Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 6/27

Posted by Jay at 10:40pm:  "We decided to take Kristi to visit the college that Austin will be attending in less than two months. She went back last October when we took Austin on a basketball recruiting visit but couldn't remember anything about it so we decided to try to help her memory with a visit and also give her a break since she has never really had one.
Making our first out of town trip was a little nerve racking but it went very well. Kristi enjoyed it but as for helping her memory let's just say it hasn't worked out YET. I cannot imagine how much pain that this causes her. The boys wanted to take her to a movie and I sat watching her the entire time rather than the movie. She mainly looked around the theater and never really watched the movie. I think she was trying to decide what was going on in her strange and unfamiliar surroundings. It was the same each morning as she awoke in an unfamiliar environment. I had to repeatedly remind her where we were and why we were there. We see the pain (even though she rarely expresses it attempting to shield us) that she wrestles with in this constant state of confusion. If it involves distant or long term memories she is mostly knowledgeable but struggles with anything short term.
We cannot imagine how frightening this must be for her but we see it daily. Tonight I was speaking with her about God's plan for her life and assuring her that she has come so very far. She told me that she knows that God wants something good for her but she hopes that she will be able to know what it is!
I am begging you all to pass this request on to EVERY true believer and ask them to pray SPECIFICALLY and with intensity on Friday, June 28th for God to restore Kristi's memory. It is heart breaking to watch her struggle and she IS the sweetest, kindest, most caring person that I have ever known - the Anthony's are FOREVER grateful for the time that you have and continue to bring Kristi before the Lord - Jay"

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