Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Update - 6/30

RESPONSE:  Melanie Swafford asked for prayers..."I want to be a better wife, mother and person."

~~Paul Gene Roden passed away on Monday.
~~Marie Figgins passed away on Tuesday.
~~Norma Bryan passed away on Monday.  (She was a relative of many LACOC members.)
~~James Mann passed away on Saturday.  (Member of College COC and Ann's husband.)
~~Bill Williams passed away on Saturday.  (Former LACOC member and Lucy Staley's brother.)

~~Megan McMillan's new baby girl, Emma Renea, was born on Thursday (6/27).  She weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 21 inches long.  (Proud grandmother is Karen McMillan.)
~~George and Valerie Speer's son, Joseph Ellison, was born on Saturday (6/29).  He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 inches long.  (Proud grandparents are Joy and Glen Barnett.)

MISSION TRIP:  Bailey Cannon leaves this Thursday for a medical mission trip to Zambia.

* Lillian Taylor is in DuBois/Room 608.
* Joe Daniels continues to be in PRMC/Room 365.
* Daisy Redding - PRMC/Room 352. 
* Sandra Leath - PRMC/ICU/Bed 4.
* Lewis and Carole Anderson's son, Heath Anderson and family will be traveling to Austin, to hold a VBS camp all week.
* The Anderson's cousin's, Curbe Goolsby is still paralyzed but he knows them now.  His wife Pat, has had another stroke.
* Lesa Bulls' parents, Williard and Mazie Brockinton - health
* Amber Offutt (former member at LACOC) would like prayers of thanksgiving for excellent test results.
* Linda Erwin asked for prayers for a young wife and mother who has proclaimed that she does not believe in God.
* Peggy Jacks good friend, Mary Slagle, is very ill.
* Gene and Ruth Ann Stallings asked for continued prayers for Laurie and David VanderPool and their Haiti medical work.

LOST AND FOUND:  Please check the coat racks across from the nursery and at the kitchen entryway for any items that may belong to you.  These shelves will be cleaned off soon and any unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity or thrown away as needed.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entree is New York and Chicago Hot Dogs.  Please donate at least $2 person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Peanut Butter and Jelly

July 14: Faithful Readers with Mike Grigsby @2pm



Our Sympathy...

Lucy Staley's brother, Bill Williams, passed away yesterday afternoon in Sulphur Springs.  He was a former member of LACOC.  Visitation at Murray Orwasky Funeral Home on Monday from 6-8pm and funeral services will Tuesday at 2pm at the League Street Church of Christ.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Update on Lillian Taylor - 6/29

Lillian Taylor is now in DuBois - Room 608.  She would love visits!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 6/27

Posted by Jay at 10:40pm:  "We decided to take Kristi to visit the college that Austin will be attending in less than two months. She went back last October when we took Austin on a basketball recruiting visit but couldn't remember anything about it so we decided to try to help her memory with a visit and also give her a break since she has never really had one.
Making our first out of town trip was a little nerve racking but it went very well. Kristi enjoyed it but as for helping her memory let's just say it hasn't worked out YET. I cannot imagine how much pain that this causes her. The boys wanted to take her to a movie and I sat watching her the entire time rather than the movie. She mainly looked around the theater and never really watched the movie. I think she was trying to decide what was going on in her strange and unfamiliar surroundings. It was the same each morning as she awoke in an unfamiliar environment. I had to repeatedly remind her where we were and why we were there. We see the pain (even though she rarely expresses it attempting to shield us) that she wrestles with in this constant state of confusion. If it involves distant or long term memories she is mostly knowledgeable but struggles with anything short term.
We cannot imagine how frightening this must be for her but we see it daily. Tonight I was speaking with her about God's plan for her life and assuring her that she has come so very far. She told me that she knows that God wants something good for her but she hopes that she will be able to know what it is!
I am begging you all to pass this request on to EVERY true believer and ask them to pray SPECIFICALLY and with intensity on Friday, June 28th for God to restore Kristi's memory. It is heart breaking to watch her struggle and she IS the sweetest, kindest, most caring person that I have ever known - the Anthony's are FOREVER grateful for the time that you have and continue to bring Kristi before the Lord - Jay"

She's here.....

Megan McMillan is proud to announce the arrival of her daughter, Emma Renae, born today at 1:28pm. She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and is 21 inches long.
Proud "Nana" is Karen McMillan.
(Even prouder great-great aunt is Molly Woodall!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prayer Requests - 6/26

Daisy Redding has been admitted to PRMC/Room 352.  More testing will be done tomorrow to determine if she's had a stroke or TIA.

Sandra Leath has been moved to PRMC/ICU/Bed 4.

Joe Daniels' pain is under control but still having blood pressure problems.  Waiting to talk to Dr. Hashmi tonight.

Update on Becky Webb - 6/26

Becky Webb is back in Paris!!  She will be at Legend's Rehab for about 3 weeks.

Prayer Request - 6/26

Debra Usry sent this message:  "Peggy Turner, a cousin of mine, has been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease and is having tests run on her heart, chest and legs to make sure there are no major blood clots. She has already had to have 5 vessel heart bypass in the last few years."
Marie Figgins' funeral service will be this Saturday, June 29th at 11:00 a.m. at Starrett Funeral Home.  Burial will be at Meadowbrook Gardens.
Visitation will be Friday evening from 6-7 p.m. also at Starrett Funeral Home. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prayer Request - 6/25

Misty Gage sent this message tonight:  "Our Mom, Lillian Taylor, is being admitted to Dubois (6th floor of South Campus) tomorrow at 1:30, for several reasons; physical, rehab, nutrition, congestive heart failure and swelling.  She is carrying an extra 30 pounds of fluid.  She will be staying for a minimum of 21 days and will not be allowed to leave the facility.  Please pray for healing and the transition of being away from home for so long.  She would love to have visitors to help make her time more enjoyable."
(Lillian is the wife of Pete Taylor and the Mom of Sherrie Boyd, Larry Taylor and Misty Gage.)

Paul Gene Roden's funeral service will be this Sunday, June 30th at 1:30 pm at Lamar Avenue Church of Christ.
Visitation will be Saturday evening from 6-8 pm at Starrett Funeral Home.
The family has asked that in lieu of flowers a donation can be made to the Paris Junior College Memorial Foundation/Paul Gene Roden Endowment Scholarship.

Our Sympathy.....

Debra Usry sent this message:  "Norma Porter Bryan passed away yesterday evening. She was the wife of Sebourn Bryan. He died last July. She was the Aunt of Lloyd, Sherry Marsters, Charlotte Cannon. Cousin of Larry Ballard. Services are pending. Sebourn was my motherinlaw's brother."

Update on Joe Daniels - 6/25

Kimberly Daniels sent this update on her Dad this morning:  Dad had a much better night and slept most of it. Blood pressure and blood sugar are both better.  Dr. said not going to get in a hurry on getting out of here.  No labs back yet.  Will wait and see if MRI shows anything before anything else is changed.  He is still hurting.

Our Sympathy.....

Marie Figgins passed away around 5am this morning.  No details are known at this time.
Please keep John, Russell, Robyn, Wesley, Susan and their families in your prayers.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Update on Joe Daniels - 6/24

Joe continues to be in PRMC/Room 365.  They are continuing to do tests and different meds.  Kimberly says "Still not sure what is going on, just trying to rule things out and figure out what is going on.  Will be in the hospital for at least a couple more days."

Update on Marie Figgins - 6/24

These last hours have been really tough for Marie.  Please pray for a peaceful transition and comfort for John and the family. 

Update on Tiffany Parker and baby Mila - 6/24

Jessica Harris sent this message about her sister Tiffany and baby Mila:  "Tiffany is getting released tomorrow and will return to Paris, until Friday, when they can get her into a hotel room until Mila comes home.  Mila has lost 6 ounces and we need to pray that she gains it back.  She is breathing on her own and she is sucking a paci, which is a big deal for a premie her age.  We still just need prayers and lots of them."

Our Sympathy.....

Paul Gene Roden passed away suddenly this afternoon. No other details are known at this time.
Please keep Anita and the family in your prayers.

Just a break.....

The Wednesday Night For The Master class is going to take a break for the summer, which means there won't be a printed sheet on the Welcome Center each Sunday. 
I will continue the prayer blog daily.

Prayer Requests - 6/24

Becky Webb continues to be in Baylor Heart Hospital - Room 619. Her recovery is progressing slowly.  It is not known how much longer she will be there.  Prayers and cards would be appreciated.

Joe Hayes will have his first hand surgery on July 11th, here in Paris.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Update - 6/23

Thank you Doug Faires for stepping in while Patrick and his family takes a well deserved vacation.
  • Marie Figgins is nearing the end of her life.  Prayers for peace and comfort.  And continued prayers for John and the family. She is at the Stillhouse Nursing Center - Hall D - Room 68.
  • Joe Daniels is in PRMC/Room 365 - blood pressure issues and dehydrated.
  • Tiffany Parker delivered her baby girl, Mila Grace Clay, this past Friday in Dallas.  She had to have an emergency C-section as she was only 29 weeks.  Mila weighed only 3 pounds and 8 ounces at birth and is 16 and 1/4 inches long.  She is on CPAP to help her breathing.  Tiffany is continuing to have problems with her blood pressure.
  • Sandra Leith, Robbie Padgett's Mom, is in PRMC/Room 411 with pneumonia.
  • Becky Webb is recovering from heart surgery.
  • John McGee - possible back surgery in the near future.
  • Kristi Anthony - as she is continuing rehab here in Paris.  She was able to walk on her own this week!
  • Mike Grigsby - Rehab.
  • Tom Wood - Cancer.
  • Helen Norman - recovering from surgery and doing well.
  • Shane Welch needs our prayers as he is discouraged being away from his family.
  • Oleta Dickson (former member) is in PRMC.
  • Perry Bolton (former member) got out of the hospital this past Friday to go to his home after having his right kidney moved on Monday. His step-mom sent this message:  "If anyone would care to send him a card or a word of encouragement, his address is..... .Perry Bolton, 406 Birch Ave., Estes Park, Colorado 80517.
  • Annetta Cooke's daughter, Adrienne Adkins, lives in Kansas City, MO.  She is having a difficult pregnancy.  She and her husband, Kenny, adopted a baby boy 5 months ago, now she is 4 months pregnant.
  • Connie Ausmus' friend, Robert Thompson Jr., died Friday with lung cancer.
  • Anna Zant's friend, Patsy Towers - lung cancer.
  • Charlotte Grooms' brother, David Nelson - has had a bad reaction to the chemo meds.
  • Kathy Ballards' grandmother, Virginia Bell - taking chemo for lung cancer.
  • Tanya Welch's step-dad, Joe DeNoon - pneumonia.
  • Wayne Kerby's friend, Wayne Noe - praise for healing.
  • Mike Marsters - healing.
  • Peggy Jack's friend, Mary Jim Petty - health.
  • Curtis Garrett's friends, Spencer and Kasey Roebuck - newly married.
  • Gene and Ruth Ann Stallings' daughter, Jackie Chalk - recovery from surgery.
  • Jean O'Neal's son and grandson, Keith and Ben O'Neal - safety on mission trips.
  • Anita Roden's friend, Becky Edwards - she's had her 3rd cancer treatment and is gaining weight!!
SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is:  Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Fruit and Diapers

Due to lack of interest and demand, we are discontinuing our CLOTHES CLOSET BENEVOLENT MINISTRY.  Please take your used clothing to a local agency that provides this service.


Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Update on Tiffany Parker and Baby Mila - 6/21

Jill Faires sent this message:  "Saw Tiffany this afternoon.  She's doing good, blood pressure coming down.  Baby Mila doing great for preemie!  Tiffany will be there at least through Monday.  Baby Mila there through end of August."

IT'S A GIRL......

Jessica Harris just posted regarding Tiffany Parker:  "We have a baby!!!!! Mila is 3 lbs 8 oz and YES she is breathing on her own!!!! Tiff is doing well but please keep praying the next 24-48 hours are going to be the hardest !!!!"

Update on Tiffany Parker - 6/21

Jessica Harris sent this message about her sister, Tiffany Parker:  "They are doing a C-section this morning on Tiffany, her kidneys are failing.  We need to pray for baby Mila because she is 11 weeks premature.  They don't know the exact time of the c-section, they are discussing the best route with the neonatal team.  The baby weighs around 3.5 pounds."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update on Becky Webb - 6/20

Becky Webb posted this update earlier:  "Dr. Myers was just in to tell us about the biopsy.. He said that I do have some fibrosis in my lungs. But it has probably been there for a long time..the staff at Baylor Heart sent the biopsy on to Mayo Clinic so hopefully they can determine what caused it and how to treat it. But he said not to worry about it right now.  My heart rehab should be most important now. We have appreciated the prayers and visits so much. Our God is An awesome God. He is our healer."

Prayer Request - 6/20

Jessica Harris just sent this message about her sister Tiffany Parker:  "They are taking Tiffany by ambulance to Baylor.  Her blood pressure is too high and they are worried she's going into labor.  They just told her she'd delivery in the next 7 days, probably in 24-48 hours.  She is only 29 weeks so we need to pray!"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update on Perry Bolton - 6/19

Perry Bolton's step-mom, Pat, sent this message today:  "Perry had his surgery on Monday in Ft. Collins. His right kidney was removed. Please continue to lift up Perry, Amy, Little Jett, and Iris in your prayers.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update - Kristi Anthony - 6/18

Posted by Jay late last night:  "It's a long journey, 7 months yesterday. Many hurdles, many set backs, many sleepless nights, BUT many, many more answered prayers. God is so good, He's good even when we are faithless and weak. All of you faithful followers of Kristi's story are so special to us and we are forever grateful for those who continue in prayer daily...she needs that and so do we all. Her therapy here in Paris started and we have 4 days behind us and I can tell that she is much less fatigued and happier. Her memory is still the biggest problem and it is a constant battle which gives her much fear and trouble BUT I know that God will either send someone special to help her or He will work it out another way...He is able. My specific prayer request is for Kristi's memory to take a great advancement. Please go to our father with that request for Kristi. God is in Control! You faithful prayer warriors are a tremendous force for Kristi's progress in this struggle, thank you. - Jay"

Prayer Request - 6/18

Kyle Dickson's Mom, Oleta Dickson, has been admitted to PRMC-Room 506.  No other details are known at this time.  She is a former member at LACOC.

Update on Becky Webb - 6/18

Becky Webb had a good night and they took the breathing tube out, around 1am.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on Becky Webb - 6/17

Becky Webb is out of surgery and is in recovery (8pm).  Her granddaughter said that "everything went as expected".  They also performed a biopsy of her lung and nothing was found! 
Becky is at the Heart Hospital in Plano.

Update on Marie Figgins - 6/17

Marie Figgins has been moved to Stillhouse Nursing and Rehab - Hall D - Room 68.

Prayer Request - 6/17

Please keep Becky Webb in your prayers as she goes into open heart surgery RIGHT NOW! (1pm)
Her granddaughter said that all of her arteries were 95% or more blocked.

Prayer Requests - 6/17

John McGee consulted a Dr. in Tyler last week, about his back.  He will be going back for tests and an MRI this week.  Will most likely be having surgery in the near future.

Charles Wampler's father has been moved to Rehab.  They still have not made a diagnosis as to what is causing his fatigue.  The family is very confused right now, because he has been told several different diagnosis and then they changed their minds.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update - Kristi Anthony - 6/13

Posted by Jay today:  "Kristi's first few days of therapy at PRMC have been great. Paris people are the best. She is getting great care from the therapists. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for some special people who could be helpful in Kristi's cognitive rehabilitation to feel God's urging if, in fact, that is HIS plan. Since leaving Pate Kristi is now doing much less therapy on a weekly basis (but making strides none-the-less due to the quality of therapy) so we would love to be able to supplement her PT, ST, and OT with some professional cognitive therapy as her troubled memory is still a great burden on her and probably the greatest obstacle in her path. God has sent a wonderful Neuro Physcologist to give us some comfort because he "felt" God urging him to contact us! HE AMAZES me still."

Update on Becky Webb - 6/13

Becky has been moved to PRMC/ICU.  The doctors have said NO VISITORS.  This is to help keep the threat of infection away from her until she can have her surgery on Tuesday (6/18).

Update on Marie Figgins - 6/13

Marie is having another procedure this morning, to pull fluid from her, to make her more comfortable.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Update on Marie Figgins - 6/12

The Dr. has told the Figgins there's nothing more they can do for Marie...more spots have been found on her liver.  He just wants to keep her comfortable.  No more treatments.
Please keep their entire family in your prayers....especially sweet John.  They just celebrated their 54th anniversary last week.
Specific prayers for be pain free, for comfort and peace.

Just a reminder....

Prayer Request - 6/12

Charles Wampler's father, Charles Wampler, is in a Houston hospital undergoing tests.  He has been experiencing extreme fatigue and the Dr's have been unable to confirm a diagnosis.  Charles and Leslie are on their way there now.

Prayer Requests - 6/12

Jean Anthony was taken to the Emergency Room last night....they seem to think she had a T.I.A or mini stroke.  Please keep Jean and Hugh in your prayers.

Don't Forget....TONIGHT

Tonight, Wednesday, we will meet at 6:30pm at Wade Park.
We will eat together and have a devotional.
Bring your lawn chairs and be ready to have a good time!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prayer Requests - 6/11

  • Becky Webb is at PRMC/Room 464 - preparing for Quadruple by-pass surgery. 
  • Marie Figgins will be going back to the hospital Wednesday morning.  The oncologist needs a CT scan and she's not able to go to his office.
  • Mike Grigsby sent this message:  "I'll probably be in a rehab facility in Paris this week... not sure for how long... doing pretty well."

Prayer Request - 6/11

John & Yvonne Gentry's friend, Rachel Spray, just graduated from high school (at the top of her class) and is now undergoing tests to determine if she has Lupus.  Please keep this young lady in your prayers.

Update on Perry Bolton - 6/10

Perry Bolton's step mom, Pat sent this update on Perry:  "Perry's surgery on June 10 did not happen. The ultra sound machine was sent to Colorado Springs INSTEAD OF Fort NO surgery. He had prepped the night before for it. It is now scheduled for next Monday, June 17 in Ft. Collins. It was a let down since he had his heart prepared for this big procedure. I always read the prayer list and appreciate having them to refer to since I know so many of the people."

Don't Forget.....

Our sweet Doris McGill will be celebrating
her 90th birthday on June 13th.
Her daughter, Karen Cato, has a request....
can we FLOOD her with cards for her special day?
Her address is:
2990 Pine Mill Rd - Paris, TX 75460

Prayer Request - 6/11

Derald Bulls sent this message:  "If you would, please add my friends Trent, Dena, Tucker and Finn Hamilton to your prayer list. Little Tucker will have his third open heart surgery on Tuesday, 6/18. He’s just over 3 years old. He has a congenital heart defect and they are going in to do a “Fontan” procedure at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas. Tucker has Hydroplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and has had two major heart surgeries in his young life. But now he is older, it is expected to be more traumatic as he now understands pain and the challenges it brings. They expect to be in the hospital at least 2-3 weeks post-surgery."

Prayer Requests - 6/11

Evelyn Perry's grandson, Perry had additional surgery yesterday, Monday, June 10th.  If you would like to send him a card of encouragement, his address is:
Perry Bolton 
406 Birch Avenue
Estes Park, CO  80517
Joe Hayes had tests run yesterday and found out that he has advanced carpel tunnel in both wrists. He will be consulting with an Ortho Dr. shortly to get surgery scheduled.


I want to praise Almighty God and give thanks for your answered prayers. 1st, there were no signs of the cancer spreading & 2nd, one mass was smaller and while the second mass appeared to be the same size, the scan was a little early. 
So, absent any symptoms, the next scan is scheduled in 3 months.  Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.  Please glorify God with us for answered prayers.
In Christ,
Tom & Joanne Wood
 Come celebrate the goodness of the Lord in song.
All are invited.
Bring lawn chairs.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Don't forget....this Wednesday night we will meet at 6:30pm at Wade Park.
We will eat together and have a devotional.
Bring your lawn chairs and be ready to have a good time!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Congratulations Crystal Offutt and Korey Hodges!
This sweet couple ELOPED today!!!
Hold hands often, kiss every chance you can and keep it FUN!

Prayer Request - 6/7

Rene Crew's sent this message today....."My cousin Tina Neal was taken to Baylor Hospital in McKinney last night with chest pains and they found she had a blod clot in her her lung. She was admitted to start blood thinners to get rid of the clot. She was due to have a total knee replacment this coming Tuesday from the head on collision she had last Mother's Day but after they have found the clot they have put it on hold..please remember her in your prayers."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Update on Marie Figgins - 6/5

Marie Figgins has been released from the hospital.

Prayer Request - 6/5

Vicki Humphrey sent this prayer request this morning:  "My co-worker's daughter, Tiffany Dane, found out this week that she is expecting QUADRUPLETS!  Please pray she has a safe pregnancy and delivery with 4 beautiful, healthy babies."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prayer Request - 6/4

Jerry McFadden asked for prayers for his friends Micah and Shirley Kelley.  Shirley has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Prayer Request - 6/4

Bill King is in PRMC/ICU.  He had a stent procedure this morning and all is well.  Should be transferred to a regular room shortly and hopefully go home tomorrow.

Our Sympathy....

Former member, Shawn Harroff's father, Hiriam Harroff passed away.  Funeral services will be tomorrow in Gladewater.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 6/4

We would like to urgently request your prayers today and UNTIL this happens... There are some wonderfully caring people who are attempting to work out an alternative rehabilitation location for Kristi here in Paris. These are some health care professionals who are trained in neuro rehab and have been successful with many other patients. KRISTI so desperately needs to be in the care of therapists who GOD has sent for her recovery. PLEASE PRAY HARD TODAY THAT GOD WILL ANSWER THIS PLEA. Kristi is working so hard but she is fighting constant fatigue.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Update - 6/2

BAPTISMS:  Crystal Offutt and her fiancee Korey Hodges were baptized this week.
RESPONSES:  Kelci Welch went forward this morning, asking for prayers for all the counselors who will be working at Camp Deer Run this summer. 
CONGRATULATIONS:  Leston and Lareece Maggard celebrating their 62nd anniversary.
* Marie Figgins - cancer - PRMC
* John Figgins - cancer
* Mike Grigsby - recovering from stroke and seizure - McKinney Medical Center
* Derald Bulls - upcoming health tests
* Sara Deen Goree - pneumonia - PRMC
* Chuck Brazile - health - Denton Regional
* Kristi Anthony - continuing rehab
* Emma McCarter - broken arm
* Wendell Johnson - health
* Charlotte Cannon - recovering from knee surgery
* Lance Johnson - ALS
* Kathy Marshall's daughter, Mindy Miller - diabetes
* Kathy also asked for prayers for Lorraine Erickson - depression
* Sherry Welch's daughter, Shannon, injured her hand and will have surgery soon.
* Anna Zant and her parents, the Mashburn's - health
* Derald Bulls' friend, Dr. Jim Brunette - recovering from heart attack and stroke.
* Shelle Fowler asked for prayers for Dennis Evans.  He was recently diagnosed with ALS.
* Our sympathy is extended to the family of Bruce Hood, as they grieve his loss.
GRADUATES:  Please remember all of our graduates and their families as they embark on  this next phase of their lives.
WOMEN OF FAITH:  If you are interested in attending the Women of Faith conference on September 20th-21st, please sign up at the Welcome Center.  Information is available on the ladies bulletin board.  See Laura Cannon if you have any further questions.
PANTRY NEEDS:  Peanut Butter and Jelly
SIMPLE SUPPER:  Still only $2 per person. This weeks' entree is Chicken Fried Rice. If weren't able to sign-up, this morning, and would like to join us, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.
June 8:  VBS @ College CoC
June 9:  Doug Faires will be speaking
June 9:  Faithful Readers
June 11: KFC Terrific Tuesdays
June 12: Church at Wade Park
June 16: 2nd section of The Story begins
June 17-20:  Camp Deer Run Day Camp
Love you - MEAN IT!

Update on Mike Grigsby - 6/2

Update on Mike Grigsby... Michelle Anderson visited with him today & he's once again doing great. God has an amazing way of working in him & always making sure he bounces back. As it's been for years, the doctors still don't know what causes the strokes, seizures, and cluster headaches. They are hoping to move Mike to rehab in the next day or two (at the McKinney hospital).

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Update on Mike Grigsby - 6/1

Around noon today, Mike Grigsby had another seizure (he's still in the hospital).  Dr said it was very bad.  Mike has regained consciousness and is talking.  They are performing more tests now.