Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 9/27 - 10pm

What a GREAT day! So much going on and so much to take in! Patrick is really getting us into Ecclesiastes...I'm really enjoying it - Thank you Patrick!
If you weren't at church tonight, you missed the "Shepherd Clusters". We were split into groups with 2 elders. We discussed, we prayed, and we listened to lots of good ideas. Wonderful ideas!
Also, I don't know who is responsible for the beautiful flowers at the front of the church, but they are so pretty....the fall colors are incredible! I love this change in seasons. Thank you Lord for all the changes.

PRAISE: This afternoon, at Paris Aquatics Center, Jerry Pearce was baptized. What a beautiful answer to many years of prayers! Jerry is continuing to recover from a stroke and is at PRMC/South in the Re-Hab unit.

There are LOTS of prayer requests today:
  • Bill & Jean King as they are recovering from a serious car accident in Savannah, Georgia.
  • June Preston - at home with hospice.
  • Gerald Jack - congestive heart failure
  • John Welch Jr. as he is battling cancer.
  • Mary Sharber has ONLY 2 more treatments to go! She's undergone chemo and radiation and is doing great!
  • Becky Inman is having difficulties with her 2nd kidney transplant. She's in Baylor/Dallas.
  • Chris Anthony's mother-in-law, Cindy Stockton, will be having surgery tomorrow for brain cancer.
  • Greg Wilson will be heading out of town soon with the Special Olympics team.
  • Amanda Berry (11 yr old with cancer) has been having some other medical problems. Her Mom was fired from her job, this week, because she's been out with Amanda so much. (She's a neighbor of the Richard's.)
  • Bob Terry will be having heart surgery in Plano within the next month.
  • Ken Smith - Health
  • Ken Love - Health
  • Jaymie (Spencer) Phillips was admitted to Baylor last night with contractions. (Their baby is due in December.) She's doing better today. Kory & Jaymie's little boy, Kanyon, is at an "Eating Camp" at a hospital in Dallas and needs our continued prayers.
  • Jewell Fisher (Renee Peace's grandmother) has 3 cancers in her face. One has affected the sight in her left eye. She will now have plastic surgery to repair these areas.
  • Juanita Fisher (Renee's Mom) has had both of her knees replaced. The left one didn't heal as expected and will have to under-go orthoscopic surgery.
  • John Thomson (friend of Derald Bulls) is recovering from brain surgery and is now applying for long term disability.
  • Randall Cox was recently diagnosed with renal cancer. (Friend of Tammy Huffman.)
  • Bradley Smith is taking some new medication and is having side side effects. He also stepped on a nail earlier in the week, and then had another run-in with a nail today!
  • Emmit (John Williams' 2 yr old nephew) with cancer.
  • Johnny Bassett - Health
  • Savannah Riley (Glenn Lee's 4 month old niece) heart problems.
  • Belinda Dunstein (the Icenhower's daughter, lives in California) has cancer.
  • Haley Harroff (McClain's granddaughter) was baptized today.
  • Missionaries
  • Our church
  • Benevolence Committee
  • Latch Key

SIMPLE SUPPER: This weeks' entree will be Spaghetti & Meatballs. If you didn't get the chance to sign up Sunday morning, please call the church office by Tuesday noon to reserve your spot!

PANTRY NEEDS: Cornbread Mix - Dish Soap - Toothpaste

Keep The Date
Oct 1: Men’s “42” Night
Oct 4: Family LIFE Groups
Oct 9-10: Father/Teen Camp Out
Oct 21: Blood Drive
Oct 25-26: No Debt/No Sweat Seminar
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 20-22: Family Retreat

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martha crockett said...

Don't know how to do this or
I'd do it myself, but I haven't noticed the caringbridge address for the Kings on the blog. I know some have it, b/c I've seen their posts, but they may have gotten it from my FB page. Anyhow, would you put it on the LAcoC blog if you haven't already?
Keep up the great ministry, girlfriend!!!!