Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/27 - 9:22pm

DON'T FORGET.....5th Sunday Format with Potluck Lunch and Trunk or Treat at 7pm!
  • Ed Bullard is not doing well.  He now has pneumonia and had to have 2 pints of blood.  He is in PRMC/South-Room 310.
  • Payden Daniels was released from the hospital this afternoon.  No tests results yet.  Kimberly says "prayers needed and greatly appreciated".
  • Michelle Anderson has lower back spinal sclerosis, middle back is scoliosis.  They measured her today and has lost 2 inches in height.  (She says she doesn't feel shorter!)  Endocrinologist said she is healthy and he wants to take her off of lots of the meds she's been taking. 
  • Bethany Skinner-Holland's gallbladder is not functioning correctly.  Looks like surgery will be needed.
  • Dee Lyons is in need of our prayers for peace and for the pain that she experiences daily.
  • Lesa Bulls' aunt, Ann Arie (in Kentucky) will be having back surgery.
  • Please continue to keep Dalton Young in your prayers.  He continues to be at Children's Medical/Dallas in ICU and is still on the vent.  He is taking 8 of 13 breaths on his own...which is great progress!  Also keep the faculty and students of Parker Elementary in your prayers as they are dealing with the tragedy that has happened this week.

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