Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update - Kristi Anthony - 6/13

Posted by Jay today:  "Kristi's first few days of therapy at PRMC have been great. Paris people are the best. She is getting great care from the therapists. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for some special people who could be helpful in Kristi's cognitive rehabilitation to feel God's urging if, in fact, that is HIS plan. Since leaving Pate Kristi is now doing much less therapy on a weekly basis (but making strides none-the-less due to the quality of therapy) so we would love to be able to supplement her PT, ST, and OT with some professional cognitive therapy as her troubled memory is still a great burden on her and probably the greatest obstacle in her path. God has sent a wonderful Neuro Physcologist to give us some comfort because he "felt" God urging him to contact us! HE AMAZES me still."

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