Monday, February 28, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/28 - 8:30pm

My apologies to Doug Faires ... I received this message from him yesterday.  "My father passed away early this morning. Services will probably be at the end of the week in Arkansas. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers."

Weekly Update - 2/28 - 3:40pm

The Elder Selection/Reaffirmation Service will be this Sunday morning, March 6th. 
Our new elders will be Doug Faires and Wayne Kerby.

Continue to remember the following in prayer:
  • Wayne McFadden continues to be in PRMC/S-Room 319.
  • Debra Usry is at home recovering from her bariatric surgery.
  • Matt Hanley is continuing to have complications from the surgery he had in December.  I talked with Kim this afternoon, and she said that he had an appointment today with the surgeon.
  • Hazel Cross, Sherry Welch's Mom, is at home and now requires 24 hour care.
  • David Nelson and Nelda Nelson (Charlotte Grooms' brother and sister-in-law) are both experiencing serious health issues.  David has lung cancer and waiting for the doctor to decide on treatment.  Nelda has multiple myloma.
  • Lesa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, is undergoing cancer treatments.
  • Jenifer Cooper's friend, Jennifer Kuhlengel's baby son, Carter, is 3 years old and has double pneumonia and a staph infection.  He was taken to Children's Medical Center on Saturday.  He is not responding to treatments.  They have just this afternoon moved him to ICU and are calling in a team of specialists.  His breathing is very labored.  Jennifer, is a teacher at Baliley/North Lamar and his Dad, Matt is a trooper in Red River County. 
  • Kristi Nutt's friend, Emily Cozer, lives in Nevada and is very ill at this time.
MISSION TRIP TO BRAZIL: If you are interested in going on this trip, or have questions regarding this trip, there will be an informational meeting this Wednesday night after class, or you can  contact Clint Spencer at

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is Frito Chili Pie! If you were not able to sign up today, you may call the church office, by NOON on Tuesday, to sign up to eat with us. Still only $2.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Is in need of children's clothing & men's jeans, shirts and shoes!

PANTRY NEEDS:  Crackers and Cornbread Mix

Mar 6: Ordination/Reaffirmation services for Elders
Mar 6: Life Groups
Mar 13: Faithful Readers @ 4pm
Mar 15: H.A.L.O.
Mar 16: Blood Drive
Mar 20: Wedding Shower for Trevor Pringle and Brittany Young - 1:30-3pm
Apr 2-3: Camp Deer Run - TEEN Retreat
Apr 10:  Youth Devo
Apr 22-24: LTC/Arlington
Apr 24: LTC Celebration
May 13-14-15: Hispanic Gospel Meeting
May 25: Blood Drive
June 19-26: Mission Trip to Brazil
Sept 7: Blood Drive
Nov 9: Blood Drive

Prayer Request - 2/28 - 12:29pm

Reggie McDowra asked that we keep John W. Allen of Deport in our prayers.  John is 56 years old and has farmed all his life.  He'd been having back pain, went in to Dr. to do some blood work thinking they were going to do back surgery.  After they ran some scans, the Drs. determined that the pains were probably from cancer in his pancreas and liver.  He starts chemo tomorrow, Tuesday (3/1). 
I've put a link to his caringbridge to the right of the blog.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prayer Requests - 2/27 - 5:55pm

I just received this update about Wayne McFadden, from Rickey:  "They've put in an n/g tube to feed him because he hasn't eaten in 4 days and is getting weak.  No change otherwise."

Shana Renee Crews sent this message today:  "My sister, Teresa Thompson, had a car accident on Thursday and woke up Friday morning with no feeling in her neck and shoulder on her left side.  She went to the doctor and she has permanent nerve damage.  Just need prayers to help her recover from her car accident.
Also, Elijah Friesen, (the little boy that had a heart transplant in the fall) went to Children's Hospital on Saturday with pneumonia and the doctors told them this morning he also has RSV...he is a sick little boy and needs prayers."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Congratulations LACOC Youth!!!!

Congratulations to the homeschool basketball teams with LACOC teenagers! 
Boy team, with Reide Faires and Spencer Jones, won their first game, lost the second game.
Girls team, with Mackenna Jones & Kelci Welch, are the STATE CHAMPS!
Mackenna made the All-Tournament Team!

Prayer Requests - 2/26 - 12:16pm

Wayne McFadden is still in PRMC/S, but he has been moved to room 319. 

Jerry Raper's Mom, Cleo, is in PRMC/N in rehab for her legs.

Lesa Bulls' sent this message this morning:  "Please pray for Jennifer Kuhlengel's baby today.  They are taking him to Children's Hospital with double pneumonia and staph, and he is not getting better here."  Jennifer is a North Lamar teacher at Bailey.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/25 - 12:48pm

I just received a text Rickey McFadden regarding his Dad, Wayne.  The Dr. has said that "what you see is what you get.  He has major brain damage."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/24 - 7:18pm

I talked with Rickey McFadden earlier.  He said that the Dr. had come by to visit with them and said that the medication did not work for Wayne and he hasn't been alert since this morning, he's only sleeping.  Please keep them all in prayer during this time.

Prayer Request - 2/24 - 10am

Doug Faires' Dad is in his last hours/days.  He lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Doug asked that we pray that he's not in too much pain.

Joe Smallwood is not having heart bypass surgery. He is at home.

Wayne McFadden is alert, nodded and grinned at Rickey this morning. Wayne is in serious but hopeful condition. He can move his left side but not his right. He cannot speak.  He is in PRMC/South/ICU for at least another day or two.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/23 - 10:13pm

Wayne McFadden has been moved to ICU and seems to be improving some.  Next 24 hours will be cruical for him.

Prayer Request - 2/23 - 7:58pm

Wayne McFadden is in PRMC/South after suffering a stroke tonight.  Rickey said he had a "dry stroke".  They are using clot busters. 

Lesa Bulls asked that we remember Haley, she is suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

Prayer Requests - 2/23 - 5pm

Debra Usry was out of surgery at 3:45pm and is doing well.

Sandra Smallwood's husband, Joe, will have triple by-pass surgery at PRMC/North tomorrow morning at 8am.

Paul Gene Roden has been released from the hospital and is at home doing well!

Doug Faires' fellow employee – Malcolm Branch – fell off a truck this morning and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Linda Tackett sent this message this afternoon:  "Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Dianna Tackett.  She has a very rare kidney disease, and the treatment they are trying with her is not working.  She is in a lot of terrible pain, and it looks like the pain is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  She will have to have more surgeries to try and give her some relief."

Amy Ferman-Porter was released from the hospital today and was taken to the Reba McEntire Rehab hospital in Denison.

Gage Booth & Sara Smith's little baby boy, Blane, passed away this afternoon.  He was born last week with his intestines outside of his little body.  They brought him home from the hospital yesterday afternoon with hospice.  Please keep their family in your prayers.

Changes 2/23

I've updated our blog today.  To the right of where you are will see the picture of the church, then the number of people who have visited our blog, and underneath that are pages that you can click on to visit websites of people we've been praying for.  (I think it's wonderful that we can have a picture of the person that we are praying for.)
If you know of someone that has a caringbridge site and you would like to have them included, please let me know and I will add them to our list.
(Those of you that only get the prayer blog on your phones may not be able to access this.)
Amy Ferman Porter:  Principal from an elementary school in Sherman.
Brazil:  Brent & Jill Nichols and their mission team.
Carter Townes:  Little boy from the Detroit area with A.L.L.
Cody Icenhower:  Ken & Shelia's nephew with A.L.L.
Dusti Gaither:  Little girl from Honey Grove with A.L.L.
Hunter Kelley:  Has cousins that attend Blossom Church of Christ.  Has retinoblastoma.
Kanyon Phillips:  The Spencer's grandson.
Lamar Avenue Church of Christ:  Our church website
Peru:  John Mark & Tara Davidson and their mission team.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/22 - 8:01pm

Amy Owens sent this message today:  "Would you please put my dear friend's mother on the prayer list?  Frances Holcomb is hospitalized and having trouble with her diabetes and now some heart problems."

She's here....Miss Kalli Blair Hughey

I'm just getting this news today....from Feb. 17th:  "Billy Bob & Staci (Skidmore) Hughey are the proud parents of Kalli Blair Hughey!!  Miss Kalli weighed in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 inches long!!!
Mom, Dad, Grandparents (Craig & Donna Skidmore) and Uncle Adam are all doing well!"
AND...Miss Kalli and her Daddy will share their birthdays!  Billy Bob’s turned 30 on Thursday! Now THAT’s a birthday present!
Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/21 - 10:24pm

Tammy Huffman sent this message tonight:  "My friend Mary Faulkner got a call this morning that her son, Timmy Faulkner, was killed in a tractor-trailer wreck near Prescott, Arkansas when another semi missed the curve and ran into Timmy's tractor-trailer he was driving. Please pray for her and his family he has two children."

Weekly Prayer Update - 2/21 - 7:42pm

Please keep the Elder selection process in your prayers, as the committee is continuing to meet and go through all the forms.

CONGRATULATIONS to Roy and Anna Bolton!  They celebrated 58 years of marriage today!

Please keep April McClour and her family in your prayers.  Her grandfather, Bernie Pulaski, passed away in Florida on Saturday.

Derald Bulls asked that we remember the family of Dr. Harold Hunt.  After a lengthy illness, he passed away on Saturday.  He also asked that we keep the Sheila Dunn family in our prayers.  She was a 40 year old PJC employee and passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

Continue to remember the following in prayer:

  • Debra Usry will have her bariatric surgery this Wednesday in Dallas at Forest Park Medical Center.
  • Former member at LACOC, Mike Grigsby, suffered a heart attack and a stroke last Saturday.  He is still paralyzed on the left side of his body.  They released him from the hospital and will work on physical therapy at home.
  • Joe Smallwood, Sandra's husband, suffered a heart attack over the weekend.  He had stent surgery on Saturday.
  • Matt Hanley is continuing to have complications from the surgery he had in December.
  • Hazel Cross, Sherry Welch's Mom, is at home and now requires 24 hour care.
  • Gary Gage is continuing to recover at home after by-pass surgery.
  • Paul Gene Roden is still in rehab at PRMC.
  • It was GREAT to see Ruth Ann Stallings at church Sunday, after her knee surgery.
  • Debra Usry asked that we keep her daughter, Jill Ingram, in our prayers.  She has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and is dealing with stress and anxiety.  Debra also asked for prayers for her uncle, James Cornett.  He is in renal failure.
  • Chris & Linda Easton's son, Kyle Easton, had major back/spine surgery last week. He is recovering at home.
  • Lesa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, has Stage 3 brain cancer and has started chemo/radiation treatments.
  • Amy Ferman Porter, principal at an elementary in the Sherman ISD, had a brain bleed last Tuesday and was transferred to OKC hospital.  On Friday, the doctors reported that she has NO clots and NO brain bleed.  They are shocked and amazed!  We KNOW it's God and his healing hand.
  • On a personal note: I saw the retinologist on Thursday, he says my bad eye has Transactional Retinal Detachment.  He wants to give my eye another couple of weeks to heal before pursuing anything else.  Then, I saw the surgeon on Friday, he says the detached retina takes priority now.  Once again...thank you all for the prayers and your words of encouragement!
MISSION TRIP TO BRAZIL:  If you are interested in going on this trip, or have questions regarding this trip, contact Clint Spencer at

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is SUB SANDWICHES! If you were not able to sign up today, you may call the church office, by NOON on Tuesday, to sign up to eat with us. Still only $2.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Is in need of children's clothing & men's jeans, shirts and shoes!

PANTRY NEEDS: Boxes of Mac & Cheese

Mar 2: Informational meeting about mission trip to Brazil
Mar 6: Ordination services for Elders
Mar 13:  Faithful Readers @ 4pm
Mar 15: H.A.L.O.
Mar 16: Blood Drive
Mar 20: Wedding Shower for Trevor Pringle & Brittany Young - 1:30-3pm
Apr 22-24: LTC/Arlington
Apr 24: LTC Celebration
May 13-14-15: Hispanic Gospel Meeting
May 25: Blood Drive
June 19-26:  Mission Trip to Brazil
Sept 7: Blood Drive
Nov 9: Blood Drive

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/19 - 9:39pm

April McClour's "Grampi" passed away tonight.  Please keep April and her family in your prayers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/18 - 8:26pm

April McClour's "Grampi", Bernie Pulaski, had open heart surgery on the 7th of this month to replace a valve. He was recovering fine.. in his own room but then yesterday when they got him up to go to the bathroom, he passed out and hit his head on the floor.  His now in a coma. They are discussing pulling life support as were his wishes. This is hard for April as she can not be with her Grampi to say her goodbyes when the Lord decides to take him.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/17 - 10:35pm

Nelda Skinner sent this message tonight:  "Please put my friend, Tammy Daniel and her family, on the prayer list. Her 16 year old niece was killed in a car wreck this afternoon in Canton. She lived in Quitman and was with a group from school coming home from a school event."

Tammy Huffman sent this update on Amy Ferman Porter: "She has a blood clot on her brain, will be in OKC one or two weeks Dr advised going to try and dissolve. Thats all I have right now, KEEP PRAYING FOR HER/THEM! Thank You all!!!

Prayer Request - 2/18 - 11:02am

Please place urgent prayer for Amy Ferman Porter wife of Brady Porter (who is Billy Porters son).  Amy was careflighted to OKC for bleeding on the brain. They have a brand new baby girl, Addison Brooke Porter, who is a WEEK old! Amy was not feeling well this morning and went back in to lay down and her face went numb.  Please also pray for Amy's other two children Riley and Eli. Amy is a principal in Sherman,TX. and they live in Bells,TX.

Prayer Requests - 2/17 - 10:50am

Patsy Elliott is now at home recovering from her visit to the hospital

Debra Usry will have gastric by-pass next Wednesday in Dallas.

Phyllis Giguere will have an EGD and C-scope on Monday.

Julie Smith (Debra Usry's sister) has just been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Lesa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, has been diagnosed with Stage 3 brain Cancer.  (The same type that Ted Kennedy had.)

Blane Booth was born last week, weighing only 3 pounds.  His parents are from here in Paris, Gage Booth  18 years old and in the military & Sarah Smith is only 16.  Little Blane was born with intestines on the outside of his body.  His bowel system is completely dead.  Doctors told them he wouldn't live, and put him on life support, but his heart is SO strong, they now say he doesn't need it.  They performed surgery the day after he was born and that has left him with no small intestine.  And now, there is a team of Doctors in Boston that have a new procedure that they want to use it on him.  Please keep this precious baby, parents, doctors & nurses on your hearts.

Our school teachers are very stressed right now.  There are budget cuts that are really making things so hard on them.  Also the teachers that are wanting to retire are really having problems also.  This not only affects the teachers....but the students too.  Please keep them all in prayer.

Brittany Twitty's Mom, Cynthia, has taken a new job with Head Start.  After 18 years of teaching 3-4 year olds, she is now the Secretary at the main office of Head Start.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/16 - 1:05pm

Ozella's son, Kenneth Lilly, was recently diagnosed with the same type cancer that Luther had. The doctor said that it is curable.

Prayer Request - 2/16 - 8=9:34am

Margaret Lough talked with Kathy Grigsby yesterday afternoon, regarding Mike's condition.  They have now discovered that Mike suffered a heart attack, which caused the stroke.  They will be performing heart tests on him to determine the amount of damage it's caused.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


~~~H.A.L.O. TONIGHT 6PM~~~
Finger Foods
Pantry Item

Monday, February 14, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/14 - 8:46pm

Mark Welch talked with Kathy Grigsby tonight regarding Mike.  She stated that his stroke had left him paralyzed on his left side, from his shoulder all the way down, but, he started moving his fingers and toes this afternoon.  (They hope to start physical therapy soon.)  The MRI shows NO CLOTS at all!  When they had him on CareFlight he was given a shot to reverse the stroke.  The damage was already done, but it disolved any clots.  Praise the Lord!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Prayer Update - 2/13 - 7:21pm

PROSPECTIVE ELDER CANDIDATES: The names of Doug Faires, Wayne Kerby & Paul McClain were announced today as the prospective Elders.  Please make sure that you return your Affirmation/Reaffirmation sheets next Sunday, February 20. You have to make sure that you check by each name, or it will be counted as a "NO".

Richard Logan asked for our prayers today to be a good husband and father and to deal with his temper.

Our sympathy goes out to the Welch/McFadden/McCarter families as they are grieving the loss of their Dad/Granddad, Roy Welch.  His services were today at Fry Gibbs Funeral Home.

Continue to remember the following in prayer:
  • Former member at LACOC, Mike Grigsby, suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon and was CareFlighted to Oklahoma University Medical Center.  The surgery last night showed no blood clots.  They were to do an MRI today.  No other details are known at this time. 
  • Gary Gage is now at home after a very successful 5 by-pass surgery!
  • Paul Gene Roden's knee surgery went well and he is in rehab for the next 10 days.
  • Ruth Ann Stallings is now at home after double knee replacement and 17 days in the hospital/rehab.
  • Perry Hanley fell on the ice this week and broke his leg.
  • Kim Hanley's uncle, Thomas Jones, has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Jill Usry-Ingram has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  They are looking at treatment and a definitive diagnosis on her liver. 
  • Dustin Strickland is recovering from the infection that he had on his brain.  He was told this week that he does have another 6-12 months before all of the swelling goes down.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Glenn & Maeta Lee!  They are expecting a baby boy on May 12.
  • Angie Duren's Dad, Coy McGregor, will have radiation treatments in Houston tomorrow.
  • Chris & Linda Easton's son, Kyle Easton, had major back/spine surgery on Thursday of this week.  He is experiencing severe back pain, as a result of that surgery, at this time. 
  • Lesa Bulls' cousin, Betty Brockington, has an appointment scheduled to determine treatment for lesions on her brain.
  • Robert Wunsch is recovery from ilesotomy surgery, in Oklahoma with this daughter.
  • Jamie Felker, Anna Zant's son-in-law, will have knee surgery on Tuesday.  Anna also asked that we keep her Mom & Dad, Joe & Christine Mashburn in our prayers.
  • Tammy Huffman asked that we remember, Everett Hodges, the preacher at Central Church of Christ in Denison, as he has cancer.
  • A few weeks ago I told you about little Hunter Kelley (his cousin goes to the Blossom Church of Christ).  Hunter had retinoblastoma, which is cancer of the eye.  He has had to have both eyes removed.  The doctors have now said that there is NO sign of cancer at all.  Praise the Lord!
  • On a personal note:  I have appointments this week, with the retinologist on Thursday and with the surgeon on Friday.  WoooHOOO!  Ready to see what this next phase brings!
If you are interested in going on the Mission Trip to Brazil, June 19-26, please talk with Clint Spencer.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree is TACO SOUP!  If you were not able to sign up today, you may call the church office to sign up to eat with us. Still only $2.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET: Is in need of children's clothing & men's jeans, shirts and shoes!

PANTRY NEEDS: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Feb 15: H.A.L.O.
Feb 20: Family LIFE Groups
Feb 20: Blue Baby Shower honoring Jeanette Singleton - 1:30-3pm
Mar 6:  Ordination services for Elders
Mar 16:  Blood Drive
Mar 20: Wedding Shower for Trevor Pringle & Brittany Young - 1:30-3pm
Apr 22-24: LTC/Arlington
May 13-14-15: Hispanic Gospel Meeting
May 25:  Blood Drive
Sept 7:  Blood Drive
Nov 9:  Blood Drive

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/12 - 6:07pm

Former member, Mike Grigsby, has suffered a stroke this afternoon and has been CareFlighted to Oklahoma City.  He is the son-in-law of Harley & Lucy Staley.  Please keep Mike in your prayers, as well as, the doctors and nurses that are tending to him.

Prayer Request - 2/12 - 4:19pm

A friend of Jerry McClour's Mom, Robbie Wayne, was in a car accident in Dallas today and is in the hospital with serious injuries.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/11 - 10:01pm

Debra Usry asked that we remember her in prayer tomorrow.  She will be having an EGD test in Dallas.

Shower Location Changed

The diaper shower for Amy Owens has been moved from the Welch home to LACOC - Room 6, 1-3pm.

Prayer Requests - 2/11 - 12:24pm

Carole Anderson sent these messages on our sick ones:
  • Lewis visited with Gary Gage yesterday. He was supposed to be released to go home but had some swelling.  They were taking him to xray to see if there was a blockage. No other details are known at this time.
  • Chris and Linda Easton's son, Kyle Easton, had extensive back surgery yesterday (Thursday) at Medical Center/Plano. It was over 5 hours of surgery. He came through with flying colors and is doing very well at this time. They request prayers for his recovery. This report came from Chris at about 8:45 last night. It has been real difficult for Chris as he just started a job at Campbell Soup and is still in the probationary period. He was not able to be with Kyle in Plano. Linda has been down there coping alone. They all need prayers for strength. & healing.
  • Linda Strickland's son Dustin Strickland is improving everyday.  Dr. said it would be 6 to 12 months before all the swelling goes down in his brain. The paralysis is gone on his left side and he is able to walk and dress himself again. His speech has returned but everything still has room for improvement. He is on medicine to prevent seizures, which are common with this type of brain disease (he has not had any seizures - preventive measures only). She still requests prayer for his continuing recovery. Dr. said he is fortunate to be alive. If he had gone to the doctor 1 day later, he would have probably died.

Services for Roy Welch

Services for Roy Welch will be at 4:00 PM, Sunday, February 13, 2011 in the chapel of Fry & Gibbs Funeral Home. The family will receive friends from 3:00 PM until service time on Sunday. A private family burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery on Monday. Fry & Gibbs Funeral Home has charge of the arrangements.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/10 - 8:15pm

Roy Welch, Mark Welch & Diane McFadden's father, passed away tonight at Pine Tree Assisted Living.  Please, also keep his wife Lillian in your prayers as she is in very poor health.
Arrangements are pending with Fry Gibbs Funeral Home.

Prayer Request - 2/10 - 12:53pm

Paul Gene Roden's surgery went well. He is in PRMC/S-Room 611.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer Requests - 2/8 - 1:20pm

All activities and classes at Lamar Avenue have been cancelled for
Wednesday, due to bad weather.
Also cancelled is the W.I.N.G.S. women's tea on Thursday night.

Listed below are the prayer requests from Sunday.  I'm apologize that I've been lax in my postings, but I've had the "stuff" that's been going around....I try really hard to keep up!
  • Linda McCarrell:  The sudden death of her husband, Roddy.
  • Roy & Lillian Welch:  Roy is @ Pine Tree Assisted Living with hospice, Lillian is experiencing bad health also.
  • Gary Gage:   Had by-pass surgery last week at PRMC/North - is in Room 462.  He's doing great.
  • Graham Family:  Death of Lynn last week and his son had to go back to Camp LaJune, NC, then he's going to Afghanistan.
  • Ruth Ann Stallings:  As she is in rehab from knee surgery last week.
  • Patsy Elliott:  PRMC/South - Room 502
  • Paul Gene Roden:  Will have knee surgery tomorrow at PRMC.
  • Kyle Easton:  Will have spine surgery on February 10th in Baylor/Plano.
  • Joshua Davis:  8 year old boy missing in New Braunfels, Texas.
PROSPECTIVE ELDER CANDIDATES:  Will be announced to the congregation this Sunday, February 13.

BENEVOLENCE CLOTHES CLOSET:  Is in need of children's clothing & men's jeans, shirts and shoes!

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Tuna and/or Vegetables


Feb 13: Diaper shower for Amy Owens @ Dianna Welch's home (New baby's name will be Reed.)
Feb 13: Faithful Readers - "The Shack"
Feb 15: H.A.L.O.
Feb 20: Blue Baby Shower honoring Jeanette Singleton - 1:30-3pm
Mar 20: Wedding Shower for Trevor Pringle & Brittany Young - 1:30-3pm
Apr 22-24: LTC/Arlington


Ladies Bible Class - Benevolence
Simple Supper - All Classes

Prayer Requests - 2/8 - 12:14pm

Patsy Elliott is in PRMC/S-Room 502.
Gary Gage is in PRMC/N-Room 462.
Roy Welch has been moved back to Pine Tree Assisted Living with hospice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Prayer Requests - 2/7 - 10:17pm

PRAISE:  I talked to Debra Gage this evening.  She said that Gary is in a regular room is doing much, much better!

Derald Bulls sent these messages today:  "Robert Wunsch went in for surgery this a.m. in Wichita (KS). What was expected to be a 2 hour surgery turned in to a 6 ½ hour ordeal due to the way his colon, intestines, bladder, and kidneys have been exposed to multiple radiation/chemo through the year. He is out of surgery and I believe his son Jason said he had an iliostomy.""I also spoke with Johnny Crawford this afternoon and he is in good spirits. He first was told to be prepared to stay for 10 days but he said there is a chance he could come home tomorrow. He has some other issues related to post-surgery he will have to deal with for a time but he is ready to come home. But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers."

Lesa Bulls asked that we continue to pray for her cousin, Betty Brockington"She went home from the hospital today and is waiting on information from the Dr. on treatment of the cancer.  She is still having issues with speech."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/6 - 4:11pm

Lindsay McCarter says that her grand-dad, Roy Welch, is in PRMC/South - Room 330 with congestive heart failure and infection.

Prayer Request - 2/6 - 9:09am

Roy Welch is in grave condition at this time.  His body is shutting down.  The family was called in last night.  Roy is the father of Mark & Tommy Welch and Diane McFadden.  His wife Lillian is in need of our prayers also, she is very ill at this time too.

A friend of mine, from Cooper, Jerry Holcomb, passed away last night.  His wife Betty was so overcome, that she has been admitted to the hospital.  Please keep their family in your prayers.  Jerry had been a banker in Cooper.

Bobby Floyd lost his battle with cancer this morning.  Please keep Jan and the family in your prayers.  Bobby had been a barber and a singer.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/4 - 10:46pm

Please keep the family of Roddy McCarrell in your prayers as they are grieving the sudden death of Roddy last night.  Services are pending at Bright Holland Funeral Home.

Prayer Request - 2/4 - 7pm

Linda Erwin sent these 2 messages tonight:
"Got this text from D'Lynn that Gary (Gage) was sitting up and doing pretty well. He is wanting a Dr. Pepper."

"Also, we are going to postpone the W.I.N.G.S. ladies' tea, which was scheduled for Thurs., Feb. 10th. We will reschedule when it is warmer and the weather isn't so iffy."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prayer Request - 2/3 - 8:26pm

Gary Gage had 5 bypasses today.  He was in surgery from 8am until 5pm.  He is resting well.  Doctor says the next 24-48 hours are the critical hours.  Please continue your prayers for Gary and for the family as well.

Prayer Request - 2/3 - 5:42pm

April McClour asked that we keep baby Preston in our prayers.  He's been running a high fever with runny nose and coughing.

Prayer Request - 2/3 - 3:24pm

Doug Faires sent this message today:  "Amy Patrick, wife of my fellow employee, Jack Patrick, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and will have surgery Monday in Paris."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prayer Requests - 2/2 - 11:11pm

Continue to remember Gary Gage as he undergoes heart bypass tomorrow at PRMC/North.

Received these 2 messages from Debra Usry today:  "Talked to Ronny Usry this afternoon. They are going to keep him for at least 4 more days, until the roads can be traveled, then send him to Oklahoma City for a heart cath.

Add our daughter, Jillian to the prayer list. Found at this evening that she has Hepatitis C. This journey will be very hard, because she has no money and no insurance and is not eligible for Medicaid."

On a personal note:  I received a call from the retinologoist's office today, and because of the weather/roads my appointment, for tomorrow, has been cancelled and will have to be rescheduled.  Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers.  God has blessed me SO much!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prayer Requests - 2/1 - 8:27pm

AS A REMINDER:  There will be NO Wednesday night services.

Debra Usry just sent this message:  "Lloyd's brother, Ronny Usry, is in the hospital in Ada with chest pain symptoms. He was taken out of ICU and put on an acute floor. He says he still is having pains in arm, neck, hand and shoulder. None in the chest specifically.  Will be doing other tests tomorrow. Blood work has all come back okay, he says."

Debra also sent a message about her friend Bobby Floyd:  "Bobby is now on hospice.  There has not been much change as of today.  He is not responding to anyone, at this point. He doesn't seem to be in pain. The hospice nurse comes in everyday and is amazed that he is still holding on.  Thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed for our family! They have sustained us during this extremely painful time!"

Prayer Request - 2/1 - 6/34pm

What started as a routine office visit to the Dr., ended up with Gary Gage being admitted to PRMC/North yesterday afternoon and having a heart cath procedure performed last night.  I just talked with Debra, she stated that he has numerous blockages and will have by-pass surgery on Thursday.  Please keep him in your prayers, as well as for the doctors and nurses attending to him.


I received this message from Patrick this afternoon:  "Due to the cold and icy conditions expected tomorrow, Wednesday services have been cancelled."