Sunday, June 3, 2018

Weekly Update - 6/3

OUR SYMPATHY is extended to the Garrett family in the loss of their cousin Loretta Cunningham.

WELCOME to Hunter Gooden,  our summer intern. 

  • Charlotte Grooms continues to recover from leg surgery at home.
  • Gail Clark - Is in Medical City/Dallas for the next month. 
  • Carol Murphy - Recovering at home from knee surgery.
  • Jackie Helm - She has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Bill Slawson - Is now in rehab after a fall.
  • Ora Henderson - Health
  • Robert and Christine Henson - Both are getting around real slow.
  • Leston Maggard - He is at home with hospice.
  • Vicki Humphrey - Pancreatic cancer. 
  • Linda Hostetler - Health
  • Elizabeth Shew - Health
  • Butch Mills - He is on hospice, at their home. Please call before visiting.
  • Sarah Smith - Health
  • Aileen Castlebury - Health
  • Charles Richards - Health
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Dee Lyons - Health
  • Dianna Welch - Health
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Cooper Gibson (local 7 year old) continues to be in Children's/Dallas and continues to be in serious condition. (Great nephew of Judy Gibson.)
  • Diane Maroschia is a friend of Judy Gibson's.  She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. 
  • Sofia Schatz and is only 16 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. This family lives in Charlotte NC. (Friend of Glen Barnett's)
  • Canard and Delores Norwood's home exploded a couple of weeks ago.  Please continue prayers for their health.
  • Helen Short (friend of Anita Roden) is experiencing health issues.
  • Dennis Gibson - Is now in rehab after 3 weeks in the hospital. (Friend of Molly's)
  • Bill Boggs - Cancer (Friend of Derald Bulls)
  • Paul Denney - Local architect - Health
  • Gary Oats - Has been moved to Sulphur Springs to a Rehab facility.
  • Jim and Mary Ann Newman - Health
  • Matt Welch (Kristi Anthony's younger brother) - Lung disease and needs a liver transplant. Both are hereditary. 
  • Please keep our troops and first Responders in your prayers for safety. 
SHUT-INS:  Leston and Lareece Maggard, Sarah C. Smith, Harley and Lucy Staley, Peggy Wright, Roy Jones, Butch Mills, Robert and Christine Henson

If you want to send our new minister and his wife a little note of encouragement for this chapter opening up in their life, please do.
Their address, at this moment, is:
Randy and Loree Johns
6217 Commodore Land
Oklahoma City, OK  73162

RAINBOW ROOM: All sizes and gender summer clothes.  PJ's, shorts and tennis shoes.

PANTRY NEEDS: Chunky Soups
SIMPLE SUPPER:  S.S. is taking a summer break.


June 6: Church at the Lake @ 6:30
June 10: Wedding Shower for Bud Wampler
June 10: Faithful Readers
June 13:  Jared Baggett - Love Never Ends
June 18: Youth Group - Manic Monday
June 19:  KFC - Terrific Tuesday
June 20:  Robert Russell - Love Is Patient
June 24: Baby Shower for Tiffany Page
June 27: D.J. Bulls - Worship Night
July 8:  Wedding Shower for Kayla Prihoda
July 15-20:  Youth Mission to Boles Home
Aug 1:  Blood Drive
Nov 7:  Blood Drive
Love you - MEAN IT!!

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