Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/29 - 8:53pm

  • Brittany Twitty's boyfriend, Wendell Johnson, has seriously high blood pressure and will be going to the doctor tomorrow.
  • Heath Fowler's Mom, Erma Fowler, is in a Tulsa hospital with serious health issues.
  • Laura Cannon's Dad, David Kelly, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Sharon Fendley's friend, Stephanie Hardwick, has had cancer before and it's come back, this time in her brain.  She's the Mom of 2 little ones. 
  • Also, Sharon's cousin, Matthew Gephart.  He & his wife are going through a divorce and he lost his job on Monday.

Prayer Request - 6/29 - 10:55am

Loretta Nabors' Mom, Dorothy Hyman, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer today.  It's already spread to her liver.  Prognosis is only 3-6 months.  Please keep Miss Dorothy on your hearts during this time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer Request - 6/28 - 5:05pm

Dianna Welch has a staff infection/cellulitis in her foot and leg. She is on two powerful antibiotics at home. Please pray for healing.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/27 - 10:11pm

One of our Kiddie Kollege teachers posted that "Jesse Troy, is in Childrens Medical in Dallas.  He had surgery today to remove a brain tumor, and is now in ICU.  Jesse is 4 years old and has the heart of an angel. My heart is breaking for he touched my heart so deeply this year."  Dianna Welch said that he's been at KK since the baby class.  He is being raised by his grandparents and that they are asking for our continuous prayers during this time and for God's healing hands.

Prayer Requests - 6/27 - 5:33pm

Florice Jumper has been in PRMC-South, Room 309 since last Wednesday. She has been having difficulty keeping food down and they have been trying to locate the origin of a bleeding issue. She's feeling pretty miserable. They have run several tests and will be running more.

Mike Kennedy sent this message today:  "Gwyneth Kennedy with cancer treatments impending."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Update - 6/26 - 10:20pm

  • Congratulations to Claud & Mary Jones .... married 40 years today!
  • It was GREAT to see Doris McGill today!  So glad to see you and get one of your sweet hugs!
  • Dianna Welch spent time in the ER on Saturday with pain & swelling in her leg.  She was given an IV and then sent home with orders to see her Dr. on Monday. 
  • John McGee sent this message today....I think he's back to the "old" John:  "I caused so much trouble in the hospital that they kicked me out this evening.  My foot is doing much better  but I am afraid it will take awhile for it to completely heal.  Thanks to all who called and came by to see me, it really lifted my spirits and was a big help."
  • Audie & Vickie Neisler are proud to announce the birth of new granddaughter, Sky Mary-Ann Neisler.  She was born this past week. 
  • Heather Cannon went forward this morning to ask for prayers and support for her upcoming mission work with AIM.  She'll go to Lubbock in August for 8 months, then go to the mission field for 15-20 months.
  • Sherry Welch asked for prayers for her uncle, Bud Shannon, as he is having mini-strokes.
  • Please keep Charlotte Grooms' family in your prayers, as they mourn the loss of her aunt.  She was buried yesterday. Also, CG's brother, David Nelson, treatments for cancer begin this week.
  • Connie Ausmus asked for prayers for her Mom, Gloria Douglas, as she deals with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Please keep the Fisher family in your prayers as they deal with the sudden loss of their son Jacob (21 years old).
PANTRY ITEMS NEEDED: Cornbread Mix and 1 lb. packages of dry beans

LATCH KEY:  An assistant position is open in the Latch Key program for the coming school year.  Hours are from 2-6pm on school days.  Please see James Hanley if you are interested in this position.


June 21-28: Brazil Mission Trip
June 25-30: Harding Uplift
July 4:  Office Closed
July 8-9: Youth Group Lock-In
July 10: Faithful Readers meet at 4pm
July 15: Youth Group Frisco Rough Rider Game
July 17: Wedding Shower for Kristen Bollman and Vadim Lukas
July 19: H.A.L.O. @ 6:30pm

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayer Request - 6/23 - 9:41pm

John McGee has been admitted to PRMC/South, Room 330, with a staph infection on his foot.

Prayer Requests - 6/23 - 1:51pm

"The angel's are singing redemption's sweet song..."  There have been 3...YES THREE....baptisms in the past 24 hours!  Lexie Brown and Mackenzie Beckmon were baptized at Camp Deer Run last night & Jerell Henderson were was baptized at the church yesterday afternoon!  AND....Sophia Johnson will be baptized at 9am Friday morning at CDR!!!

Former member, Eloise Pettit, fell recently and broke her hip and shoulder.  She's in a rehab facility, but will be discharged next week.  She is the mother of Cathy Ward.

Loretta Nabors' cousin, Kathy Maynard, was to have surgery today to remove the mass on her spinal cord.

Brittany Twitty asked for prayers for the following:  Sandra & Glen Hill, her aunt and uncle.  Sandra had neck surgery recently and Glen had a four-wheeler accident over the weekend and tore the tendons in his leg.  Her co-worker, Ashley Coursey's grandmother passed away.  Her friend's uncle, Bruce Ashley, had a stroke and passed away this week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/22 - 2:46pm

Barbara Campbell has been in PRMC/South since last Saturday with blood clots from upper thigh to mid-calf.  Her levels are up today...hopefully she will get to go home soon.

Doris McGill is being moved from PRMC/S to Pine Tree Ranch on Friday June 24th!

Zeke Wood's friend, Seth Adams, is 11 years old and has just been diagnosed with pancreatitis.  He is doing well.

Former member, Whiz Creighton, is in Baylor/Dallas with a serious liver condition.  If the treatment they are giving her now doesn't work, she'll will have to have a liver transplant ASAP!

Brad & Cassi (Pickens) Snell's 2 year old son, Braysen, has a serious infection in his right femur.  He had surgery at Children's Medical Center/Dallas last night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekly Update - 6/21 - 6:14pm

  • Dianna Welch had a sonogram on her thyroid and they found nodules.  She will have a nuclear test soon, that will determine if they are benign or malignant. 
  • Ed Bullard continues to recover from his surgeries at PRMC/South
  • Doris McGill is continuing her rehab at PRMC/South.
  • Heath Anderson and his family are on a VBS/mission trip this week, then Heath will leave in August to Nepal for a mission trip.
  • Shane McMillan asked for prayers for his brother & sister-in-law, Caleb and Jamie McMillan, who are needing encouragement in their marriage. They have been together 15 years and are experiencing tough times.
  • Misty Gage asked for prayers for the Pirtle family as they are mourning the loss of Dru. He lost his battle with cancer this past week.  Misty also asked for prayers for her job. "Our grant is up for renewal - hope to find out this summer. If it is not renewed, I will no longer have a job on Sept. 1st.
  • Lisa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, is recovering from her brain surgery. They are now preparing her for more aggressive chemo treatments.
  • McKayla Doolittle, Rusty Cooper's, 9 year old niece is recovering from a stroke. She is also going to need heart surgery.
  • Delbert Davis, is one of our shut-ins that we need to keep on our hearts. He lost his wife a few months ago and is now house-bound.  He would enjoy cards, calls and visits.
  • Phyllis Giguere will have spinal stenosis in Plano on August 27th in Plano.
  • Hugh Anthony continues to have health issues.
  • David Nelson (Charlotte Grooms' brother) has an appointment at Southwest Medical Center tomorrow (6/22) and hopefully will get treatments started soon.
  • On a personal note...My retina reattachment/repair surgery has been scheduled for July 25th!  WoooHOOO!

REMINDER: The Simple Supper cooking crew are taking a break over the summer. During June, July and August there will be no meal on Wednesday evenings.

June 21-28: Brazil Mission Trip
June 25-30: Harding Uplift
June 8-9: Youth Group Lock-In
July 10: Faithful Readers meet at 4pm
July 15: Youth Group Frisco Rough Rider Game
July 17: Wedding Shower for Kristen Bollman and Vadim Lukas
July 19: H.A.L.O. @ 6:30pm

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/19 - 10:50pm

Ed Bullard is back in the hospital again!  He will have surgery on Sunday morning to take care of a wound. 

Gary Ford, an employee of Fry-Gibbs, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. 

Cade Mahan, the 12 year old burn survivor, is back home in Lamar County again!  Please go to his caringbridge website and read all the updates!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Update - 6/14 - 8:42pm

Our sympathy goes to the Bower's family (a co-worker of Misty Gage) whose brother-in-law was killed in a motorcycle accident last week.
Also keep the Cato/Tempelmeyer family in your prayers as they mourn the sudden loss of Doug's nephew, Duncan Tempelmeyer.
Ed Bullard, is better. He is still in PRMC/South.
Doris McGill also continues to be in PRMC/South.
Mike and Kathy Grigsby as they both deal with health issues.
Wayne Tolbert as he deals with the return of his cancer.
McKayla Doolittle, friend of Jenifer Cooper's, 9 years old and is recovering from a stroke.  She is also going to need heart surgery.
Joe Smallwood, Sandra's husband, had a stroke Thur. and possibly a second in the night. His left side is effected but he's getting around at home using a cane.
Jim Holley, friend of Debra Usry's, is recovering from surgery.
Keely Kennedy asked for prayers for Ashleigh Kennedy, who is a run-away.

PRAISE:  Daniel Hayes is now a Certified Paramedic!
PRAISE:  Lucas Simpson is coming home, for good, from Boles Home on June 18th!
Please keep all "our" kids at Deer Run in your prayers.  For their safety and for them to grow in the knowledge of God.


REMINDER: The Simple Supper cooking crew are taking a break over the summer. During June, July and August there will be no meal on Wednesday evenings.

June 19-26: Mission Trip to Brazil
June 20-23: Camp Deer Run - Day Camp
June 25-30: Harding Uplift
July 8-9:  Youth Group Lock-In
July12: Terrific Tuesday-Splash Kingdom in Canton
July 15:  Youth Group trip to the Frisco Rough Rider game
July 17: Wedding shower for Kristen Bollman and Vadim Lukas
July 19:  H.A.L.O.
Sept 7: Blood Drive
Nov 9: Blood Drive

Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer Request - 6/13 - 8:09pm

Please keep the Tempelmeyer/Cato families in your prayers, as they mourn the sudden loss of Duncan Tempelmeyer today.  He was Doug Cato's nephew.

Prayer Request - 6/13 - 3:20pm

Chris Brown's cousin, Shonda Brown, passed away this afternoon from injuries she sustained in a car accident this morning.  Please keep their family in prayer.

Prayer Request - 6/13 - 11:46pm

Chris Brown called this morning and asked that we remember his cousin, Shonda Brown, in our prayers.  On her way to work this morning, she was critically injured in a head-on collision.  She is in surgery now in a Ft. Smith, Arkansas hospital.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/9 - 10:30pm

Ed Bullard remains in PRMC/S-Room 510.  He had to go back to surgery to have staples taken out and stitches put in, NG tube back in...just a bad week for our brother Ed. 

Kathy Grigsby's procedure/MRI went well.  She is at home resting.  Mike is in a rehab in Tulsa.  He is improving, talking better. 

William Offutt is out of the hospital.  They are adjusting his medications.

Wayne Tolbert is now taking oral chemo.  He can no longer have radiation or IV chemo.  His appetite is good!  He and Myra appreciate prayers and visits.

Cade Mahan (12 year old burn survivor) went home for a few days, but is now back at the Ronald McDonald House and having treatments at Parkland.  They are able to take him to movies and restaurants now.

Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, had a bone scan 2 weeks ago and the tests were all OK.  She does have COPD though.

Margaret Lough's Mom, Ann McMillan, had an Xray this results yet.

On a personal note....I had an appointment with the retinologist this afternoon.  He is going to do the repair/attachment of the retina, on the "bad" eye!   These past 6 months have been AMAZING!  Couldn't have done it without your prayers for faith and hope....AND MIRACLES!  Keep 'em coming!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Update - 6/5 - 7pm

CONGRATULATIONS to Gary and Debra Gage to 40 years of marriage!  There will be a reception for them this coming Saturday afternoon, in the OutReach Bldg., from 5pm-7pm.

Please keep the following in your prayers:
  • William Offutt was admitted to PRMC today with heart problems.
  • Ed Bullard is still in PRMC recovering from surgery.
  • Doris McGill is also in PRMC continuing to recover from her surgery.
  • Mike and Kathy Grigsby as they both deal with health issues.
  • Wayne Tolbert as he deals with the return of his cancer.
  • Lisa and Zack Harroff are on a medical mission trip to Zimbabwe-South Africa.  They are having difficulties getting the medicines into the countries.  Please pray for their safety and success on this trip!
  • Carole Anderson asked that we remember her cousins, Curbe and Pat Goolsby.  Curbe had another light stroke.
  • Lindsay McCarter's friend, Maggie McClain (33 years old), has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.  She will have surgery this Friday and chemo to follow.
  • Lewis, Carole and Michelle Anderson also asked that we remember their son/brother, Heath, as he is going on a mission trip to Nepal in August.  Prayers for God to provide everything needed and prosper on the trip.
PANTRY NEEDS: 1 pound packages of dry beans

REMINDER: The Simple Supper cooking crew are taking a break over the summer. During June, July & August there will be no meal on Wednesday evenings.

LADIES CLASS: "Made To Crave" will be facilitated by Laura Cannon and starts THIS Wednesday night June 8th. Check with Laura if you'd like to order a workbook.

June 7: Terrific Tuesdays start with a trip to the Children's Museum in Commerce
June 12: Wedding shower for Kacy and Kristen Cole (Tammy Huffman's son)
June 12: Faithful Readers
June 19-26: Mission Trip to Brazil
June 20-23: Camp Deer Run - Day Camp
June 21: H.A.L.O.
June 25-30: Harding Uplift
July12: Terrific Tuesday-Splash Kingdom in Canton
July 17: Wedding shower for Kristen Bollman and Vadim Lukas
Sept 7: Blood Drive
Nov 9: Blood Drive

Friday, June 3, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6-3- 2:00pm

Derald Bulls just sent this message:  "I just got off the phone with Kathy’s daughter, Shonda Guinn Here is what she shared with me…
Mike (Grigsby) went into Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa on Tuesday. She said it wasn’t a mini or massive stroke, but a stroke. He was scheduled to come home today or go to a 7-day rehab center but sometime around 4 a.m. he began to fidget and Kathy just thought he was having trouble getting comfortable. Once Mike was able to tell her something was going on, she realized he was experiencing another stroke. By the time the medical team began to evaluate him, Shonda said it was too late to give him the ‘clot buster’ as they really didn’t know what time the massive stroke started (and she didn’t say what time they came to see Mike). Shonda is still at home awaiting Mike’s mom to arrive to drive her to Tulsa. But she said he has complete paralysis on his left side from his neck on down at this time. Sometimes Mike is speaking coherent and at other times he is not. Right now, there is a team of neurologist in the room with he and Kathy.
She wanted to ask all prayer warriors to begin praying on his behalf. "

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayer Request - 6/1 - 9:45pm

Please remember Ed Bullard as he has his surgery tomorrow.

Viola Eason Chandler Jackson, 95, passed away today.  She was the grandmother of Michelle Gillie. Funeral will be Saturday, Fry & Gibbs Funeral Home.

Melvin & Becky Webb welcomed a new great-grandchild into the world today... Jake David Whitaker.  He weighed in at 9 lbs. and 3 oz.

Lesa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, has brain cancer...has gone through treatments and now hasn't been eating and is very weak.  She can no longer speak and is paralyzed on the right side.  She will be moved to M.D. Anderson tomorrow.

Jacob Brockway, son of Mack Broadway, is in a hospital in Houston following a car accident.  (Friend of Debra Usry.)

Charlie Rhodes, a co-worker's husband of Lesa Bulls', has multiple myeloma.  He has started chemo.

Congratulations to Gary & Dinah Border on Thursday!!!!  They will be married 47 years!

Prayer Request - 6/1 - 1:20pm

Mike Grigsby had another "spell" last night and was taken to Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa.  They think it was a mini-stroke and his heart is acting up.  No room number is known at this time.