Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/30 - 11:15pm

My friend Debbie (McNeal) Naron's Dad, Elmer "Butch" McNeal, is in PRMC/S - ICU with pneumonia. His oxygen levels fluxuate from 40 to 80.  This number needs to stay HIGH.  Please pray specifically for his lungs to clear and the levels to return to normal.  Please keep their family in prayer.

Jessica Daniels posted this message tonight:  "My Poppy, Billy Kee, is out of surgery and doing GREAT!! They fixed everything they were going to and he is talking recovery. He will be in the hospital a few more days and then will come home better!!"

Rene Crews sent this message today:  "My friend, Kim Jones, has Pancreatitis. She got sick yesterday and may have to go to Dallas today.  She is scheduled for a C/T scan Monday and another test on Wednesday of next week."

Prayer Request - 9/30 - 2:54pm

Corey Gray had surgery this past Tuesday, and is still in ICU at Presbyterian/Dallas. What started out, a year and a half ago, as plastic surgery to repair his eye, to this weeks' surgery where they had to cut him ear-to-ear across the top of his head and MOVE his's been a long hard ordeal for him.
When he to the Dr. the first time in Feb. of 2009, for plastic surgery to repair a childhood injury to his eye,  they did a CT scan and found a blocked sinus and a cyst that had formed and had bore through to his brain. In the previous 3 surgeries, they were able to go up through his nose....this last one was the surgery (the last resort) that they were hoping to avoid.
Before his surgery, on Tuesday, they put a camera in his head and a tube in his back to drain the spinal fluid out so they would be able to work easily on his brain. Which is now causing him terrible headaches. (Hopefully the drain will come out today.)  During surgery they had to do skin, bone and "belly pocket" grafts.
They gave him new meds yesterday and he's allergic to them and is miserable today...hopefully this will have worn off by this afternoon.
He will continue to be in ICU for another day or 2 and hopefully will be home by Monday.
Please keep Corey, Carol Kay and their girls in your prayers.

Prayer Request - 9/30 - 10am

Martha Lenoir had breast cancer surgery yesterday and is in PRMC/South - Room 501.  Martha weighs less than 90 pounds and will not be able to have radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  Please keep Miss Martha in your prayers!

Prayer Requests - 9/30 - 8:58am

Michelle Anderson is having numerous tests run at this time.

Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, is having serious health problems.

Annetta Thomas' son, Army Sgt. William (Billy) Thomas, had to have an emergency appendectomy recently. 

Dana Hoog sent this message:  "Please put Oleta Dickson's sister and brother-in-law, Martha and Jackie Davis on the prayer list. Jackie is in end stage kidney failure and they have stopped dialysis. They live in Hugo and are going home with hospice. Please pray for Oleta and Dalias also."

Terry Henson  sent this message last night:  "My neighbor Julie Collins lost her cousin in a murder/suicide on Sunday.  He lived in Florida and only 46 years old.  She is requesting prayers for the family and herself to deal with the way he died."

Linda Erwin sent this message:  "Kristi Zastoupil’s husband, Zach, has been battling pancreatic cancer for about 5 years. Right now he is in the hospital and very critical. Please lift Kristi, Zach, and their children up in prayer.  Kristi is a Reading Recovery teacher from Trenton who is in our Professional Development group."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/28 - 10:14pm

Please keep Jessica Daniels' great-grandfather, Billy Kee,  on your hearts.  He's been taken to Baylor in Dallas.  Please pray also for the doctors & nurses as they work on him, and for the family as they travel.

Stephen Rhodes, son of Monica Rhodes, broke his arm at Chisum Middle School today.  He had surgery, but didn't have to have pins put in!!  (Monica's husband passed away this summer.) 

Mike Crews uncle, Corky Bassinger, will be having triple by-pass on Thursday in Plano.  He is also diabetic, which makes things a little more stressful!

Prayer Requests and Reminders - 9/28 - 3:20pm

Requesting Prayers:
  • Anna Zant asked for prayers for Joe & Christine Mashburn and their whole family.  Specific prayers are for health, patience and strength.
  • Danny McElroy (Linda Easton's brother) will be having heart surgery.
  • John Miller (friend of Derald Bulls) had a stroke last week and they are hoping for no long term damage.
  • Joyce Brown (friend of Wayne Kerby) just diagnosed with cancer.
  • Angela Heath (friend of Tammy Huffman's from Enloe) - is in ETMC/Tyler (6th floor Oncology) and had a biopsy today.  The Dr. is not sure if it's lymphoma or leukemia.  Her platelet counts are so low they are not letting her leave the hospital and are administering treatments there.  She has 2 daughters, a 4 year old and a 4 month old.  They have no insurance, her husband just started a job with the Post Office.  Her Mom just had a kidney removed, a month ago, due to cancer.  His Mom just died recently from cancer.  PLEASE keep this little family in your prayers.
  • Kenda Blackshear & her one month old baby Olivia, both have the whooping cough.  Have no idea how long they will be in PRMC/North.  (Olivia is still turning blue when she coughs.)
  • PRAISE - Robert Huffman (Tammy's husband) got the job they'd been hoping for.
  • PRAISE - Linda Warren (Tammy Huffman's Mom) is doing so much better, that she will be going back to work soon!
  • PRAISE - Scott Chaix (Janet Christ's friend) tests showed NO cancer!
  • PRAISE - Karl Louis is doing MUCH better.
  • PRAISE - Sonja Carter got a good report last week.
Our Sympathy Goes To These Families: 
Janelle Green on the death of her nephew, David Bryant Palmroy.  He passed away on Sept. 12th in Irving.
Perry Hanley on the death of his sister-in-law, Helen King.  She passed away on Sept. 18th in Dallas.

LIBRARY:  Annetta Thomas has volunteered to catalog and maintain the church library. If you would like to donate a computer for the library (that isn't antiquated), please contact Annetta or Margaret.

TRUNK OR TREAT:  Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways. This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Chili Dogs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: 1 lb. pkgs of dry beans or peas

Sept 30:  Prayer Breakfast for the Youth Group @ Daylight Donuts @ 7:15am.
Oct 3:  Life Groups
Oct 10: Faithful Readers @4pm
Oct 19: H.A.L.O. @6pm
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21:  Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/27 - 12:17pm

Baby Olivia Blackshear is doing better and not having the coughing spells as often, but is still not able to go home. Every time she coughs she turns blue and they have to give her oxygen to help her catch her breath.  They say the cough usually lasts a couple of weeks and it just has to "run its course".  They are going to do another chest xray today to make sure she isnt getting pneumonia.

Her Mommy, Kenda,  is starting to feel a little better but still has coughing spells as well and is sore all over from coughing so hard. The doctors send her home each day for a couple of hours every day to make sure she is getting some rest. They are all exhausted and just ready to take their little girl home.
Please pray specifically that Olivia's chest xray will look good today and that she won't have pneumonia!! "

Friday, September 24, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/24 - 9:34pm

One of our co-workers at First Federal, Kenda Blackshear, just had a baby last month.  She and the baby girl, Olivia, have both been diagnosed with the whooping cough.  Olivia has been admitted to the hospital because when she coughs, she can't catch her breath and turns blue and they are having to use oxygen on her.  Kenda has pulled muscles from coughing.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Prayer Request - 9/24 - 3:50pm

April McClour sent this message today:  "My friend, Krystal, is in Dallas.  She had her second child that only lived 12 hours."

Prayer Requests - 9/24 - 1:24pm

Derald Bulls sent these updates:
"Just got a text from Glenna Louis…Karl had follow-up with doctor today and said the pathology report couldn’t look any better, no cancer outside the prostate!!! Prayers answered!!!"

He also, heard from Marilee (Miller). Her husband John Miller is in PRMC/S-ICU 314 but he does not have paralysis…had leg numbing, tingling in fingers, dizziness and has been admitted. Will share more when I know it.

Do you or do you know someone?

If you, or someone you know, are in need of a queen size mattress with box springs, please leave me a comment, e-mail me, or call my cellphone and I will put you in contact with the person that would like to give it away.  The mattress is 6 years old.

Prayer Request - 9/24 - 8:43am

Derald Bulls' secretary, Marilee Miller’s husband, John, had a stroke last night/this morning and is in the PRMC/South. He currently has right side paralysis and I don’t know to what degree.  He has not spoken to her yet.  Please add this family to our prayer list. (Marilee’s grandson, Jonathan, is one of the latch-key children.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/23 - 11:20am

Lesa Bulls talked with Melissa Arnold this morning and she said that Lucas & Stephanie's baby weighed 2 lbs. 11 oz. and breathing on her own.  Stephanie is still having blood pressure issues and her sight is still blurry

And Lesa also got this report from Sonja Carter (teacher at North Lamar):  Just got a phone call with the results of the body scan... there was no other cancer found during the scan!!!!!  I could not be more thankful!! We are still working on getting the thyroid levels right and they are changing my medicine again. Hopefully, I will begin to feel more energetic for longer periods of time. Thank you all so much for your prayers & concerns!  I am thankful to the Lord for his goodness and healing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PRAISE! 9/21 - 2:43pm

Lucas & Stephanie Arnold are the proud parents of a baby girl...Audrie Jo Arnold.  She is premature, so she is in the pre-natal unit at Baylor.  Mark & Melissa Arnold are the VERY proud grandparents!

H.A.L.O. Tonight!!

(Helping Another - Loving Others)
At the OutReach Bldg at 6pm
Bring finger foods and games and a pantry item.
Our community service this month is LACOC's Trunk or Treat!  So, bring a bag of Charm's Blow Pops for our car that we will host!

PRAISE! 9/21 - 12:17pm

Webb & Erin (Wilson) Fortenberry would like to announce the birth of their new baby girl...Addison Mae Fortenberry. She was born on Friday, September 10th at 4:38pm. She weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.  The VERY proud grandparents are Phil Wilson & Debbie Wilson.

Prayer Request - 9/21 - 9:01am

Lucas & Stephanie Arnold are at Baylor Hospital awaiting the birth of their new baby.  Stephanie is only 7 months and the baby weighs only about 3 pounds.  They are inducing because of Stephanie is having very high blood pressure, which is causing her to lose the sight in her right eye.
Please pray specifically for the safe birth, a healthy baby, Stephanie's blood pressure will go down and the sight will return to her right eye.
Grandparents are Mark and Melissa Arnold from College Street.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/20 - 10:52am

Nelda Ray's brother, Donald Allen, of Paris, Tennessee passed away yesterday.  Mack & Nelda are on their way to his funeral.  Keep them in your prayers for safe travel.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Update - 9/19 - 8:08pm

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful message this morning..."Walking Home In Faith".   And thank you to Kyle for the amazing song service!  BEAUTIFUL singing this morning!

There are lots of visitors at LACOC every Sunday.  Are you taking time to welcome a visitor?  You never know...YOU could make the difference in their decision to become part of our family!
WELCOME:  Annetta Thomas!  (She is the daughter of Smithy and Kay Allen.)  Annetta has moved from Waco back to Paris and is ready to get busy working with us.  She's already taking on the library!

PRAISE:  We're so thankful that the Youth Group had a safe/successful trip to Camp Deer Run and were back home as worship was over.

REMINDER:  We'll be getting new front entrance doors on the west side of the building this week.  When you come to the church, please use the doors at the OutReach Bldg.  These should be finished by next Sunday.

FAREWELL:  It was sad to say good-bye to the Nichols' today!  Brent and Jill will be visiting with different churches that are working with them and also with family over the next month, before heading back to Niteroi, Brazil.  AND....they had a baptism today, of a 15 year old girl, in Niteroi.
  • Johnny Bassett was admitted to PRMC/South Friday morning with pneumonia.  He's in Room 307.  Please keep our sweet Johnny and Naomi in prayer.
  • Marianne Whitehouse's brother, David Bean, is still recovering from a stroke that he suffered in July.
  • Kevin & Stacey Wood asked for prayers for Mallory, that she "continue to seek God for direction in making right decisions".  
  • Janet Christ's friend, Scott Chaix, is having tests this week.  He may have to have his spleen removed.
  • Tanya Welch's friend, Claire VanDerWilt, was hospitalized on Friday with pneumonia.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friend, Kerri Posey, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.  She's only 32 years old.
  • Continue to remember little Payden Daniels on your heart.  He is still having seizures.
  • Danny Bulls asked that we keep the family and friends of the quarterback, Reggie Garrett, for West Orange-Stark High School, in our prayers.  He collapsed on the sidelines on Friday night, during the game, and died on the way to the hospital.
  • Misty Gage's friend, Dru Pirtle, has a blood clot that runs all the way up his leg.  He is now in ICU.
  • Derald Bulls stated that Karl Louis (former Paris Police Chief) is continuing to recover at home from prostate cancer surgery.
  • Clint and Tammy McPherson (friends of the Vinson's) has a son with autism and he is not doing well at this time.
  • Sherrie & Alan Boyd will be traveling over the next few weeks.  Please keep them in prayer for their safety.
  • Kim Hanley is looking for a job...if you or anyone know of an opening, please contact Kim.

H.A.L.O.: Ladies...Don't Forget! THIS Tuesday night, Sept. 21 at 6pm! Bring finger foods, a pantry item and games to play. This months' project is to bring a package of Charm's Blow-Pops for Trunk or Treat!  (There will be child care available.)

Speaking of TRUNK OR TREAT!!!!  Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways.  More details to come!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Pizza.  If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Chicken

Sept 21: H.A.L.O. 6pm (This month bring pantry item and package of Charm's Blow Pops)
Oct 10:  Faithful Readers
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive

Friday, September 17, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/17 - 8:15pm

Cynthia Hutson is recuperating at home following some minor surgery.  No other details are known at this time.

Prayer Request - 9/17 - 11:15am

Johnny Bassett was admitted to PRMC/South at 2am this morning with pneumonia.  He's in Room 307.  Please keep our sweet Johnny and Naomi in prayer.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/16 - 12:44pm

Rachel Spencer's Mom, Vicki Guess, has a brain anuersym.  Also, her Mom's best friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

Little Payden Daniels is continuing to have the seizures.  Please keep this little boy on your hearts.

Randi Haggard's treatment for her back, last week, has worked!  She is feeling much better.

Debra Usry asked that we keep her daughter, Jill Usry, in prayer.  She has been released from jail and is trying to make it on her own again.

Brian & Jeanette Singleton are excited to announce that they are expecting a baby!  It's due in March!

Our Sharing & Caring Class received a wonderful suprise visitor last night...Vannessa Bills!!  She was seriously injured in a car accident last August, her fiancee' was killed in the same accident and her brother, Van Hilburn, passed away unexpectedly a month ago.  Miss Vannessa is so blessed an so thankful for everyone at LACOC for all the cards, prayers and other blessings that have been sent her way!

Vannessa's sister-in-law, Chequita Hilburn, (Van's widow) is at Baylor/Dallas today.  She has a mass on the artery that goes to her leg.  She got up one morning and just couldn't walk. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/15 - 2:50pm

Lesa Bulls sent these prayer requests:  Bettie Ashby's (from College St.) Mom passed away today and Karl Louis had cancer surgery yesterday and is supposed to come home this afternoon.
Mallory Cunningham's 7 month old daughter, Sydney, (Carolyn and John Mark Cunningham's grand-daughter) was CareFlighted from Tyler to Dallas yesterday.  They have found that she has "transverse myelitis," an autoimmune disease much like spinal menengitis.  Carolyn says it's curable with weeks in the hospital and meds.  Then she will have rehab.  Please keep the family in your prayers as they face the coming days and weeks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/14 - 3:38pm

Jerry and April McClour are the proud parents of a baby boy, Preston Walker Lee McClour, born 09/14/10 at 2:31pm in Sulphur Springs.  He weighed 7 lbs. and 5 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Tammie Gillie asked that we include Sidney Grace Walker, six month old daughter of Seth & Mallory Walker.  She was CareFlighted to Dallas today with possible viral meningitis. No other details are known at this time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/13 - 4:51pm

Jerry & April McClour will be having their baby tomorrow.  Please keep this family in prayer for a safe delivery and healthy baby boy!

Prayer Request - 9/13 - 12:15pm

Derald Bulls just sent this message:  "I just had a visit from Johnny Crawford (son Drew owns Hole in the Wall) and he shared with me his wife, Sharon, had received a call this a.m. telling her that her mother had passed away in McKinney. She was 95 years old and had been admitted to the hospital on Friday.  I don’t know any more but I’m sure we’ll hear more by tomorrow. Please add this sweet family to your prayer list. For a time, the Crawford’s attended Lamar Avenue."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Update - 9/12 - 7:16pm

Thank you Patrick for the very moving lesson this morning "Do You Want To Get Well?"  How amazing that had to have have Jesus walk up and heal you! 

Selena Johnson went forward this morning saying is hard and she wants to lay her burden's down!  She has such a sweet, sensitive heart and wants us to keep her in prayer.

It was so great to see Brent and Jill and hear Brent give a report during our combined Sunday School today.  What a wonderful mission work they are a part of in Niteroi, Brazil. 
PRAISE:  And ... while we're talking about Brazil mission work, today was their first Friends and Family day.  There were 70 in attendance, and 15 of those were FIRST time guests!  WoooHOOO!

PRAISE: Marolyn Woodall went to Dallas to have a heart cath procedure...and NOTHING had to be done! God is so amazing!  WooooHOOOOO!

PRAISE:  Dustin Anderson, Annetta Cooke's nephew, has returned to the States after his tour in Iraq.  He and his family will be stationed in Germany, starting this next February.

PRAISE:  There was $2,095 raised for the Hurrican Alex Relief Effort last Wednesday night!  All donations will benefit La Chona & Las Milpillas, Mexico.  If you didn't get the chance to participate, you may turn in your checks to the office or give them to Marcelino, Patrick or the Elders.  This has to be done by this Wednesday evening.

MEET AND GREET:  Sunday, September 19th, from 1:30-3pm, at LACOC/Room 6.  We will get the chance to meet Miss Makayla Rose Lee, daughter of Michael and Kristie Mills-Lee, and baby sister of Kimberlynn Lee.   Selections:  Wal-Mart & Paris Baby.

H.A.L.O.:  Ladies...Don't Forget!  Tuesday night, Sept. 21 at 6pm! Bring finger foods, a pantry item and games to play.  This months' project is to bring a package of Charm's Blow-Pops for Trunk or Treat!   This has been such a fun ministry!  Thank you to Kimberly Daniels for heading this up!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Chicken Spaghetti. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: Spaghetti and Sauce

Sept 18-19: Youth Group Fall Retreat at Camp Deer Run
Sept 19: Family LIFE Groups
Sept 21: H.A.L.O. 6pm (This month bring pantry item and package of Charm's Blow Pops)
Oct 7:  Men's "42" Night
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Don't forget....Potluck lunch after morning worship tomorrow morning!
Bring enough for your family and a little extra for guests!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Blood Drive Recap!

I posted last week about our blood donations on Wednesday night, Sept. 1st.
We had 31 donated and received 32 credits!
BUT...the best part...the most amazing part was
I was so excited about it that I forgot to
post some pictures from the night.

Shane, giving the gift of life on HIS birthday!
And Doug...still smiling!
Wayne was giving platelets....thanks Wayne!
When I walked out of church that night...this was
the site that I saw.  How beautiful!

Prayer Request - 9/10 - 3:13pm

PRAISE:  James Dawson (superintendent of NLISD schools) had his heart surgery this afternoon and is doing great!

Prayer Request - 9/10 - 12:58pm

Kimberly Daniels took her son, Payden, for another Drs. visit yesterday in Dallas.  Payden is continuing to have seizures, so they are changing up his meds and hopefully this will decrease the seizures.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/9 - 9:48am

Heather Roden Parris (Marcus and Sharon's daughter) had her baby boy, Harley Parris, last Wednesday.  She's having some complications with her blood pressure.  She had gone home after the baby was born, but got put back in the hospital. Harley was born with a hole in his lung. Here is her latest posting on facebook:  "WOW! I am so proud of our baby boy. he is off of everything now and gained back 3 ounces. He is on his way home if he continues to do this good."

Lesa Bulls sent this message regarding James Dawson (superintendent at NLISD), from his daughter Mindy Dority:
"For several years, he has had a problem with tachycardia (rapid heart rate). Usually, he goes in to the ER and they give him 2 shots of medication that drop his heart rate back to normal. After these episodes, he feels like he has run a marathon and is completely drained. These episodes have been happening more and more frequently lately and the latest episode started this morning while he was doing traffic. When he got over to the North Campus ER, his resting heart rate was 150 but they were able to get it down with the usual routine and dismiss him.
Thankfully, he has decided enough is enough and is in Dallas now at Medical City. They are going to do an ablation procedure on him to fix the problem, hopefully once and for all. I hear it's a relatively simple procedure with a short recovery time.  Thanks for all of your concern and please keep him in your prayers."

Lesa also asked that we remember Steve Sparks and his family to our prayers.   His mom passed away this week.  He has lost a sister, sister-in-law and dad, and now his mom all this year.

Sonja Carter (teacher at NLISD) sent this message:   "I went in the hospital on Friday and was told most people have to stay 2 to 3 days before their radiation levels fall low enough for them to leave the hospital. Just under 24 hours later, I was told that my levels were low enough that I would be able to go home early! I got home about midnight on Saturday night. Only our Lord Jesus can accomplish these things! Thank you so much for your prayers! I am still radioactive, but safe to be here as long as I don't spend more than a short few minutes too close to anyone. So if you see me and I don't linger, that's why!
I had quite a bit of nausea until Monday, but felt better that day. Monday was also the day my grandmother died and I found out my little sister is being treated for Lyme disease. The funeral is tomorrow and I will go back to Dallas on Friday to get the body scan. Please continue to pray that they will not find anything else. What ever the result, I will keep on trusting the One True Living God to bring me through all of this trial, and I will thank Him for being ever present!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/8 - 1:42pm

Kristie Mills-Lee and baby Makayla were dismissed from the hospital yesterday.

Evelyn Perry's son, Kyle Perry, has cancer and has been very ill for quite some time and has had many surgeries.  Please keep Kyle on your heart. 

Nancy Partin asked for prayers for her daughter, Carol Roman, who has severe back problems.  Also for her brother, Bryan Collins, who had a heart attack and lots of blockage, then had to have surgery.

Dinah Border's mother-in-law, Johnnie Border's, health is still declining.  Dinah stated "She will never be any better this side of Heaven."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/7 - 9:26am

Alvin Buchanan has been in PRMC/South, Room 328, since Thursday, with a staph infection.  He does not feel bad but is taking antibiotics to get over the infection.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Update - 9/5 - 10:23pm

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning about "Living for Jesus in the Valley".  And thank you Keith for the beautiful song service!
  • Makayla Rose Lee was born on Thursday (9/2) to Michael & Kristie (Lee) Mills.  Kristie and Makaya BOTH gave us a scare for 24 hours, but everyone is doing well now.  Miss Makayla weighed in at 4 lbs. 4 oz.  Butch and Besty Mills are the VERY proud grandparents!
  • Cohen David Ray was born today (9/5) to Brian & Bailee (Roberts) Ray.  He weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long.  Sonny & Judy Daughtry are Cohen's VERY proud grandparents!
  • Sonja Carter (NLISD teacher) had her first iodine treatment, for thyroid cancer, this week.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friend, Stephen Marx, has been diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Karl Louis, former Police Chief for Paris, will have surgery for his cancer on Sept 14.
  • Paul Vinson's brother, David Vinson, will be having stress tests performed this week.  He's having some heart problems.  Please pray for good test results!
  • Keep our PISD students and Kiddie Kollege students in your prayers as they all start school this week.  Please be careful as you out for our kids!

Brent and Jill Nichols are HERE!  They are visiting from September 4-19.  WoooHOOO! They want to make sure they get to visit with everyone while they are here. Rachel Spencer has put a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for those that would like to have them for a meal at lunch or dinner. If the time is taken up, maybe 2-3 families could all meet together with them!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Mexican Dinner. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.  Donations will also be taken for the LaChona & Las Milpillas, Mexico.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET:  Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet.  Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Corn


Sept 8: Ladies Bible Class starts - Carol James will be teaching - Salad Luncheon after class
Sept 8: New Adult classes begin
Sept 8: Wednesday Meal will benefit the Hurricane Alex Relief Fund
Sept 12: Pot Luck w/Nichols
Sept 12: Faithful Readers with Annette Smith
Sept 18-19: Youth Group Fall Retreat at Camp Deer Run
Sept 19: Family LIFE Groups
Sept 21: H.A.L.O. 6pm (This month bring pantry item and package of Charm's Blow Pops)
Oct 31:  5th Sunday Format
Oct 31:  Trunk or Treat
Nov 10:  Blood Drive

Friday, September 3, 2010

Prayer Request - 9/3 - 10:30pm

Linda Erwin posted this message earlier tonight:  "Please continue the prayers for Matthew Stripland. He is in the hospital in Paris. He has a pretty bad bowel infection."

Prayer Answered! 9/3 - 10:24pm

Betsy Mills posted earlier about Kristie Mills-Lee"Things are going SO much better!  Kristie is doing good and baby is doing good, too! How awesome it is to have prayers answered so quickly!"
Kacy Mills posted this later on tonight: "Kristie is in room 210 and is doing good. Makayla is doing good also.  Kristie got to hold the baby to see how her temperature would react and she did great."
We need to stop what we're doing and give God a prayer of thanksgiving that both Kristie and Makayla are doing so well!  God is good all the time...All the time God is good!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 9/2 - 5:29pm

Betsy Mills said that Kristi Mills Lee is on a ventilator (her left lung collapsed), she is responsive, will be in ICU at least over night.  Miss Makayla Rose Lee is doing well.

Marcel Cooke was just got admitted to PRMC/South - Room 529. The Dr. has him VERY sedated.  Please pray for ease of pain.

Lesa Bulls sent this message today from Bailee & Bryan Ray:  "Well, looks like Cohen will be coming Wednesday the 8th! I have a C-Section scheduled. I will be taking my maternity leave starting Tuesday of next week. The Dr. thinks that he weighs about 7lbs 8oz by his measurements and still has a week to go. He will probably be a big baby."

Prayer Request Update - 9/2 - 3:03pm

I just got a message from Kaci Mills, she said that Kristi Mills Lee is in ICU at this time.  They are keeping her sedated and will continue to have the four doctors checking her closely through the day/night.  Her baby is doing well.

Prayer Requests - 9/2 - 1:53pm

Kristi Lee had an emergency C-section this afternoon.  The baby was in distress.  Makayla Rose Lee is here, and is needing prayers.  She only weighs 4 lbs 4 oz.  Kristie isn't doing good, they don't know if it is due to stress or a blood clot.  Please keep them in your prayers. 
She will be in PRMC/North/Women's - Room #220.

Marcel Cook is in PRMC/ER right now.  Still trying to get rid of a painful kidney stone  Pain meds are not helping at all.

Final total on the blood donations last night....31 donated and we received 32 credits!  AND, amazingly NO DEFERMENTS!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 9/1 - 9:34pm

John Figgins is in PRMC/South #305.  He's having problems with his legs. 

Prayer Request Update - 9/1 - 9:08pm

Thanks to everyone who donated blood or plasma tonight!  I don't have a tally on the amount of pints that were donated as of yet.

Alan Boyd will be undergoing surgery tomorrow in Tyler.  The Drs. will be testing an electronic device to control his pain.  He's having tremendous pain in his left foot, arm and is continuing to have the bad headaches. 

Misty Chaloner was involved in a car accident on Monday and is in serious condition in the Wadley Hospital ICU.  She was to have back surgery today.

Dr. Robert Yeakley (former OB/GYN in Paris) is on continuous dialysis in a Dallas hospital at this time.

Matt Stripland was released from ETMC/Tyler hospital this week and is at home recuperating.