Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prayer Requests - 10/14 - 8:48pm

I received this message from Michelle Anderson today regarding her tests:  "So far here's what I know...Dr. Chadwick ruled out hysterectomy and is working on increasing hormones with other means. Bone density ruled out osteoporosis. I've been diagnosed with spinal sclerosis...waiting to find out more about that and what to do about it. I am waiting for an appointment with Dr. Zimmerman for possible hormone treatments. More tests to come for some other issues."

Wayne Tolbert had surgery on his lung @ Medical City/Dallas today.  It was a 5 hour procedure and they believe that they got all of the tumor.  He is in ICU now and will be there for 5-7 days.

Sandra Leath is at PRMC-S 506.  Marolyn Woodall said that she has pneumonia again and is very swollen.

Dorothy Snodgrass' daughter, Angie Ross, (Debra Usry's friend) has sent this message regarding her Mom just finding out that Leukemia has reappeared:  "We are at Baylor/Dallas - Roberts Bldg. - Room 902, with a team of docs that are taking very good care of us.  Mom has luekemia.  She was in remission for a little over 2 years from stage 4 breast cancer.  We found out Monday that it's back and came to Baylor on Tuesday.  We need lots of prayers.  The past 3 years have not been very nice to us between the breast cancer, Dad passing away and now leukemia.  She will be here for at least a month recovering and hoping for remission so we can have a bone marrow transplant. 
She's made it through 24 hours of chemo only 144 more hours to go.  Everything is going great.  It is making mom really tired.  No sickness and no fever which is our biggest fears right now."

Kristie Lee sent this message:  "Marty and Kayla Pruett, from Bogata, had their little girl Makalyn on 9/22, she had surgery for Spina Bifida on 9/24. They have had several ups and downs and Kayla is staying in Dallas with the baby while her 6 year old is here with his grandparents. She's feeling very stressed right now because she wants to be 2 places at once and can't be. Also, Makalyn was supposed to be able to come home this weekend and she has started running a fever so now they are doing all sorts of tests on her to find the infection! Any and all prayers would be appreciated so that they can bring her home and quit being quite so stressed out!"

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