Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony

Posted by Jay this morning:  Yesterday was the most difficult day yet that Austin, Tyler, and Cody have had leaving us. Because of Saturday basketball practices Austin and Tyler don't get to leave Paris until afternoon on Saturday so they only get to be in Dallas and see Kristi for about 24 hours each week now. This made leaving yesterday very hard on us all. The tremors, short-term memory difficulties, and medication are not well regulated so there is talk of possibly extending the stay here at Zale Lipshy. We are ready to move on to the next step and get closer to home but we want to move ONLY if the timing is right. GOD IS IN CONTROL! Things are moving forward with baby steps; everything is not "alright" but we do know that God's plan is in motion and He promises a full recovery in HIS TIME not ours. It gets tough some days especially for Kristi, Sandy, our boys and myself BUT we ALWAYS lean on Him and He gives us the strength that we need for the moment. People have been so gracious and considerate during this long stay...THANK YOU! Chris Anthony and Matt Welch have been so faithful to come EVERY week to give us a much needed break at night as Kristi's condition still requires 24/7. It is through your kindness, allowing God to use your gifts that we are continuously ENCOURAGED. I ask that you would please give our boys a hug or a word of encouragement when you see them at home. They are struggling with missing their parents, Kristi's memory, and the constant concern of possibly having this disease. Prayers for God's speed in moving us on to the next step in recovery. - Jay

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