Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 1/23 - 4:35pm

Cledith Ray's mother, Annie Young, passed away Friday morning. She was 88 years young and had been ill since December.

Family Visitation: Saturday, 6-8pm Mullican-Little Funeral Home between Bonham and Sherman
Funeral: Sunday, 2pm at the Church of Christ in Savoy

One of my cousins, LaRue Lawson, had a stroke last night.  The left side of her body is affected and so is her speech.  Please keep their family in your prayers, her youngest brother just passed away this past summer.

Lindsay McCarter sent this message:  "There is a family in Ladonia who lost their house and all their belongings in a fire on Jan. 5th. I do not personally know this family, but have gotten some information through a lady in the Ladonia community that is working very hard to try and help them! I have volunteered to be the "collector" for donated items and funds in Paris. There is an auction tomorrow night (Saturday) at Ladonia High School. There is a silent auction from 5-7pm and a live auction from 7-8pm. There will also be a stew dinner there. The family had just paid off their home, which meant that they didn't have to have insurance on their home. They paid it off in December and had not gotten insurance on all the things inside the house (this is my understanding). Therefore, they literally do not have ANYTHING! They are currently staying with another family of 4, which means there are 9 people living in one house. They have 3 daughters and their sizes and toy interests are listed below (since the fire was right after Christmas, the kids lost all the toys too). If any of you want to help out in any way or have other questions, just let me know."

Oldest girl - Age 13
Clothes size: Child size 14-16 or she can also wear a Misses size. 8 and Med. shirt; they did not give me any toy ideas for her, but I'm sure she is into whatever a typical 13 yr. old would be.

Middle girl - Age 9
Clothes: size 10-12 pants; shirts Youth Large
Shoes: size. 2
Toy interest: anything Barbie

Youngest girl - Age 4
Clothes: size 6-6X
Shoes: size. 12
Toys: Baby dolls & accessories

I don't have any sizes for the parents, but I can find out if anyone wants to know. They also need kitchen items, etc. Thanks and God bless!

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