Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Update - 9/30

9:00-10:00:  6th grade through adults will meet in the OutReach Bldg.
10:15-11:00:  Worship in the auditorium
11:20-12:15:  Catered lunch in the OutReach Bldg.  (If you didn't sign-up on Sunday, please call church office to RSVP.  They need a count for lunch.)
12:30-3:00:  Afternoon session beings in the OutReach.  Childcare is available. 

Baptism:  Jerry Raper was baptized last Sunday after chuch.

Prayer Requests:
  • Elizabeth Shew - PRMC with lung problems.
  • Ora Henderson - PRMC/Room 329
  • Patsy Elliott - dismissed from the hospital last Monday.
  • Mike Marsters - health issues.
  • Kristi Anthony - continued rehab.
  • Tom Wood - Cancer
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Barbara Adams - (Kathy Daniels' Mom) - PRMC
  • Donna Archer - (Molly Woodall's friend) - recovering at home from stem cell transplant.
  • Wally Kraft - (local veterinarian) has staff infection.
  • Jason Harvey - Leukemia
  • Susan Terranva - (Kathy Marshall's sister) - health and depression
  • Missionaries
  • Our nation and the government
PraiseThank you Lord for the RAIN!

Simple Supper:   This weeks' entrée is Chipotle Bowls.  Please donate at least $2/person.

Pantry Needs:  Soup

Oct 2:  Ladies Bible Class at 10am
Oct 6:  Church Vision meeting - lunch and child care provided
Oct 13:  Faithful Readers at 4pm
Oct 31:  Trunk or Treat
Nov 15-17:  Family Retreat

Friday, September 27, 2013

Prayer Requests - 9/27

Anna Zant's daughter, Kara Collard, is having tests to determine what is causing her severe headaches and dizziness.  Also, Anna's brother Don Mashburn, has been diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow.  He starts treatments soon and is optimistic about it. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prayer Request - 9/25

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, will be having a feeding tube inserted this morning.  Please keep "Nanaw" in your prayers as she learns a new normal way of life.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This Sunday, Sept. 29th, we will have our 5th Sunday Potluck!
After morning worship we will go to the OutReach Building and have lunch together. 
We'll then have a time of singing and devotion and then be dismissed for the day.
Bring your favorite dish and a little extra for our guests!
See you then!

The angels are singing.....

Jerry Raper was baptized, after church, Sunday morning!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 9/22

Posted by Austin tonight:  "EVERYONE PLEASE read this and share if you would. This is going to be long but tonight I would like to tell you all something very specific that my family needs you to pray for. This weekend the family was all together in Conway (where I go to school), it was a great weekend. Today we went to the church I've been attending here and at the end of the service mom was standing up singing, her wheelchair wasn't around and no one really knew her. So after the service she was still standing and some ladies came to introduce themselves. They didn't know moms situation and they were asking her questions that she just couldn't remember the answer to. I almost cry thinking about it, I felt so bad for her. You have no idea what that feels like. Almost everyone in Paris, TX knows mom and her situation but today I felt like she was just embarrassed and didn't know what to do. I want her to walk so bad but even more than that I want her mental state to be back to normal first. If she is walking but can't remember anything then that won't be good. Please pray that this doesn't continue much longer, it's a daily struggle. Thanks so much. -Austin (and Jay)."

Weekly Update - 9/22

Prayer Requests:
  • Patsy Elliott - PRMC
  • Ora Henderson - PRMC - breathing problems.
  • Terry McDowra - (brother of Cherry Walker and Barbara Fambro) - Legends.
  • Alicia Leopard - (daughter of Ann Huffman) - health
  • Jayson Harvey - (friend of Bettie Ashby) - he has leukemia and is very ill.
  • John Temple - (member of College CoC) - PRMC/Room 308
  • Burrell Kincaid - (friend of Derald Bulls) - had open heart surgery this morning at PRMC.
  • Dustin Smith - (Haley Bulls' friend) - will have surgery Thursday at Methodist/Dallas.

Simple Supper:  This weeks' entrée is "Mexican Stack-ups".  Please donate at least $2 per person

Pantry Needs:  Spaghetti and Sauce

Sept 25:  Ladies Bible Class
Oct 6: Church Vision meeting at LACOC.  Lunch and childcare will be provided.  The vision begins! 
Oct 13:  Faithful Readers meet
Oct 31:  Trunk or Treat
Nov 15-17:  Family Retreat (one week earlier than usual)

Love you - MEAN IT!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prayer Request - 9/18

My friend, Donna Archer, had a second stem cell transplant a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been doing as well as expected.  She had to be admitted to the hospital late yesterday afternoon. She has been running a high fever and her Dr wanted to be able to watch her more closely overnight. He is speculating that her PICC line may have been infected. PICC line has been removed for testing and also blood cultures have been drawn and are being tested as well.
Please pray for Donna and her husband Sammy, as well as for the doctors and nurses tending to her.

Our Sympathy....

Billy Miears, uncle of James Paul Miears and Craig Skidmore, passed away on Monday.  Graveside services will be at 11:00 a.m. on Friday at the Knights of Honor Cemetery in Blossom.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer Request - 9/17

Our sister, Ora Henderson, has been admitted to PRMC/503.  They are running tests.

Prayer Request - 9/17

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, continues to be in PRMC/ICU, with congestive heart failure and pneumonia.  Dr. Hashmi is being called in.  They are trying to get the fluid off of her now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Prayer Requests - 9/16

  • Kathy Marshall asked for prayers for her daughter, Mindy Miller.  She is having lots of trouble with her diabetes and is in a lot of pain.
  • Bryce Williams' friend, Michael Johnson, as he grieves the loss of his wife of 40 years.
  • Mike Marsters continues to have problems with shaking and stuttering from the side effects of medication.
  • Jill Faires asked for prayers for one of the Kiddie Kollege moms, Glenda Berger.  She has lung cancer that has spread to the bones.
  • New member, Kristi Taylor's brother, Travis Risenhoover, is in the hospital at this time.
  • Continue to remember the Terry Webb family, as they mourn the sudden death of him on Saturday. 

Prayer Request - 9/16

Updates from Kathy Daniels regarding her Mom, Barbara Adams:
Sunday night:  "When Dr. went in, he said that her stomach is twisted, which is causing her issues.  They put her on a vent also."
Monday morning:  "Dr. McLemore just came in and said he was going to start weening her off the vent.  May have to put in feeding tube."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Sympathy....

Derald Bulls sent this message:  "Please keep the family of Terry Webb on the prayer list. Terry died Saturday during surgery in Plano. He was my buddy Kenneth Webb's older brother.  He was 52 and worked at Campbell Soup since high school graduation."

Prayer Request - 9/15

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, was admitted to PRMC this week, after some tests.  She is being moved to ICU now, as she is not doing well.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prayer Request - 9/12

Nelda Skinner's husband, Gene, is having surgery this morning, in Dallas, for a detached retina.

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, will be having a procedure this morning.  She has been very sick this week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prayer Request - 9/11

Lilla Buchanan has been in the hospital this week...but was released yesterday.  Dr. is adjusting her meds and made an appointment with a specialist.

Prayer Request - 9/11

Jill Faires sent this message:  "Please pray for Glenda Berger.  She is in the hospital with lung cancer and has concerns that it has spread.  Glenda is the Mom of one of our Kiddie Kollege students."

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Update - 9/8

  • Delbert Davis, the oldest member of LACOC, passed away on Saturday.  Visitation will be Monday night from 6-7pm at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home.  Funeral service will be Tuesday at 2pm at the chapel of FGFH.
  • Lilly Holcomb, mother of Elda Francis, passed away on Saturday.  Visitation will be Monday night from 6-7pm at Bright-Holland Funeral Home.  Funeral service will be 10am Tuesday at the chapel of BHFH. 
  • Janie Cowan, mother of Mark Cowan, passed away on Saturday.  Her funeral service was today in Clarksville.
  • Barbara Fambro (sister of Cherry Walker) just moved to the area.  She asked for prayers for the right heart and right relationship with God.
  • Ora Henderson said that "life is hard...prayers for her to be lifted up."
  • Kristy Taylor and her 3 children, Bailey, Chloe and Autumn.
  • Kristi Anthony...."We need your prayers for Kristi today please. Kristi is at a point where things are beginning to get extremely difficult again. Some serious issues with her rehabilitation are going backwards and she desperately needs your prayers to overcome these obstacles and move forward again. PLEASE FATHER ANSWER THIS REQUEST QUICKLY - Thank You, Jay"
  • Continued prayers for the Brazile family in their loss of Chuck.  Also, for the Wilson family in the loss of Ronnie.
  • Tom Wood and his continued cancer treatments.
  • Mike Grigsby - medical issues
  • Jerry Raper - medical issues.
  • Sharon Fendley is having breathing problems.
  • Carole Anderson will be having many upcoming tests.
  • Karen McMillan - making major decisions and for her family.
  • Noah Roth (friend of Laura Cannon) was involved in a car accident.
  • Matthew Kirkpatrick, 3 year old great-grandson of Kay Allen, has something growing from his skull.  He will have a sedated MRI at Children's Medical this week.
  • Kandi Kings' friend, Tom Bozeman, for a successful surgery.
  • Mike Banks and his continued recovery.
  • Teresa Allen asked for prayers for 6 young boys who were arrested.  Prayers for their families also.
  • Bryce Williams asked for prayers for his friends family.  For continuity and help getting their life back on track after medical problems.
  • Prayers for the Ramsey family after the loss of Kurt.  He passed away on Saturday from brain cancer.
  • Charlotte Grooms' brother, David Nelson, is waiting on results from a PET scan.
  • The Anderson's cousins, Curbe and Pat Goolsby....both are having many health issues.
  • Nora White asked for prayers for J.T. Stephens as he has an appointment with a doctor in Plano tomorrow.
  • Cleo Woolston (friend of Diane McFadden) and her health.
  • Remember the VanderPool's and their mission work in Haiti.
  • All of our missionaries - blessings of success!
  • Syrian conflict - prayers for our world leaders.
Simple Supper:  This weeks' entrée is "Chicken Spaghetti".  Please donate at least $2 per person

Pantry Needs:  Crackers and Jelly

Sept 11:  Ladies Wednesday Morning Bible Class resumes with guest speaker Kathy Sturch
Oct 6:     Special day at LACOC.  Lunch will be served.  The vision begins! 

Love you - MEAN IT!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Sympathy....

Our sweet brother, Delbert Davis, passed away today. 
Funeral services will be conducted at 2:00 P.M. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 in the chapel of Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home. Burial will follow in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma.
Family will receive friends from 6:00 P.M. till 7:00 P.M. Monday evening at the funeral home.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Update on Tom Wood - 9/6

Joann just sent this message:  "Scan results are 1) No spread noted, 2) larger mass smaller from last time, 3) will have another scan in 4 weeks to determine if smaller is the same or continuing to grow.  God is good!  Thanks for all your prayers that are being answered!"

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Sympathy....

Robert Wilson's brother, Ronnie Wilson, passed away.  We have no other details at this time.
Please keep their family in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Thank you to everyone who donated, or even tried to donate, blood this afternoon!  I don't have a final count of donations made...but there were a lot!  One donation saves THREE lives!!!

Ethan Hall just turned 16 a few months ago and was ready to donate!
Thank you Ethan for setting a good example!
Here's a couple more that were ready to give.
Barbara Richards and Curtis Garrett!

Update on Kristi Anthony - 9/4

Posted by Jay at noon today:   "Kristi is trying so hard to walk and to remember things. It is an exhausting struggle but everyday God supplies enough strength and stamina for her. 
Yesterday she was so tired that it made the day very difficult but today she awoke with a renewed strength. Everyday she wants to know when she gets to go see Austin!
Part of the process of her brain's healing is that she gets "stuck" on certain questions that she is attempting to commit to her memory. Each day or week now she seems to focus on an area and she gets reinforcement by asking the same thing over and over again. I think that this is a normal part of healing from a brain injury even though there is really NOTHING normal in this process! God is controlling it all.
I know that everything involved in this process seems so SLOW to us all but we just need to look behind us at how far she has come. Kristi has traveled a long way and put some real distance between November 16, 2012 and today. NO she is not completely healed yet, and she still has many miles to travel BUT she is on the road and has the drive to keep on keeping on each and every difficult mile of the journey.
I am so proud of her! - Jay"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ladies Class....starts NEXT week!

They will be at LACOC on Wednesday, starting at 4pm until 8pm.
Donate 3 lives!

New classes start tomorrow night....

Prayer Request - 9/3

My friend, Shannon Cass, gave birth to a baby girl (Zoee) on Saturday morning, by C-section.  (Baby Zoee is doing fine...although she is 4 weeks early.)  Shannon was taken in to emergency surgery at 1am on Sunday morning.  This morning the doctor is requesting that wound care see her.  Please pray for complete healing.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Update - 9/1

Our Sympathy is extended to the Brazile family as they mourn the passing of Chuck Brazile.  Visitation is Monday night from 6-8pm at Starrett Funeral Home.  Funeral services will be Tuesday at 2pm at Lamar Avenue.

Baptized:  Brice Williams was baptized last Sunday evening.

Prayer Requests:
  • Helen Norman - recovering from surgery.
  • Tom Wood - will have a CT scan on Tuesday. Prayers for complete healing.
  • Kristi Anthony - continuing rehab and improvement.
  • Ronnie Wilson - very ill in Tyler hospital.
  • Ora Henderson - prayers for her children and grandchildren for safe travel and well being.
  • Joy Lowery - prayers for her sister and family for their well being and direction.
  • Pat Goolsby (Anderson's cousin) - she is having severe anxiety attacks.  She is getting counseling, but afraid to drive, go outside, etc.
  • Jerry Mack - Cancer.
  • Kirk Ramsey - has brain cancer.
  • Michelle Burks and family - death of her sister, Jeana Hohenberger.
  • Lillian Welch - health issues.
  • Remember the VanderPool's and their mission work in Haiti.
  • All of our missionaries - blessings of success!
  • Syrian conflict - prayers for our world leaders.

Blood Drive:  Carter Blood Care will be here on Wednesday, Sept 4th from 4pm-8pm.  A sign-up sheet will be available soon.

Simple Supper:  This weeks' entrée is "Momma's" Meatloaf.  Please donate at least $2 per person

Pantry Needs:  Pasta Sauce.

KEEP THE DATE:Sept 4:    New Wednesday night classes begin
Sept 4:    Blood Drive
Sept 4:    Silver Ring Thing....youth and parents
Sept 8:    Faithful Readers
Sept 11:  Ladies Wednesday Morning Bible Class resumes with guest speaker Kathy Sturch
Oct 6:     Special day at LACOC.  Lunch will be served.  The vision begins! 

Love you - MEAN IT!!