Sunday, September 30, 2018

Weekly Update - 9/30

Thank you Randy for your message this morning "The Drama of Discipleship", with the text taken from Luke 5:1-11.

During class time this morning Stephen Gerrald and Kyle Jones taught a combined adult class four new songs that we sang BEAUTIFULLY during worship.  

  • Brad Francis is very ill complications from of diverticulitis.
  • Mitchell Hicks is at home after having hernia surgery at Baylor/Dallas this past Friday.
  • Donna McGee - Had the last radiation treatment this week and the port is OUT!
  • Nancy Partin Was transferred to a Ft. Worth hospital for bypass surgery. 
  • Webber Woodall is having a stress test tomorrow and will get the results on Wednesday. This will determine if he can have knee replacement. He'll also be seeing an ENT on Tuesday to get some answers about a one inch "polyp" that has shown up on the latest MRI.
  • Lloyd Usry is at home after being in Alliance Hospital in Durant this week.
  • Vickie Humphrey - Cancer
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health.
  • Carol Murphy - Health 
  • Peggy Dotson - Health
  • Ed Bullard - Health
  • Bill Jones - Health
  • Barbara Dean - Health
  • Jean Anthony - Health
  • Jackie Helm - Lung cancer
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Laurie Vanderpool, the Stallings daughter, is recuperating at her sister's home in Dallas, after having hip replacement surgery this week.
  • Former member, Paul McClain, has been in Baylor/Dallas for the last week, but is at home now. He is very weak.
  • Former member, Louie Woodall, was hospitalized this past week, but is also at home now.  
  • Former member, Robert Henson, is back at his daughter's home after being in the hospital this week.
  • Dr. Steve Marx is in a hospital in Texarkana in serious condition.
  • Bobby Salter asked that we pray for his 9 year old granddaughter, Jordan Frost. She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  • Helen Short (friend of Anita Roden) is experiencing health issues.
  • Paul Denney - Local architect - Health
  • Please keep our troops and first responders in your prayers for safety. 
  • Also keep our teachers and students in your prayers.
SHUT-INS:   Dorothy Pearce, Peggy Dotson, Bill Jones, Leston and Lareece Maggard, Lucy Staley, Peggy Wright, Sarah Smith, Roy Jones, Kristi Anthony and Dianna Welch.

This weeks entrĂ©e will be Tater Tot Casserole.  
Oct 2:  Men's Breakfast
Oct 7:  Mark the Mess Hall at Camp Deer Run
Oct 8:  Monday Movie Night - "McFarland USA"
Oct 13: Foster Parents Night Out
Oct 14: Youth Game Day
Oct 21: Faithful Readers Meet
Oct 28: Youth Dinner and Devo @ the Poore's
Oct 31: Trunk or Treat
Nov 7:  Blood Drive
Nov 9-11:  Family Retreat @ Beaver's Bend

Nov 12: Monday Movie Night - "I Can Only Imagine"

 Love you - MEAN IT!!

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