Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Update - 8/5 - 8:13pm

Thank you Patrick for your encouragement for us to "Be Contagious" in our Christianity, taken from Ephesians 1:1-14.  We need to think about those in our lives that we can touch daily.

Thank you to Kelley Peace for the wonderful praise service this morning!  Singing new songs is like a injection to our souls and our worship!  Kelley is the son of Richard and Connelle Peace.

The Youth Group had a very successful mission trip this week, working with the homeless in downtown Dallas.  Jared will give an in-depth report and video presentation next week.

Happy 80th birthday to Jerry Allen!  God bless you and may you continue the good health that you have enjoyed!

RESPONSE:  Megan McMillan went forward this morning...God is at work in Megan's life.  She wants more of what Patrick talked about.

  • Pete and Lillian Taylor are both home from hospitals and recovering.  Pete will be off work for a couple of weeks.
  • Allen Jumper remains in PRMC/South
  • A friend posted this message today about Jacob Brem, who was injured in a fireworks accident on Friday night..."Jacob is coming home, possibly today and will go to Dallas every week for checkups. Won't know anything about his eye until the swelling goes down. So thank you all for praying for him and his family, but please continue to pray for a full recovery!"
  • Dakota Boles, former NLHS student, was killed in an ATV accident on Friday while protecting his girlfriend from injury. Dakota was a organ donor and seven people have been given the incredible gift of life, thanks to him. Funeral arrangements are pending at Fry Gibbs Funeral Home.
  • Continue to pray for the families involved in the wreck on Hwy 82 West this past week.  There will be many hard days ahead for all of them.
  • Denise Kemper of Melissa, passed away this morning from cancer.  Denise leaves behind her husband Karl and 2 young sons.
  • Charles Richards has injured his back.
  • Anna Zant's Mom, Christine Mashburn, is in PRMC/South. Doctors think she is having TIA's. Please pray for Anna as her health is an issue also.
  • Joe Moore's 82 year old sister lives alone (by choice) in Fort Worth.  She fell on day this week and laid in her hall for 14 hours.  The doctor said that after a period of time, the body takes over.  She told him...."My God took over my body!"
  • Joe also asked that we pray for his friend J.B. Curtis, who lives in Texarkana.  He's been searching for a church and about 3 months ago J.B. started attending the Walnut Street Church of Christ (where John Cannon preaches).  J.B. is going through medical issues at this time.  The lymph nodes all over his body have doubled in size.
  • Dot Campbell's son, John, is still very ill after having surgery this week.
  • Dee Lyons is have some personal issues.
  • Faith Williams is doing better.  In fact, she's doing so well, that she will be released to the hospital apartments this week and then come home in a couple of weeks.
  • Lillian Welch (Mark Welch and Diane McFadden's Mom) is continuing to have health issues.
Pantry Needs This Week:   Canned Meat
Other items that are routinely stocked in the benevolence food pantry and that are needed:
Canned meat (tuna, chicken, ham, Spam, Vienna sausage
Canned vegetables and fruit
Spaghetti and sauce
Peanut butter and jelly
Macaroni and Cheese
1 pound packages of beans or rice
Hot and Cold cereals
Cornbread mix

Clothes Closet: We are in need of children's clothing for Fall. NO MORE ADULT SUMMER CLOTHING PLEASE.

It's that time of year again! Charlotte Grooms is accepting donations of new back-packs or monetary donations for the purchase of the bags. Charlotte works at Justiss Elementary. You may deliver those to her in the church nursery.
5th Sunday Organizational Group: Sherrie Boyd would like to get a group together that would be in charge of setting up, serving and cleaning up after our 5th Sunday potluck lunches. There are only 4 potlucks each year. Please sign up at the Welcome Center if you are able to help.

Ladies Day in Greenville:  Plans are in the making to attend the second annual Autumn Celebration of the Timeless Woman at Johnson Street Church of Christ on Saturday, September 15th. Registration is at 9:30 and lunch will be served the program. Author and speaker, Cassandra Miller will present "God Pass Me By". (Joanne Wood will be teaching a ladies class this fall based on Cassandra's book.) There is a sign-up board on the Ladies Bulletin Board.

Simple Supper:
This weeks' entree is a Chicken Fajita Salad. Please donate at least $2 per person. If you did not get the chance to sign up Sunday morning and would like to join us for supper, please call the church office.

New church directories will arrive THIS MONTH!

Keep The Date:
Aug 6: Youth Group - Summer Youth Series in Terrell
g 7: Final Terrific Tuesday for the Summer
Aug 8: Wednesday Summer Series speaker Derald Bulls
Aug 12: Faithful Readers
Aug 13: Summer Youth Series in Dangerfield
Aug 15: Wednesday Summer Series speaker Paul Castleman/Idabel, OK
Aug 17/18: Youth Group - DNOW with Andrew Whitehouse
Aug 19: Youth Group Dinner & Devo 6-9pm
Aug 19: Cluster Meeting
Aug 22: Wednesday Summer Series speaker Tim Gibbs/Daingerfield, TX
Aug 22: Blood Drive
Aug 29: Wednesday Summer Series speaker John Cannon - Texarkana, TX
Sept 15: Ladies Day/Greenville, TX
Love you - MEAN IT!

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