Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Requests and Reminders - 9/28 - 3:20pm

Requesting Prayers:
  • Anna Zant asked for prayers for Joe & Christine Mashburn and their whole family.  Specific prayers are for health, patience and strength.
  • Danny McElroy (Linda Easton's brother) will be having heart surgery.
  • John Miller (friend of Derald Bulls) had a stroke last week and they are hoping for no long term damage.
  • Joyce Brown (friend of Wayne Kerby) just diagnosed with cancer.
  • Angela Heath (friend of Tammy Huffman's from Enloe) - is in ETMC/Tyler (6th floor Oncology) and had a biopsy today.  The Dr. is not sure if it's lymphoma or leukemia.  Her platelet counts are so low they are not letting her leave the hospital and are administering treatments there.  She has 2 daughters, a 4 year old and a 4 month old.  They have no insurance, her husband just started a job with the Post Office.  Her Mom just had a kidney removed, a month ago, due to cancer.  His Mom just died recently from cancer.  PLEASE keep this little family in your prayers.
  • Kenda Blackshear & her one month old baby Olivia, both have the whooping cough.  Have no idea how long they will be in PRMC/North.  (Olivia is still turning blue when she coughs.)
  • PRAISE - Robert Huffman (Tammy's husband) got the job they'd been hoping for.
  • PRAISE - Linda Warren (Tammy Huffman's Mom) is doing so much better, that she will be going back to work soon!
  • PRAISE - Scott Chaix (Janet Christ's friend) tests showed NO cancer!
  • PRAISE - Karl Louis is doing MUCH better.
  • PRAISE - Sonja Carter got a good report last week.
Our Sympathy Goes To These Families: 
Janelle Green on the death of her nephew, David Bryant Palmroy.  He passed away on Sept. 12th in Irving.
Perry Hanley on the death of his sister-in-law, Helen King.  She passed away on Sept. 18th in Dallas.

LIBRARY:  Annetta Thomas has volunteered to catalog and maintain the church library. If you would like to donate a computer for the library (that isn't antiquated), please contact Annetta or Margaret.

TRUNK OR TREAT:  Tanya has a sign-up sheet on the Welcome Center for those wanting to host a car or help in other ways. This is SO much fun for the kids and adults too!

SIMPLE SUPPER: This week’s entree will be a special Chili Dogs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up on Sunday morning, you still have the chance to come and eat with us by calling the church office by noon on Tuesday. Still only $2 per plate.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Fall/Winter clothing is needed for the closet. Especially back to school clothing for children of all ages!

PANTRY NEEDS: 1 lb. pkgs of dry beans or peas

Sept 30:  Prayer Breakfast for the Youth Group @ Daylight Donuts @ 7:15am.
Oct 3:  Life Groups
Oct 10: Faithful Readers @4pm
Oct 19: H.A.L.O. @6pm
Oct 31: 5th Sunday Format
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 10: Blood Drive
Nov 19-21:  Family Retreat - sign-ups will begin soon.

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