Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Update - 3/11

  • Vicki Humphrey - Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Started treatment on Friday.
  • Charlotte Grooms - Had her LAST radiation treatment on Thursday!!!
  • Alexis Cowan - Recovering from thyroid cancer.
  • Butch Mills - He is on hospice, at their home. Please call before visiting.
  • Loretta Nabors - Health
  • Jean Anthony - Health
  • Sarah Smith - Health
  • Marg Norlin - Health
  • Aileen Castlebury - Health
  • Charles Richards - Health
  • Gail Clark - Cancer
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Dee Lyons - Health
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Mike Bishop (former member) - Was released from rehab on Saturday!
  • Sherrie Boyd asked that we pray for Noah Hildreth. Newborn who has been in Children's Medical this week.  His parents are Tim and Ashley Hildreth.  His grandmother is Sherrie's friend, Cindy Meredith."
  • Jim and Mary Ann Newman - Health
  • Larry Young (Cledith Ray's brother) Health
  • Billy Ray - (Joe Ray's brother) Health
  • Jimmy Wilson (friend of Joy Barnett) - Cancer
  • Janet Fouse (former member) - Cancer
  • Allison Fasken (Paris school teacher) - Cancer
  • Matt Welch (Kristi Anthony's younger brother) - Cancer
  • Ezra Fitts (great grandson of Marcus & Sharon Roden) was born prematurely and has been in the NICU.  
  • Hayden Pruitt (friend of Kimberlyn Lee).  He has been diagnosed with Adrenocortical Carcinoma.  There is a huge tumor on his adrenal gland and TWO tumors on his liver. 
  • Two of Dinah Border's granddaughters are experiencing serious health conditions. 
  • Please keep our students and teachers in your prayers.  
  • Please keep our troops and first Responders in your prayers for safety. 
SHUT-INS:  Sarah C. Smith, Harley and Lucy Staley, Peggy Wright, Roy Jones, Butch Mills, Robert and Christine Henson

WEDDING SHOWERS:  Shai Harris and fiancé Slade Morris will have their shower on March 18.  Their selections are at Target and Dillard's.  Shai is the daughter of Jared and Kristi Baggett. 

RAINBOW ROOM:  Boys/Girls jackets or pants - Size 3T-10/12.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Cereal - Soup with meat - Laundry Detergent

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks entrée is Poppyseed Chicken. $3 per person!

Mar 18:  Shai Harris Wedding Shower
Mar 24:  Foster Parent Night Out
Mar 30-Apr 1:  Leadership Training for Christ Convention
Mar 30: Office Closed for Good Friday
Apr 1:   Easter Sunday
May 2:  Blood Drive
Aug 1:  Blood Drive
Nov 7:  Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!!

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