker) scheduled back surgery this week, and Doug is also scheduled to have a stress test this week too.

Mark & Dianna Welch are having some health issues.  Mark's sciatica is giving him lots of problems and Dianna has an infection on her toes that isn't getting better after a round of antibiotics.

Anna Zant's mom, Christine Mashburn, is back home with round the clock care.  Her husband, Joe, said that she can walk with a walker but they cannot leave her alone yet.  It's been a very difficult road for him too.

Mike Bishop's co-worker, Dovie Gray, found her brother dead this past week.

Lisa Denman's friend, Sharon Lowrey & her family, are in need of our prayers.  Sharon's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and then died 3 weeks later.  Her death was so sudden they are having a difficult time.

Mike Shields (the preacher across the street) mother-in-law, Letta Adcock, is in poor health.  (I talked with him this morning and he said that she is some better.)

Attention Ladies:  The next H.A.L.O. meeting will be Thursday, August 19th, at 6pm in the Outreach Bldg.  Bring finger foods, a pantry item and a canister of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid.  We'll be sending the Kool-Aid to Boles Home.  We'll also play games again!  (What a wonderful time we had last week...I'm really looking forward to it again!)

URGENT Prayer Request - 8/5 - 9:56am

Roxanne Raper just called and asked for prayers.  Her son, Steve Shoemake, was in Kansas on a motorcycle trip and had a terrible accident.  He has a head injury and is being CareFlighted to Wichita Kansas.
Roxanne, her daughter and all the grandkids were in Beavers Bend for a few days.  She's gotten Mallory to George.  Roxanne and Gina are closing up the cabin and will be on their way to Wichita immediately.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prayer Request - 8/4 - 3:40pm

James Hanley asked that we put Matt on the prayer list.  His meds are being changed.

Prayer Request - 8/4 - 8:57am

Two weeks ago there was a accident on Hwy 79 involving 2 motorcycles.   Kenneth & Retha Freeman and another couple were in the accident.  Kenneth was seriously injured & was flown to Medical Center in Plano. Retha was injured, but is doing ok.  Kenneth is having a hard time & I know they could use lots of prayers.
His daughter Stacey has been posting updates on facebook and has stated that Kenneth is still in ICU. He's running fever and has a staph and a bacterial stomach infection, which is caused by the antibiotics. He had some apena problems, so they let the vent to the breathing again.
Stacey also said:  "I know we have to be patient and this is a long process, I just want so badly to have my Daddy back to normal, I miss him."
Please pray for this family and for the doctors and nurses working on Kenneth.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prayer Requests - 8/3 - 9:57pm

Debra Usry sent this message:  "Lloyd Usry and Charlotte Cannon's cousin, Harriet L. Gilbert, is going to have surgery for bladder cancer. She has battled this cancer for the last 8 years. Please add her to the prayer list."

SCHOOL BACKPACKS: It's time to start thinking about backpacks for the kiddos at Justiss Elementary. Charlotte Grooms stated that: "I will be glad to take cash if people had rather do that. It makes the kids feel special to get a new backpack. I watch the adds and lot of times you can get 2 for the price of one."

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks entree will be Mexican Stack-ups. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2.

PANTRY NEEDS: Pasta & Canned Vegetables

CLOTHES CLOSET: Is in need of summer clothes…all kinds.

Keep The Date:

Aug 4: Derald Bulls will speak
Aug 5: Men's "42" Night
Aug 6-7: Disciple NOW with Larry Nunley
Aug 7: Boyd/Hanley Wedding
Aug 8: Faithful Readers
Aug 11: Clint Gage will speak
Aug 15:  Bailey Ray's "Blue" Baby Shower
Aug 21:  Skinner/Holland Wedding
Aug 22: April McClour's "Blue" Baby Shower
Aug 25: Wayne Kerby will speak