Sunday, April 8, 2018

Weekly Update - 4/8

  • Claude Jones - Cellulitis.
  • Leston Maggard - Has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and is at home with hospice.
  • Vicki Humphrey - Pancreatic cancer. 
  • Butch Mills - He is on hospice, at their home. Please call before visiting.
  • Cullum and Judy Hillis - Health
  • Jean Anthony - Health
  • Kristi Taylor - Health
  • Sarah Smith - Health
  • Aileen Castlebury - Health
  • Charles Richards - Health
  • Alexis Cowan - Cancer.
  • Gail Clark - Cancer
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Dee Lyons - Health
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Please keep the Rusty Carpenter family in your prayers, as mourn his tragic passing.
  • Paul Denney - Local businessman.  Biopsy has shown that he does have brain cancer.  He has been moved to a Rehab facility in Greenville.
  • Gary Oats - Involved in a motorcycle accident.  Both legs and his back are broken. He's going to be moved to Sulphur Springs to a Rehab facility.
  • Mike Bishop (former member) - Health
  • Jim and Mary Ann Newman - Health
  • Janet Fouse (former member) - Cancer
  • Allison Fasken (Paris school teacher) - Cancer
  • Matt Welch (Kristi Anthony's younger brother) - Does not have cancer, but he does have a  lung disease and needs a liver transplant. Both are hereditary.
  • Ezra Fitts (great grandson of Marcus and Sharon Roden) was born prematurely and has been in the NICU.  
  • Please keep our students and teachers in your prayers.  
  • Please keep our troops and first Responders in your prayers for safety. 
SHUT-INS:  Leston and Lareece Maggard, Sarah C. Smith, Harley and Lucy Staley, Peggy Wright, Roy Jones, Butch Mills, Robert and Christine Henson

to all those who participated in LTC this year!  They brought home mostly "GOLD" awards!  Many thanks to the parents and coaches that helped these kids glorify God with their talents and to be future leaders for Christ!

THANK YOU to Sandra Smallwood, Linda Vickers, Faye Hanley and Shaunda Burgess
for their willingness to step up to help or lead a team for CHILDREN'S WORSHIP.  All the women and men that help back there are greatly appreciated!  Those of you who are blessed by this ministry each week, please thank the ones that help keep it going!!


RAINBOW ROOM:  Boys/Girls jackets or pants (Sizes 3T-10/12)

PANTRY NEEDS: Canned Fruit and Shampoo

:  This weeks entrée is Chicken Fajita Southwest Salad. $3 per person!
Don't forget to sign up each Sunday, on your attendance card in the pew, or call the church office no later than Tuesday at noon to let us know you'll be eating dinner on Wednesday night.

Apr 17:  First Responders Breakfast
Apr 20-22:  Jr High CDR Retreat
Apr 27:  Senior Trip
Apr 29: 5th Sunday Fellowship
May 2:  Blood Drive
May 17: Kiddie Kollege Graduation
Aug 1:  Blood Drive
Nov 7:  Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!!

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