Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prayer Requests - 4/29

  • The McGee's ask for prayer for their friend, Tracy Bounds, who has cancer.
  • Kathy Daniels posted this message on Facebook:  Thank you all for your visits, texts, calls and especially your prayers. Been a trying few days but Joe is now home and doing much better! Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he continues to get completely well.
  • You are invited to a Retirement Party for Butch Munday, May 07, 2014 at the Paris Junior College McLemore Student Center. 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Monday, April 28, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/28

Randi Haggard sent this prayer request.... My friend, Jean Campbell, who is almost 90 yrs. old and living at Spring Lake Assisted Living. She is having to adjust to leaving her home, losing her husband to cancer and not having the active lifestyle that she had for so many years in our community. I am going back to visit her today and tell her that I put her on our church prayer list.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Update on Joe Daniels - 4/25

Joe Daniels has been diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis which is a fancy way of saying his stomach isn't working the way it needs to. So, they've started some medicine to help 'jump start' his stomach before meals. We still don't have a dismissal date but hopefully it will be soon. We all appreciate the visits, calls, texts & prayers! Thank you all so much!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/24

Jessica Harris had a nuclear stress test this past week.  Will get test results on May 1st.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update on Shelia Icehower - 4/23

She just posted this:  "Just to update--biopsies normal. Keep seeing Dr. for awhile. Few meds. I'm feeling very blessed especially because of your prayers and concern for my well being. I love every one of you. Thank you for the prayers. Thank our God Almighty."

Update on Joe Daniels - 4/23

Sheridie Dyess just posted:  "God is so GOOD!!  Dad/Joe's results show that the polyps are NOT cancer. The tests show that he has aspirated, developed an infection which caused the polyps and then turned into pneumonia. The doctors are concerned he has had a stroke at some point due to some swallowing issues. They are running more tests today (& maybe tomorrow) and we'll know more then. Thanks so much for the prayers!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updates - 4/22

  • Butch Mills is improving and has been moved to Brentwood for rehab.  He's in room 215.\
  • Joe Daniels is still at PRMC - Room 568 awaiting test results.
  • Ely Speer is doing great and was discharged to the Ronald McDonald House until Thursday.  If test results are OK, he will be going home on Thursday.
  • Faye Hanley (James' aunt and former member) was admitted to PRMC yesterday morning due to a "mini stroke".  She's doing much better and hopes Dr. will allow her to go home today.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Update on Glenn Barnett - 7:52pm

Joy just posted this update:  We are home just got Benadryl, still some swelling but no trouble breathing.

Urgent Prayer Request - 4/21

Glenn Barnett is in PRMC/ER.  Joy says he's having an allergic reaction to something unknown.

Prayer Request - 4/21

Mary Jones heard from Anna Bolton today, she stated that Roy (former members of LACOC) is having serious heart problems.  He went to Dr. for check-up and echocardiogram and was told he needed 5 by-passes, but his heart is too weak.  The surgeon agreed and they think maybe they can at least do stents.  Anna will let us know more details.   This will be performed at a satellite hospital of Vanderbilt in Tennessee.

Update on Joe Daniels - 4/21

Not the best news today with the results of Joe Daniels' scope. He has numerous polyps in his right lung. They don't know what they are. They've done biopsies of the polyps and sent it all to the lab. We will get results in a few days. Prayers for healing & strength are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Update - 4/20

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning, "And He Walks With Me", with the text from Luke 24:13-34.  There are so many beautiful mental pictures that we can take from this scripture. 
We had lots of guests visiting today and it was SO good to see everyone!
Thank you Coach Stallings for the time of prayer that you took us through.  It was so moving and thoughtful.  (...as good friends should and do!)
AND....Thank you Mark Welch for leading us in our time of song and praise!  Today's singing was AWESOME!  We are blessed with so many folks with beautiful singing talents!

  • Butch Mills - Continues to be in PRMC/ICU.
  • Joe Daniels is still in PRMC and will have a scope procedure performed in the morning to see what's going on with his lungs.
  • Nancy Jones - Recovering from neck surgery.
  • Glen and Joy Barnett's grandson, Ely Speer, is recovering from open heart surgery and was discharged from the hospital, today. They will stay in Dallas until the follow up appointment with surgeon.  If all is well, he will get to go home to Antlers.
  • Lila Buchanan - Will be having surgery soon.
  • Shirley Carroll - Recovering from hand surgery.
  • Kolton Welch - Recovering from hand surgery.
  • Shelia Icenhower - Continuing tests.
  • Carol Anderson - Recovering from back surgery.
  • Ben Holland - Recovering from heart surgery. (Bennette Russell's Dad)  He is doing great!

SENIOR SUNDAY:  The 2014 graduates and their families will be honored with a breakfast before class on May 18th.  If you would be willing to make a donation, please contact Carol Anderson.  She will be doing all the shopping and cooking this year.  See Welcome Center for more details.

CHURCH COOKBOOK:  See Ladies Bulletin Board for more details.

DRIVER NEEDED:  A driver is still needed for Sunday mornings.  Please contact James Hanley.

KFC SPRING FLING will be May 10th, at the Woodall Ranch, 4:30-7:30pm.  Girls bring desserts, guys bring drinks.  See Andy if you did not receive an invitation.

LTC CELEBRATION:  KFC, JH and HS will be honored on Sunday, April 27th.  Please make plans to attend.
I was there this weekend, at LTC, with the kids and their families. The kids did great and brought home LOTS of awards!  Thank you to the coaches for working so hard with the students!
And thank you, to all that donated snacks/drinks for the group!  It was so appreciated!

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entrée is Hamburgers.  Please donate at least $2 per person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Meat

April 27:  LTC Celebration
May 10:  KFC Spring Fling
May 14:  Blood Drive
May 18:  Senior Sunday

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Prayer Requests - 4/18

Sheridie Dyess posted about her Dad, Joe Daniels, this morning:  "Still in the hospital. Receiving IV antibiotics until at least Monday after they do the scope to check his lungs. He's still not feeling any better. We're praying the antibiotics kick in quickly and he'll start to get better soon. Thanks for the prayers."

Bennette Russell's Dad, Ben Russell, was taken into surgery this morning and probably won't be out until 2-3pm.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update on Ely Spears - 4/17

Ely Spears' surgery is complete...he is already off the bypass machine and doing well!
Praise the Lord!

Update on Butch Mills - 4/17

Butch has been moved to PRMC/Room 454.  The family will be out of town this weekend at LTC, so visitors are welcome.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/16

The Barnett's grandson, Ely Spears, will be having his open heart surgery in the morning at 8:15am in Dallas.

Prayer Request - 4/16

Benette Russell's Dad, Ben Holland, will be having bypass surgery Friday morning at 9am. "Dr Salas just came in and said he was going to move him to ICU today and try to give him an IV that he tried yesterday that made his blood pressure drop too low. He said he wants to put him in ICU to keep a closer eye on him."
Joe Daniels has been admitted to PRMC.  He has pneumonia and is scheduled for a scope on Monday to check his lungs for histoplasmosis.

Prayer Requests - 4/16

Derald Bulls sent this message:  "Please add Paula Vaughan to the prayer list. She is my student worker who after 26 years in the fast food industry returned to college. She has been diagnosed with H-Pylori and Barrett’s Esophageal Gastritis. She has begun treatment and will have more tests done after she graduates in May to determine if the medications she is on is having an effect on her condition. She is a very determined woman with a strong faith."


If you signed up to bring food for the families going to LTC, please drop that off in the foyer tonight or tomorrow.  Thank you for your help!

Prayer Request - 4/16

Nancy Jones is having neck surgery today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Sympathy...

Twala Buck, one of our Kiddie Kollege teachers, lost her 2 month old grandbaby today.  They think it was SIDS.


All Wednesday night classes will meet in the auditorium for a LTC dress rehearsal.  Kids participating in LTC need to meet in the foyer at 6:00.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/13

There was another accident on Saturday night.  Daniel Tuttle, son of Joe & Pam Tuttle, was transported to a Dallas hospital after a one vehicle accident.  He had surgery today to repair a broken femur and pelvis.  He should be home in 48 hours.
Thank you Lord for protecting this young man.

Weekly Update - 4/13

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning about the days and trial before Jesus was crucified.
And thank you to Alan Fain for the song selections!  The singing this morning was beautiful!

OUR SYMPATHY:  Please keep the families of the teens who were killed or injured in the tragic accident on Saturday night.  Those that were killed were Colbie Miller, Bailee Sims and Andrew Russell.  (Andrew is the nephew of Tracy Shoemake.) 

  • Carol Anderson - she recently had back surgery and ask for prayers for healing. 
  • Joy Barnett asked for prayers for her 9 month old grandson, Eli.  He will be having open heart surgery on Thursday (17th) in Dallas.  His parents are George and Valerie Spears.
  • Donna Mosley and her son Austin, are back to join the LACOC family!

  • Butch Mills continues to be in PRMC/ICU in critical condition.
  • Shelia Icenhower is back at home now, but will be going back to Dallas for more testing soon.
  • Kolton Welch as he is recovering from hand surgery this week.
  • Shirley Carrol as she is also recovering from hand surgery this week.
  • Mary Lloyd as she continues her fight with cancer.
  • Lila Buchanan will be having surgery soon.
  • Dee Lyons - health issues.
  • Rebecca Cowan asked that we pray for her and Alexis, as they travel to Europe, for 2 weeks, to meet Tanessa.  And prayers that they will be Christ to people they meet.  Traveling grace ladies!
  • Peggy Jacks' sons, James and Gary, are both experiencing health issues.

LTC CONVENTION:  LTC is this upcoming weekend (18-19) in Dallas!  There are 90 people, from LACOC, that are attending this year.  Food donations are greatly appreciated!  Sign up at the Welcome Center if you can help.  Food can be dropped off starting NOW!
Please keep this group in your prayers as they travel Friday and Saturday.

CONGRATULATIONSPete Taylor was into the Rivercrest I.S.D. Hall of Fame for his 40 years in education!

PHOTOS:  The table in the foyer has old photos found in the workroom.  Please look through them and take them home if you want.  Thank you Angie Duran for all your hard work on this project!


SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is SUB SANDWICHES!  Please donate at least $2 per person.

DRIVER NEEDED:  LACOC is in need of a bus driver for Sunday mornings.  Please contact James Hanley

April 18-19:  LTC Convention
May 14:  Blood Drive
May 18:  Senior Sunday

Love you - MEAN IT!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

URGENT Prayer Request - 4/9

Shelia Icenhower was taken to Baylor/Plano tonight, with 103 fever.  Will keep you updated.
No visitors please.

Mid-Week Update - 4/9

  • Butch Mills is in PRMC/ICU.  No visitors at this time.
  • Kolton Welch had surgery today for a broken thumb.
  • Shirley Carroll had hand surgery today.
  • Webber Woodall will be having laser surgery on his eye tomorrow.
  • Pattie Bulls, Danny's Mom, is in the hospital and not doing well.  She has cancer.
  • Daisy Redding's Mom is having serious heart problems.  Prognosis is not good.
  • Chris Brown's grandmother fell last Saturday.  She had to have a CT scan and stitches.
  • Donna Mosley is now living at Legend's here in Paris.
  • Skylar Cook, a friend of the Nutt's, is needing prayers.

Our Sympathy is extended to Mike Erwin in the loss of his cousin, Maxine Hayes, this week.

LTC will be NEXT WEEK!  There is a food sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center.  There are 90 people from LACOC who will be going to LTC this year.  The families attending will really appreciate your help.

A COME & GO CELEBRATION will be held this Sunday (4/13) at the home of Jean King, 1820 30th NE, from 2:30-4:30.  She will be celebrating her 39th birthday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Prayer Requests - 4/4

Peggy Jack's son, James, was admitted to Baylor/Dallas due to a heart attack.  He is stable at this time and they are running tests.  Please pray for James and for Peggy as she is on her way there now.

Jim Parker's brother-in-law (Deloris' brother), Carrell Larue, passed away yesterday.  Services are pending at this time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/2

Please keep our sister Dee Lyons on your hearts.  She is struggling with health issues.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prayer Request - 4/1

Janie Russell's surgery went well....she's expected to be in the hospital for a couple of days.

Weekly Update - 4/1

  • Charles Wampler and his family, in the loss of his father and prayers as they travel to Houston.
  • Robert Wilson's brother, Wesley, passed away.
  • Carol Anderson as she recovers from back surgery
  • Jerry Barnes had his heart shocked into rhythm last week.  He's feeling better now.
  • Ken Love would love to have visitors....especially someone that will play dominoes or checkers with him.
  • Mary Lloyd - cancer.
  • Kristi Anthony as she continues physical therapy and prayers for her to get better.
  • Moffitt's family as their children heal from taking medicine that was not prescribed for them, last week.  They are out of the hospital and back home doing well.
  • Mike Erwin's cousins, Olie & Maxine Hayes.  She is very ill with pancreatic cancer.
  • Ely Speer (Barnett's grandson) still pending.
  • Jimmy Smallwood - health issues.
  • Lillian Welch - health issues (Mark Welch and Diane McFadden's Mom.)
  • Peggy Jack asked for prayers for James Jack, for health issues.
  • Wayne Kerby's friend, Wally Kraft, will be having an upcoming surgery.
  • Ruth Ann Stallings asked for continued prayers for her daughter and son-in-law, Laura and David Vanderpool, and their progress in Haiti.
  • Continue to remember those in Washington, who are victims of the mudslide and those involved in the earthquakes in California.
PANTRY NEEDS:  Peanut Butter

YARN DRIVE:  Kiddie Kollege is collecting yarn they will donate to make "blessings" blankets for wounded soldiers.  There is a collection box by Room 6.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entrée is Meatloaf.  Please donate at least $2 per person.  If you weren't able to sign-up this morning and want to join us, please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.
CHURCH COOKBOOK:  There are plans being made for a new church cookbook.  The ladies bulletin board has all the information that you need to submit recipes.  And guys....submit your recipes too!


April 13:  Faithful Readers
April 18-19:  LTC Convention
May 14:  Blood Drive
May 18:  Senior Sunday

Love you - MEAN IT!