Thursday, September 28, 2017

Prayer Request - 9/28

Johnny Nabors fell and hurt his arm/shoulder, on our porch Sunday.  Loretta took him to minor emergency to have x-rays to check his arm and make sure no bones were broken. He can't lift his arm up/out in front of him or out to the side.  She took him to see our primary Dr on Monday and he referred him to see orthopedic Dr Drew Temple on Wednesday. He ordered a MRI to check out the rotator cuff.  He'll see Dr. Temple this morning, but they won't know the results until Friday morning.
For those that don't know Loretta fell off the same porch 3 weeks ago and gashed ger elbow & had to have stitches BUT nothing was broken & the rods & screws from her back surgery are fine. The same PA at minor emergency saw them both and told them that they need a Michelin Man suit to wear because they can't seem to stand upright on our porch.
So ... they really could use a lot of prayers right now.

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