Monday, December 17, 2018

Can you help???

The office has been made aware, from a reliable source, of a family with 6 children that could use some help this Christmas. They missed the deadline to sign up for the Angel Tree. (I have no information about those circumstances). If anyone would like to pitch in and help this family out, please contact James or Kim Hanley at the church.

This is the information on ages and sizes. 
  • 14 y/o male 30/32 pants, large shirts, 10 shoes
  • 13 y/o female M/L shirt, 9 pants 9 shoes
  • 12y/o female L shirts, 7-9 pants, 8 shoes
  • 10 y/o Male 10/12 shirts and pants, 7 shoes, likes pokemon
  • 2 y/o male 3t/4t shirts and pant, 8 toddler shoes, likes paw patrol
  • 7 month female 12 - 24 months, likes infant toys.

Thank you so much!

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