Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 1/31

Posted by Austin at 9:15pm:  "Just left from seeing mom and nana. I don't want y'all to think when I say she is doing better that I'm just saying that, she is doing so much better. I think back to a little over a month ago when mom had her trach in and had no clue what was going on to now she cries when we leave because she understands that we are going home and she cant come. Her personality is getting back to normal. I have grown weak in my walk with God lately, and I think the reason is that I'm not with mom everyday. However that's not a reason to lose faith, there is never a reason. Jesus never lost faith when he was being tortured and crucified so we have no excuse. God will fully and completely heal mom, no doubt about it. I want to just say that if you are struggling in your walk then read Psalms. Davids words are inspirational. Thanks again for all your prayers. -Austin"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by at 7:15pm by Jay:  "The Cardiologist sent Kristi's genetic tests in today so hopefully something conclusive (how about a definite negative to all genetic disorders) will come back in about 8 weeks. It will be wonderful if this is the END of all testing due to a great outcome! I know it is a positive sign of progress BUT Kristi desperately wants to come home!!! Please let me assure you that we do acknowledge and appreciate this fact BUT we want and need her home as much as she wants and needs to be home. PLEASE PRAY for increased short term memory improvement at a rapid and MIRACULOUS rate! It is exhausting and difficult to be separated from your family for any reason and so many of you have had to experience this in your life so you know how it feels. God will give us the strength to endure this until He heals her and we will continue to give Him thanks! - In Christ, Jay"

Prayer Request - 1/30

Lesa Bulls' sent this message:  "Please add my childhood friend, Gay Zabihi. She lost her dad today, after a long illness.  His funeral will be Saturday."

Prayer Requests - 1/30

Linda Hostetler suffered a heart attack yesterday and is in PRMC/ICU.

Charlotte Cannon will have a chemical stress test tomorrow.  Also her brother-in-law, Calvin Cannon, was in a car accident in San Antonio on Monday afternoon. 

On a personal note:  I had an eye appointment this morning and a secondary cataract was found on my "good" eye.  I will have laser surgery next Friday (2/8) morning, in Sherman.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 9am today:  "I have an URGENT prayer request - Kristi has an appointment at 11:15 today with her EP Crdiologist for a general check up and to interrogate her AICD but also to discuss the options for finding the exact cause of her problem and how to proceed in further testing our boys. One of the options could include some extensive testing on Kristi to determine exactly how to proceed with the genetic testing.... PLEASE pray that this IS NOT the chosen option as Kristi DOES NOT need to undergo ANY testing on her heart this soon and during her recovery. I know that she would do ANYTHING to protect her three boys BUT this is not good for her right now. I have EVERY reason to believe that God will produce a better alternative as He has always given Kristi the best. I do think that He wants to hear our fervent, faithful, and continual prayers concerning this matter though. He loves all of his children and wants to hear us pour out our hearts to Him. - the Anthony's"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/27

I received this prayer request from Stephanie Janes.  "I need prayers please. I'm at school at Texas Tech in Lubbock, and I'm taking 18 hours this semester. I just applied for Nursing School here at Texas Tech I'm asking for prayers that God will show the Nursing Staff here at Tech that I do really want to get in to Nursing School here. Also, I'm very stressed out over school and would like for God help me push through this semester and show me that I can do this . The devil is all around here and I need to be with God and not in the devil world. I would like prayers for my safety and health to keep me strong and look to our Great Lord that is my King for everything . I'm kinda in a low spot in life and need the strength to call on our Lord to pick me up and bring me back on spiritual high. Please I ask for all the prayers I can get. Thanks so much I love LACOC! Miss y'all and God Bless!"

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at noon today:  "2 Chronicles 20:17; 32:7 - Do not get discouraged even though Kristi's healing process has been long and strenuous. It requires endurance, strength and patience BUT God provides them all. He promises that He is doing the work and that He is stronger than the enemy! He teaches me something new each and every day whether the day goes well or not. I know that He is doing the same for each of you, who are following this process and praying faithfully. God is in Control!
Kristi's memory is the key to her healing and it gets a little better each day. God has provided increases each day this past week. Our request is for prayers that her memory will continue to improve daily.
She cried alot yesterday as we discussed leaving to return home. As we talked she explained her sadness about not being with her boys and I, missing all of the boys basketball games, how she wanted to go to church, and how she wanted to return to school on Monday. It's bittersweet as she is getting better but with that also comes the pain from the realization that she is not with us daily. in His Time - Jay"

Pantry Prayer Time

There is a group meeting in the the far end of the gym...every Sunday morning at 8:30 we’re having “Pantry Prayer” time.
You can come and go between 8:30 and 9:00.
We are specifically praying on behalf of “The Story”.
Yes – we actually meet in the pantry at the far end of the gym, amongst the canned goods and paper plates.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/27

Deanna Nicholson asked that we pray for her grandson, Stephen.  He was born premature (in December) and is continually having so many problems with his lungs and back on 100% oxygen.  He is at Presbyterian/Dallas NICU.

Weekly Update - 1/27

*  Perry Hanley has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Jessica Harris was in Paris and McKinney hospitals this week.  She is now recovering at the home of her aunt.
Kristi Anthony - is continuing her rehab at the Pate Rehab Center in Anna, TX.
Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
Lucy Offutt is having problems with her leg.
Dee Lyons continues to have seizure issues.
*  Continue to remember Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
*  Please keep my son, Larry Sprinkle, on your hearts as his family is mourning the loss of his Papaw, R.D. Sprinkle.  His service will be Tuesday at 1pm at Williams Funeral Home/Garland with burial at Memory Land cemetery in Greenville.

LTC: It's time to start planning for Leadership Training for Christ. There are sign-up sheets on the Youth Board in the hallway of the Outreach Center. (You will turn them in there also.)

Simple Supper: This weeks' entree is Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. $2 per person. If you weren't able to sign-up to reserve your spot, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  1 pound bags of rice and boxes of crackers

Feb 3:  Chapter 3 of "The Story"
Feb 3:  Life Groups
Feb 10: Faithful Readers
Mar 6: Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/26

Lucy Offutt sent this message tonight:  "My aunt, Lucy Price, was buried this past Wednesday.
John Dismore, April McClour's adoptive dad, is terminal and progressing toward the end pretty rapidly. 
My sister, Virginia Phillips, is at home and is doing well. I would like to ask for continued prayers for her daughter who is trying to take care of her with very little assistance.  I had planned to be my sister's caregiver this weekend, but I lost function in my left knee (the one left that God gave me) and I was not able to walk or drive, much less lift, ambulate and care for my sister. I did not want to wind up in the bottom of the heap with no assistance. We all still need maximum prayers. and I want to thank you all for all those much-needed and appreciated prayers. I love you all and I mean it too!!"

Our sympathy...

R.D. Sprinkle, my son Larry's grandfather, passed away early this morning in Garland.  Please keep their family in your prayers.  Funeral services are pending.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 11:30am:  "Matt came through his testing just fine...thanks for the prayers. They found nothing to help determine what happened to Kristi or to help find out if they boys have the same issue. I am meeting with the EP cardiologist on Wednesday during Kristi's appointment to decide what to do next. This was what the EP had initially told me would be the worst-case for determining if our boys have the same problem. We are not even certain now if Kristi's was Long QT??? Time to AGAIN and ALWAYS depend on God for guidance and allow Him to take away our anxiety by turning it all over to Him. Hebrews 11:1 - He already knows the answers to all of our questions and He has perfect peace for us if only we will give our worries to Him and allow His good work to be completed. There will be troubles in this imperfect and sin-filled world BUT our trust is in the One who created this world with perfection and not in ourselves who are unable to see even what the next moment of our life holds for us. Faith is believing in what we cannot see and He has given our family plenty of reasons to have faith in Him regardless of what today looks like with our short sightedness. God is in Control and He will work this all out for good in His time - Jay"

Friday, January 25, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/25

Tiffany Parker sent this message about her sister Jessica Harris who is in Medical Center/McKinney:  "The doctor came in and wants to run EEG on her in the morning.  He believes she is having seizures.  If so, she won't be able to be alone OR drive for 6 months!"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/24

Dee Lyons sent this message:  "Seizures have been way too frequent - even more frequent in my sleep.  Hasn't been this bad in months."

Prayer Requests - 1/24

  • Perry Hanley has been diagnosed with cancer.  He will be released from the hospital today and then will start radiation.
  • Kathy Daniels' Mom, Barbara Adams, has breast cancer.  She will be going to Dallas for a lumpectomy surgery and then start chemo.
  • Margaret Lough's Dad, Milburn McMillan, is in the hospital.
  • Margaret's friend, Doretha Thompson, has been diagnosed with cancer.  She has a tumor in her stomach, a mass on her liver and nodules on her lung.
  • Larry Sprinkle's grandfather, R.D. Sprinkle, is in grave condition.  His lungs are "done", there are no intestinal sounds and his blood pressure is almost non-existent. 
  • Debra Usry asked for prayers for her friends;  Thelma Dangerfield is in her 2nd bout with bronchitis and now her husband, Ray, is in bed sick.   And, Robin Ball fell last Friday night and has broken her ankle.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/23

Jessica Harris was released from PRMC this afternoon.  She was taken to Medical Center/McKinney and was admitted.  They have now started her on IVs and her tremors have almost stopped.  She is also able to speak better.  They've done a CT scan and are waiting on the results.  She told her sister Tiffany that she's feeling better.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 3:30pm:   "Met with the doctor and therapists at Pate today and they gave us an estimated discharge date of mid July...BUT they don't know Kristi or her God! Great things can happen in God's time which may be much different than ours. God is in Control! We are going to make an appeal to our Father that He speed up the progress...WE ALL NEED KRISTI home and healed. This is Austin's senior year and he needs his Mom with final high school ball games, graduation, last year at home etc.,). Tyler will turn 16 this spring and start driving and he needs his mom. Cody is 12, an impressionable age, and he needs his mom. Jay is getting old and worn out and I need my beautiful wife! The worries can get overwhelming...since I came home Sunday night (to try to give the boys some kind of "normal" home) I've been waking up several times each night to check that our three boys are breathing and at the same time feeling guilty that I'm not there with Kristi all of the time this week...I can't sleep at times when I won't let go of the anxiousness BUT I know that worry is wrong and I should give it to God. Sometimes I just fail miserably. Anyway the test results won't be back until the end of February but now we know that they may tell us nothing. Hopefully we will find out something beneficial from Matt's additional testing on Friday. We are learning that all of our trust must lie with HIM or it is useless. - Jay"

Prayer Request - 1/23

Please keep Lance Johnson and his family in your prayers. 

Prayer Request - 1/23

Jessica Harris is still in PRMC- Room 443. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/22

Please keep my friend, Donna Archer, on your hearts.  Her cancer has returned.  She is about to start more treatment.

Urgent Prayer Request - 1/22

Jessica Harris has been admitted to PRMC.  She can't speak.  They are running tests to see if she's had a stroke.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Austin at 5pm:  "Just talked to mom and nana on the phone and mom walked 500 feet four times with a rolling walker! Her memory was great, she remembered things that I had forgotten. She told me everything she did today and she hasn't been able to do that yet. I love her so much. Just when I start to lose faith, God always shows me what He is doing. I haven't been faithful at all the last two weeks but God still shows me His work. Today after talking to mom I realized its foolish to be angry or frustrated at God because He is good and continues to improve moms situation. Please continue to pray for mom dad and Nana. - Austin"

Posted by Jay at 10:15am:  "More PT today! Kristi walked 400 feet! She is progressing nicely and now God is showing His power in Anna at Pate Rehab! God is in Control. Complications today as Matt got his test results to find the gene that caused his Long QT Syndrome...the results showed up negative for all of the 12 known genes that cause the condition. Since he is known to have the condition this has baffled the doctorsSouthlake the same day....prayers PLEASE. In Christ - Jay"


Butch Mills had a PET Scan last Friday. Betsy just posted this wonderful news!  "Praises to God!! Butch got an appointment for today instead of next Friday with the doctor. He just walked in and said that it is NOT cancer, it is an infection!! Thank you for praying for him!"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Update - 1/20

  • Dorothy O'Brian, Debbie Wilson's Mom, passed away on Monday.  Her services were on Friday.
  • Edward Baker, Kristy Rodgers' Dad, passed away on Thursday morning.  His funeral service was this afternoon in Oklahoma.
  • Gerald & Mary Doty's grandson, James Lindenblatt, died tragically last Sunday in an avalanche in Colorado.
  • Lucy Offutt's aunt's funeral will be on Wednesday morning in Bonham.
  • Stacy Kennedy was baptized on Wednesday night.  She has 3 children; Gage, Nicole and Peyton.

  • Perry Hanley is in PRMC and had a biopsy on his thyroid on thyroid.
  • Butch Mills had a PET scan on Friday.  He will have the results this Friday (1/25).
  • Jessica Harris was diagnosed with a critically low potassium level.  She's trying meds and further testing will be done.
  • Kristi Anthony - as she continues to be in Zale Lipshy Rehab.
  • Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
  • Wanda McFadden - Health
  • Sharon Thielman's Mom, Margie Queen, has been moved to PRMC/5th floor.  She has Alzheimer's. 
  • Joyce Allen is continuing to recover from a heart attack.
Monte Cox will be here this next weekend for a seminar "The Future of Faith". He will meet with the leadership of the church on Friday night. Saturday morning at 10am-4pm and also Sunday morning. 

LTC:  It's time to start planning for Leadership Training for Christ.  There are sign-up sheets on the Youth Board in the hallway of the Outreach Center.  (You will turn them in there also.)

Simple Supper:  This weeks' entree is Breakfast Tacos.  $2 per person.  If you weren't able to sign-up to reserve your spot, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs:  Peanut Butter and Jelly

Margaret Lough will be retiring, as church secretary, at the end of February.  Kim Hanley will be taking her place.

Jan 23:  Ladies Bible Class
Jan 26-27:  Monte Cox here for seminar
Feb 10:  Faithful Readers
Mar 6:  Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Update by Jay at 10:15pm:  "Kristi walked 300 feet 3 different times today with her physical therapist. She continues to gain strength daily. I had the opportunity to watch Austin and Tyler play basketball tonight. it was great but it was all so sad watching our boys play without Kristi. She has always loved watching our boys play sports. Please keep our boys Long QT tests in your prayers as well as Kristi's recovery - without ceasing - Jay"

Prayer Request - 1/18

Jessica Harris was diagnosed with critically low potassium.  She was already weak from that and the stress she was experiencing didn't help.  She has to have a stress test, just to make sure it didn't do too much damage to her heart.  They've prescribed meds and she can't go back to work until Tuesday.

Can you help?

Teresa Allen sent this request:  "I have been asked to put Shannon and Clark Moore on our prayer list, they lived in a duplex on 22nd S.E. , and last night it caught on fire. They have a 5 month old baby named Keyton Moore. If anyone would like to donate items for the family I will be willing to make sure they get it. I took them diapers and a few essentials today."

Prayer Request - 1/18

Betsy Mills posted this message:  "The Mills family needs prayers today. Butch is going for a PET scan.   Please pray specifically that the spot on his lungs is NOT cancer. Thanks!"

I've missed this smile....Kristi Anthony

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I just heard from Jessica Harris, she is back at the ER tonight.  Her chest pains are worse and she's having numbness in her face and hands.  Please pray for this young Mom.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 2:15pm:  "We are now at Pate. (This is the rehab facility in Anna, TX.)  Sorry I haven't updated this recently but we have no internet. I will update you more as soon as possible. The move was smooth but very exhausting for Kristi. We are in the process of going through evaluations and waiting for the team to decide on therapy plan. Please continue to pray for her to progress. We love you with the love of the Lord - the Anthonys

Our Sympathy...

Barbara Dean's brother-in-law, Robert Rowland, passed away today in California.  No other details are known at this time.


Kathy Ballard just posted this GREAT NEWS!  "Went to the cancer clinic this morning for a follow up on the cat scan that was done this past Friday. Dr Prakash said the scan and bloodwork came back PERFECT! I have hit my 5 year mark!!!! Dr Prakash said that he does not think I will ever deal with this cancer again and he wants me to come back in ONE YEAR just for a follow up (I have been going every 6 months for a scan) Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for me over the years, also:) Love you all!!!"

Prayer Request - 1/17

James Hanley's Dad, Perry Hanley, is having a biopsy on his thyroid today.  Please keep Perry on your heart.

Our Sympathy....

Kristy Rodgers father, Edward Baker, passed away this morning at PRMC.  Services are pending at this time.  Please keep Kristy, James Ray and the family in your prayers.

Prayer Requset - 1/17

Jessica Harris was sent home from the ER last night with instructions to make an appointment with Dr. Hashmi for a stress test.

Prayer Request - 1/17

Lucy Offutt sent these prayer requests:
"We are in desperate need of prayers as we seem to have been hit with three serious situations the same day.
My sister, Virginia Phillips of Garland had a major heart attack this afternoon (Widowmaker). She barely made it to the hospital in time, but they were able to get the blockages relaxed enough to insert an intra-arterial balloon pump and careflight her from Wylie to the Baylor Heart Hospital in Dallas. She is stable for now, but will have bypass surgery in the AM. I will be traveling there as soon as I get a bit of sleep and find out when her surgery is scheduled.
My last surviving aunt, Lucy Estelle Price is in hospice care at Texoma Medical Center in Denison, room 417. She has end-stage CHF, MRSA pneumonia, and dementia. She is not expected to be with us much longer, but she is ready to go.
April Offutt's dad, John Dismore of Miami, OK has cancer that has metastasized to his lungs and vertebrae. He is doing very poorly and the kids are planning to travel to see him this weekend."

Urgent Prayer Request - 1/17

Derald Bulls just sent this message:  "James Rodgers just called before 8am this morning from the hospital.  His wife Kristy's father has a pulmonary embolism and is in the hospital right now and there are no beds in ICU available at this time.  James said the doctor said they would have to make some decisions regarding a ventilator in the very near future.  Christi just lost her Mom within the last year."
Derald asked that we pray for Christi and the family and for her sweet daddy.
He will be heading up to the hospital shortly to check on them and will pass along any additional information should there be a change.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prayer Requests - 1/16

  • Jessica Harris is at the PRMC/ER with chest pains.
  • Wanda McFadden had a heart cath this week.
  • Dot Campbell was at church tonight, after having a bout with the flu.
  • Cheryl Bullard's brother-in-law, Buddy Smeltzer, is in PRMC.
  • Brenda Copeland, who we've had on the prayer list for a long time, is in remission from her cancer.
  • CONGRATULATIONS Robyn Figgins!  It was announced today that she is a new Assistant Vice President at First Federal Community Bank.

Prayer Request - 1/16

Former member, Janet Christ, asked that we pray for her uncle Larry Benjamin, who has been in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure and also a spot on his lungs they are looking at and he also has Parkinson's.  He lives in Florida and will be going home from the hospital from the hospital on Friday.  Their family is starting a card chain to cheer him up.  If you would like to send him a card, either contact Margaret at the church office, or you can contact me to get his address.  The updated prayer request list will be on the Welcome Center tonight.

Our Sympathy...

Debbie Wilson's Mom, Dorothy O'Brian, passed away.  Her services will be Friday (1/19) morning at 11am with visitation at 9:30am at Bright Holland Funeral Home.. 

Our sympathy...

Our co-worker, Tina Freelen, just received word that her father-in-law, Johnny Freelen, passed away.  (Johnny is Jesse's Dad.)   No other details are known at this time.

Our Sympathy...

Stacy Ladell's father, Sammy Frierson, passed away unexpectedly Monday evening.  Arrangements are pending with Maxey Funeral Home. 
Stacy and his fiancee' LaWanda Knight will be married in March, here at LACOC.  They are going through marriage counseling with Patrick at this time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Sympathy....

Jennifer Christian's Mom, Sharlene Hoffmaster, passed away on Friday.  Her services are tomorrow morning in Conroe, Texas.  There is a caringbridge site that was created only 3 days before her passing.  Click on this link to leave messages for Jennifer and her family.

Our Sympathy...

Gerald Doty sent this message today:  "Our grandson, James Lindenblatt, was the victim of a snow avalanche in Colorado on Sunday and did not make it.  His family needs the prayers of our church family."

Prayer Request - 1/14

Perry Hanley has been admitted to PRMC/North - Room 409.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this morning:  Yesterday was the most difficult day yet that Austin, Tyler, and Cody have had leaving us. Because of Saturday basketball practices Austin and Tyler don't get to leave Paris until afternoon on Saturday so they only get to be in Dallas and see Kristi for about 24 hours each week now. This made leaving yesterday very hard on us all. The tremors, short-term memory difficulties, and medication are not well regulated so there is talk of possibly extending the stay here at Zale Lipshy. We are ready to move on to the next step and get closer to home but we want to move ONLY if the timing is right. GOD IS IN CONTROL! Things are moving forward with baby steps; everything is not "alright" but we do know that God's plan is in motion and He promises a full recovery in HIS TIME not ours. It gets tough some days especially for Kristi, Sandy, our boys and myself BUT we ALWAYS lean on Him and He gives us the strength that we need for the moment. People have been so gracious and considerate during this long stay...THANK YOU! Chris Anthony and Matt Welch have been so faithful to come EVERY week to give us a much needed break at night as Kristi's condition still requires 24/7. It is through your kindness, allowing God to use your gifts that we are continuously ENCOURAGED. I ask that you would please give our boys a hug or a word of encouragement when you see them at home. They are struggling with missing their parents, Kristi's memory, and the constant concern of possibly having this disease. Prayers for God's speed in moving us on to the next step in recovery. - Jay

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/13

Everyone please say a special prayer for my granny and grandad, Hugh and Jean Anthony. Granny had high blood pressure today and low blood sugar. We need her to be healthy! Also for grandad because he is having a swallow test done here in Dallas tomorrow. And continued prayers for nana , Sandy Hutchins Welch as she is here continually with mom and dad. My grandparents are the most caring people you will ever meet and love God with all their heart. We need all 3 of them at this time. Thank you and God bless. - The Anthonys

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Austin this morning:  "As many of you know, mom will be moving to Pate Rehab in Anna on Wednesday. Please pray for a safe trip there. Also pray for good care takers at this new facility. This will be the final step in this journey. She will be there for a while but it is one step closer to being home. Also pray for dad and nana because they have been at the hospital with mom every single day since November 16. Lots of people have helped out with mom but I can't even imagine being here that long without a break. #Matthew28:11 -Austin"

Weekly Update - 1/13

Thank you to everyone who had a part in this morning's kick-off for The Story!  It was great to see everyone visiting and enjoying breakfast together!  (I know I'm VERY excited to get into this study!)
Next Sunday - January 30, 2013 - Chapter 1
Creation: The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

**Joy Barnett asked for prayers for family struggles and to get past the anger.
**Jonathan Miller is excited to be a part of this church and the chance to study to become a Christian.  Even as cold as it was this morning, he was so determined to come to church, that he rode his bike (which has no brakes)!!!!

Our Sympathy is extended to:
**Wendell and Brittany Johnson in the death of their aunt, Merline Fulbright and cousin, Chandra Craig.
**Jeff Higgins and his family in the death of his grandmother.

Prayer Requests:
**Joyce Allen is at home recovering from a heart attack and surgery for stints this past week.
**Anita Roden was at church this morning after have her THIRD surgery on her neck.  (She said she hopes the "third time is the charm".)
**Kristi Anthony - as she continues to be in Zale Lipshy Rehab. 
**Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
**Sharon Thielman's Mom, Margie Queen, has been in a hospital in Oklahoma for the last couple of weeks.  She has Alzheimer's.  They are trying some different procedures to help her.
**Lesa Bulls sent this message: "Wesley Roach, a 7th grader at Stone Middle School, has been diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. Wesley is currently in Children's Medical and will be released to come home on Monday. Please keep this family in your prayers."
**Brian and Chasity McClain welcomed their new son Ethan Paul this week.
**Cory and Jami (Shackleford) Farrell welcomed their new son Easton Lance this week.
**My cousin, Susan Flanary-Turner, is now at home recovering from her knee replacement this week.
**My friend Kim Stribling, got a wonderful doctors report!  She is clear of cancer!

Dr. Monte Cox will be here on January 26-27 for a seminar.  There will be a Saturday session from 10am until 3pm and then on Sunday morning.

LIFE GROUPS:  Life groups will be meeting every Sunday this year.   This will allow us to learn and discuss each chapter in a smaller, more intimate setting.  The goal is for everyone to be in a life group.  Next Sunday (1/20) will be the first of these meetings to study The Story.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is Ham and Pinto Beans.  If you weren't able to sign up on Sunday morning and want to eat with us on Wednesday night, call the church office by Tuesday noon.

Jan 13:  Faithful Readers
Jan 16:  Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Jan 18-20:  WinterFest
Jan 26-27:  Dr. Monte Cox Seminar

Love you - MEAN IT!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/12

There was a plane crash in southern Lamar County, off of CR 13850 in Glory, this morning.  It has been confirmed that there were 3 deaths.  Names and ages of the victims have not been released.
Officials on scene confirmed the plane took off from Cox Field Airport in Paris, but said the plane was not from Lamar County and was not housed at Cox Field.
Please pray for the families of those involved in the crash and for the law enforcement and medical personnel who worked the crash.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 1pm:  "Lots of therapy today. Kristi's Speech Therapist is wonderful and has taken a personal interest and is genuinely concerned with her progress. This will be the difficult part about leaving Zale Lipshy so please pray that God will place caring professionals in Kristi's rehabilitation process at Pate. The tremors continue to be a serious roadblock and we need God to intervene for Kristi and have the tremors to cease. This definitely impedes her standing, walking, and general mobility progress. There is a memory drug that she is currently taking that can cause tremors to worsen so the doctors are going to stop it to see the result. Please pray that this does not adversely affect her memory which is still an issue. - Jay"

Friday, January 11, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay tonight:  "God is in control! It's been a difficult day with memory and tremors but Kristi walked even further today. Just waiting on God's perfect timing. - Jay"

Prayer Request - 1/11

Lesa Bulls sent this message:  "Wesley Roach, a 7th grader at Stone Middle School, has been diagnosed with ALL Leukemia.  Wesley is currently in Children's Medical and will be released to come home on Monday.  Please keep this family in your prayers."

It's a BOY!!!!

Brian and Chasity McClain are the proud parents of a little boy, born yesterday afternoon at 2:15pm.  Ethan Paul McClain weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long.  Even prouder great-grandparents are Herchel and Lee McClain.

Our sympathy

Elvis Daughtrey passed away, at his home, early this morning.  Please keep his family in your prayers.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Joyce Allen just posted this:  "It was so good go get home yesterday from the hospital after having a heart attack last Sunday about 2:30 in the morning. I had a large blood clot, one stint about 3 inches, another smaller and had 2 pints of blood. I was very enemic prior to the surgery and worse after. I have had a better day today. Felt like shampooing my hair and that made me feel better. Thank you everyone for all the prayers, visits, calls and cards. My doctor said I was a very lucky lady. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. Our God is so good."

Prayer Request - 1/10

Elvis Daughtrey fell and cut his head, on Tuesday, and was CareFlighted to Tyler.  CT shows bleeding on his brain. They think he had a brain aneurysm that caused him to pass out and when he did he hit his head it made a bad situation worse. Because of all the blood thinner he takes they can't do surgery and of course that also makes the bleeding continue. 
Today they are bringing him back home to Paris with Hospice.  His daughter says that so far he has not appeared to be suffering. 
Please pray for continued comfort for him.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at noon:  "This morning Kristi was exhausted but when they came to get her for OT she told them that she wanted to walk to the therapy room! She walked the entire way with the therapists assisting her, it was slow and very difficult on her but she was determined and she made it! I've never seen such determination in anyone. Last night I couldn't sleep as God replayed every moment of this entire trial in m...y mind and I was able to relive the entire miraculous process. What an awesome journey this has been. I have prayed every day that no one who has witnessed this miracle would ever forget how POWERFUL, LOVING, and GREAT that our God is! I hope that when life gets difficult or even monotonous that we will REMEMBER who is in Control - Jay"


This Sunday night - 5pm
College Street Church of Christ
NO evening service at LACOC


This is a reminder....Sunday is Kick-Off Sunday for our study of THE STORY! 
For the next 31 weeks, we will be participating together in reading and discussing God's Story as He lays it out in scripture and exploring how our own stories fit with His. 
We have some special things planned for that morning and each family will have a chance to pick uip their book.

Please note...we will not have Bible classes, but church will start at 9:15am.
Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 9pm:  "Great News! The feeding tube is out, no more medical equipment hooked up to Kristi now. We've come a long way from November 16th...from being completely dependent on a ventilator, feeding tube, multiple IV's and in a coma to being free of everything! God is in Control. Keep those faithful prayers coming PLEASE. You are all walking this journey with us - Jay"

It's a boy....

Congratulations to Cory and Jami Farrell on the birth of their son, Easton Lance, born yesterday (1/8).  He weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and is 21 1/2 inches long.  VERY proud grandparents are Kevin and Brenda Shackleford.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prayer Requests - 1/8

Please keep Jeff Higgins' family in your prayers.  His grandmother passed away last night in New York.

My friend, Kim Stribling, went to Dallas for more mammogram testing....they don't want to see her for 6 more months!

My cousin, Susan Flanary-Turner, had her knee replacement surgery yesterday and is doing great!

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at noon:  Kristi just walked for the first time with only PT assistance (no walker or life gait) around the entire hall and back! She has much more endurance today! WOW, what a HUGE step forward! God is in Control - Jay

Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 1:20pm:  "Romans 4:20-25 - A great message...God is able to do whatever He promises! Prayers today for Kristi's stamina, since Friday she has been excessively fatigued. The physicians don't really know the cause (they say it is not meds) but they need to determine it quickly so as her rehab is not impaired. We've seen some progress in the memory area. Her strength is still improving at a nice pace. God is in Control and He is Able! - Jay"

Prayer Request - 1/7

Joyce Allen had a heart attack, on Sunday morning, she is in PRMC/ICU.

Prayer Requests - 1/7

Anita Roden has been cleared to leave the hospital and will be coming home today.

Chandra Craig (Wendell and Brittany Johnson's cousin) passed away this morning.  She is a  member of MLK Church of Christ and was only 37 years old.  Chandra's grandmother, Merlene Fulbright, was just buried on Saturday.

My friend and former teacher, Joyce Floyd from Cooper, passed away this morning. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Update - 1/6

Thank you Patrick for the lesson this morning from Ephesians 3.  Paul was praying for the church while he was in prison.  And while in prison, he was witnessing for the Lord.

Responses this morning: 
  *Jessica Cowen says that she has guilt that she has to let go of.
  *Alexis Cowen  says that she wants to be forgiven of her sins and that she wants to do more for God.

We've had lots of families experiencing loss over the last couple of weeks.  Please keep the following in your prayers:
  *Louise Peace's sister, Lois Thacker.
  *Danny Bull's dad, Charles Bulls.
  *Ruth Ann Stallings sister-in-law, Gloria Jack.
  *Webber Woodall's aunt, Betty Woodall.

Please keep the following in your prayers this week:
  *Kristi Anthony - as she continues to be in Zale Lipshy Rehab.
  *Austin, Tyler and Cody Anthony - as they wait to find out the results of the Long QT testing.
  *Anita Roden as she recovers from another surgery on her neck this past Thursday.  She remains in ETMC/Tyler at this time.
  *Jeanie Lamb as she is continuing with chemo treatment.
  *Derald Bulls asked that we pray for James Carter.  (College St. Church of Christ member.)  He has had his foot amputated and will have a heart procedure in the morning.
  *Linda Erwin's brother, Jack Lewallen, remains in the hospital in Redding, Calif.  He's having problems following his by-pass surgery this week.
Also, Linda asked that we pray for Linda Smart, her niece.  She is recovering from neck surgery in Boston.  She's in ICU due to oxygen levels dropping so low.
  *Teresa Allen asked that we pray for Roddy's step-dad, James Donham from Roxton.  He passed away today.  (Roddy, Teresa and their 2 boys, Corey and Joey, have been visiting LACOC for a couple of months.)
  *Carole Anderson's cousin, Curbe Goolsby, needs continued prayers for his recovery from a stroke.  He is back in the nursing home but he has a very long recovery ahead of him.  Prayers for his family as they are tending to him.
  *Kathy Marshall asked for prayers for Mindy and Kyle Miller, for the counseling that they are receiving and for God to work in their lives.  Also pray for her Mom, Lorraine Erickson.  She is now here in a nursing home and trying to adjust.
  *Greg Wilson asked for prayers as he is traveling to Austin on Jan. 31st.
  *My friend, Kimberly Stribling, will be going for additional mammography testing in Dallas tomorrow.
  *My cousin, Susan Flanary-Turner, will have knee replacement surgery tomorrow at PRMC.
  *Nancy Arguello (local hairdresser) is in PRMC/ICU.
  *Jeremy Stephens (co-worker of Webber's at Walmart) has been very sick for the last few months with heart issues.  He's now on a leave of absence.

Area Wide Church Service will be next Sunday evening at 5pm at College Street Church of Christ.

Family Life Groups will be meeting weekly this year.  Please see your group leader for time and meeting place each week.

Ladies Bible Class:  Resumes THIS week, January 9th, with Early Birds @ 9:30am and class @10am.  The Names of God will be the study topic.

Faithful Readers will be meeting on Sunday, Jan. 13th at 4pm in Room 17.  Left to Tell...Discovering God Amidst The Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza.  Please join us and bring a friend!

Wednesday Night Simple Supper:  This weeks' entree is Lasagna.  Please donate at least $2 per person.  If you didn't get the chance to sign-up on Sunday morning and decide you want to join us, please call the church office by Tuesday at noon.

Pantry Needs:  Soup, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Keep The Date
Jan 9:  Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Jan 13: "The Story" begins
Jan 13: Area Wide Church Service at College Street at 5pm
Jan 13: Faithful Readers
Jan 18-20:  WinterFest 2013
Love you - MEAN IT!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prayer Requests - 1/5

Kristi Garrett just posted this:  "Just left Landon at DFW... I miss him already! I am thankful for the time and that he is only going to Alaska and not Afghanistan."  Please pray for safety for Landon on this flight and for the Garrett's trip home.

Please click on this link to read further information regarding visitation and funeral services for Sandra Gifford.

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted at 5:30 by Austin:  Today has been one of the better days that I've been here. Matt stayed with mom last night and Uncle John came in to visit for the day. We all visited all day and mom is very happy. Chris is staying tonight. Mom did some therapy this morning and put her own make up on today for the first time...Today I was just flipping through the Bible and found a great Psalm I've never read. Psalm 1, "How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor stand in the path of sinners,
Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season
And its leaf does not wither;
And in whatever he does, he prospers.
The wicked are not so,
But they are like chaff which the wind drives away.
Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
Nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,
But the way of the wicked will perish." -Austin"
Posted yesterday evening by Austin:  "Mom and Cody are playing catch with a sponge right now haa and mom just drilled him in the face. Brenda Shackelford came today to stay with mom and give dad and nana a good break. We are all doing great and mom is starting to look and act like herself so much. Dad showed me a great verse the other day that really made me understand how we can change things. 2 Chronicles 20:20 "...put your trus...t in the Lord your God and you will be established. Put your trust in His prophets and succeed." We complain everyday that our world is going bad but do absolutely nothing about it. This verse says to put your trust in Him and you will be established. That means trust and listen to God and you will be known and as Christians our morals and beliefs will be known. -Austin"

Friday, January 4, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/4

Jeana Hohenberger (North Lamar alumni) has Stage 4 breast cancer and it has spread throughout her body.  She is in Haltom City at this time with her Mom.

Our Sympathy......

Sandra Gifford passed away tonight.  She is a former Paris High School teacher.  Our hearts go out to her family and we ask that you pray for Sandy's family, friends and everyone who knew her because she is going to be missed by so many people. Sandy Gifford touched the hearts of so many students, teachers, principals, friends, and her family.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prayer Request - 1/3

Please pray for my friend Kim Stribling.  She had tests in Dallas this week and they want her to come back on Monday.  There's an issue with her mammogram.  I can't imagine getting that phone call...just pray for her and for peace.

Prayer Request - 1/3

I was sent this message tonight:  "Please pray without ceasing for Sandra Gifford. She was rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive this morning. The prognosis given by the doctors is not very bright but we know that only God can decide her fate. He is our almighty healer and can do things the doctors can't. She needs our prayers now."

Prayer Request - 1/3

Anita Roden saw her physician in Tyler for a follow-up visit today.  Her neck fusion has slipped a little, so, she is scheduled for corrective surgery in the morning at East Texas Medical Center.  Hopefully this will correct her pain and she will be home in a few days without any complications.

Prayer Requests - 1/3

Our sympathy is extended to the Stallings family in the death of Ruth Ann's sister-in-law, Gloria Jack.  She died on New Year's Eve.  Her services will be in Dallas.

Becky Webb has double pneumonia.

There are so many that have the flu or a virus at this time.  Please take care of yourself.  Drink lots of water, wash your hands and if you are feeling bad....stay in!!!

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this morning:  "A Moment - In a moment EVERYTHING can change. My life used to be full of hurry up, rush, speed up, and make something happen. I spent most of my time planning, executing, directing what was supposed to happen that day, planning tomorrow, rushing from task to task, trying to get work completed to rush to a ball game or my boy's school events, finally laying down to bed at night while remembering all of the things that I didn't get done that day and had to add to an already full day the next. NOW I spend my time concerned with my dear Kristi's survival and recovery and concerned about our three boy's well being while their parents are miles away. My PERSPECTIVE and PRIORITIES have changed in a MOMENT, in the blink of an eye on that night November 16. Most everything else seems petty now. God has shown me what is truly IMPORTANT when He showed me what I nearly lost FOREVER and still yet have not fully regained. My advice and prayer for all of those GREAT people who are praying for us daily...EXAMINE what is truly meaningful today...Work/Careers are necessary and GOD asks us to apply ourselves as we are working for HIM but DO NOT allow yourselves to neglect your FAMILY, they could be gone in a MOMENT - Jay"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our sympathy....

Lesa Bulls sent this message:  "Please keep the family of Cotton Pruitt on your prayers.  He was the husband of DiAnn Pruitt (co-worker) and father of Peyton McMonigle.  He passed away earlier today."

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay at 3:10pm:  "This has been the most AMAZING day of progress in rehab for Kristi to date! She is practicing writing, sequencing, standing, walking, and math (which has never been difficult for her). Her attitude is wonderful but she is very hard on herself when she can't do something. She is talking with us constantly. The wound from her trach is almost completely healed. These are baby steps but when you string several baby steps together you have a BIG step! - Prayers are being answered, God is in Control! - Jay"

Posted by Kristi's brother Mike earlier today:  "Kristi had a good night. I stayed with her and she slept for most of it. The past few nights she has been restless but last night she slept. Please continue to pray for her full recovery. Pray that The Lord will heal her memory especially short term memory. Pray for Mom and Jay for physical, emotional stability as this has been a "roller coaster" event for them. Pray for their boys that the test results will come back negative. I ask that you pray for me as I will have my test on Friday and that it comes back negative as well.   Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. God bless!  ~Mike"

Don't Forget....

With all the holidays lately...I just wanted to remind everyone that today is WEDNESDAY!  Don't forget our classes tonight at 6:30pm!  Also at 5:15pm the Simple Supper entree will be Frito Chili Pie!  And even if you didn't sign up on Sunday morning, come and eat.  Kyle says there will be enough for everyone!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this afternoon:  "This has been a strangely wonderful New Year...the Anthony Family is so thankful that God is healing Kristi and that she was granted the gift of Life to begin 2013. We have full faith that God's plan for her is to be completely healed. The days are turbulent and very much a roller coaster ride. We also have faith that Austin, Tyler, and Cody will be granted good health as well. Austin and Tyler just left the hospital to go back to Paris for basketball practice tomorrow. It NEVER gets any easier to say good bye especially in this situation. A NEW YEARS commitment - Psalm 119:66-67 "I believe in Your commands; now teach me good judgement and knowledge. I used to wander off until you disciplined me; but now I closely follow your Word." Blessings and Faith for 2013, God is in Control - Jay"
Posted this morning by Austin:  "Happy New Years! Mom is doing some therapy right now. She didn't sleep to much last night but she has been in a great mood lately (as always). Please continue to pray, I know it can start to feel like you are just repeating yourself but if you saw mom on November16 and then again today you would be amazed at how much the prayers have worked. She went from being completely asleep to talking and moving around in a little over a month." -Austin"

Our sympathy....

Danny Bulls' father, Charles "Butch" Bulls, passed away on Sunday.  His services will be Thursday at the First Christian Church in Perryton, TX.  Mindy's dad, Joe Maple, will be officiating.

Happy New Year!