Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/5 - 1:17pm

Vicki Humphrey sent this message today:  "Dr. Kay Queen, an adjunct instructor for PJC, has a 23 year old grandson Tyler (she and her husband raised him) who was involved in a serious accident yesterday.  He underwent surgery at a hospital in Tyler last night for brain and leg injuries."

Faith Williams had a really rough weekend.  They had to put her back in ICU and on a ventilator.  They did an MRI and she has no brain damage.  They are now trying to wean her off of the vent.  They need to stabilize her blood pressure and give her lasix to get some fluid off her lungs.  There is some pneumonia that they are also testing.  They are re-testing her DNA study to check donor/hosts count.  (If you will rememeber, she had a stem cell transplant a month ago from a non-family donor.)   If Faith is still 2/3 B-cell (bad cells) to 1/3 donor (good cells) that means that the stem cells have not engrafted as hoped...and if stem cells do not engraft, cancer is most likely to recur.  The Dr says that he and his team are stumped.  They are writing their own book with Faith's condition.

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