Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/29 - 9:38pm

Please keep little Payden Daniels in your prayers.  He has started having a different type of seizures.  Kimberly has been talking with the neurologist today.

Prayer Request Update - 11/29 - 7:23pm

"Stories That Transform Our Lives" is a series that Patrick started today.  Today's lesson covered Matthew 2:1-12.  He talked today about how "the search for Jesus never ends" and "the greatest gift we can give God is ourselves".  Thanks, as always, Patrick!

Thank you Richard Logan for the wonderful song service!  Lots of good ol' songs sounded great with so many people there today!

PRAISE:  Brittany Twitty went forward today, asking to be "re-identified" with LACOC.  Brittney has been away at school and is now back home!

Please remember the following in prayers:
  • Ed Bullard is still improving and will probably be moved to a regular room tomorrow afternoon.  The power of prayern is AWESOME!
  • Jerry Pearce continues to be in rehab at PRMC/South.
  • Jean King is in PRMC/North in rehab.
  • Vera Wilson is at home recovering from her heart surgery.
  • Kenny Rosson has cancer in the bone under his nose. (He's a friend of the Kerby's.) Please note...Kenny does not want any face-to-face visits at this time.
  • Sam Warren (Tammy Huffman's step-dad) got GREAT results this week on his test results.
  • Mike & Linda Erwin are proud grandparents of Miss Aubrey Elizabeth Erwin.  (Her parents are Kent & Joni.)  They are so blessed by a safe arrival and healthy baby.
  • Leanne Goodwin (friend of Keely Kennedy's) is going through a difficult divorce and would like prayers for comfort and peace for her and her girls.
  • Jim Vinson (Paul's Dad) is in rehab, recovering from knee replacement.
  • Vickie Vinson asked for prayers for 2 of her friends, Bobbie Hiner and Lil Guest.  They are both in local hospitals.
  • Matt & Lisa Denman's new twin baby nieces (Raegan & Rylee) were born 2 weeks ago.  One little girl came home, the other is still in the NICU with problems.  Some tests have come back abnormal for both girls.  Greg & Shelia would like prayers for their babies.
  • James LeFan (Derald Bulls' uncle) was just released from rehab of hip surgery.  Mike LeFan (DB's cousin) is having trouble with diverticulitis.
  • John Williams' 2 year old nephew, Emmett, begins a heavier dosage of chemo December 8th.  Three weeks later he will go in for surgery to remove the tumor.
  • Please keep Gerry Kelly and his children in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their wife/mom in Alabama yesterday.
  • My cousin, Leonard Trapp, passed away on Friday morning after a VERY long battle with cancer.  (He lived in the Dallas area.)
The PJC Lady Dragons basketball team will be involved in a tournament, during their Christmas break.  Once again LACOC will be providing meals for the girls.  Derald Bulls and Coach Sean LeBeauf will be getting back to us with details as the time draws near.

MAKING IT THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS: Patrick and Mike Bishop will have a grief support group/class on Wednesday evenings in December. (2nd-9th-16th) This group will meet in the Elder's Conference Room. Please sign up at the Welcome Center if you are interested in attending this class.
This time together will include praying and discussing ways to cope with grief, especially during the holidays.
If you, or someone you know, is grieving a loss, you are encouraged to attend this special time.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree will be Baked Potatoes. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

CLOTHES CLOSET: In desperate need of children's winter clothing.

PANTRY NEEDS: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Dec 2: Ladies Bible Class Luncheon @ Charolette Bollman's home.
Dec 3: Men's "42" Night
Dec 3: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 6: Family LIFE Groups
Dec 12: Teen's Progressive Dinner
Dec 13: Secret Sister Tea (Bring your final gift and draw new names.)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prayer Reqeust Update - 11/28 - 7:20pm

PRAISE:  Ed Bullard came through his heart surgery fine.  He was already off the vent yesterday afternoon and was sitting up in a chair.

I received this message from Sandy Keith today:  "My precious Mother passed from this life on Wed., Nov. 25. We are leaving in the morning to make the trip to Florida where she will be buried. Her service will be on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Jones Funeral Home, Keystone Heights, Florida. There will be a visitation from 10:00 to 11:00 am with graveside services following at the Keystone Cemetery there in Keystone Heights. We will return home next week-end.  My love to all our family at Lamar Avenue."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/25 - 10:13pm

PRAISE: Our sister, Jean King, is back in Paris! She was transferred yesterday (Tuesday) to PRMC/North.  Click here to read about her transfer.

PRAISE: Pvt. Landon Garrett should be arriving at DFW airport at 11:30pm tonight! (Hope they have enough Dr. Pepper on that flight!)

Ed Bullard's surgery is put off until Friday morning.  The Dr. had an emergency surgery, which put Ed on hold. 

Our sympathy goes to Sandy Keith and her family (former members of LACOC) in the loss of her Mom.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/24 - 10:40pm

Ed Bullard will have a quadruple by-pass in the morning.  He is "scheduled" to go to surgery at 6:15am.

Lindsay McCarter will have day surgery tomorrow.

The Joe & Suzanne Steece family was featured in the Christian Chronicle a couple of years ago.  They had quads & Mom blogs often to let everyone know how the kids are developing.  (They had 3 boys, Ben, Andrew & Ethan and 1 girl, Savannah.)  Little Sav has had to have kidney surgery before, but, today she had surgery to "uncross" her eyes.  Click on this link to read about this little family.

A couple of weeks ago our Sharing & Caring Class was asked to send cards to a 5 year old little boy, Noah Biorkman, who had cancer and wasn't expected to live to see Christmas.  All he wanted was to receive Christmas cards!  His parents have reported that Noah lost his battle Monday (11/23) peacefully.   Please click here to see his sweet little face and the story.

Prayer Request Update - 11/24 - 11:13am

Ed Bullard did have a heart attack.  He is in PRMC/North - ICU Room 9.  They are doing a corroded artery sonogram, a gallbladder test and will be doing a heart cath.  Please keep Ed and the family in your prayers....also the doctors and nurses working on him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/23 - 10:27pm

Just received word that Ed Bullard is being admitted to PRMC/North - possible heart attack.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/22 - 9:09pm

Thank you Patrick for sharing "The Bread of Life" with us today, and making us realize that we are to be thankful for what we have.  Thanksgiving is only 4 days away now, and as Americans, we have so much to be thankful for.  Take a moment and just remember all your matter how big or small!

Speaking of thankfullness.....THANK YOU to all of those who helped in ANY way with the Thanksgiving dinner last Wednesday night!  Over 250 people were served! 

MAKING IT THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS:  Patrick and Mike Bishop will have a grief support group/class on Wednesday evenings in December.  (2nd-9th-16th)  This group will meet in the Elder's Conference Room.  Please sign up at the Welcome Center if you are interested in attending this class.
This will include praying together and discussing ways to cope with grief, especially during the holidays.
If you, or someone you know, is grieving a loss, you are encouraged to attend this special time.

PRAISE:  Michael Clifford was baptized on Saturday.  He's the son of Eric and Melanie.

PRAISE:  Vera Wilson was able to be back with us again today after heart surgery and is still recovering.  She went forward this morning and asked that we continue to pray for her and she is so thankful that "God heard the prayers of the church".

PRAISE:  Pearl Holmes came forward this morning asking to be identified with LACOC.  (Granny Pearl is a sweetheart of a lady.)  She asked that we "pray that I may be of more service".

PRAISE:  Terry & Carol Jones, from Meridian, Mississippi, also asked to be identified with LACOC.

Our sympathy goes to Sandra Carrell and her family, upon the loss of her brother, Chuck Yarbrough of Waco this week.

Please keep the following people in prayer:
  • All those who will be traveling!
  • Ozella Lilly broke her arm.
  • Carole Anderson had tests on her heart this week.  She won't have any results until December 2.
  • Ellie Bivens was in Beaver's Bend with her family, on Saturday, and was rushed to the Idabel hospital last night with high fever and incredible pain.  She's been released from the hospital with no "real" diagnosis.  (Could be food poisoning ... could be a virus.)
  • Shane Welch is VERTICAL and feeling lots better.
  • Mary Ann Newman is haveing health problems.
  • Lindsay McCarter will have day surgery on Wednesday.
  • Dinah Border's daughter, Shamane, will have day surgery this week.
  • The Zant family is still mourning the loss of June.
  • Kenny Rosson has cancer in the bone under his nose.  (He's a friend of the Kerby's.)  Please note...Kenny does not want any face-to-face visits at this time.
  • David Nelson (Charlotte Grooms' brother) had lung surgery 2 years ago and is now waiting find out the results of his latest lung test and blood work.  Also, Charlotte's mother-in-law, Mona is having health problems.
  • Linda Erwin asked that we remember Kent & Joni on Wednesday as they welcome their new baby girl Aubrey.  Pray for a successful birth and healthy baby girl!
  • Paul Vinson's dad, James, will have his 3rd knee replacement on Tuesday.
  • Leah Dennison is still recovering from an automobile accident and had another surgery on Saturday.
  • Ray Faires (Doug's Dad) is thankful for prayers!  He is out of ICU and is now going into rehab.  He has a lung disease.
  • John Williams' 2 year old nephew, Emmett, is back from the hospital in Cincinnati and is starting to increase his chemo.  "The tough part is near now."
  • Joseph Gilmore (a friend of Pearl Holmes) has 3 children and is not with the mother of his kids.  He's having drug & alcohol issues.
  • Derald Bulls' friend, Adam Wright, is facing eye surgery.
CHRISTMAS BASKETS: If you know a familiy that is need of a food basket, please fill out one of the forms in the foyer, or talk with Gina Barnett. They need the family information by the end of this month.

CLOTHES CLOSET: In desperate need of children's winter clothing.


Nov 24: (Tuesday) Midweek Service (No meal this week)
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Day  (Office Closed)
Nov 27:  Office Closed
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck (No evening service)
Dec 2: Ladies Bible Class Luncheon @ Charolette Bollman's home.
Dec 3: Men's "42" Night
Dec 3: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 6: Family LIFE Groups
Dec 12: Teen's Progressive Dinner
Dec 13: Secret Sister Tea (Bring your final gift and draw new names.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/20 - 2:30pm

Robyn Figgins' dad, Jerry Smith, had surgery this morning to remove infection from prostate.  Everything was clear - NO CANCER!  Pray for his healing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/19 - 1:24pm

Debbie Smith was in PRMC/S for 10 days.  She's at her sister's house right now.  She had to have emergency surgery on her stomach.

Carole Anderson is having an echo-cardiogram today.  When she went in for her regular check-up, Dr. Hashmi heard a murmur. 

PRAISE:  Gina Barnett's skin cancers came back with clean margins!  WooHOOO!

Lindsay McCarter will have day surgery next Wednesday.

Joan Fields (Kevin Shackleford's Mom) had cancer in the past, went in for a check-up and the Dr. found 2 knots in her abdomen.  The blood tests shows cancer.  She'll have more tests performed next Wednesday.

A friend of mine (from Cooper), Nancy Blount, lost her husband, Billy Earl, this week to cancer.  He'd fought a long hard battle.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/18 - 4:10pm

Matt & Lisa Denman's sister-in-law, Sheila Denman, had her twins last Thursday.  (She was 35 weeks along and had been confined to bed for the last couple of months.)
Raegan weighed in at 5 pounds and 15 ounces and has already gone home from the hospital.
Rylee weighed in at 4 pounds 13 ounces.  She had to have surgery to remove about 10-12 inches of her intestines.  She is in the NICU in a hospital about an hour away from where they live (Crawford,TX).
Please keep this family on your heart and in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/17 - 8:54am

Shane Welch has been sick for over a week, running a very high fever, he has finally been diagnosed with pneumonia.  In fact they said that his right lung was "corroded".  The meds he's on should start making him feel like he's back to the land of the living.

Royce Fouse (former member of LACOC) has had pneumonia for the last three weeks.  He was admitted to the Hopkins Co. Memorial Hospital in Sulphur Springs where they did surgery to place a drain tube in his lungs.  He's out of ICU now and in a regular room and will continue to be there for the next week.

DON'T FORGET:  Thanksgiving Dinner is tomorrow night (Wednesday).  There is still a need for desserts!...desserts!...desserts!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I received this from Jered today - he wanted to make sure that everyone knew where to go and what to expect:  "As you know the Family Retreat is this weekend November 20-22 at Beavers Bend State Park Group Site 2. If you have never been before there are maps at the welcome center. Also, the only cost is for your family's meals unless your are bringing an RV. Bringing an RV is around $15 per night. We will add all the meal cost up at the retreat and then let you know there what you owe. Each family writes a check to the church for their meal amount. Loretta Nabors will collect the money at the retreat from families on Saturday. We don't have a leader this year but we have several families helping divide up the responsibilities. We have three meal leaders. Kyle Jones is doing Saturday breakfast. The Beckmons and Hanleys are doing Saturday dinner and the Fowlers are doing Sunday breakfast. Everyone going helps prepare one of these meals. You should know what you signed up to help with when you signed up to come. You can check with your meal leader at the retreat for assignments. Also, please bring games, drinks, and snacks to share. If you have questions please call the church office or talk with someone else going."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/15 - 8pm

Today was the end of the study of Ecclesiastes..." Conclusion".   I had never been involved in a study of Ecclesiastes...thank you Patrick for making it so interesting!  (The explanation of the parts of the body was amazing.) 
  • William Offutt is having heart problems.
  • Dinah Border's grandson, Coby, will have knee surgery this Tuesday.
  • Ray Faires (Doug's dad) is in critical condition in ICU at a Fayetteville, Arkansas hospital.
  • Jenifer Cooper asked that we continue to remember Cody Davidson.  He was involved in an automobile accident a few months back and has had multiple surgeries and is still in a lot of pain. 
  • Mark Barnett's co-worker, David Hinkle, lost his wife on Friday to cancer.
  • Bill & Nelda Loyd (Leslie Keele's grandparents) have on-going medical issues.  Her grand-dad will have surgery on Friday.
  • Lesa Bulls asked that we continue to remember Wayne Neal as he is dealing with brain cancer.
  • The Bulls' friend, Phil Fletcher, has been moved to Medical City/Dallas.  He is recovering from heart surgery and pneumonia.
  • Shane Welch has had the flu for a week.  Tanya asked that we pray for healing and strength for Shane and that the rest of the family will NOT get sick.
  • Tanya also wanted us to pray for her niece, Tabitha, who is pregnant and was involved in a car accident last week.
  • Pvt. Landon Garrett starts Airborne Forces training school tomorrow morning at Ft. Benning, GA.  This will be a 2 week and 4 day school. 
THANKSGIVING MEAL:  This Wednesday night is our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  Turkey & Dressing!  Please make sure that, if you didn't sign up this morning, you call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot for Wednesday night.  Don't forget though...members still pay $2 - our guests will be free.  We do still need desserts for this meal!

CHRISTMAS BASKETS:  If you know a familiy that is need of a food basket, please fill out one of the forms in the foyer, or talk with Gina Barnett.  They need the family information by the end of this month.

FAMILY RETREAT IS THIS WEEKEND!  Nov. 20-22 - Beavers Bend State Park

CLOTHES CLOSET:  In desperate need of children's winter clothing.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Shampoo & Deodrant


Nov 18: SPECIAL Simple Supper - Thanksgiving meal
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat (Sign ups at the Welcome Center)
Nov 24: (Tuesday) Midweek Service (No meal this week)
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Day
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck (No evening service)
Dec 2:  Ladies Bible Class Luncheon
Dec 3: Men's "42" Night
Dec 6: Family LIFE Groups
Dec 3: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 12: Teen's Progressive Dinner
Dec 13: Secret Sister Tea

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/14 - 6:47pm

Butch and Sue Munday sent this message:  "Our niece, Kathy Stobaugh's husband (Charles) has been arrested for suspicion in her murder. It has been about 5 years since Kathy went missing. Even though her body has never been found, we ask for prayers that justice will be served. This will be a tough ordeal for their two children to go through, so pray for strength for Cheree and Tommy."

Debra Usry has been having coughs, chills, body aches and now fever.

Phyllis Giguere is still having problems with her shoulder, which did turn out to be bursitis and will probably have to get it appts. before Nov. 30th.

Iva Hargroves has had her surgery (for a tumor at the base of her brain) and is recovering well. She will probably be dismissed on Sunday of this week. Thanks to everyone for praying for her.

Randy Nation had back surgery, the end of September, and has had to have a second surgery to clean the wound, due to infection.  (Randy is diabetic.)  He is a nurse in the area and is also a radio sports announcer.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/12 - 7:10pm

Our sister Vera Wilson was released from the hospital today.  Please keep Vera on your hearts...she needs a lots of faith, love and prayers at this time.

I received this happy news from Lesa Bulls today:   "Miss Sonya Elizabeth Russell decided that Wednesday evening was a better time to enter the world than 7:30 Thursday morning. She was born at 7:55p.m. and weighed 6lb 5oz. Mom, baby and dad are well and happy."  (We've had the Mary & Tonya Russell on our prayer requests for a couple of months...PRAISE to God answering lots of prayers.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/11 - 9:07pm

Thank you to ALL our Veteran's today!

Buddy Beard's funeral service will be tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 11am in Hugo at the Clayton Baptist Church.  Buddy was Kathy Daniel's uncle.

Gina Barnett had 2 skin cancers removed yesterday - no results as of yet.

Vera Wilson has now been moved to a regular room on the 4th floor of PRMC/North.

Allen Jumper had a successful double by-pass surgery yesterday.  He is at home now.

Landon Garrett starts Air Borne training school tomorrow.  Congratulations to Landon!

Mark & Tonya Russell (he's the drama teacher at NLHS) will have their baby girl in the morning.

Jerry Wilson, owner of Real Deal BBQ who had a stroke over a month ago, was released from the hospital today!

The Benevolence Committee served 39 families today.   The food pantry is once again bare!  When you go to the store, please, would you pick up extra items to help re-stock it?

DON'T FORGET:  Next Wednesday night - our 2nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner!  Last year over 300 were served!  Desserts are needed...there's a sign-up at the Welcome Center.  Be sure, if you know someone who won't have a Thanksgiving meal or family to have one with, please invite them to join us!  It's still $2 for LACOC members, but the guests are free! 

The Family Retreat is coming up QUICK!  Nov. 20-22.  Please sign up at the Welcome Center to help with a meal and so they will have a head count!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/10 - 7:47pm

Kathy Daniels' uncle, Buddy Beard, passsed away today.  Services are pending.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/9 - 6:30pm

John Welch, Jr. service arrangements:

Visitation: 6-8 pm, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 at Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home
Service: 11:00 am, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, graveside at Evergreen Cemetery

Prayer Request Update - 11/9 - 1:30pm

These are requests from yesterday:
  • Wayne Neal:  Brain Cancer - prognosis is not good.  Is in PRMC/South. Has already started radiation.  (Derald Bulls' friend.)
  • Phil Fletcher:  Recovering from by-pass, developed pneumonia, slowed recovery process.  (Derald Bulls' friend.)
  • Col. Dale Potter:  St. Chaplain at Ft. Hood - dealing with issues of death/injury on base.  (Derald Bulls' cousin.)
  • Donna & Nolan Whaley:  Prayers for healing in their marriage. (Friend of Vinson's.)
  • Debbie L. would like prayers for easing her pain, healing for her legs and to see that she gets the proper care that she needs.  (Keely Kennedy's friend.)
  • Chelsea Wells is battling infections, diabetes, cellulitis.  She is at Yale University and is a first year student.  Very stressful situation for her.  (Friend of Gina Barnett's)
  • Curry Scott has brain cancer.  The chemo is causing his blood sugar to rise and fall dramatically.  (Friend of Barnett's)
  • Mark Barnett asks for a prayer of thanksgiving that his tests came back good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/8 - 9:25pm

John Welch Jr. (46 yrs old) lost his battle with cancer tonight.  There will be a service for him in Birmingham and then they will travel to Paris for services and burial here.  Fry-Gibbs will have charge of services.  No other details are known at this time.  Please pray for the family at this time, not only as they grieve the loss of Johnny, but as they make the long trip back to Paris.

Prayer Request Update - 11/8 - 8pm

Thank you Patrick for our lesson this morning on "Living Life to the Fullest"!  What a great way to start the week!

Paul McClain, Jerry Raper & Jacob Jones made a beautiful new podium out of 2 old church pews.  How awesome is it that we have such talented men in our church?  Make sure you look at it closely...there is such incredible workmanship that has been put into this podium.

Joy Barnett went forward this morning asking "for prayers to maintain and keep our family together".  God Bless You Joy!

Our Sympathy To These Families:
  • Please keep the Jack Family in your prayers as they mourn the passing of Gerald.  His services are tomorrow (Monday) morning at 11am at the church building.
  • The Zant Family lost their Mother/Grandmother today.  June Zant, passed away this morning.  She was Zach's grandmother.
  • Ed Bullard's 23 yr old nephew, Chas Bullard, was killed in a motorcycle accident this past week.
Prayer Requests From This Morning:  (I picked up the prayer requests from Patrick's class and can NOT find it...I probably put it back in the file...please forgive me and my "sometimers".)
  • Those who were killed or injured at Ft. Hood on Thursday.
  • Curtis & Kristi Garrett, as they are returning from Landon's graduation from Boot Camp at Ft. Benning, GA.  (If you are on facebook...there are 2 videos & pictures that Landon has posted.)
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Chris Mashburn, fell last night.  She's ok, but sore.
  • John Welch Jr. is in the last moments of his life.
  • Vera Wilson is still in PRMC/North/ICU - Room 3.
  • Lacy Carr (works @ Capital One) had been having some abdominal pain this week.  They finally took her into emergency surgery - found a cyst the size of a football.
  • Chuck Yarbrough (Sandra Carrell's brother) will have heart valve surgery in Austin this week.
DON'T FORGET:  The Thanksgiving Meal, Wednesday, Nov 18.  They served over 300 last year!  If you know a family who is in need, or who may not have an opportunity for a traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day, you may invite them to eat with us on that Wed. night, at no charge to them.  ($2 cost still applies to LACOC members.)  Please submit their names ASAP to the church office, so they will know how many to prepare for.  Please sign up at the Welcome Center to bring desserts for this meal.
SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree will be Frito Chili Pie. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Meat

Keep The Date

Nov 15:  Family LIFE Groups
Nov 18:  SPECIAL Simple Supper - Thanksgiving meal
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat  (Sign ups at the Welcome Center)
Nov 24:  (Tuesday) Midweek Service
Nov 29: 5th Sunday and Potluck
Dec 3:  Men's "42" Night
Dec 3: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 13: Secret Sister Tea

Friday, November 6, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/6 - 4:11pm

The arrangements for Gerald Jack are as follows:
  • Visitation at Starrett Funeral Home from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Sunday night
  • Funeral at Lamar Ave. Church of Christ at 11:00am on Monday
  • Family meal at the church building at 1:00pm (Naomi Bassett's group handling the meal


Prayer Request Update - 11/6 - 8:55am

Gerald Jack's services are pending at Starrett Funeral Home.

Jamie Sue Jenkot-Williams visitation will be Friday 6-8 at Miller & Miller Funeral Home in Hugo.  Her graveside services will be Saturday 11:30 Mt Olive Cemetary in Hugo.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/5 - 10:51pm

Our sweet brother, Gerald Jack, passed away tonight.  Please keep Miss Peggy and their family in your prayers during this time.  No other details are known at this time.

Prayer Request Update - 11/5 - 4:43pm

As of right now, there are 12 dead and 31 injured at Fort Hood, Texas.  This is so devastating and there will be so many families involved in this tragedy.  Please keep all the soldiers and families in your prayers.
I received these messages from the church office this afternoon:
  • They have turned off the defibulator on Gerald Jack. Peggy said earlier that "everything is shutting down".
  • Allen Jumper is home; did not have bypass surgery. Arteries were not blocked. He has an appointment for surgery (kidney related) Tuesday in Dallas.
  • Have not heard from Vera Wilson this morning but she is still in ICU. She had a punctured lung and blood clot in the aeorta (don't know exact location).

Sue Munday sent this update:  "Gary Martin (motorcyclist for Fry-Gibbs) has been transferred to the PRMC/North Campus for re-hab and is doing well."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/4 - 9:55pm

Gerald Jack was taken to PRMC/North and admitted to the ICU - Room 3.  (No other details at this time.)

Vera Wilson had pacemaker surgery last week at PRMC/North, today she was taken up to the ICU - Room 4.  She has a blood clot.  (No other details at this time.)

Lois McElyea (friend of Annetta Cooke's Mom) was admitted to PRMC/S - Room 701 today.

Wayne Neal (friend of the Bulls') has had lung cancer and treatments.  He now has a brain tumor.

Phil Fletcher (friend of the Bulls') had double by-pass and now has double pneumonia.

Cameron Mitchell Roberts, infant son of Troy and Claudia Roberts (Amber Offutt's sister) will be buried in Clarksville at Lane's Chapel Cemetary on Friday at 1pm.  Fry-Gibbs is in charge of services.

Services are still pending for Jamie Sue Jenkot-Williams (former member at LACOC).

PRAISE:  Mark & Tonya Russell (friends of the Daniels' family), who we had on our prayer list a couple of weeks ago, are expecting a baby and were experiencing some complications are excited to say that their baby will be born next week!

Please add Wednesday, November 18 as a date to remember! This will be the night of the 2nd Annual LACOC Thanksgiving Feast!  Last years feast was an incredible success!  This will be a regular Simple Supper night - but if you know of anyone who will not be having a Thanksgiving and would like to join us, please call the church office to reserve their spot!  Last year there were SOOOO many people that came - it was a GREAT night!  (I can't wait...especially after hearing Dinah talking about ALREADY making and freezing dressing!)

Prayer Request Update - 11/4 - 1:09pm

PRAISE:  Sue Munday said that Iva Hargroves saw the Dr. in Dallas on Monday and has a very good prognosis. (The Dr. is 95% sure that it is NOT malignant.)  She will have surgery to remove the tumor next week. She appreciates and feels the prayers that are being offered on her behalf.

PRAISE:  Sue also said that Gary Martin (the motorcylist for Fry-Gibbs) did have his hip repaired is doing great!

Leslie Keele asked that we pray for her grandmother, Nelda Loyd, who is in a hospital in Abilene.  She has congestive heart failure.  She is Type 1 diabetic, which does complicate things more.  Leslie asked that we pray for Miss Nelda and for the doctors treating her.
Also, her granddad, Bill Loyd, is in lots of back pain.  He's been taken off pain meds, to save his kidneys, and they will be implanting a pain relief port in a few days.  PRAISE that they did find an alternative to the oral meds.

There are no firm funeral service plans yet for Jamie Sue Jenkot-Williams at this time.  I received a message from Gail Usry stating that the service will probably be on Saturday in Hugo.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/3 - 6:20pm

Debra Usry sent this message this afternoon regarding former members of LACOC:  "Gail Usry just called me about 10 min. ago. She said that her niece, Jaime Sue Jenkot Williams, the 23 yr old daughter of Hank and Jan Jenkot, died. She was at work and passed out, stopped breathing. They called ambulance and they did CPR on her there, on the way to the hospital and at the ER, but they could not get her back.  Gail and Tiffany are on their way up there and Ronny is on his way home."
Please keep this family in your prayers!

Prayer Request Update - 11/3 - 12:04pm

Petra Cooke sent this message today regarding her son Marcel, who was injured in the ARMY:  "Marcel had another surgery on his ankle last Wednesday.  The surgery did NOT work.  According to his doctor he as 2 options left.  Either fuse all the bones together permanently so he would never be able to move his ankle again. (Which would include walking with a cane and hip damage down the road.)  Or, option 2 would be to amputate the foot above the ankle.  He will have to make a decision please pray for guidance and acceptance on this journey."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/2 - 8:30pm

Derald Bulls received this message tonight from John Welch regarding his son John Jr. who has cancer:  "John is at home and in the hands of God and a good hospice team. He will not be returning to the hospital. All treatments have ceased. The objective is to keep him comfortable and at peace. He may live a few more days, maybe more and maybe less. Nobody knows. Thanks to you and the good people at Lamar Avenue for your prayers and support."

Prayer Request Update - 11/2 - 7:39pm

Sue Munday sent this message today:  "Please add Iva Hargroves to the prayer list. She and her husband, Bobby will be traveling to Dallas today (Monday) for tests. She has been diagnosed with a tumor at the base of her brain. She is the owner of Traditions Florist and her husband Bobby is an employee of Fry-Gibbs Funeral Home."

Click on the link below to read the latest update from Brent & Jill Nichols:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 11/1 - 8:24pm

What a beautiful day!  First day of Fall!  First day of Daylight Savings Time!
Patrick gave us a beautiful message about "Straight Forward & To The Point" and about wisdom and understanding.  His mom, Linda Cannon, was here visiting from Texarkana!
Richard Logan led lots of our old favorite songs and got everyone to sing about letting their "little light shine"!  After services were over, I was walking outside with the PJC Lady Dragons basketball team...those girls started singing "This Little Light of Mine" and were harmonizing so beautifully!  That was so inspiring!  Paris is so blessed to have these girls representing us!  And, how wonderful is it that, their coach, Sean LeBeauf, is a Christian man, making such an impact on a big group of kids like that?

  As mentioned above, the PJC Lady Dragons team visited with us today.  At the invitation, 6 of the girls went forward to support 2 of the girls with prayer requests.  Ashley Washington's Mom, Velma, has cancer.  Brittney Gaines friend, Tyra, is having health problems also. 
PRAYERS:  Stacey & Chase Wood, went forward this morning asking for prayers for their family, specifically for Mallory.  Mallory is bio-polar and has been admitted to Timberlawn Hospital in Dallas for help with her disorder and medications.
CONGRATULATIONS:  Johnny & Pat Houser are celebrating their 60th anniversary with a reception next Saturday afternoon at LACOC from 2-4pm.  They will also be renewing their wedding vows.
WELCOME:  To Linda Hostetler who wishes to work with LACOC.  Linda is the aunt of James Hanley.
  • Allen Jumper will have his heart by-pass surgery in the morning at Presbyterian/Dallas.
  • Sherry Welch will be having surgery in the morning (Monday 11/2) on her shoulder.
  • Dorothy Pearce told me this morning that Jerry Pearce has lost the vision in his left eye.  Last week he had some other complications due to his stroke.  The eye has an artery that has blocked.
  • Tammy Huffman asked for prayers for Sam Warren (her step-dad).  He will be having throat surgery on Nov. 18th.  (Tonsils removed and another mass.)
  • Troy & Claudia Roberts were expecting their first baby on November 15th.  She lost the baby yesterday.  (Claudia is Amber Offutt's sister.)  Claudia is in PRMC/North.
  • Jamilyn (Garrett) Campbell is 5 weeks pregnant.  This is a high-risk pregnancy since she has Type 1 diabetes.  Her husband called Curtis last night and said that she was having some complications and the doctors have put her on bed-rest.
  • An employee of Campbell Soup, Jim Cox, was found dead at his desk this morning..
  • Lillian Taylor is still having health problems.
  • Jean King is continuing her re-hab in the Select Hospital in Dallas.
  • Curtis & Kristi Garrett will be traveling this week to Ft. Benning, Georgia to see their son, Landon, graduate from boot camp.  Please keep kthem in prayer as they travel.
  • Anna Zant would like prayers for family issues.
  • Phyllis Giguere asked that we pray for her parents, the Lovell's, and her brother David, for healing.
  • Debra Usry asked for prayers for Charlie & Barbie and kids, as they prepare to move to Sulphur Springs.  She asked for prayers also for Linda & Doug Lay on the death of their granddaughter, Ashley Bryan.  Ashley also leaves behind a 2 yr old son.
  • Johnny Houser asked for prayers for Kathy McFarland, who is a co-owner of Catering For You.  She suffered a stroke.
  • John Welch Jr. is in his final days.  He continues to be in a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Mindy Bulls asked for prayers for Sarah Maple.  She will be going back to the Mayo Clinic for experimental treatment on her brain tumor.
  • Chuck Brazile asked for continued success of his daughter, Savannah, in her studies and blessings on her children.
  • John & Cynthia Williams asked for prayers of their 2 yr old nephew, Emmett Williams, as he will be heading back to Kansas City for tests and to have bone marrow harvested and starting his third round of chemo.
  • Janet Christ asked that we pray for their son Aaron as he is traveling back to Harding University today.
  • Lindsay McCarter asked that we pray for Ricky, Missy & Meghan Gillean.  Their daughter/sister, Lauren, passed away this past week.
  • Dianna Welch is continuing to have health problems and medication issues.  She will be seeing a new doctor tomorrow.
SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Beef Stew. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Dry Cereals & 1 pound pkgs. of dry pinto beans

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