Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer Requests - 9/9 - 9:48am

Heather Roden Parris (Marcus and Sharon's daughter) had her baby boy, Harley Parris, last Wednesday.  She's having some complications with her blood pressure.  She had gone home after the baby was born, but got put back in the hospital. Harley was born with a hole in his lung. Here is her latest posting on facebook:  "WOW! I am so proud of our baby boy. he is off of everything now and gained back 3 ounces. He is on his way home if he continues to do this good."

Lesa Bulls sent this message regarding James Dawson (superintendent at NLISD), from his daughter Mindy Dority:
"For several years, he has had a problem with tachycardia (rapid heart rate). Usually, he goes in to the ER and they give him 2 shots of medication that drop his heart rate back to normal. After these episodes, he feels like he has run a marathon and is completely drained. These episodes have been happening more and more frequently lately and the latest episode started this morning while he was doing traffic. When he got over to the North Campus ER, his resting heart rate was 150 but they were able to get it down with the usual routine and dismiss him.
Thankfully, he has decided enough is enough and is in Dallas now at Medical City. They are going to do an ablation procedure on him to fix the problem, hopefully once and for all. I hear it's a relatively simple procedure with a short recovery time.  Thanks for all of your concern and please keep him in your prayers."

Lesa also asked that we remember Steve Sparks and his family to our prayers.   His mom passed away this week.  He has lost a sister, sister-in-law and dad, and now his mom all this year.

Sonja Carter (teacher at NLISD) sent this message:   "I went in the hospital on Friday and was told most people have to stay 2 to 3 days before their radiation levels fall low enough for them to leave the hospital. Just under 24 hours later, I was told that my levels were low enough that I would be able to go home early! I got home about midnight on Saturday night. Only our Lord Jesus can accomplish these things! Thank you so much for your prayers! I am still radioactive, but safe to be here as long as I don't spend more than a short few minutes too close to anyone. So if you see me and I don't linger, that's why!
I had quite a bit of nausea until Monday, but felt better that day. Monday was also the day my grandmother died and I found out my little sister is being treated for Lyme disease. The funeral is tomorrow and I will go back to Dallas on Friday to get the body scan. Please continue to pray that they will not find anything else. What ever the result, I will keep on trusting the One True Living God to bring me through all of this trial, and I will thank Him for being ever present!"

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