Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/26 - 11:51am

Kimberly Daniels posted:  "Update on dad, Joe Daniels.  He has a 90% blockage on the same artery from when he had his bypass back on 06..but they are afraid if they try to put a stint in it they are afraid it will mess up his bypass! There are a few other problems but they will address all the issues at a another time...the dr has contacted his heart surgeon to see what the best route is.  But he is going home today."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/25 - 8:34pm

Please keep Joe Daniels in your prayers!  He will be having a heart cath tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

Click on the picture and PRAY

Monday, September 24, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/24 - 7:37pm

Pam Cattabiani was on a ladder, pruning a tree, yesterday and fell.  She is bruised and banged up and very sore.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/23 - 8:07pm

Debra Usry went forward tonight asking for prayers for herself and her family.  Carle is having more issues with her heart and has been wearing a monitor.  Shawna has moved in with her Mom for a 6 weeks trial.  Debra's been taking care of her daughter-in-law Barbie after her surgery last week and then taking care of Phyllis Giguere after her surgery this week.  Debra is just tired.  She asked that we pray for her to have more of God in her life and not try to take it all on her own.  Pray for peace on the household.

There were over 55 members that attended the TOP (Taking On Paris) meeting this morning.  This ministry will start on Sunday, October 7th.  If you weren't able to make it to the meeting, there is a sign up sheet on the Welcome Center.  You may sign up as a driver, greeter, sponsor or work in the kitchen.

Don't Sunday is the Fifth Sunday.  We will have a potluck lunch in the Out Reach Bldg after worship services.  Please bring enough extra for our guests.

Weekly Update - 9/23 - 5:28pm

THANK YOU Patrick for reminding us about greeting our visitors and making them welcome.
WELCOME:  Jeff Higgins and his 3 sons!
Emma Ward is now at Springlake Assisted Living and no longer needs meals brought to her.
Please remember these in your prayers:
  • Dot Campbell in the loss of her son Jack.
  • Wendell and Brittany Johnson in the loss of their baby daughter, Aubrea Rhian.
  • Troy Ashby as he recovers from a fall from his horse.
  • April McClour's dad, Chuck Fuller, is awaiting results from tests to see if his cancer is operable.
  • Sherry Welch's aunt, Ruth Shannon, fell and injured herself.
  • Brenda Coplin at Baylor/Dallas had stem cell transplant on Thursday.
  • Tony Nolan is at Vanderbilt Hospital with serious heart problems.  Hoping for heart transplant.
  • Vera Wilson's daughter-in-law, Highland Wilson, is in the military in Japan.
  • Diane McFadden's friends, James and Wanda Wright, are both in the hospital.
Remember that the food pantry is in dire need of EVERYTHING!  (See the list below.) 

This week's entree for Simple Supper is HAMBURGERS. If you were not able to sign up on Sunday morning and want to join us on Wednesday night, please call the church office before noon on Tuesday

Keep The Date: Sept 30: 5th Sunday Potluck
Oct 7: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 14: Faithful Readers
Oct TBA: Trunk or Treat
Nov 7: Blood Drive
Nov 16-18: Family Retreat

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/20 - 9:33am

  • Ron Gieser had knee replaced and is not doing well.  (Friend of James Paul & Chloe Miears.)
  • Ann Anderson has breast cancer and is facing radiation treatments.  (Friend of Claude & Mary Jones)
  • Salah Morgan has a heart valve that has been destroyed by strep.  (Friend of Sandra Carrell)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aubrea Rhian Johnson was born this afternoon at 3:40pm to Wendell and Brittany Twitty-Johnson.  Miss Aubrea entered into heaven 1 & 1/2 hours later.  (She breathed on her own that whole time.)  Her Mommy and Daddy were able to give her lots of cuddles and kisses. 
Such a strong baby girl and now one of God's precious angels.

Prayer Requests - 9/19 - 9pm

  • April McClure's Dad, Chuck Fuller, was diagnosed today with cancer.
  • Mrs. Emma Ward is still in need of noon meals to be delivered to her a Paris Nursing Home on Stillhouse Road.  Her son has paid for a month of meals at Nancy's Cafe.  They need only need to be picked up and delivered.  Please sign up at the Welcome Center.
  • Dinah Border's friend, Imogene Tomblin, has fallen several times recently and broken her shoulder, wrist and hip.  She's now in Paris Nursing Home.  She now has dementia so bad that she doesn't know her daughter, Marilyn Marshall.  ( the small world department; Imogene is my 2nd cousin.)
  • Faith Williams' visitation will be tomorrow (Thursday) night from 6-8pm at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home.  Her services will be Friday afternoon at 2pm at Paris Church of God.

Prayer Requests - 9/19

Troy Ashby would like prayers of healing from injuries when he fell from his horse.
Derald Bulls asked that we pray for Gloria Richter (PJC co-worker) as she received a diagnosis of cancer this week.  Alane Abrams (former member) is in the hospital with various issues.  Randy Gill (Lawrenceville, GA) that he may pass the kidney stones that are causing him pain.
Sherry Welch fell last Friday night and is very sore.
Carole Anderson received a good report from the cardio Dr. and all is FINE!  PRAISE!!!
Kenneth Chambless was admitted to PRMC/South with pneumonia...they did biopsy today.  Think it may be cancer.
Please remember Donnie Williams, Cooper & Reilly Pickle, Donovan and Emmy Williams are they are mourning the loss of their wife and mom, Faith Williams.  Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home will have charge of the services.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/18 - 4:22pm

Lesa Bulls sent this message:  "Steve Wright (Haley's friend's uncle) has an aneurysm & pneumonia."

Our Sympathy...

Dot Campbell's son, Jack Campbell, passed away this morning in Mississippi.  There will be a graveside service here in Paris at a later date.  Please keep Dot and her family in your prayers.

Our Sympathy

Faith Williams passed away, just a little bit ago.  No other details are known at this time.

Monday, September 17, 2012


H.A.L.O., which was scheduled for Tuesday night, has been cancelled. 
Our leader, Kimberly Daniels, has pneumonia and double ear infections!  Keep her in your prayers.

Prayer Requests - 9/17 - 7:21pm

Brittany Twitty-Johnson has been admitted to PRMC/North-Room 219.  It's a "wait and see" time right now.  Please pray for her and Wendell and the doctors and nurses as well.

Faith Williams is nearing the end of her life's journey.  Please pray for comfort for Faith and for peace for Donnie and the children.

Prayer Request - 9/17 - 2:57pm

Brittany Twitty-Johnson has been taken to PRMC/North with complications from her pregnancy.  Please keep her and Wendell in your prayers.

Prayer Request - 9/17 - 10:44am

Faith Williams Dr. has placed her on "comfort care".  He doesn't think it will be too long now.

Karen Cato sent this message this morning from her co-worker Sandy Deupree "Please pray for our family.  My dad's lung cancer has spread to his spine.  He is in pain and the doctor says this will get much worse. He is in the Clarksville hospital and will probably be transferred to a nursing home in Paris this week.  He is finally going to have to give up his trike (motorcycle) and his freedom so this is very difficult for us all.  Our only consolation is the fact that he is ready to be reunited with my brother in heaven.  He has been fighting cancer for 6 years now and he is just tired.  His name is Howard "Alkie" Sulsar."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Faith Williams Update - 9/16 - 1:44pm

Faith Williams' family is making some very hard decisions today, on the course of action to take for her.  The leukemia is 94% of her body.  She isn't producing white blood cells to fight it off.  The chemo has damaged her lungs tremendously.  Please pray for the Williams family and that God's will be done!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Food Pantry is almost empty......HELP!!!


Prayer Requests - 9/12 - 7:33pm

  • Matt and Allison Hanley announced this week that they are expecting in April!
  • Brittany Johnson (who is expecting a baby in February) is diabetic, which could raise a lot of problems, but her sugar levels are doing great and she is feeling good!  She is experiencing some problems with one of her eyes, but the Dr. gave her some drops to put in and hopefully it will clear them up.
  • Please keep Shane, Karen, Megan and Develon McMillan in your prayers.  They are having some family issues.
  • Nancy Nelson (Margaret Lough's sister) is having some post-surgery issues, but she is doing better.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/11 - 10:03pm

Amy Owens sent this message:  "My cousin, Brayden McNutt, had his appendix out last week, but it had already ruptured 2 days prior. They rushed him to ER last night and now he is septic. He is the 15 year old grandson of my Uncle Aubrey McNutt, who we have been praying for.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Prayer Request - 9/11 - 5:17pm

Linda Erwin sent this message:  "Please add special prayers for Carson and Sharon Williams, who are friends of our daughter, Allison.  After a sonogram today, Sharon was told that her twin babies will be born today at 30 weeks 5 days.  The baby girl is in distress and having serious heart rate issues.  Allison was with Sharon at the hospital and will be there to support them as Sharon's parents live in California and can't immediately come.
Carson and Sharon are members at Prestoncrest Church of Christ."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/10 - 8:32pm

Former member, Ann Sanders, will have hip replacement at PRMC/South tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shepherd Clusters Report

The elders met with their individual cluster groups tonight.  This is just an overview of what was talked about...if you have any questions, please talk with your elder. 
  • Andy Garner and the work he is doing with the little children.
  • The Brazil mission work and the opportunity for purchase of land for new building.
  • Life Groups (which will start up again next week.)
  • T.O.P. - Targeting On Paris: A new ministry which will take on the effort of feeding hungry chidlren, right here in Paris, Texas!  This will target the 4th-5th-6th grade children.  They will be fed a meal on Sunday morning and have a bible class.  This will take 17 volunteers each Sunday.  (Check with Louie Woodall or Steve Jones if you have any questions on this.)
  • The possibility using the lot across the street, or the land to the north of the parking lot, for the Hispanic church.

Weekly Update - 9/9 - 9:12pm

Hope all Grandparents had a GREAT day!  What a blessing our children and grandchildren are! 
~~I don't have grandchildren, but I sure have lots of "grandfriends".  I want to thank you all for sharing yours with me!~~
Thank you Brent Nichols for bringing us up to date on the mission work that is going on in Niteroi, Brazil.  And thanks to Jill Nichols for all the wonderful Brazilian goodies you made for everyone today!  It was great to hear all the stories and updates of our brothers and sisters in Brazil!
April McClour went forward this morning asking for prayers for family issues.
  • Our sympathy goes to Michael and Kristi Lee as they mourn the loss of Michael's sister, LaJuanna Castle, as she was killed in a car accident on Wednesday morning in Colorado.  Michael and his parents will be leaving Wednesday to attend her funeral.
  • Charles Richards fell this morning and had to go to ER to have stitches in his hand.
  • Michelle Anderson had to go to Minor ER this morning with allergies. 
  • Pat Houser - PRMC/North
  • Dianna Welch - health
  • Doris Helm - Celluitis
  • Lesa Bulls - having problems with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Delbert Davis is at home, recovering from being in the hospital.
  • Frank Clayton (my friend Frankie Jarrell's dad) - cancer
  • Mark Shetler (friend of Kyle Jones) - cancer
  • Debbie Helliwell (friend of Vicki Humphrey) - cancer
  • Mark Thompson (JoAnn Parkman's son) - will have surgery for brain tumor on October 1st.
  • Faith Williams continues to be in Baylor/Dallas with complications from her stem-cell transplant last month.  They have found out that her stem cell transplant worked and have taken over her 100%.

There will be a wedding shower for Candice Dean and Jeremy Malone on Sunday, September 22, 1:30-3pm. Her selections are at Wal-Mart, Gene the Jeweler and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Congratulations to Raymundo and Gabriela Ramirez as they welcome their new baby son Raymundo Ramirez Jr., born on Wednesday, September 5. He is welcomed home by his sisters Yessica, Angela and Berenice!
Pantry Needs This Week: Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is Chicken Spaghetti . Please donate at least $2 per person. If you did not get the chance to sign up Sunday morning and would like to join us for supper, please call the church office.
KEEP THE DATE:  Sept 12: Ladies Bible Class resumes (Early Birds at 9:30 - Class at 10am)
Sept 11: Jr/Sr High Bible Study - 6:30-7:30pm Meet at the bldg. Eat before you come. Desserts will be provided.
Sept 15: Ladies Day/Greenville, TX
Sept 16: Family Life Groups resume
Sept 18: H.A.L.O.
Sept 23: Wedding Shower for Candice Dean and Jeremy Malone
Sept 29 -30: JH/HS Fall Deer Run Retreat - details later
Nov 7:
Blood Drive
Jan 18-20: High School Winterfest

Friday, September 7, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/7 - 7:34pm

Robyn Figgins' friend, Jimmy Donahue, has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Faith Williams (works at Liberty Bank, had a stem cell transplant a few weeks ago) FINALLY received some good news today!  The Dr. said that the donor cells have taken over 100%!  Lung x-rays look better today, not as much fluid on her lungs.  Her blood pressure is still unstable, as well as her sugar.  They still can't remove her from the ventilator yet, due to the anxiety attacks she has when they attempt to remove it.  Dr. says he plans to remove it in the next 2 days!  PROGRESS!!!

Jose Santana (my co-worker's Dad) is much improved today!  His kidneys are at a level 3 (from an 8).  Tomorrow should be at a level 1 (which is normal kidney level) and then he can go home!  WoooHOOOO!

Nada Mehmeti (her family owns Capizzi's and she has cancer) finished her last radiation treatment yesterday.  Dr. told them he'd done all he can do.  Benny said we want a second opinion!  So they will head out to M.D. Anderson/Houston in a week or so.  She has inflammatory cancer, which is a very rare type of cancer.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/6 - 9:22pm

Vicki Humphrey's cousin, Salah Montgomery, will be having surgery at 11:30 in the morning (Friday) at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to repair a torn artery to her heart.

Prayer Request Update - 9/6 - 8:12pm

Faith Williams' sister-in-law posted this message tonight:  "Faith has had a better day today.  Thank You Jesus! Only issue today was her blood pressure going too low. They got it regulated this afternoon. She hasn't become anxious today. Dr Fay said her lung X-ray looks better today, another Thank You Jesus. We do not have DNA results yet, that will show if the Donor cells have moved in and moved the diseased cells out.:

Prayer Requests - 9/6 - 7:22pm

My friend, Jacob Brem (who was in a fireworks accident) is still having many problems.  They've had to put metal rods in his eyelids...he's got a busted eardrum and then this news today...."Made it home have to be back next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The doctor says his eye isn't any better but they are now focusing on his reconstructive surgery they are going to do it next Wednesday and use skin graft from his lip to try and fix his eyelid.  They said this is one of possibly many surgeries to come. Please continue to remember him in your prayers for strength and healing. We haven't even began to cover the hole in his ear drum yet. Thanks so much for all the prayers already we love you all!"

My co-worker, Kevin Santana's dad, Jose Santana, is in a hospital in Tyler.  He's been very ill for the last week and his kidneys were to the point of kidney failure.  He is better today though. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/5 - 9:14pm

Cleve Fendley is recovering from gallbladder surgery today.

Michael & Kristi Lee are grieving the loss of his sister, Lajuanna Castle, as she was killed in a car accident this morning in Colorado.

Prayer Requests - 9/5 - 1:17pm

Vicki Humphrey sent this message today:  "Dr. Kay Queen, an adjunct instructor for PJC, has a 23 year old grandson Tyler (she and her husband raised him) who was involved in a serious accident yesterday.  He underwent surgery at a hospital in Tyler last night for brain and leg injuries."

Faith Williams had a really rough weekend.  They had to put her back in ICU and on a ventilator.  They did an MRI and she has no brain damage.  They are now trying to wean her off of the vent.  They need to stabilize her blood pressure and give her lasix to get some fluid off her lungs.  There is some pneumonia that they are also testing.  They are re-testing her DNA study to check donor/hosts count.  (If you will rememeber, she had a stem cell transplant a month ago from a non-family donor.)   If Faith is still 2/3 B-cell (bad cells) to 1/3 donor (good cells) that means that the stem cells have not engrafted as hoped...and if stem cells do not engraft, cancer is most likely to recur.  The Dr says that he and his team are stumped.  They are writing their own book with Faith's condition.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wednesday Night For The Master will begin again this Wednesday night.  We will meet in the classroom under the basketball goal in the OutReach Bldg.
This is a group that sends cards to the sick, the shut-ins and our military.  The list is made up from prayer requests from classes on Sunday mornings.
Please contact me at or my cellphone at 903-669-4382.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Update - 9/2 - 2:23pm

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning..."We Have A Story To Tell".  We have to remember that we have GOOD news to tell....and we should share it with everyone!

Welcome Home to Brent, Jill & Titus Nichols!  They will be here with us for 2 weeks.  Next Sunday morning, during class time, all adult classes will meet in the auditorium to hear a report from Brent about their work in Brazil.
Please continue to remember the following in your prayers:
*Dianna Welch - having terrible headaches.  She is going to have knee replacement.
*Lesa Bulls is having problems with carpal tunnel.
*Jackie Helm - Celluitis and is house bound.
*Pat Houser - PRMC-North - Room 329
*Susan Sanchez and daughters - As they are grieving the loss of Gaspar.
*Bryant Burnett - has some improvment.  Needs lots of prayes.
*Frank Clayton (my friend Frankie Jarrell's dad) - cancer
*Terri Williams (friend of Rita Pringle) - bacterial mengitis
*Mark Shetler (friend of Kyle Jones) - cancer
*Debbie Helliwell (friend of Vicki Humphrey) - cancer
*Mark Thompson (JoAnn Parkman's son) - will have surgery for brain tumor on October 1st.
Pantry Needs This Week: 1 pound packages of rice and beans 
Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is Meatloaf. Please donate at least $2 per person. If you did not get the chance to sign up Sunday morning and would like to join us for supper, please call the church office.
Sunday Night, September 9th, there will be a Shepherd Cluster Group Meeting.
As soon as you arrive, go straight to your cluster location:
A-D: Anderson/Cannon - Foyer
E-K: Fendley/Jones - OutReach Bldg.
L-R: Faires/Spencer - Room 6
S-Z: Kerby/Peace - Auditorium
Sept 3: Labor Day/Office Closed
Sept 5: Brazil Mission Trip Meeting – Room 6 after classes
Sept 9: All classes meet in auditorium to hear from Brent Nichols on mission work.
Sept 9: Shepherding Cluster Groups
Sept 9: Faithful Readers
Sept 12: Ladies Bible Class resumes
Sept 15: Ladies Day/Greenville, TX
Sept 16: Family Life Groups resume
Sept 18: H.A.L.O.
Sept 23: Wedding Shower for Candice Dean and Jeremy Malone
Sept 28-30: JH/HS Fall Deer Run Retreat - details later
Nov 7: Blood Drive
Jan 18-20: High School Winterfest
Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prayer Request - 9/1 - 11:58am

My niece, Heather Gregory's Dad, Wesley Winstead, passed away at Baylor/Dallas on Friday evening.  He was only 62 and is survived by his wife Vicky, son Wesley, daughter Heather and 4 grandchildren.