Friday, November 30, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/30 - 8:22pm

Former LACOC member, Amber Offutt sent this message tonight:  "I have my routine CT scan, MRI, and oncologist visit this next Wednesday. I know everything will be ok, but the MRI will be a closed MRI and I am deathly scared of enclosed spaces. They are giving me a seditive to help me to relax during it, but I am still terrified. I get anxious just thinking about it. Please keep me in your prayers that they will not find anything and that I handle the MRI ok. God bless you and thank you in advance for the prayers."

Updates on Kristi Anthony - 11/30

Posted by Jay at 7:45pm:  "Please join us to pray that we have an "active" and good day tomorrow. This has been a sleepy day; I think that Kristi was too busy yesterday. God is Good and He is in Control! - Jay"

Posted by Jay at 3:30pm:  "Many people are asking about our move to another facility so I will try my best to outline it: We are waiting on Zale Lisphy to send a nurse by to evaluate Kristi Welch Anthony to see if she can be accepted into acute rehab. BCI (Baylor) will not do an evaluation until she is off of the vent. If neither accept her then we will have to go to a LTAC first. We need to EP Cardiologist to BELIEVE what he is seeing and approve the implant (ICD) so please pray for these specifics! - WE MUST KEEP Kristi protected from infections so please come and visit us (we need that) but if you have been sick or around sickness please understand that Kristi cannot be exposed to that. The doctors are concerned due to the influenza season. I hope everyone understands. An infection would be a major issue. God is in Control! Thank you all for EVERYTHING that you are doing. There are SO many caring people in this world. - Jay"

Posted by Jay at 8:10am:  Please pray that we can get the doctors to approve the ICD (the implanted pacer-defibrillator) BEFORE we leave the hospital. We had to be able to justify "progress and improvement" before the doctors would order that. God has granted both progress and improvement. It is scary to think that Kristi Welch Anthony would have to go through another surgery and be sedated again but it has to be done since KRISTI IS GOING TO BE HEALED. The neurologist has instructed the EP Cardiologist of his approval to do the implant so now the decision rests with the EP (Shapiro and ultimately Edwards)..Pray specifically PLEASE. - Jay
Posted at 8:05am:  After the neurologist examined Kristi Welch Anthony this morning she smiled that beautiful smile right at me. She is starting to have some pain and discomfort, which is hard to watch, but it is a sign that she is more alert. Words cannot express the emotions that each person felt when Kristi flashed that smile directly at them yesterday...EVERYONE broke out into tears. Our God is an AWESOME God! Thank you all for your kind words, gifts, and mostly PRAYERS (please keep those going constantly). I want to be certain that ALL of the glory goes to our Father. Many people have told me that we have been so strong through this BUT I can tell you FOR CERTAIN that it is NOT us...this is GOD's strength that he has blessed us with during this trial. There is no way that we could have held it together so please make sure that God gets ALL of the credit for ALL of the GREAT things that have happened. HE IS FAITHFUL. GOD IS IN CONTROL. - The Anthony's

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/29

Cleve Fendley was cutting a tree branch, with a chain saw, it popped back up and knocked the ladder from under him.  He took a serious fall and now has a compression verterbrae fracture.  He's now on crutches...very slowly. 

URGENT Prayer Request - 11/29

Richard Peace will be going into emergency surgery today!  An x-ray, after a colonoscopy, showed a perforation in his colon.  They will try to repair the perforation and expect him to be in the hospital for several days.

Updates on Krist Anthony

Posted by Sandy Welch at 1:30pm:  I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and love you are sending to Kristi. I walked in this morning and said Good morning sweetheart and she looked at me and smiled so big and I asked her if she knows how much I love her and she rapidly blinked her eyes. This brought me to my knees. I had been awake for hours before seeing her and had spent that time in constant prayer and praising God and giving Him all the glory forever. God answers prayer in His time and never, ever forsakes us. I have been asked by the staff to describe Kristi and I didn't hestitate. Kristi can walk into a room and it is like a brilliant ray of sunshine. She loves so deeply everyone no matter our faults. God is in control and I Bless God for this blessing upon Kristi. My love to all....Sandy and Mom to a wonderful daughter.

Jay posted at 9:10am:  "Kristi is listening to everything that I am saying to her and she is SMILING at me! Her eyes follow me when I move. This is the GREATEST day of my life. WHEN YOU PRAY TO GOD PRAY WITHOUT DOUBT even if what you are asking for is a miracle. Our love to all of those who are praying continually. - Jay"

Matt posted at 8:15am:  "Two Doctors now have confirmed her improvement. I love seeing a Dr's face when science can't explain a good fight for life!"
Matt posted this about his sister at 7:50am:  "Kristi opened her eyes fully, looked at me and smiled. She is answering questions by blinking. Also stuck her tongue out at the Dr when he asked her to! He said this is very positive and significant change. He then said "today, will finally be the good day we've been waiting for" My showing out!"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/28

Averie Campbell, Greg and Lori's 14 year old daughter, will be having surgery on her ear next week and hopefully will restore her hearing.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 8:30pm:  "Well this has been some day. We had the trach procedure this morning and Kristi was heavily sedated which has caused her to sleep all day long...seems like going forward and moving backwards. Austin left tonight to go back home for school tomorrow; it is so hard to watch him thru the hospital windows as he walks to the parking garage and gets in the truck and drives away. Tyler and Cody seem a million miles away. I know that Kristi misses them so much. Prayer requests are that Kristi will respond more and be alert and that the sedatives will wear off quickly. That we will be accepted into the Zale Lipshy Rehab facility IF that is where God wants to heal Kristi Welch Anthony. Strength for Kristi and us all. God Is In Control. Ps 312:24 - Jay"

Prayer Request - 11/28

Zeke Wood will be having surgery on his leg within the next few weeks.  He has a growth on his leg that has gotten larger and now is really causing him pain.

Prayer Request - 11/28

Please keep Lee Campbell in your prayers.  He has been admitted to the hospital with a heart issue.  (This is Dot Campbell's son.)

Services for Jerry Pearce

Jerry Pearce's services are as follows:
Visitation:  Thursday night (11/29) from 6p-8p
Funeral Service:  Friday (11/30) at 2pm
At Bright-Holland Funeral Home

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 11am:  "The trach went great, mom looks so much better without the breathing tube in her mouth. She looks a lot more comfortable as well. -Austin"

Posted at 7:25am:  "The tracheotomy that was scheduled for 1:00 pm today has been moved up to 8:30 am this morning. Please pray!"

Our Sympathy...

Our precious brother in Christ, Jerry Pearce, passed away earlier this morning.  No other details are known at this time.  Please keep sweet Dorothy and the family in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updates on Kristi Anthony - 11/27

Posted at 8pm:  "More answered prayers...we now have Kristi's information in front of someone very high up at UT PRAY THAT THEY WILL ACCEPT KRISTI at Zale Lipshy!!! Pray Hard Please...this is very important."

Posted at 5:15pm:  "We saw definitive improvements today. Kristi blinked in response to the "pessimistic" doctors questions and she reached out towards him. Kristi tried to smile at my sister, Paula twice! Then they had to sedate her again to put the PEG tube in. Its frustrating to see baby steps then set backs from more sedation but it is part of the process. This will happen again tomorrow when they do the tracheostomy. We have now requested to be transferred to UTSW Zale Lipshy. They are experts in neurology and this is what we now need. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS TRANSFER TO HAPPEN QUICKLY. We believe more strongly every day (I don't know how God can strengthen us in our weakness but He does) that God's plan for Kristi's FULL and COMPLETE recovery is in the works! After visiting 3 LTAC's I believe that it was confirmed that moving to an LTAC is NOT the right move now. Our specific prayer requests are a quick transfer to Zale Lipshy and continued complete healing. To God be ALL of the glory! Thank you again and again from our family - Jay"

Prayer Request - 11/27 - 2:05pm

Lesa Bulls sent this message:  "Please add Derald to list. He has been to Dr. twice & is in lots of pain with arthritis and fluid in knee and leg. He can't get comfortable or sleep. He's not tolerating meds very well either."

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted around 12midnight:  "We are overwhelmed by your love and concern. Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and the great unity prayer at 6:00 pm! Here is where we stand and all of this is very new and confusing. Evidently the hospital wants to move us out very soon. They tell us that Medicare has a short window for us to be eligible for LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) which is the "step down" from a hospital but if we don't get transferred then we will only be eligible for a "nursing home" which is not acceptable and Kristi could never get enough professional care in her condition. It is strange because she has shown definite signs of progress these last two days. Tuesday they will place a PEG feeding tube then do the trach on Wednesday at 1:00. I have to leave my precious Kristi tomorrow to go search out these LTAC's to find the best one. I am very discouraged about leaving Kristi but it has to be done in order to find the best facility. Sandy and my sister will be with Kristi while I am gone. Please pray that God directs me to the best facility; the one where he wants Kristi to heal. Julie Ann (Shelton) has been wonderful to help us in this process. My sister-in-law Bobbie Welch is also helping find an LTAC. Your prayers are needed as God is still in Control and will heal Kristi completely. It is now when our faith must remain grounded in Him alone. I know that many have prayed without ceasing and you have been hurting deeply as we are but please keep the faith and continue to bring Kristi before Our Father. He is strong in our weakness. - In Him - Jay, Austin, Tyler, Cody, Sandy and our entire family."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on Jerry Pearce - 9:07pm

Yvonne Gentry sent this message:  "Dorothy just called with this information...The doctor says Jerry’s situation is very grim. He is being kept alive by the machines and when they are removed, it will be only a matter of hours. We’ve come home to get some rest and will return in the morning. At that time, we’ll give the directive to remove the machines and then we’ll wait. I’m sure this is what Jerry would want. Thank you for your prayers.”

Jerry Pearce Update

I just talked with Dorothy at 6:35pm.  They're still waiting to hear from the Dr., who is in evaluating Jerry now.  They performed an EEG first thing this morning and he's had no change.  He's had some reflex movement, nothing purposeful.

Prayer Request - 11/26 - 4pm

Judy Reeves (co-owner of ABC Learning Center) will be having cancer surgery at Baylor/Dallas tomorrow (Tuesday).  They will take a portion of her colon out and biopsy lymph nodes also. She went through chemo and radiation during the last week of September and during October.

Anthony Family

I believe that you need a face to put with your prayers.
This is the Anthony Family.
Jay, Kristi, Austin, Tyler and Cody.

Updates on Kristi Anthony - 11/26

Posted at 2:10pm:  Kristi needs your help right now. Up until today I believe that Kristi has received wonderful care here. The neurologist was even more positive this morning but after the CCU doctor gave us his negative "poor" outlook prognosis then everyone around here has changed their attitude completely. They are talking to us about making decisions in our heart. Furthermore the social worker who was supposed to be here early this morning to discuss long-term care facilities has not evn shown up yet...and I've asked for her. The truly amazing thing about this situation is that Kristi has made more steps forward yesterday and today than ever. She responded to both me and her brother Mike by blinking "yes" several times each. WHY are the hospital care givers giving up NOW? Kristi needs your prayers NOW and IF ANYONE KNOWS how to help us in this situation Kristi could use you NOW if you have any experience or expertise or advice. Austin, Tyler, Cody, and I need our Kristi and the world is a much better place with her. GOD is in CONTROL and HE will heal her. We cannot have the doctors give up when she is making steps are still steps! - PLEASE - Jay

Posted at 10:05am:  A different doctor (pulmonary critical care) came in just now and told us very bluntly that the outlook for recovery was "poor". This time I didn't even break down because God immediately reminded me of David in 1 Samuel 16 - David was a "poor" choice for king in man's eyes. Most of the people in Hebrews 11 were also "poor choices"...I see a pattern of my God taking "poor" and making it powerful! Afterwards the nurse came in and said "he (the doctor) is not in control and God is". I am not being foolishly optimistic here (and for those of you who know me you know that is impossible for me anyway); God has given me such peace that He has more plans for Kristi. I ask for your continued prayers of complete healing. - Jay

Posted at 9:40am:  Kristi is stirring a little more today. Moving her left leg and her left arm a little more. She opens her eyes more often now. All encouraging things...God has renewed our strength each day. The doctors will probably do the tracheostomy soon. Our prayer today is for continued improvement with a complete healing as the result. PS 27:14 - Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. - Jay

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/25 - 10:07pm

Please pray for Ruth McFadden, she is in the PRMC/ER.  She has a virus and it's a precaution to keep her from becoming dehydrated.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/25

Jay posted this update at 7:20pm:  "Today was a very traumatic day for our family. It started with the neurologist giving us very difficult news from yesterday's MRI. I left the room and completely broke down. I went to be by myself to consider how to discuss the news with our boys. As I was praying God gave me the word that He was still in control and that I should trust in Him ALONE. It was then easy to pull it together and face the day and as He promised there were some good things that happened. Kristi opened her eyes more than she ever has and she moved her arms and legs some. The doctors are now discussing changing her ventilator over to a trach and eventually moving us to a longer term care facility. Depending on her progress they may implant a pacer-defibrillator prior to her move. This would be the best option for us but she needs to continue to show improvement before they can do this procedure. Our prayers now are that she will continue to wake up and respond and get out of the "fog" that she is in. A very good friend of ours told me today to PRAY WITH that is what I am asking of you all! My cousin told me today also that the mind is the nearest thing to the soul that modern medicine can study and therefore in reality little is known about the mysteries of the mind...GOD IS IN CONTROL and ALWAYS will be. Please pray for Austin, Tyler, and Cody as well, they had to leave their precious Mother's side today to return to school tomorrow and they struggled greatly with having to leave. We can never thank you all enough for your unending prayers."

Weekly Update - 11/25

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning of The Coming of Christ, and reminding us that God knows JUST what we need!
And thank you Richard for the rousing song service!!!!

Ethan Hall went forward this morning asking for prayers for his grandmother, Anita Roden.  She's having health issues.
  • Jerry Pearce suffered a massive stroke early this morning.  Dorothy said that she's been told that there is no brain activity.  They will do another EEG on Monday morning and then decisions will be made.  Please keep Dorothy and the family in your prayers.
  • I haven't heard any updates on Kristi Anthony today.  So, we pray that no news is good news!  There are notebooks at the Welcome Center for you to sign, to send good wishes to the Anthony family.  Please keep Jay and the family in your prayers.
  • Dianna Welch is doing very well.  She's in Rehab at PRMC/N/3rd Floor.
  • Sharon Kinnison is also doing great, and she's also in Rehab at PRMC/N/3rd Floor.  But, Miss Sharon will be going home on Tuesday.
  • Continue to remember Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn.
  • Carole Anderson's cousin, Curbe Goolsby, is still paralyzed on the right side of his body, from the latest stroke.  Things look dim for any change.  Please pray for strength for his wife Pat.
  • Phyllis Giguere (former member of LACOC) is continuing to heal from her surgery.
  • Karen, Megan and Develon McMillan as they are dealing with family issues.
  • Shane McMillan as he is in the Lamar County jail with legal problems.
  • Our sympathy goes out to the Becky Huff family.  Becky suddenly passed away this week.  She is a former Justiss Elementary employee.
  • Debra Usry has a friend (unnamed) that she asks we pray for God to surrounds him and gives him the emotional, physical love, peace and healing he needs.
  • Shane Welch asked for prayers for Bobby and Cindy Gage.  Cindy's dad is having surgery to remove a mass and find out if it is cancerous.
Please pray for safety for all those traveling back to their homes or to college. 

Simple Supper this Wednesday night is going to be ______.  So if you didn't sign up for the surprise meal, and would like to join us, call the church office by Tuesday at noon so you can join us.
LACOC will once again have the Christmas Food Baskets.  Next week they will start taking names and addresses of those in need this year. 

Keep The Date:
Dec 2:  Special contribution for Haiti Mission
Dec 2:  Have names/addresses ready for Christmas Food Basket list.
Dec 2:  Family Life Groups
Dec 16: Holiday Party "Hee Haw Revival" at Aiken Elementary
Dec 17: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 24-26: Christmas Holidays (Church office closed)
Jan 13: Faithful Readers

Love you - MEAN IT!

Urgent Prayer Request - 11/25 - 8:16am

Jerry Pearce suffered a massive stroke during the night.  Dorothy said he is in very bad condition.  Please pray for peace and comfort.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Todays Updates on Kristi Anthony 11/24

Posted at 9:20pm:  "Well mom is opening her eyes a lot but she is out of it, almost like she is on drugs (which she kind of is with all the meds). I got her to move her head and look at me for a second. I hope when the meds wear off she is perfectly normal. Love her so much. Keep the Faith always. -Austin"

Posted at 7pm:  "We are so frightened by what is going on...Father please let my beautiful wife and Austin, Tyler, and Cody's mother wake up, alert and full of your blessing of health...Please lift our wonderful Kristi up before God and ask Him for her complete healing. He is strong even in our weakness."

Posted at 3:30pm:  "Kristi just had a procedure to clean out her lungs and it has helped calm her. We are now waiting on an MRI. Pray specifically for all of her neurological tests to be good. The neurologist also ordered another neuron specific enolase test which was the same test that was done before that was sent to Mayo. Please pray also that this test comes back good again!"

Posted at 11:30am:  Kristi's neurologist just came to see her. The EEG has shown definite brain activity but a definite slower than normal reading. This seems more "art" than science to me and it DOES NOT mean that she is not ok and won't recover fully because God is the only GREAT PHYSICIAN; He created Kristi and knows every cell in her body. God can and I fully believe will heal her COMPLETELY. Kristi needs your prayers unceasingly. This is very hard but we are just being taught to wait on the Lord."

Posted a little after 8 this morning:  "The sedation was stopped at 8:00 am...pray for a healthy awakening and for Kristi's complete healing under God's care."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Update on Dianna Welch - 11/22

We visited with Dianna Welch tonight.  She's doing so good!  Her leg is healing really well and they've already started rehab on her.
One of her nurses, Derrick, came in while I was reading the update on Kristi to Dianna. 
He stopped and listened...then he said "Is this Mrs. Anthony you're talking about?"  We told him it was.
He said "I met their whole family while Mr. Anthony was in rehab. I've been praying for her."
How sweet is that?
Dianna said that when she was moved to rehab today, he came in to let her know that he would be her nurse and that he'd already been praying for her
Even before he met her.
God is good.  HE is working.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/22

"Today the neurologist started Kristi back on a sedative while continuously monitoring her brain activity with an EEG. They want her brain to get some relief from the "storm" and be able to "calm". Then after 48 hours they will cease the sedative and they want her to be able to wake up. It's difficult now just to watch Kristi sleep and not be trying to talk to her and wake her but again it just reminds us that we are NOT in control but our Father is in complete control. "But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint." Is 40:31 - Pray for Kristi - Jay"

Prayer Requests - 11/22 - 4pm

Sarah Dean Goree is at PRMC/N (Not sure of room number).  She is retaining fluid and may have to have a pacemaker.  No other details are known at this time.

Dianna Welch is doing REALLY well!  Lindsay says that Dr. came in this morningg and were so pleased with her progress that they are moving her to rehab a day early!  "So...PRAISE THE LORD for HE IS GOOD!  Keep the prayers coming for smooth healing and no infection!"

There's no change in Kristi Anthony today.  Please just pray for her to WAKE UP!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/21 - 7:49pm

Jay just posted this update on Kristi:  "GOD IS GREAT! Results just came back and theres is no brain damage! She has even opened her eyes a couple of times."

Prayer Requests - 11/21 - 12:34pm

Renee Crews sent this message:  "ALL IS GOOD!! PRAISE GOD!!!  Dr said it was a cluster of cysts and wants to see me back in 6 months because of my past history and to be sure they don't grow!"

I received this message this morning:  "Kristi Anthony now has a bacterial infection, but otherwise, no change.  Keep praying for her, Jay and the boys!  He said they were worn out!"

Dianna Welch is doing well.  They've already gotten her into physical therapy this morning.  She's going to be moving to Room 552.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayer Requests - 11/20 - 8:28pm

  • Kristi Anthony opened her eyes for a bit today, but she is still in a coma.  Specifically pray that she WAKES UP and pray for her family!
  • Dianna Welch is in PRMC/Room 546 recovering from knee replacement surgery today.  Pray specifically that her pain is VERY minimal!
  • Renee Crews will have another mammogram and a sonogram performed tomorrow morning at 10:30am.  Pray specifically for NO spots!
  • Continue to remember Charlene Holmes' family as they mourn the loss of our sweet sister.  Her services will be in the morning (Wednesday) at 10:30am in the Starrett Funeral Home chapel.
  • Hugh Anthony as he is at home recovering. 
  • Sharon Kennison as she is recovering from knee replacement.
  • Floyd Embry as she is recovering from shoulder surgery.
  • One of my former teachers from Cooper, Joyce Floyd.  She is had her left leg amputated above the knee today at Presbyterian Hospital/Dallas.

Update on Dianna Welch 11/20 - 5:11pm

Dianna was in surgery for 2 hours.  Dr. Gibbs called and talked to Mark and said that her knee was worse than they expected.  Surgery did go well and she is expected to be in her room shortly.  Her room number will be 546.


Church TONIGHT! 
Everyone meet in the auditorium at 6:30pm!

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/20 - 10:35am

So far, there is no change today.  The doctors are running more neurological tests.  The family asked that we pray for good test results and that Kristi wakes up soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/19 - 10:24pm

Dianna Welch is scheduled to have her knee replacement surgery on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30pm.  Please pray that all goes well with the surgery and her health.

Service for Charlene Holmes

Charlene Holmes' memorial service will be this Wednesday morning (11/21) at 10:30am at the Starrett Funeral Home chapel.  Click on this link to be taken to her memorial page.


Carol Anderson just sent this message about Kristi:  "The Dr. gave results of the brain wave test and said there is excellent brain wave activity!  She is in an alpha-coma, but he is elated with the full brain activity."  WoooHOOOOO!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/19 - 10:37am

Message from Jay:  "Kristi has responded to some pain stimulus on both feet and 1's a baby step but it's a step."

Our Sympathy....

Our sweet sister Charlene Holmes passed away this morning around 4 a.m.  Starrett Funeral Home will have charge of her arrangements.  No other details are known at this time.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/19 - 9:28am

Jay says there was no change overnight....just please contine to PRAY!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/18 - 9:29pm

"Jay says there is no change in Kristi right now.  Please continue to pray."

Sunday - 11/18 - 6:28pm

Thank you Patrick for the very inspiring message this morning about "What is Life?".  And thank you to Keith for the song service.

Renee Crews went forward this morning asking for prayers.  She is a 13 year breast cancer survivor and has to have yearly mammograms.  The latest one came back with a suspicious spot.  She will be having more tests run.
Mindy Younger also went forward this morning.  She is having a very hard times in her life right now.  Her Mom, Kathy Marshall, came forward with her in support of Mindy.  They also asked for prayers for Mary Lee Miller and her husband, who is having serious health issues.

  • Kristi Anthony is in Baylor Heart Hospital/Plano.  Her heart is stable, but she isn't responding as they think she should be.  Bloodwork has been sent to the Mayo Clinic for further testing.  Please keep Jay and the boys in your prayers also.
  • Hugh Anthony is at home recovering from his recent surgery.
  • Floyd Embry is in PRMC/N-Room 543, after shoulder surgery.
  • Sharon Kinnison is in PRMC/N-Room 550 after knee replacement.
  • Dianna Welch will have knee replacement surgery this Tuesday afternoon (11/20).
  • Rickey McFadden has been diagnosed with Audiometric Air-Bone Gap.  (He woke up one morning and had no hearing in one ear.)
  • Johnny Nabors brother, Phillip, has kidney failure.  He only has 9% function at this time.
  • Charlotte Grooms' brother, David Nelson, will start chemo on Monday.
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn - health
  • Vera Wilson's son is back from Afghanistan.
Please pray for safety for those coming back from the Family Retreat.

Gene Stallings spoke to us this morning about an opportunity to help with a medical mission in Haiti.  Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool have made 30 trips to Haiti since the earthquakes, taking food and medical services. 
Gene told us that these people are the poorest of the poor.  They have nothing.  He told of a mother who was feeding her baby mud, because she had no food.   
David and Laurie have bought 65 acres of land with plans of building an orphanage, school, hospital and other buildings.  Gene and Ruth Ann are taking on the responsibility of building the hospital and would like our help.  The elders have set aside Sunday, December 2nd, as the day for a special contribution for this work. 
If you have any further questions or would like to help in other ways, please talk with Gene about this.

Tuesday Night - This will be our mid-week service.  Everyone meet in the auditorium for a time of worship.

Pantry Needs:  Toiletries and Soup

Keep The Date:
Nov 20:  Mid Week Worship Change - All classes in auditorium
Nov 21-23:  Thanksgiving Holidays (Church office closed)
Dec 2: Family Life Groups
Dec 16:  Holiday Party "Hee Haw Revival" at Aiken Elementary
Dec 17: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 24-26: Christmas Holidays (Church office closed)
Jan 13: Faithful Readers

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/18 - 5:45pm

Carole Anderson sent this update on Kristi Anthony:  "Neurologist came in.  Testing showed brain stem function, but no other reflex function found.  Did special blood test - sent to Mayo Clinic to determine long term information.  Will do brain wave tomorrow.  Only movement was a jerking action when they suctioned her.  Otherwise, no change.  Not responding."

Update on Kristi Antony - 11/18 - 8:20am

Carole Anderson just sent this message from Jay regarding Kristi:  "It's not good yet.  Heavy sedation from flight and has not responded like Drs. want.  Pray.  Please Pray!"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/17 - 7:18pm

CareFlight, with Kristi on board, lifted off at 7:11pm.  Please pray for safety for the flight and for the Drs. and nurses that will be attending to her.

Update on Kristi Anthony - 11/17 - 5:48pm

Carole Anderson sent this message regarding Kristi Anthony"Helicopter to be here 6ish.  Have a room ready at Baylor/Plano Heart Hospital.  To start transport at 6:30 and Baylor said she would be in her room by 7:30pm.  Neurologist to do further testing when she gets there.  She is sedated some now as she was getting to agitated and needed to rest."

Update on Kristi Anthony 11/17 - 11:46am

Kristi has her eyes open, responding to light and voices.  A bed will not be available until 2pm at Baylor/Plano.  She will be transported at that time.


Kristi Anthony has been admitted to the hospital and placed on a ventilator.  Thoughts at first were that she'd had a seizure, but now they are looking at the same issues her brother Mike has - heart all but stops.  A defibulator/pacemaker issue possibly.  She has opened her eyes this morning.  She is still on the vent.  They are going to take her to Plano today.  Arranging for a room now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayer Requests - 11/15 - 10:06am

Loretta Nabors sent this message about Johnny's brother, Phillip Nabors"His kidney function is down to 9% and he will not do dialysis. If he is put on the transplant list it could take years. If he does nothing the Dr says he may have days, maybe weeks, but not months or years. Johnny and his other brother are both diabetic and can't donate a kidney and Phillip's 2 daughters are young and their mother has diabetes so more than likely they will have health problems as they get older. My heart is broken... Phillip is just like a brother to me."

Please pray for my little grand-friend, Cayden Ellis.  He almost 2 years old and is having some health issues.  The biggest concern now is that his liver is not functioning properly.  His Mom, Stefany, is talking with another Dr. today and will find out the next step to take.

Mary Ann Newman has been feeling under the weather lately.  Keep her and Jim in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prayer Requests - 11/14 - 8:12pm

  • Hugh Anthony was released from the hospital today, with a feeding tube, and is at home now.
  • Floyd Embry's shoulder surgery was today. 
  • Charlene Holmes has been released from PRMC/S and taken back to Springlake Assisted Living.
  • Sharon Kennison had knee replacement surgery and is doing well.
  • Craig Skidmore had his knee surgery today.
  • Dianna Welch's surgery has been scheduled for next Tuesday, Nov. 20.
  • Louie Woodall's pacemaker surgery went well and is home recovering now.
  • R.D. Sprinkle (my son's grand-dad) is still in Baylor/Garland with pneumonia.  (Their house was broken into today and lots of their personal items taken.  They live on a very busy street in Garland and the burglars went in the front door!!!)

Don't Forget....

Our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
is tonight!  Remember to bring your desserts!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/13 - 9:38pm

R.D. Sprinkle is my Larry's Papaw.  He's had a battle with one health issue after another for the past few years and now has pneumonia and is down to 116 pounds.  Keep Papaw in your prayers.

Update on Hugh Anthony

Jay Anthony sent this message regarding his Dad, Hugh Anthony:  "We still have not seen the doctor yet.  The therapist told us that he actually had 4 different strokes.  It is the middle area of the brain that controls swallowing that was affected.  They have taken him now to do the G.I. pec tube.  We don't know what is permanent if anything is...waiting on answers."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Update on Hugh Anthony

Please continue to pray for Hugh Anthony.  He still cannot swallow and it has not improved at all.  They are going to try to change his feeding tube from a nasal to a GI tube.  They performed an MRI earlier today and those results don't look good. (Dr. is looking for stroke and bleeding.)  They will know more tomorrow.  Please continue prayers for the family also...they are worn out.

Prayer Request - 11/12 - 9:40

Yvonne Gentry just sent this message:  "Need prayers for Leslie Howie, long time resident of Paris.  He's had a slight heart attack and will be having a heart cath.  He's in the north hospital."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Update - 11/11 - 6:15pm

Thank you Jared Baggett and Andy Garner for stepping in for Patrick, while he was out today.  They did a wonderful job!  They presented some really great ideas for the birth to college age kids.  We may not tell you guys enough...but, you are doing a GREAT job!

Welcome Back....L.C. and Donna Snead!  They were former members of LACOC and have joined us once again!  "We lost our way and want to come back"
  • Our sympathy goes to Sarah Smith and Marjorie Clem in the loss of their nephew, Dr. Philip Reeves of El Paso.
  • Floyd Embry will have shoulder surgery this Wednesday, November 14.
  • Hugh Anthony is recovering from surgery this week.
  • Charlene Holmes is at PRMC/South for rehab.
  • Craig Skidmore will have surgery on Wednesday, November 14
  • Louis Woodall will have a pacemaker put in on Tuesday, November 13.
  • Dianna Welch - health issues.
  • Lisa Denman asked that we continue to remember NLHS student, Reed Scudder, as he heals from staph infection in his hand.
  • Continue to keep the Gill Flautt family in your prayers as they are grieving his death.
  • Tanya Welch asked that we continue to pray for her family, especially her Mom, as they are dealing with issues with her brother and the choices he's made in his life.
  • Charla Bishop asked for prayers for their daughter, Lindsey, as she is testing for certification and employment.
  • Paul Gene and Anita Roden asked for prayers for their friend, Helen Bonham. She's broken her shoulder.
  • Larry Tate, a friend of the McClour's, had a stroke this week and lost his vision.
  • Esther Dean Walker had surgery this week to repair a broken hip.
  • Paul Dearinger, local minister, was in Houston this week at M.D. Anderson Hospital.
  • Chris Whitaker, local realtor, was in the hospital this week with a blood clot and it is GONE! Praise the Lord!
Blood Drive Report: This past Wednesday night was the 3rd blood drive of 2012! We had 24 who came donated 20 credits to our account. 
Family Retreat is NEXT weekend! Food, fun and fellowship! Join us at Beaver's Bend State Park on Nov. 16-18. This is a time for our families to grow closer and get to know on another better. It's also a time of spiritual growth. Sign up at the Welcome Center.
Thanksgiving Meal is THIS Wednesday night (11/14). Invite guests from the community to join us! As in years past, there is a sign up sheet at the Welcome Center for members to provide the desserts for the meal. James Hanley and his crew thank you in advance for helping to make this outreach a big success!
Pantry Needs: Small jars of spaghetti sauce and 1 pound bags of rice
Nov 16-18: Family Retreat
Nov 18: Family Life Groups
Nov 20: All classes meet in the auditorium
Nov 21-23: Thanksgiving Holiday - church office closed
Dec 16: Holiday Party at Aikin
Dec 17: Ladies Ornament Exchange
Dec 24-26: Christmas Holiday - Church office closed
Love you - MEAN IT!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hugh Anthony Update

Carol Anderson called to say that Hugh Anthony's surgery was a bit more involved than they expected it to be.  They had to make an over 2 inch incision from behind his ear and under his throat, which is now causing him problems with swallowing and the movement of his tongue.  They are putting a feeding tube in and will assess him tomorrow to see if he will be ok to come home. 

Prayer Requests - 11/8 - 1:10pm

Hugh Anthony's surgery went well today.  They found more blockages in his neck than expected, but got it cleared.  They expect him to come home tomorrow.

Craig Skidmore will have knee surgery next week (11/14) here in Paris.

Louis Woodall will have a pacemaker put in next week (11/13) in Sulphur Springs.

Webber Woodall's cousin, Adam King from Cooper, passed away this morning.  (Adam had a brain injury from a 3-wheeler accident many years ago.)  Please keep his family in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Next Wednesday night will be our annual Thanksgiving meal. 
There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for desserts. 
Everything else will be provided!


The Benevolence Ministry group has changed the days that they will be be available at the church.  It's now the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

Prayer Requests - 11/7 - 8:12pm

Kaleb Ball, 10 year old son of Travis and Amy Ball from College Street Church of Christ, underwent an emergency appendectomy surgery tonight.
James Ferguson, former members Gail Usry and Jan Jencoat's Dad, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's.  He fell last week and has now been moved to a nursing home.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prayer Requests - 11/6 - 3:15pm

April McClour asked for prayers for Larry Tate.  He's had a stroke and has lost his vision.

My co-worker asked for prayers for her grandmother, Esther Dean Walker.  She's 91 and has fallen and broke her hip.  She is having surgery today.

Sarah Smith and Majorie Clem's nephew, Dr. Philip Reeves of El Paso, passed away today.  Please keep Miss Sarah in your prayers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prayer Requests - 11/5 - 7:29pm

Chris Whitaker (local realtor that also has cancer) in ER with possible blood clot in his lung.
Paul Dearinger (local minister) at M.D. Anderson to see if they have some good news for him.
Reed Scudder (North Lamar student) is in PRMC with staph infection in his hand.  He had to go into surgery this afternoon and get his finger REALLY cleaned out.  He is in alot of pain.

Update - 11/5 - 3:19pm

Dianna Welch's surgery has been postponed until her other health issues have been resolved.

Prayer Requests - 11/5 - 10:39am

  • Dianna Welch will have knee replacement on Thursday (11/8).   She now has a kidney infection and the shingles.  Specifically pray for no infection, post surgery and smooth recovery and therapy after surgery.
  • Carole Anderson asked that we continue to pray for her cousins, Curbe and Pat Goolsby.  Curbe is still paralyzed on the right side, from latest stroke.  And things look dim for any change.  Please pray for strength for Pat.
  • Please pray for the McMillan family as they going through some issues at this time.
  • Debra Usry asked that we pray for a friend of hers that God surrounds him and gives him the emotional, physical healing that he needs.
  • Phyllis Giguere is getting prepared for repair surgery and for healing.
  • Charlotte Grooms' brother, David Nelson, has received the news that his cancer is now in his spine.
  • Charlene Holmes will be moving to PRMC/South for rehab instead of going back to Springlake.

Weekly Update - 11/5 - 9:17am

Please keep the following in your prayers this week:
  • Louie Woodall - Health
  • Charlene Holmes - Should
  • Elizabeth Shew - PRMC-N/Room 406
  • The Family of Gil Flautt - As they mourn his death.
  • Randi Haggard - Remains in Rehab after breaking her femur
  • William & Lucy Offutt - both are having health issues
  • Lillian Taylor - has been very weak.
  • Jeanie Lamb - Cancer
  • Martha Lenoir - Health
  • Dianna Welch - Will be having knee surgery this week
  • Phyllis Giguere - Health
  • Baby Gus Fry, who we've had on our prayer lists for a while, has been given a diagnosis of a very rare/severe disease.  MPEI (Migrating Partial Epilepsy in Infancy).  His brain will not mature and grow and the chances of him ever walking or talking are slim.  He could live a few months or a few years.  Gus' parents are Micah and Jennifer Fry.

Simple Supper:  This weeks' entree is Potatoe Soup.  If you were not able to sign up on Sunday morning and would like join us for a good meal and fellowship, call the church office by noon on Tuesday to place your reservation.

Blood Drive:  THIS Wednesday night!  4-8pm.  Make sure you've eaten a good meal and bring your drivers license.

Pantry Needs:  EVERYTHING!

Keep The Date:
Nov 7:  Blood Drive
Nov 10:  Dallas Day Service for Youth Group
Nov 11:  Faithful Readers
Nov 16-18:  Family Retreat
Dec 16: Holiday Party

Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Sympathy....

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Gil Flautt, who passed away today.  Starrett Funeral Home is in charge of his services.

Praise Report!

Sarah Smith received a call from Charlene Holmes' daughter.  She said that for the first time in years, her Mom has warm feet!  So, whatever they did WORKED!  She is feeling well and should be going home the first part of next week.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prayer Request - 11/1 - 10:44pm

Charlene Holmes will have surgery tomorrow (11/2) to have stents placed in her legs.

My cousin, Linda Flanary, had surgery today for breast cancer.  The doctors decided to keep her in the hospital overnight but they are confident that she will be fine and if things go as expected, radiation will start next week in Dallas.

Prayer Request - 11/1 - 1:41pm

Hugh Anthony will be having surgery next Wednesday, Nov 7th at Plano Baylor Heart Hospital on his cartoid arteries.  The family has requested prayers.

Prayer Request - 11/1 - 1:23pm

Karen Cato sent this message:  "Please say a special prayer for our friend, Sharon (Powers) Privett.  She has colon cancer and has been on hospice for a while."