Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Update - 12/6

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning....A Rescue Mission, with the text taken from Daniel 2.
At the beginning of this Advent season we are remembering when God left the glory and the splendor of heaven, and He plunged into this dark world on a rescue mission. 
Genesis 3:15  “And I will put enmity (contempt, hostility) between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel.”
“He is coming, the Messiah is coming.”
Read Daniel 2:19-23; 26-28; 34; 36-37; 44-45.
Jesus, the Rock that was cut from the mountain without human hands, is growing into an everlasting Kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered. What was once hidden, even to the prophets, has now been revealed in Jesus the Messiah.
~~The vision goes past the fact that the stone would cut without human hands, and goes on to say that it will consume the Earth. 
 ~~Many times we think of Christmas and only think of the Manger; Jesus is no longer in the Manger. ct a chapter in Daniel~~Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to remember the birth of Christ, but let’s not forget what His birth means to us...
1. God loves us and sent His Son Jesus.
2. Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for sin.
3. Jesus gave His life upon the cross so we could have forgiveness of sin.                                 4. Jesus rose from the grave that we might have Eternal life with Him.
5. The truth has been revealed to us—The King is coming back!!!


  • Lloyd Usry - Back issues
  • Christine Henson - Is still in PRMC.
  • Ruth McFadden - Is in PRMC.  They drained fluid off her lungs on Saturday, it immediately started filling back up again.  Rickey asked for peace and comfort. 
  • Robert Wilson - Health
  • Lucy Offutt - Health
  • Alexis Cowan - Recovering from cancer surgery.
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Harley and Lucy Staley - Health.
  • Doris Wooldridge - Declining health
  • Roy Jones - Health
  • Kristi Anthony - Mental and physical health.
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Gary Hindman - In PRMC. (Friend of Wayne Kerby)
  • Jamy Raper - Has been in a Dallas hospital for the past 3 weeks. (Jerry & Roxanne Raper's daughter-in-law.)
  • Becky Lamberson - Cancer has returned.  (Co-worker at First Federal.)

Sermon Series for December: 
The sign of the baby Jesus in a manger is a reminder that points us to the day that Jesus will come back to earth again; this time not as a baby, but as the rightful King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In the meantime, we wait…
Waiting on God Dec. 6th A Rescue Mission (Daniel 2)

  • Dec. 13th O Little Town of Bethlehem (Micah 5)
  • Dec. 20th To Us a Child is Born (Isaiah 9)
  • Dec. 27th A Tale of Two Kings (Matthew 2)

CHRISTMAS BASKETS is still in need of names. Please check the Welcome Center for information.  Nomination forms are due Wednesday, December 9th.  Please bring filled baskets by Sunday morning, December 13th.  Monetary donations are welcome also.  If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Spencer or Keith Bollman.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING to our shut-ins.  We will meet at the building at 5:45pm on Monday, December 7th for finger foods and then gather to go out and sing.  If you have any questions, please see Glenn Lee or Jared Baggett.

HOLIDAY PARTY/TALENT SHOW:  This will be held at Aikin Elementary, on Sunday December 13th at 5:00pm.  Menu will be a Pasta Bar and Dessert for $5 per person.  See Keith Bollman if you have a talent you want to perform.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entree is Chicken and Rice Casserole.  $3 per person.

RAINBOW ROOM (AT CASA) ITEMS:  Preemie and baby clothes

PANTRY NEEDS:  Crackers, grape jelly and paper towels

Dec 7:  Christmas Caroling
Dec 8:  Pre-school Rudolph Party
Dec 13: LACOC Christmas party at Aikin Elementary
Dec 16: Christmas basket delivery
Dec 22: Congregational Devo (Everyone in auditorium) 6:30pm - No Simple Supper
Dec 23-25: Church office (No bulletin that week)
Dec 30: Congregational Devo (Everyone in auditorium) 6:30pm - No Simple Supper
Jan 5: Men's Breakfast
Jan 15-17:  WinterFest! (H/S only)
Mar 25-26: Leadership Training for Christ

Love you - MEAN IT!

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