Monday, June 30, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/30

Julie Rodgers-Rook's dad, Al Clark, suffered a heart attack this afternoon.  He is going in to heart cath right now!  Please pray for the family and for the doctors and nurses tending to him.

UPDATE AT 7:30pm:  Julie's Dad is out of surgery.  One stent and shocked his heart back into sync!  Thank you Lord!

Prayer Request - 6/30

Auddie Neisler will be having knee replacement surgery on Thursday in Greenville.

Update on Ruth McFadden - 6/30

I received this message from Nelda Skinner:  "We need prayers for mother.  She has been admitted to the hospital.  Her blood pressure is really low and he is checking her to see if she is dehydrated.  She also fell about 2 weeks ago and hit her head so he is doing a CT to make sure she doesn't have a concussion or a bleed.  She has been really weak for the past several days."

Prayer Request - 6/30

William & Lucy Offutt's daughter-in-law, April Offutt, lost her dad to cancer on June 24th.

Services for Polly Ashby

Funeral services for Polly Ashby (Troy Ashby's Mom):
Visitation from 6-8pm on Wednesday at
Northside Church of Christ
2020 N. Center
Bonham. TX 75418

Funeral service will be at 10:30am on Thursday, also at Northside.
Burial in Boswell, Oklahoma at 2pm

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Update - 6/29

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning about our Kingdom Priorities.  The text was taken from Luke 6:27-38
Kyle Jones...the song service was beautiful!  Anytime we sing "The Greatest Command" it's like listening to angels.

POTLUCK LUNCH:  Thanks to all who brought food and those who stayed for our 5th Sunday Potluck.  (Whoever brought the chicken and dressing....Thank you!!!  IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD!)
OUR SYMPATHY: After a brave fight with pancreatic cancer, Troy Ashby's Mom, Polly Ashby, passed away today.  No details are known about the funeral arrangements as of yet.
  • Daisy Redding will have gallbladder surgery on Thursday morning at PRMC.
  • Mark Jones has been diagnosed with cancer. 
  • Linda Hostettler is having some health issues.
  • Sharon Kinison will have ear surgery in Dallas next week (7/10) at Methodist Hospital/Addison.
  • William Offutt is having problems with his blood pressure.
  • Dewayne Weeks, son of Elton & Dannie Weeks, is now at home recovering from heart surgery this week. 
  • Herb Ferguson, grandfather of Jeff Higgins, had a cardiac event this week.  (Not a heart attack.)  They aren't sure what happened. All his tests came back good and there is no blockage. He is now at home and resting.
  • Maizie Brockington, Lesa Bulls' Mom, is in the step-down unit at Charlton Hospital/Lancaster. 
  • Michael Cooke is now in the Middle East with the Army.  He'll be there for a year.  His wife Samatha is in Fort Riley, Kansas.
  • Larry Huggins is battling cancer.  (This was from the Ladies other details.)
  • We had a huge group of youth group kids who returned from Camp Deer Run on Friday.  Thank you Lord for their safety while gone.
  • There are lots of folks traveling this week for vacation.  Y'all be careful!
CONGRATULATIONSHeather Gordon (Herschel & Lee McClain's granddaughter) was married yesterday to Kassen Young.
PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Fruit

MISSION TRIP NEED:  The Youth Group is in need of magazines for a craft with the teens at Dallas Life homeless shelter.  There is a box located in the office for you to drop them off in.

July 2:  Elder Led Service by Doug Faires at 6:30
July 4:  Office closed
July 9:  Community Garden
July 13: Book Club Meeting
July 16: Elder Led Service
July 23: Family Night in OutReach

Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prayer Requests - 6/28

  • Alan Boyd's tests this week showed NO cancer!  He will be having more tests done in 30 days
  • Linda Hostettler - health issues.
  • Elton & Dannie Weeks' son, Dewayne, suffered a heart attack this week.
  • Mark Jones was in Dallas this week having tests.
  • Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, was released by her cardiologist yesterday. She will now be moved from ICU to the ‘step-down’ unit at Charlton Methodist Hospital! She has been in ICU since Monday evening, June 2 so this had been a long ordeal but God has been so faithful to bring her this far!
    "Thanks for all the prayers. She still has much rehab to do but we are eternally grateful for the advancement to this point!!!"

5th Sunday

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/25

Jeff Higgins' grandfather, Herb Ferguson, had a heart attack last night.  He is at PRMC.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/24

Please keep Sharon Kinison in your prayers.  She is scheduled for ear surgery on July 10th at Methodist Hospital in Addison.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/23

A co-worker at First Federal's (Alisha Rhodes) dad, David Nix, is in the hospital in Tyler.  He had a heart issue, but now they've found blood clots in his lungs.  The doctors have to treat the blood clots first before being able to check his heart.  (He is from Clarksville and works at Campbell Soup.)
Also, her granddad is in the hospital in Tyler also.  He has a brain bleed.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Update - 6/22

  • Michael McCarter had the honor and privilege of baptizing his daughter, Aubrie, this morning. (That makes 4 generations of their family...Barbara Dean, Dianna Welch, Lindsay McCarter and now Aubrie.)
  • Austin Mosley asked for prayers for strength to help him turn to God and away from bad decisions.
  • Sigrid Cain asked that we pray for her, and that the anger that is in her heart be removed.
  • Alan Boyd will be having a thyroid procedure tomorrow morning (6/23) at PRMC.  They will be performing a scope to locate a spot that was found.  (Specific prayers for a non-malignant polyp.)
  • Sandra Carrell was back at church this morning.
  • Becky Webb is experiencing health issues at this time. 
  • Peggy Robinson's brother-in-law, Sonny Daughtery, is out of the hospital and feeling some better.
  • Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, has endured a myriad of health issues over the last 3 weeks.  She now has a bacterial infection in her lungs.
  • Ruth McFadden has pneumonia.
  • Kristi Anthony as she continues to have physical and mental difficulties.
  • Lance Johnson as he fights daily with ALS.
  • Please keep Anita Roden in your prayers this week.  This will mark 1 year anniversary of Paul Gene's death.
  • Leta Reaves (Jon Dean's friend) is having a heart cath this week.  Please pray for good results.
  • Will Larseingue (also a friend of Jon's) is having severe back pain.  The pain is so bad at times, he can't move his legs.  Will is 86 years "young".  He's waiting to get in to a pain management doctor. 
Please continue to remember all the staff and campers at Camp Deer Run.

5th SUNDAY POTLUCK:  Next Sunday is the 5th Sunday of the month, which means we will have a potluck lunch after worship.  We'll have lunch, a time of devotion and then be dismissed for the rest of the day.  Be sure to bring enough of your dish for our visitors.

COOKBOOKS ARE HERE:  You can pick them up in the office.  $10 each.  If you didn't reserve one, there are some extras available while they last.  Get your copy soon!
PANTRY NEEDS:  Peanut Butter and Jelly
June 24:  KFC to Splash Kingdom
June 25:  Elder Led Service (Richard Peace)
June 29:  5th Sunday Potluck
July 2:    Elder Led Service
July 9:    Community Garden
July 13:  Book Club Meeting
July 16:  Elder Led Service
July 23:  Family Night in the OutReach

Love you - MEAN IT!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/19

Ruth McFadden now has pneumonia.  She is at home.

Prayer Requests - 6/19

  • Alyssa Nutt - is on bedrest now.
  • Curtis Garrett asked for prayers for Craig Shew as he has gone through an amputation.
  • Remember David and Laurie Vanderpool and their Haiti missionary group.
  • Matt Duren - is in New Guinea doing missionary work.
  • Mary Lloyd - declining health.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friend, Emily Cole, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for her health and for guidance deciding to do chemo or not.
  • Charlotte Cannon's brother-in-law, Calvin Cannon, passed away.
  • Former member Roy Bolton is recovering from his heart procedures and is doing well.
  • Continue to pray for those at Camp Deer Run for a safe, successful summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014


I have asked y'all to pray for my niece, Carol McMillan, for 6 months as she has fought a tremendous battle with lung cancer.
My nephew Clint, just posted this message:
"We just got the best news ever from the Dr.......... The original tumor is gone and the other inflamed lymph nodes are half of their original size and showing signs of retreat. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Isn't it wonderful to get GOOD NEWS for a change?

Update on Lesa Bulls' Mom - 6/16

Derald sent this message:  "Just a text from Lesa and her Mother is OFF the ventilator and breathing on her own!  While we are cautiously optimistic, we are indeed grateful!  Would ask that prayers continue."
Lesa's Mom has now been in ICU for 14 days.  She underwent a triple by-pass on Saturday.  They were not able to repair her aortic valve at this time.  If she does well, that can be evaluated in 4-6 months.  


The LACOC Cookbooks have arrived!
You can pick them up in the office.
$10 each.
If you didn't reserve one, there will be some extras available.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Update - 6/15

Happy Father's Day!!  Here's hoping all the Dad's had a great day! 
Our worship was led by the staff from Camp Deer Run.  The singing was AMAZING!  Thank you to all those who are spending their summer ministering to kids from all over the state!
Camp Deer Run gains new "fans" every year through their weekly camps.  This morning I "interviewed" two campers that just got home on Friday after a week of being away from Mom and Dad. 
Gibson Dyess..."I had lots of fun.  I'm ready to go again."
Aubrie McCarter..."I had so much fun.  My favorite was Indian Day."

RESPONSESChris Brown had the honor and privilege of baptizing his son Brayden this morning.

  • Alan Boyd will be having a thyroid procedure on Monday (6/23) at PRMC.  They will be performing a scope to locate a spot that was found.  Our specific prayers are for a non-malignant polyp.
  • Ruth Ann Stallings - health
  • Sandra Carrell - health
  • Alyssa Nutt - complications with her pregnancy.
  • Lilla Buchanan was at church this morning.  She stated that she is feeling better.
  • Kristi Anthony - continue to remember her as she continues her battle with memory and physical issues.
  • Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, had heart surgery yesterday.  She is in ICU at Charlton Hospital. 
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
SIMPLE SUPPER:  Taking a break during summer.

CHURCH IN THE PARK:  We will meet this Wednesday night (6/18) at Walker Park (near Justiss Elementary).  Meet us at 6pm.  Plan to invite the neighborhood to join us as we worship, play games, and eat together.  A great opportunity to let our light shine for Christ!

WEDDING SHOWER:  There will be a shower honoring Ellie Bivens-Stringer next Sunday (6/22) at 1:30-3:30 in Room 6.  The couple have selections at WalMart, Target and Spangler's.


June 18:  Church in the Park
June 22:  Wedding Shower for Ellie Bivens-Stringer
July 13:  Book Club

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Update on Lesa Bulls' Mom - 6/13

Derald sent this message:  As a result of Lesa's Mom's heart cath, she will have a triple bypass on Friday. She has been on the ventilator all but about 12-14 hours since she was admitted on the evening of 6/2.  She also has a valve that will have to be replaced if all goes well in another 4-6 months, according to the doctor.  She's a very ill little lady and we covet your prayers for the days ahead and are thankful God has brought us this far.
Lesa's Mom was taken into surgery just about an hour ago...Haley posted:  "She is in great hands with her surgery team and physicians and we know that The Lord is sovereign and in total control over everything that is happening! Please pray for our family and all that are taking care of her...she's got a long road ahead of her but we have so much to be thankful for."

Prayer Request - 6/13

A friend asked that we please pray for Reed Malberry.  He's a little 10 year old boy that was diagnosed this morning with brain cancer.  He lives in Mississippi.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/11

Wayne Kerby asked that we pray for his friend Sonny Daughtrey
Sonny had surgery in Tyler last Friday, which was supposed to be day surgery.  After some complications and another diagnosis... he was JUST released from the hospital today!
Please keep him in your prayers for complete healing.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 6/11

Jay just posted this request:  "We have an URGENT prayer request that is extremely important. I just had a call from Kristi's EP and he explained that Kristi's last heart device report showed some alarming heart rhythms. We are now scheduled for an appointment next week to look into this further. PLEASE PRAY THAT KRISTI's heart is healthy and that there are no more issues.
This only causes more concern for the boy's situation as well. We are also waiting on a call from the top genetic research cardiologist at John Hopkins. Hopefully they will be able to include our case in some clinical research trials with the potential of getting some answers or better yet, some clearance. WE NEED GOD's tender mercy and healing power. - THANK YOU, Jay"

Update on Lesa Bulls' Mom - 6/11

Lesa Bulls' Mom, Mazie Brockinton, had a heart cath this morning.  She had 3 blockages and a valve replacement.  They are now waiting for the cardiovascular surgeon to give them a time for the open heart surgery.  The family thanks you for your prayers.

Please join us....

Tonight begins our work in the Community Garden!  Everyone is to meet in the foyer at 6pm.  We'll be given our duties at that time.  
A bus/van will be available to take those who wish to ride together. (You will have the opportunity to come back to the building when you need to.)
If you have gardening tools, please bring them.

EVERYONE is encouraged to come....there will be things that ages 1-100 will be able to do!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/9

Sandra Carrell was admitted to PRMC last night with shingles, stomach cramps and colitis. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/4

Debra Usry posted:  "Lloyd is being admitted for at least 24 hr. observation. Do not have a room number yet. Going to check out his heart. Prayers please!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Sympathy & Prayers

Tonight there was a horrific accident at FM 1497 and SE Loop 286. 
Please keep the families of all involved and their school families also.
Below are the statements from Texas A&M-Commerce:

Four members of the A&M-Commerce women's basketball team were involved in a two-vehicle accident late Tuesday afternoon on Loop 286 in Paris.
Officials are still investigating the incident, but can confirm two involved were pronounced dead on arrival at Paris Regional Medical Center. The two others are currently in critical condition.
"This is an unspeakable tragedy and a loss that is felt by the entire university community," A&M-Commerce Dr. Dan Jones said. "It is made more grievous by the dreams that will not be fulfilled. Our prayers go out to the loved ones of those we have lost."
"Our thoughts and prayers are with our entire women's basketball and student-athlete family right now," A&M-Commerce Director of Athletics Ryan Ivey said. "We are saddened and heartbroken by the recent events, by our time being cut short with two great people who were full of life and Lion spirit."
A&M-Commerce officials are still coordinating a cooperative investigation with members of the Paris Police Department regarding details of the incident.

Prayer Request Update - 6/3

Derald Bulls sent this message tonight:  "Lesa's Mother, Mazie Brockinton, continues to be in ICU, in critical condition.  They are monitoring her and evaluating her with pneumonia, heart attack and a valve disorder.  Also, her enzymes are down...which is good, but they were told it would be a roller coaster."
Please pray for her and the family in this challenging time.

Prayer Request - 6/3

Jerry Raper's 10 year old grandson, Jake Lockey, is in Jamaica with his Mom (April) visiting friends.  Jake was thrown out of a golf cart yesterday and had a brain injury.  They wanted to fly him into Miami to the hospital there. But, the doctor said there would be too much pressure on his brain.  The neuro-surgeon, at the hospital in Jamaica, told them what type of surgery they needed to do...they called a doctor in Dallas and he agreed.  Surgery was performed last night.
PRAISE THE LORD....this morning, Jake is sitting up in the bed talking!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Prayer Request - 6/2

Derald Bulls just sent this message:  "Please pray for Lesa's Mom, Mazie Brockinton, who lives in Lancaster, was taken by ambulance to Charlton Methodist hospital.  She has been intubated and is in ICU.  We hope to hear Tuesday morning.  Lesa's Dad, aunt and sister are with her...we will go over tomorrow.  Prayers appreciated for all..."

Prayer Request - 6/2

Peggy Robinson's nephew, Wesley Buster (Patti's son), will be having eye surgery tomorrow morning.  He had a construction accident last week and had a nail go into his eye.  He will loose his left eye.
Please say a prayer for him and for the doctors and nurses tending to him.

Urgent Prayer Request

Jay Anthony just posted at 9pm:  "Tyler's at the ER now...same thing as Austin had! Please pray for Tyler and Kristi.  Kristi doesn't really understand, or remember, what is happening and she DOES NOT NEED TO GET SICK either...thanks, Jay."

Kim Hanley just sent this message at 10:15pm:  "Andy Garner said Tyler is currently in the ER with a virus (doctors don't want boys to get dehydrated because of potential heart issues).  He should be going home soon, but prayers for them please."

Prayer Request - 6/2

Nelda Skinner sent this message about her Mom, Ruth McFadden:  "Please say a prayer for my little mother. She has bronchitis and we are at the hospital getting a chest xray to rule out pneumonia."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Update - June 1st

Patrick's message this morning was "Go Into All The World" with the text coming from Romans 1:8-12. 
We were blessed to Skype with Brent and Jill Nichols, our missionaries in Niteroi, Brazil.  It was so good to see those 2 and their sweet babies!  Our hearts are always with Brent, Jill, Titus and Jack!
Don't forget, you can check in with the Niteroi team of missionaries on their website:

RESPONSES:  Selena Johnson asked for prayers for the Camp Deer Run counselors and campers.

OUR SYMPATHY:  Todd Duren's step-father, Paul Lewis passed away on Thursday.  His service will be Monday (6/2) at 11am at East Paris Baptist Church.

  • Lilla Buchanan is still in Presbyterian, recovering from surgery.
  • Claude Jones was at worship this morning and is doing great, after his heart procedure this week!
  • Kristi Anthony is back at home, after 3 weeks at Zale Lipshy Rehab!
  • Imy Walters (Derald Bulls friend) is experiencing health issues.
SUMMER WEDNESDAY NIGHTS:  This summer, we want to strengthen our community within LACOC.  We plan to do so by involving the entire church in all that we do.  We will have opportunities to serve others in our church, and to get to know one another. 
  • Family Night: The entire church will meet in the gym & we will worship, have rotating discussion groups, play get to know you games, and listen to a central lesson.  We will encourage everyone to stick around and have extended family time after we end.
  • Church in the Park:  We will meet at a new location this year (Walker Park) and have more coordinated activities.  We plan to invite the neighbors of those who live near the park.  We want you to take part as we worship, play games, and eat together.
  • Service:  We have a wonderful opportunity to serve the community of Paris, this summer.  We will be developing a community garden.  This will be an ongoing project and we will establish multiple gardens in Paris.  The city of Paris has wanted to do this for a while and we believe we can help make this happen.  Seeds of Hope is the organization that will be benefiting and they will donate all food from the garden to those in need.  We expect to involve everyone in all age groups of the church.  We encourage you to join in!  We will meet at the church and send groups to different sites.
  • Elder Led Service:  A different elder will provide a message from God's Word on five occasions during the summer months.  This is an excellent time to hear the hearts of the men who lead this church.  They are excited for this opportunity and you should be too!
DRIVER NEEDED:  There is still a need for a bus driver for 1 Sunday morning a month.  If you can help, please contact James Hanley. 

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Is taking a MUCH NEEDED break for the summer.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Shampoo and soap

June 4:  Family Night (Meet in the OutReach)
June 8:  Book Club
June 11: Service Night (Community Garden)
June 18: Church in the Park (Meet at Walker Park)
June 22: Wedding shower for Ellie Bivens-Stringer
June 25: Elder Led Service (Meet in the Auditorium)