Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prayer Requests - 9/6 - 7:22pm

My friend, Jacob Brem (who was in a fireworks accident) is still having many problems.  They've had to put metal rods in his eyelids...he's got a busted eardrum and then this news today...."Made it home have to be back next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The doctor says his eye isn't any better but they are now focusing on his reconstructive surgery they are going to do it next Wednesday and use skin graft from his lip to try and fix his eyelid.  They said this is one of possibly many surgeries to come. Please continue to remember him in your prayers for strength and healing. We haven't even began to cover the hole in his ear drum yet. Thanks so much for all the prayers already we love you all!"

My co-worker, Kevin Santana's dad, Jose Santana, is in a hospital in Tyler.  He's been very ill for the last week and his kidneys were to the point of kidney failure.  He is better today though. 

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