Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Sympathy...

Coby Ray Whitaker, Dinah Border's grandson, was in a single vehicle wreck early this morning and died at that scene. The wreck was discovered by a passing motorist about 8am this morning.
His mom, Shamane Border Kinsey, posted this... "I'll be taking my son's body home to Paris, Texas to bury him by his Paw (Gary), my daddy. We will update when we have information regarding the services."

Update on Sarah Smith - 12/31

Sarah has been moved back to PRMC with breathing problems.

Update on Claude Jones 12/31

Claude is back home!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Update on Claude Jones 12/30

Claude is out of surgery and doing well! (He had work done on his pacemaker.)

Weekly Update - 12/30

10am - No Bible Classes Today



--Larry Ballard's brother, Williard Ballard, passed away last week. Please keep this family in your prayers.
--Joanne Wood's brother-in-law, Aubrey McNutt, passed away on Thursday evening.  We've had him on prayer lists for a long time.

--Claude Jones had a heart procedure on Friday afternoon.
--After a very scary couple of weeks in a Dallas hospital, Jay Cannon, is now at home recuperating.  He is still very weak.  Please no visitors.
--Joel McGee is having ongoing heart procedures.
--Sarah Smith has been moved to Legends/Room 502. 
--Butch Mills has been moved to Stillhouse for rehab.  He's in room 57.
--Mary Tallant is now at Brentwood Rehab/Room 209.
--Webber Woodall - Health
--Sherrie Boyd - Health
--Kristie Anthony - Physical and mental health
--Lance Johnson - ALS
--Troops - Keep them safe
--Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
--Missionaries all over the world.
--Sierra Faulkner - 2 year old with inoperable brain tumor. (Friend of Molly's)
--Tammy Huffman-Beazley (former member) has been diagnosed with cancer and is not doing well at this time.
--Ross Floyd, step-son of Kathy Roden Floyd and son of Randy. At UTSWMC in ICU in serious condition.
--Debbie Daniel (friend of Molly's) was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 weeks ago.  She was taken to Baylor/Dallas and had surgery to remove the tumor.  She is now at her niece's home.

SIMPLE SUPPERS—will resume THIS Wednesday, January 4. Please don’t forget to mark your attendance card if you plan to eat so we can prepare accordingly. $3.00 per person.
LADIES BIBLE CLASS—Our Ladies Wednesday morning bible class will resume at 10:00 AM on January 11th.
MEN’S BREAKFAST—will meet again on Tuesday, January 3rd at 7AM. Please sign up Sunday if you plan to come. We need a head count to plan for the meal.
HELP NEEDED—If you are willing to learn and can cover the responsibility of the Power Point on the first Sunday of every month, please see Kim Hanley. She says, "Anyone can handle this. It's a matter of pushing a button!"

BLOOD DRIVE 2017:  Carter BloodCare will be here to take donations to give the gift of life!  Please mark your calendars with these upcoming dates:
--Feb. 15th
--May 1st
--Aug. 2nd
--Nov. 1st

CONGRATULATIONS—to Jesse and Lacy Anderson on the birth of their son, Nolan Marshall Anderson on Christmas Eve. He weighed 6 lbs and was 19.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well. The very proud grandparents are Johnny and Loretta Nabors.

--Elton Weeks — Auditorium - "People of the Old Testament"
--Jay Spencer— Room 3 - "Study of 1 John and How It Might Change The Way You Live."
--Women of our congregation— Room 6 - "Generations: A Biblical Study for Women of all ages"
--Men of our congregation—Elders Conference Room - "Biblical Study of Current Events and How They Affect The Church"
PANTRY ITEMS: Canned soup, canned fruit and household items.
RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS: New winter clothes for school-age kids
Jan 1:  No bible classes - Morning Worship only at 10am
Jan 1:  No Sunday evening worship tonight.
Jan 1:  Winterfest deposit due today
Jan 2:  Church office closed
Jan 3:  Men's Breakfast
Jan 4:  All new Wednesday Night Classes begin
Jan 11: Ladies Morning Bible Class resumes
Jan 13-15:  Winterfest (high school only)
Jan 29:  5th Sunday Fellowship
Feb 15:  Blood Drive
Love you - MEAN IT!!

Our Sympathy...

Joanne Wood's brother-in-law, Aubrey McNutt, earned his Heavenly reward at 9:30 p.m. on December 29, 2016. Joanne thanks all of our wonderful church who have been so faithful in prayer these years of Aubrey's journey with cancer. Your love and prayers and support were truly felt and appreciated. Our whole family is grateful for you all!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prayer Request 12/29

Derald Bulls sent this message...please pray for Ross Floyd, step-son of Kathy Roden Floyd and son of Randy. At UTSWMC in ICU in serious condition. Believe he is 28-29. Tough road ahead!

A Reminder...

Just a reminder that THIS Sunday will be worship only at 10:00AM. No bible classes and we won't be meeting that evening either.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Update on Sarah Smith 12/29

Sarah Smith has been moved to Room 502...still at Legends.
She would LOVE to see you!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Update on Butch Mills - 12/27

Butch Mills has been moved to Stillhouse for rehab.  He's in room 57.  

Prayer Request 12/27

Claude Jones will be having a heart procedure this Friday, Dec. 30, at 2:00PM at  the Plano Heart Hospital. 

Prayer Requests - 12/27

  • Mary Tallant is now at Brentwood Rehab - Room 209, and would love to have visitors.
  • Sarah Smith is now at Legends - Room 310.
  • Jay Cannon has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home. NO VISITORS AT THIS TIME.  (His body is very weak and doesn't need any infections or germs.)

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Santa came early today!!!
Jesse and Lacy Anderson are proud to announce the birth of their son Nolan Marshall Anderson...born today at 11am, weighing 6lbs and was 19.5" long!!!!
VERY proud grandparents are Johnny and Loretta Nabors.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Sympathy...

Larry Ballard's brother, Willard Ballard, passed away last night.
His services are Wednesday, Dec. 28th at 2:00pm.
Visitation is Tuesday from 6-8pm at Bright-Holland Funeral Home.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prayer Requests - 12/22

Little Miss Annley Rain Carter is 5 years old and will be having a heart cath on Monday, December 22nd, at Medical City/Dallas. She had open heart surgery when she was 6 months old.  They are telling her parents that there is only a 6% chance that her heart can be fixed with the she may have another open heart surgery then.  Miss Annley has Down Syndrome and is a spunky, strong little girl, who is ready to get this over!!!

Prayer Request Update - 12/22

This is an update on former LACOC member Tammy Huffman-Beazley:  The surgery did not go so swell :( they had to just put everything back in place because the tumor is attached to too many things. I go today to get 19 staples out of my belly and talk about the pathology report. I should get my port in next week but I have to gain some strength before we can start that. I can't really eat anything. I'm waiting on an appointment at UT SOUTHWESTERN with a colon cancer specialist.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Update on Jay Cannon 12/21

Laura posted at 11am:  Jay had another surgical procedure yesterday that seems to have helped! He's getting better each day! Otherwise, no significant changes. He still has 3 drain tubes in his chest and on liquid nutrition through IV, as he is unable to drink or eat anything. Surgeon is waiting on improvements in drainage and improving trend in other labs that are being followed. Once these numbers are improving, he will be sent home with chest tubes and NPO (nothing by mouth) with home health services. We've been told this will be a very slow process! We do appreciate your prayers and concern!!

Update on Butch Mills 12/21

Butch Mills is still in PRMC/Room 307.  He's been there since his fall and surgery.  He is moving his left arm and is very weak.  Betsy said, "It's a roller coaster ride for sure.  One day he's knocking on death's door and the next seems to be doing fine (or better)."  If anyone should come to visit, the afternoons are best.  Mornings are full of therapy and such.  
Betsy thinks he will be moved to Stillhouse Rehab on Dec. 27th.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Prayer Request - 12/20

My friend, Debbie Daniel, was taken to Baylor Hospital in Dallas on Saturday.  Debbie is one of the most selfless, caring, loving, Christian women that you'd ever meet.  (She stepped into the role as a Mom to her 4 nieces when their Mom died 23 years ago.)
She'd been having medical issues for many years and didn't want to worry the girls...but the downside to that is she now has Stage 4 her breast and brain.  They also found a massive amount of spots in her lungs and on her sternum.
Please pray for Debbie and for her "girls".

Prayer Request - 12/20

My friend and co-worker, Carolyn Drake, was admitted to PRMC last with with pancreatitis.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Prayer Requests - 12/19

Joel McGee - will be seeing Dr. Hashmi for some heart tests.

Tabitha Morris - (Tonya Welch's niece that was shot in the face last Feb.) will be undergoing a surgery this Wednesday, Dec. 21st to reconstruct her jaw.  

Prayer Request - 12/19

Sarah Smith is in PRMC/Room 552 with pneumonia.

Prayer Request - 12/19

Jimmy Thielman sent this request:  Please pray for my mom Marchita Thielman. In emergency room this morning chest pains arm pain and fluid on left lung.

Update on Jay Cannon 12/19

Laura posted at 11am today:   "We're still in the hospital. Labs show there's still a small leak (hole) somewhere. Jay will have a CT scan today. It may provide some answers. He still can't eat or drink, but he actually feels better and stronger than yesterday! You have all been so faithful to pray for us!! Thank you!!!"

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Prayer Request 12/18

Doug Melton sent this message about hos Dad, Carl Melton:  Dad is having some day surgery at PRMC in the morning to get some work done to a wound on his foot.
Hoping/praying that this will lead to healing of the wound.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Update on Jay Cannon - 12/16

Laura just posted..... "The diagnosis is now certain. It was a traumatic tear to esophagus as well as aspiration pneumonia which were both complications from a presumed viral gastroenteritis. But the doctor says the rest of his body is remarkable healthy and is in good shape and he will heal. It will just take time. Thank you all for the sweet cards and snack for our family! Love you all!!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Update on Jay Cannon - 12/14

Out of ICU. Waiting on PT evaluation. On the mend. He's wanting to walk and keeping himself busy by managing is own care from his hospital bed! Recovery could take awhile. Love and appreciate you all!!

Prayer Request Update 12/14

Tammy Huffman Beazley's mom, Linda Russell Warren posted that the appreciate the prayers & are trying to get Tammy into MD Anderson.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Update on Jay Cannon 12/13

Jay is out of surgery. It was very successful! Praise God! Could still be in hospital for 5-7 days. He will still be in ICU and doesn't need visitors.
I just wanted to update everyone. Thank you for all the love and prayers!!

Update on Jay Cannon 12/13

Tuesday's update on Jay:
Result that have come back this morning, indicate that there's a tear in his esophagus that is very small. Even though he's had 2 EGDs they weren't able to see it. He will be having a 3rd EGD under general anesthesia along with a VATS (surgery) with drain placement followed by bronchoscopy and then a central line placement for TPN. He's in good spirits and pain is being managed. Surgery will be later in the day. Prayers appreciated!! God is Good all the time!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Prayer Request Updates - 12/12

Jay Cannon suffered a fracture of his sternum (due to vomiting).  He also has fluid on his lungs.  He continues to run fever, they are keeping an eye on that. They have moved him BACK to ICU to better manage his pain.  He will likely be there for the next several days.

Kim Hanley went to the ER yesterday with aches, fever, and a horrible headache with sharp pain.  Test for flu came back negative.  She was given fluids and sent home to rest.  Doctors said it was viral and let it run its course.  James said she wasn't much better today.....still a bad headache. 

Weekly Update - 12/12

Thank you Jared Baggett for stepping in the pulpit for Patrick Sunday morning. 

If you weren't at the Annual Christmas Party last night, you missed a good time!  We have some VERY talented folks in our church...and many upcoming musicians and comedians!!!

There are some worship time changes for the holidays
Sun. - Dec 25th:  10am worship (No classes or evening service)
Wed - Dec 28th:  Devo in auditorium (No classes)
Sun - Jan 1st:       10am worship (No classes or evening services)

  • Our brother Melvin Webb, passed away on Saturday night. He'd had pneumonia and been in the hospital. His friends and family visitation will be Friday night, Dec. 16 at 6pm-7pm.Funeral services will be Saturday afternoon, Dec. 17 at 2pm.
  • Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Elmer L’Rroy, who passed away Dec. 3rd. He was a faithful servant of God and was once a minister here at Lamar Avenue Church. Please keep his family in your prayers.
BAPTISM:  Cynthia Norris was baptized on Sunday morning.  Cynthia has been coming to the Grief Class on Wednesday nights.
CONGRATULATIONS—to Doug & Karen Cato on the birth of another granddaughter, Meira Grace Cato. She weighed 7 lbs and was 19.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing wonderfully!
  • Jay Cannon - Was CareFlighted to Dallas on Saturday night.  As of last night he was still in ICU, but was stable.
  • Naomi Bassett was back at church with us yesterday.
  • Joel Casey was also back with us!
  • Butch Mills is still in PRMC/3rd Floor Rehab after surgery last week.
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • Kristie Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Laura Slagle - is having seizures. (John McGee's sister)
  • Troops - Keep them safe
  • Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
  • Missionaries all over the world.
  • Sierra Faulkner - 2 year old with inoperable brain tumor. (Friend of Molly's)
  • Marka Bennett - Health issues (Sherry Welch's sister)
  • Linda Easton asked that we pray for her friend, Larry Briscoe.  He was taken to Dallas after a serious auto accident.
CHRISTIANS IN ACTION—is looking for volunteers and/or donations for it’s annual holiday luncheon to be served on December 22nd @ 11:00AM at Market Square (400 1st St. SW). This event offers families and individuals a chance to gather with others in the community and share a meal. There will also be a Toy Table offering new and very gently used toys for needy families to give to their children for Christmas. If you can donate a toy or volunteer to help set up, clean up, serve or visit please text Melissa Wickersham at 903-366-2207. She teaches and will contact you back asap if you leave a message. There is a schedule so please call to fill a volunteer time slot.
A special invitation for Christmas Dinner from Marolyn and Louie Woodall….. If you don’t already have plans, please join us at noon on Christmas day at our house for lunch. Bring your favorite food, your favorite game, or just yourself for an afternoon of food and fellowship. Please invite a friend to come too!!  If a ride is needed, call Glen Barnett @ 903-785-4194
SIMPLE SUPPERS—After this week we will be taking a holiday break from Simple Suppers. There will be no Wednesday meal served on December 21st or 28th. We will resume on Wednesday, January 4.
PANTRY ITEMS ARE NEEDED…..especially at this time of year. Our Benevolence Team has served over 50 people this last month. Our pantry is in need of restocking! Items include: Spaghetti sauce and noodles, canned fruit or vegetables, soup, grape jelly, peanut butter, 1 lb bags of beans or rice, cornbread, cereal, crackers, canned tuna, chicken, or Vienna sausages, mac & cheese, hygiene & household products. Thank you in advance for all that you do to help those in need!!
Rainbow Room Needs:  New winter clothes for school age children
Simple Supper:  This weeks' entree is Smoked Ham.
Pantry Needs:  Canned Soup and Canned Fruit
Dec. 18th—Winterfest deposit DUE!
Dec. 22nd—Christians In Action Lunch
Jan.13th—15th—Winterfest (high school only)
Feb. 15th—Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prayer Request 12/11

Former member, Tammy Huffman Beazley posted this update tonight....
"It has been a crazy 6 days. I came into TMC ER on Tuesday night because of some abdominal pain. Thinking that I'm just not eating right and this is causing me grief. A CT scan then revealed spots on my colon and liver so they admitted me and the process began. I had a colonoscopy on Thursday, liver biopsy on Friday  and here I am awaiting surgery tomorrow morning for colon cancer. Process should be text book and we will be following the MD ANDERSON colon cancer program via Dr. Alex Eshan at Texoma Oncology. Sounds like a plan!"

Angie Duren received this message from Tammy with an update: 
"I will have surgery on Mon. to remove about a foot of colon for colon cancer, about 3 weeks recovery time then they will put in a port sometime after that. Recover 3 wks then start treatment process every 2 wks for 6 months. Oncologist said during the treatment process I should be able to work, the treatments will be a fanny pack that I wear home and return after 48 hours. Dr expecting to put this into remission within 6 months."

PLEASE keep Tammy in you're prayers.

Prayer Request - 12/11

Jay Cannon was flown to a Dallas hospital last night. He is in ICU but stable at this time. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our Sympathy...

Shelley Webb Russell posted tonight that her Dad/our brother Melvin Webb, passed away tonight.
He'd had pneumonia and been in the hospital.
(Today would have been Becky's birthday.)
No details are known at this time.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prayer Request - 12/8

Linda Easton asked that we pray for her friend, Larry Briscoe.  He was CareFlighted to Plano Medical.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reminder... 12/7

Clint Gage wanted me to remind everyone that filled Christmas baskets need to be at the church this Sunday (12/11). If you volunteered to help hand out or deliver baskets please be at the church at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Hams can be picked up after Sunday morning church service.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Sympathy...

Brother Elmer L'Roy passed away on Saturday, December 3rd.
Visitation will be Thursday night, from 6pm - 8pm at Roden-Pryor Funeral Home.
Funeral service will be Friday 10am, also at the Funeral Home.

Prayer Requests - 12/5

Please keep the following people on your prayer lists:

  • Butch Mills - recovering from surgery yesterday.
  • Sue Johnson - as she continues the passing of Horace.
  • Laura Slagle - is having seizures. (John McGee's sister)
  • Hutchings Family - Family issues (Donna McGee's sister)
  • Doug and Karen Cato - New granddaughter born last week to Phillip and Shana Cato.
  • Kelci Welch - Will be graduating next week from college. 
  • Troops - Keep them safe
  • Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
  • Students retaking the state mandated tests today.
  • Sierra Faulkner - 2 year old with inoperable brain tumor. (Friend of Molly's)
  • Marka Bennett - Health issues (Sherry Welch's sister)
  • Carson Jones - 14 year old student at North Lamar. Had a lung transplant 3 years ago.  His body rejected the lungs and he passed away over the weekend.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Update on Butch Mills 12/4

Betsy says that Butch is out of surgery, breathing tube out and he is doing ok.
Continue praying for him to recover completely! 

Urgent Prayer Request 12/4

Butch Mills fell last night and was severely injured. He will be having surgery this morning at 10 a.m. Please keep Butch, the doctors, the nurses and his family in your prayers.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Update - 12/2

  • *Please continue to remember Sue Johnson and Lance Johnson on the passing of a faithful husband, father, friend and mentor, Horace Johnson.
  • *Jean Anthony's niece, Linda Francis, passed away after a long battle with cancer.
  • *Katie Morris's grandmother, Bert Turner passed away this week.
  • Webber Woodall - Is home from a hospital stay at Baylor this week. 
  • Joel Casey - At Stillhouse for rehab.
  • Charlotte Cannon - Is staying with Sherry Marsters while she is recovering.
  • Naomi Bassett - At Stillhouse for rehab.
  • Johnny Bassett - Health
  • Butch Mills - Is in DuBois recovering.
  • Donna Mosely - Health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • John Figgins - Cancer
  • Kristi Anthony - For mental and physical health.
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mike Grigsby - Is in PRMC.
  • Sierra Faulkner - 2 year with a brain tumor - in Children's Medical.
  • Gatz Nottingham - Cancer
  • Missionaries all over the world.
HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS BASKETS:  Clint and Misty Gage are leading our Christmas Food Basket Program this year. The food list forms, nomination forms for needy families, and volunteer forms for those of us who can help by purchasing and/or delivering the baskets are located at the Welcome Center. Deadline for nomination forms is Wednesday, December 7th. We will deliver the baskets Sunday, December 11th @ 2:30PM. The baskets for our Benevolence Ministry will be distributed on Monday, December 12th. Grab your kids/grandkids and get involved in something good for the community!
FAITHFUL READERS—will be having their annual Christmas Tea Party @ the home of Carol James on Dec. 11th @ 3:00 PM. Bring finger-foods and a new or pre-read book to exchange.
ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Please join us @ Aiken Elementary on Sunday, Dec. 11th @ 5:00PM for food, music, & fun! Meal served will be hotdogs or hamburgers and all the fixin’s. Cost for meal will be $5.00 per plate. SIGN UP SUNDAY! Also if you can bring a dessert, please sign up to do that as well. Thank you! If you have a talent you would like to share then please see either Patrick Cannon or Kyle Jones.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Beans and Cornbread
PANTRY NEEDS:  Mac-n-cheese, Pasta Sauce, Grape Jelly, Soup
RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS:  Jeans and tennis shoes of all sizes
Dec   6:  Men's Breakfast
Dec   6:  Preschool Rudolph Party
Dec   7:  Deadline for food basket nominations
Dec 10:  Young @ Heart Trip
Dec 11:  Delivery of Food Baskets
Dec 11:  Faithful Readers Christmas Party
Dec 11:  Annual Christmas Party @Aiken Elementary
Dec 22:  Christians in Action Lunch
Jan 13-15:  WinterFest (High School Only)
Love you - MEAN IT!