Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayer Rrequest Update - 1/27 - 9:21 pm

Jonathan Cannon was baptized last Friday night by his "Big Daddy" John Cannon.

Debbie Smith is in PRMC/South - Room 516, recovering from colon surgery.

Payden Daniels has had some health issues recently.  He's had a virus and the croup.  Kimberly was concerned that this would harm the tonsillectomy from 3 weeks ago.  Dr. said that all is good.

Phyllis Giguere has started physical therapy for her back pain.

Gina Barnett asked that we pray for her co-worker Joe Bryant.  He is 60 yrs old and had a heart attack this past weekend.  60% of his heart is "dead" and 30% is damaged.  This means that he's living on 10%.  Drs. told him he could live for 20 minutes or 3 years.  Gina said he's in great health, chlosterol is good and works out.  It's totally stress related!

Audie & Vickie Neisler have a new grandbaby.  Don't know any other details.

Jim & Janet Morgan (former members) had a new granddaughter this week too!

Mark your calendars....the next Blood Drive is March 17th.

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