Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Request Updates - 10/7 - 10am

I received this message from Sherry Welch this morning, regarding her Mom, Hazel Cross:  "My little mama  had a mild stroke sometime Sunday night. I found her Monday at 5, incoherent.  (It was God's hand that led me over there, because I usually go on Friday, not Monday.)  Got her to the hospital where she continued, unresponsive for the most part until yesterday (Wed.)  afternoon. Around 2 PM, after a rough night and day, she suddenly "woke up" and started talking again (slurred, but we can now figure out what she's trying to say). She kept touching her lips, so my brother asked if she needed chapstick, and she said "No, red lipstick!" then gave us a cheeky grin. She's a long way from "well", but is so much better.  Apparently her speech is the only affect of the stroke--she is able to move all limbs on demand, but is just weak overall.  And her right arm is a little weaker than the left; however, they had it strapped to a board to keep her from bending it and cutting off the IV.  Doc sent her home with hospice care but said she could progress past the need for it. Our prayer is for God's best for her--if that means going Home soon, she is ready and we accept that. If this is not her time, we intend to just enjoy every minute we have with her.  A major change for her is that she will NOT be allowed to live alone any more.  Pray for me, my brother and sister as we make arrangements for her care."

Martha Lenoir has been released from the hospital, following cancer surgery, and is back at The Sterling House.

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