Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayer Requests - 6/23 - 1:51pm

"The angel's are singing redemption's sweet song..."  There have been 3...YES THREE....baptisms in the past 24 hours!  Lexie Brown and Mackenzie Beckmon were baptized at Camp Deer Run last night & Jerell Henderson were was baptized at the church yesterday afternoon!  AND....Sophia Johnson will be baptized at 9am Friday morning at CDR!!!

Former member, Eloise Pettit, fell recently and broke her hip and shoulder.  She's in a rehab facility, but will be discharged next week.  She is the mother of Cathy Ward.

Loretta Nabors' cousin, Kathy Maynard, was to have surgery today to remove the mass on her spinal cord.

Brittany Twitty asked for prayers for the following:  Sandra & Glen Hill, her aunt and uncle.  Sandra had neck surgery recently and Glen had a four-wheeler accident over the weekend and tore the tendons in his leg.  Her co-worker, Ashley Coursey's grandmother passed away.  Her friend's uncle, Bruce Ashley, had a stroke and passed away this week.

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