Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 3/25 - 8:58am

I got a text message from Kristi late last night, Landon had lots going on yesterday.  They are so touched by all the care and prayers that everyone has expressed to them. God has already given him strength to move. He walked a little better yesterday, he's using a walker, but can't do it by himself. The surgeon is very pleased with his progress.  He has his gross motor skills, but a long way to go on his fine motor skills. He's determined to be returned to duty and maybe jumping out of planes again.  They will find out today where he'll be doing his rehab.

There were over 400 people at North Lamar yesterday being swabbed to see if they willl be a donor for MiKyla Pickering.  Her Mom wrote on her carepage last night that MiKyla had a really bad day yesterday.  They had to give her more blood and platelets.  Her ANC is 0!

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