Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Update - 1/10

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning "Freedom", with the text taken from John 8:31-27.
How can we experience this true freedom?
*the first concept is DISCIPLESHIP (31-32)
*the second conccept is DECEPTION (33-34)
*the 3rd concept is DELIVERANCE (35-36)

Some never accept the challenge to test HIM.
Some test HIM, but are not willing to believe the outcome.

Verse don't hear HIM because you are NOT of HIM!

Your challenge for this year....BE IN THE WORD EVERYDAY!
1. Find the time.
2. Find a quiet place.
3. Pray before you read - that God will speak to you!
There are many websites that you can use.  Patrick recommended

BAPTISM:  This past Wednesday night Develon McMillan was baptized.  He is the son of Karen McMillan.  (And the great-nephew of me!)  God bless you Develon for the most important decision of your life!

  • Evelyn Perry - had surgery on her hand this week. She said she was healing fine.
  • Robert Wilson - Was back at worship with us today!  He's doing great!
  • Kelsey and Bethany Holland's baby girl, Kynlee, will have tubes put in her ears this week.
  • Rickey McFadden -  is recovering well from shoulder surgery.
  • Sue Johnson - Recovering from hip replacement surgery
  • Webber Woodall - Health 
  • Tim Keele - Recovering at home from shoulder surgery.
  • Harley and Lucy Staley - Health.  They are home bound and would LOVE visitors.
  • Roy Jones - Health
  • Louise Peace - Health
  • Kristi Anthony - Mental and physical health.
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Jordan Welch Wilhelm - Complications after birth of baby.
  • Jimbo Thompson - was released from PRMC on Friday, after having toes amputated. 
  • Vicki Frankland - Health concerns
  • Tornado victims in N.E. Texas and S.E. Oklahoma
  • Missionaries all over the world.
9:00-9:35 -  Fellowship Time (coffee/juice/donuts)
9:45 - Worship
11:45 - Lunch in the OutReach (details to be announced)

LUNCHEON SUNDAY:  Group #6 will be serving lunch, in the outreach building, immediately following worship for any guests and their families on JAN. 17th.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is Fried Fish.  $3/donation per person.

:  Bottle water and juice boxes

  Spaghetti Sauce


Jan 13:  Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Jan 15-17:  WinterFest! (H/S only)
Jan 17:  Life Group #6 hosts Luncheon Sunday for visitors.
Feb 2:  Men's Breakfast
Feb 3:  Blood Drive
Feb 7:  Brent and Jill Nicols visiting
Feb 14:  Celebrate New Life (Baby Dedication)
Feb 14:  Faithful Readers
Feb 26-27:  Adult Retreat @ Jan Kay Ranch ($83/per person)
Feb 28:  Celebrate Marriage Sunday
Feb 29:  Young @ Heart Dinner
Mar 13:  Daylight Savings Time
Mar 25-26: Leadership Training for Christ
Mar 27:  Easter
May 13-15:  JH Retreat at CDR

Love you - MEAN IT!

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