Thursday, October 18, 2012

Praise! 10/18 - 10:51pm

My friend Tiffanie Steinruck posted this message regarding her cousin, Misty Horn, whose husband was a police sergeant in Hooks, that we've been praying for this week:  "I wanted to thank you and update you on Misty. The charges were raised on her husband and bond set at $1 million after they found out he injected her with an animal euthanasia drug not a tranquilizer as they first suspected. She started trying to breathe around the ventilator and trying to wake up yesterday morning. They were able to take her off ventilator and she woke up some and tried to talk. Today, she's fully conscious, talking normal and going to make a full physical recovery! Praise God and thanks to everyone who prayed for this sweet woman to make it through this horrible attack. Please continue praying for her and her family and his family also. It will be a rough emotional road for all of them. Apparently it wasn't a spontaneous act of violence, but planned for awhile, with no clue to family or co-workers. Her sister commented that it's like a story on Lifetime, so surreal. But with strong faith and family, she'll be okay. She's a fighter!! Thanks to everyone! God answers prayers!!"

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